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Katie travels to The Farm seeking Travis.

Before they could get too much into what they were going to do moving forward, Lana and their parents arrived home.

That night once they went to bed Lana found out all the Howard siblings were in on all of the incestuous activities occurring.

'Ahah, yes! I knew you were going to tell him! So, what happened?'

'What do you mean, what happened?'

'You're doing me, I'm doing him... Come on, don't you want to close that triangle?' She grinned suggestively.

'Shut up about that and fuck me!' Ellie shot back and pushed her onto the bed where she once more wondered how her passion for women eluded her for twenty-seven years of her life.

Ironically enough, their short stay back home was not entirely dissimilar to what it usually was, save for the nights of pleasure. Kevin was usually by his hiding spot or helping their Dad with handyman tasks, which he loved doing since he was a kid. Lana and Ellie went to their hiding spots to read and sunbathe, mostly. The main difference was that this time they were also spending some time together without screaming at each other.

Lana was the main responsible for their changed nightly habits. She seemed to appreciate her new alternating buffet of Ellie and Kevin.

'I'll be back in a bit.' She told Ellie the first time it happened, interrupting their snuggle to go out of the room. One hour later, the blonde girl gently woke her big sister. 'Come here just a second, Ellie...'

'What for?' The brunette asked groggily.

'Goodnight kiss from my girl. Couldn't sleep peacefully without it.' Lana replied huskily before pressing her lips to the other woman's. It was just as sexy as every single one of her baby sister's kisses. But with something added.

'Did you go eat something?'

'As a matter of fact, I went snacking for some cum.' Lana replied, drawing a gasp from Ellie. 'You can now no longer say you haven't tasted your little brother's cum, you slut.' She whispered before turning around and spooning into the other girl to fall asleep.

That was the first step in the long kinky game Lana was playing. She started to slowly step it up. "Be back in a bit" turned into "I'm going to pay Kev a visit", which then turned into "Need to fuck our bro's brains out, one sec". Lana's absence was never smaller than an hour. Absentmindedly Ellie began to let her hand wander south during these escapades.

At some point, she began to let her imagination picture what they were up to. The inspiration for most of these came from the few minutes she'd watched her siblings making love on the couch. Perfect bodies, fucking in unison, looking like two halves of the same person. Somehow the knowledge that they had shared a womb made their coupling even more enticing.

Before Ellie could rationalise any of it, she was spending her alone time bringing herself off to increasingly explicit mental images of what Kevin and Lana were up to. And feeling mortally ashamed of herself when her sister re-joined her bed.

As the final days of their stay approached Lana started transferring her teasing towards daytime as well. Slaps to Ellie's butt started to become a default greeting and her ears became very well accustomed with Lana's tongue whenever the two were watching movies on the sofa. Then, her little sister decided that it would be funny to tease Kevin and Ellie at the same time.

And so every night spent on the couch ended with Lana saying goodbye by sticking her tongue down Kevin's and Ellie's throats, making sure they both saw the other getting kissed. And any moment one of their parents was in the room with them she would flash her siblings (breasts, ass or pussy, whichever took her fancy in the moment) as well.

But suddenly there were only two days remaining and neither one of Lana's targets gave any indication of succumbing to her depraved idea.

Although Ellie was feeling strangely uncomfortable with some of the thoughts she'd been having.

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