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Marla has a surprise visitor and deals with her past.

He commanded me to close my eyes and not to move or say anything no matter what happened. Next thing I knew he was placing a blindfold over my eyes so I could not see who he was. I felt my shirt being lifted over my head and exposing my full breasts except for the tiny straps of the red bra I was wearing. His finger was flicking against my nipple slowly, back and forth, I tried to contain the moan, but it slipped through my clenched teeth. My bra was pushed up, rubbing hard against my erect nipples in the process. My back arched as the contact sent sensations like electric shocks through my nerve endings.

He left for a minute and I thought of trying to run but there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I knew. I always dreamed of being taken like this, just in a playing way. Not many people knew this, could it be someone I knew. I heard him open the hatch of the van. He was moving the seat forward. OMG, what was he going to do to me now?

I felt his hand on my arm. He whispered in my ear "Just do as I tell you and I will not harm you. I can tell by how wet you are that you love this." He laid me back gently in the van. I could feel him get in and approach my face. He bent down to whisper again in my ear. "You got me so damn hard. I know how you love to have your nipples played with, don't you?" With a bit of excitement in my voice I sighed " Uh, yes but..." He cut me off in mid sentence. He took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. His cock was tremendous. It had to be at least 8 inches and thick.

My nipples were so hard and my pussy was aching to be touched at this point. I could feel him blowing air against my nipples. I held my gasp in, and followed the path of his warm breath against my skin. It stopped and I wondered where the next contact would come, I both dreaded and eagerly awaited it. I felt his mouth on my nipple sucking and teasing it with his tongue. He sucked hard on the tip, running it between his teeth and teasing it with quick, hard flicks of his tongue. He made a satisfied noise, his free hand cupping my other breast, squeezing gently, running his thumb over the nipple, pinching and rolling it between his fingers, his thigh pressing ever harder against my pussy.

I opened my mouth to say something but I felt his finger come to my mouth. He says "SHHHH... I told you not to speak unless told to." I desperately fought not to become aroused, but I couldn't help it. My breasts are really sensitive, and he knew what he was doing, it felt so good. There was a growing, deep throb between my legs, and I couldn't escape it.

He slowly started moving down my body, suck and biting me. His tongue got to the top of my thong, my body quivered at his touch on my skin. My legs were squirming and I wanted to cry out, but I did not dare to disobey him. He slowly took my panties off in a teasing way letting his fingers brush my thighs. I could feel his fingers inching along my skin, creating a wave of goose bumps on my flesh.

His hands were on my thighs, pushing them further apart, making me shiver. I know I was getting aroused and was shamed by the fact that being handled like this by a strange man was so pleasurable. I should have been fighting and screaming out.

The tip of his finger teased the skin around my pussy, making me buck in surprise. He seemed to moan as he licked and nipped his way. "Mmm so wet, and no hair at all, good,I like it that way."

His finger slipped easily between my puffy, wet lips. His finger grazed my clit and through my wet pussy. He took my wetness and swirled it around my asshole, flicking his finger in and out. "God, you are so wet", he said.

He slowly ran a finger from my asshole to my pussy, coming to rest on my clit.

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