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We are responsible for the choices we make.

I pushed you onto it and I looked around. You sat on the edge of the table and tried to decide whether to run for th door or to cooperate with whatever I had in mind.

I took the cotton rope down that your mom had strung as a temporary clothes line and cut it into four pieces. I looked at you and pushed you down onto your back on the table, then grabbed your legs and pulled you to the end of the table so that your legs hung off the end of the table.

I looped the cord around your wrists. You sat up and started to get up. I pushed you back down. You struggled against me until I climbed on top of you. My knees held your arms down as I finished tying the cords to your wrists.

"Don't you dare move. I just want to play a little game with you. It's called "fuck the slut". Do you like the name? I just made it up."

I laughed manically at your frightened look. You lay still and let me tie the ends of the rope to the legs of the table. I moved to the other end of the table and tied your legs to the table legs there. I walked around you and tested the tightness of the ropes.

"Ok, that's all I wanted, just to see if you trusted me, let's go. Get up and let's go shopping."

You looked relieved and started to get up, but couldn't move. You jerked at the cords and found they were really secured. After a few seconds of fighting against the bonds, you collapsed down on the table and began to sob.

"Please let me up. Why are you doing this to me. I thought you loved me Daddy."

"I do love you baby. I love your whorey cunt."

I unzipped my jeans and dropped them to the floor. I went to the end of the table and pulled your skirt up and tucked it into your waistband. Your cunt was exposed in the light.

I could see your lips gaping apart and the wetness of your legs and inside your pink cunt. I roughly rubbed your cunt and jammed my fingers inside you, molesting your cunt and abusing it for my amusement.

Your sobs grew in intensity as I worked your cunt over. I laughed at your shame and misery. I had never been as excited before. I stroked my cock and jacked it so that the head struck your cunt lips with each stroke.

I moved closer and rammed my cock all the way into you in one thrust. Your cunt squeezed tight around my cock and I tought I would cum immediatley from the sensation which I had dreamed of so many times.

My cock was now buried in your cunt as I had desired many times. Not in the simple pure act of making love to you, but in the act of taking your sex by force.

I don't know if it was the friction and actual sensation that was so exciting or the idea that I was fucking you against your will, but I began to slam my cock into you as hard as I could.

I wanted to punish you and use you and break you, but the harder I fucked you, the more I calmed down and I started to regret tying you down.

I wished you could reach for me and kiss me, but it was too late to change that, so I kept fucking you for a few minutes until I couldn't wait any longer and I shot my cum into you.

You moaned as I spurted in you and I was shocked back to the reality that had shocked me as you spoke.

"Yes Daddy cum in my cunt. Fuck me good. Give me all you have. I've waited so long, my sweet Daddy lover."

My balls emptied in you and I stood there looking at you with new eyes. I saw you now, spread out, my cum running out of your cunt.

Your face was flushed and your eyes wet. You did look like a whore, not my sweet innocent daughter. I wiped my cock off on your skirt and put it back in my jeans.

I looked at you with disgust as I started to the stairs.

"Where are you going? Come back and untie me. Please...Please....please.."

I didn't stop, but went upstairs. I am not sure what I had in mind. I think I just wanted to get away and not deal with you then.

I went outside for a smoke.

I saw my neighbor outside raking leaves. He is about 70 and a widower. He is a nice man, a retired military officer.

"Hey, Herb, would you mind helping me with a project?"

I smiled to myself as he replied.


"Come over to t

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