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Lab accident turns Cynthia into a sex maniac.

"Okay, let's go," he said as he got up and walked further into the house. I followed him to the master bedroom and then into a large en-suite bathroom. There was a big shower stall surrounded by glass that ran from the floor to the ceiling. He pulled what looked like Mrs. Jarvis' pantyhose and a bra that were draped over the top edge of one of the glass walls and tossed them onto the vanity counter. He opened one of the doors and got the shower running before turning to me. It was one of those big showers with a nozzle at each end and he turned both of them on.

"Take my clothes off for me, Joey," he instructed. As I had done for the last few days, I dutifully undid and removed all his clothing, even his socks this time. I loved the feel of stripping the clothes off this big rugged man. It made me feel needed and wanted. I knew he liked it and I was only too happy to do as he wished.

"Okay, you'd better get your own stuff off," he said as he stepped into the shower and closed the door behind him. This was the first time I was going to be naked in front of another person other than a doctor. I was nervous as anything and turned my back as I took off my clothes and lay them in a pile on top of the toilet seat. I think Mr. Jarvis must have sensed my anxiety because as I opened the door and made my way into the shower, he never once turned and looked directly at me. He was leaning forwards with his hands against the wall behind one of the showerheads, letting the pelting spray cascade down over his head. He heard the door close and looked briefly in my direction. I was afraid he would make some comment about the fact that my cock was so much smaller than his but he almost appeared not to even notice as he handed me a big bar of soap.

"Get those hands nice and lathered up, Joey," he said as he turned back and let the steaming spray rain down upon him. It would have been cold in there out of the spray if this was a regular shower and I was glad that there was a nozzle at each end. As he was busy using one, the warm soothing spray from the other one was spraying over my own small body. I took the bar of soap and worked up a frothy lather on both of my hands before setting it into a built-in shelf in the wall. I looked up at his big masculine body and wasn't sure what to do next.
"Start with my back," he said as he seemed to sense my hesitation. As I stood behind him, I took my two soap-covered hands and started to slide them up his back. His body felt so big and manly under my slippery hands. He was a big solid man and it felt so different for my hands to be on someone else's body other than my own. As I slid my small hands up towards his shoulders, I realized how much I was liking it. I didn't know if it was just because it was Mr. Jarvis I was doing it to, or if I would have felt the same if it was someone else. I figured it was because I'd come to feel so comfortable and happy in his presence that it was showing itself in my desire to do things for him, like wash his big masculine body.

"That's good, Joey," he said as my hands slid up over his shoulders and I brought them together towards his neck in a firm massaging motion. Pretty soon I had his whole back covered with a frothy lather.

"Now my legs," he instructed. I re-lathered my hands and got to my knees behind him as I let my small delicate hands run up and down his solid tree-trunk legs. They were so big and powerful compared to my spindly little ones. I covered his legs with the soapy film all the way down including the tops of his feet.

"Now stay down there on your knees and wash my ass," he said firmly.

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