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The skin on her body opalescent to me, light where I am dark, her hair a shimmery brown spread around her shoulders like a dark moonlight sea. I did not look as I preformed this task, a reaction that was normally vacant for of the dark princes of the unseelie court. My role was to destroy women, make them beg for my touch and then discard them as my power ate away at their soul and essence, but this human was different.

I left then unsure of the situation but fully aware of the human in the next room. She began to stir shortly afterwards again I was pulled towards her. I watched through the mirror as she awoke, taking in the sights around her, she seemed perplexed but not afraid. As she explored her surroundings I thought of the repercussions of stealing a human off the streets, which was simply against our way, most slaves were those who had given themselves willingly. The logical answer would be to deposit her back onto the street that I had stolen her from but my mind objected to that. I looked back through the mirror and realized that she had disappeared from my view.

I stepped through the mirror and strode across the room to the doorway and peered inside. She had her back to me, fully naked she stood her body petite with the perfect figure. She was washing her hair and the soap was trailing down her back a surge of passion engulfed me as I watched this fragile being in the shower. I walked over and placed a towel on the stool for her keeping my eyes directed at this creature the whole time. As she began to wash her body I left and walked into the bedroom knowing that I was close to attacking her. I settled into the arm chair and waited for her to finish up what she was doing in the washroom.

She walked out a time later, her eyes scanning the room for me. When she locked on I felt a very primal urge thrust through me, I unfolded myself from the chair and began my trek over to her. Gliding across the room I couldn't help but feel the fear that seeped from her the scent intoxicating to the predator lurking inside of me. She was frozen to the spot and did not run like I expected her to; instead she made eye contact with me which was unusual.

I slowly lifted her hand and placed my lips to it, her body convulsed then. Moaning in pleasure as she climaxed from my touch her body shook and her head rolled back. I slowly let her hand down to let the orgasm work its way out from her body so that she may recover. She looked at me then with shocked eyes. I tilted my head not sure of what to make of this moment, most humans usually melted at the initial touch or begged for more as they ripped their clothes off. Instead she still stood there dressed in the magnificent gown I had left for her. So I slowly and gently touched her elbow and again felt her body shiver in anticipation as I guided her towards the mirror I had made my arrival in. And slowly through it.

We reached my bed chambers just in time for her next orgasm to rack through her body. Still she just stood there; no begging was heard by me only moans and gasps of pleasure as the contact from my hand on her elbow caused her body to course through multiple orgasms in a row. Slowly I gently lifted her to my bed and laid her down, her body repeatedly convulsing by my touch. Unsure of what to make of this reaction I took my hands from her and allowed her to finish.

Instead of the reaction I still expected next she just sat and looked at me quizzically before a string of uncomprehendable words flew out of her perfectly shaped mouth. She flew up and was again silent as she studied me before sitting back down on the bed again.


I felt it, the most pleasure I've ever had to date, and all from an insignificant touch to my elbow. He gently picked me up and placed me on the bed, a move that felt so wrong from the look in his eyes and the feel of his arousal laying across my stomach. I barely acknowledged that he had let go of me until the orgasm stopped.


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