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Three students enjoy detention together.

When she returned, she climbed into bed on Stephanie's side and cuddled with her. Linda's arms were wrapped around Stephanie and her hands were full of tits. As she massaged her tits, Linda gave Stephanie soft kisses on her neck and it caused Stephanie to slowly wake with a smile on her face. I wake her this way and it always ends up in us fucking the morning away. As Stephanie woke more, she noticed I was laying next to her smiling. She turned her head only to meet her mother's face and a morning kiss.

Stephanie said "mmm, morning love" and turned over to face her mother. They embraced and began kissing as Linda massaged her tit and slightly tweaked her nipple. Stephanie put her hand on the back of Linda's head as their kiss became more passionate. Linda's hand moved from her tit down her side to her cunt and placed two fingers in her now wet hole. Stephanie spread her legs so Linda's hand could fit better. Linda moved her hand so her fingers entered Stephanie repeatedly.

As they were kissing, my cock grew rock hard. I knew they were going to fuck as soon as I saw Stephanie roll over. Once her engine gets started, she is ready to roll and today, she was more than ready.

I reached down and took my cock in my hand and stroked it slowly so I could enjoy what was happening inches away. My wife and her mother were kissing and finger fucking and I got to witness it. My cock was rock hard as I stroked it and as the temperature rose around us, I removed the covers so I would not miss any action. Stephanie had wrapped her leg around Linda as Linda was finger-fucking her like mad. You could hear the wet noises they were making and the bed was rocking as Stephanie had started humping Linda's hand. Linda was humping Stephanie's leg in rhythm as they grew closer to orgasm.

Stephanie broke the kiss and began sucking on Linda's tit. Linda leaned up a little to give more access to her tits as Stephanie took it in her mouth and let her tongue go to work on her nipple. Linda gasped as the sensation hit her.

I felt my orgasm coming and I didn't want to waste it so I sat up and moved so my cock was between Linda's face and Stephanie's face. I was going to see who wanted it and to my surprise, Stephanie released Linda's tit and sucked my cock to the base. I thought I would explode instantly but before I could, she had moved back to only keep my cock head in her mouth. I exploded in her mouth but this time, a little came out the edge of her mouth but Linda immediately licked it from her mouth and waited for me to finish so she could share my load with Stephanie.

When I finished cumming in my wife's mouth, I pulled out and Linda took it and cleaned any leftovers off before she kissed Stephanie and they shared my cum. After the share, Linda looked up at me and pulled me down and kissed me. I tasted my cum for the first time and to my surprise, it wasn't that bad. I could grow to like this taste but I'm not sure if I could eat another man's cum. This was a big step for me so I leaned down and kissed Stephanie also.

She said "honey, I am so proud of you. You made a big step kissing mom and me after we ate your cum."

"Thanks babe" I said as we kissed again.

My cum wasn't that bad and actually, I think I can get used to it more this weekend, based on how it was going so far. All three of us got up and went into Linda's huge shower and took a group shower. It was filled with touching, licking and rubbing but no sex, we were reserving that for drier spaces. I have to admit though; it was slippery fun that we all enjoyed.

After our shower, we all toweled off and headed to the kitchen for food. We had fresh fruit and coffee, two staples in our corporate world as we go full tilt at our jobs. After we ate, all three of us moved to the back porch were the warm sunshine kissed our naked bodies in all the right spots.

We lounged the morning away and had to move inside as the sun began to burn our pale parts.

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