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Who the hell drinks beer with Skittles?

If she wanted to play cat and mouse first who was I to not let her have that little bit of fun?

Whether she realized it or not, I slowly led her to a less crowed part of the room, made myself ready to work my own little vampire magic on her. I stopped and turned around, locked on to her eyes as she walked straight to me. Only when she stood right in front of me did I realize what she was. She was a vampire, a sired one. Yet my demon wanted her. He wanted to drink her blood, give her his and keep her with him for eternity.

The craving inside of me intensified and my demon wanted to be let loose. I realized now what had awoken in me. My demon had sensed his counterpart. I couldn't argue with my demon, I agreed.

Normally a pure vampire and a sired one didn't get together that often. There weren't many that listened to their demon if the vampire their demon desired and wanted was a sired one. They believed it would taint their blood, little did they know. But I knew, knew that it wouldn't taint a pure vampire's blood, it would make it stronger, make it feel refreshed.

The few that had listened to their demon, and had bonded with their "sired" mate, still thanked me to this day. It were those that made us "pure" vampires stronger. That's how it was meant to be, that's how I made it to be. That's why I agreed with my demon.

Still fixated on her eyes I heard her speak.

"Think you are up for some fun, my little pet?" she spoke with a husky voice.

That was when it dawned on me that she hadn't recognized her own demon's pull to me for what it really was. She thought I'd be her next meal and she was convinced she had me in a semi-hypnotized state and I would do anything she "suggested". I grinned inwardly, I was going to let her believe that for a little while. Something told me she knew her way around this place and would get us to a safe place to be 'alone'.

I felt my groin stirring when she softly cupped my face and trailed her hand down to my shoulder and arm until she braided her fingers through mine and guided me through the masses. Walking behind her, I took in her luscious curves, the sway of her hips, the hint of a strawberry aroma that hung around her like a blanket. It were all those little things that had me aching with lust and desire.

Once we reached the first floor, she silently guided me towards an abandoned room. She held the door for me and once I had entered, locked it behind us. It was a smart move, I admit. Now I didn't have to do it myself. Turning around she faced me again, I could see the little red sparkles in her eyes, indicating her demon was close and her need was strong. Just a shame she didn't realize what it really was her demon wanted.

"Undress," she "ordered" me, at least she thought she did.

Willingly I started to undo my clothing. I didn't care where everything landed, I even had to reign in myself or I would have ripped my own clothing. I was that eager to make her mine. And then there I stood naked in front of her. Her tongue licked her lips in appreciation of the view I gave her. Her eyes traveled down my torso and when she looked at my groin, my hard cock standing up proudly, her eyes widened and she took in a sharp breath.

I had to hold back a chuckle, it was a familiar reaction. I was a tall man and I was built accordingly, even my dick was long and thick and right now it stood proudly between the soft black curls covering my groin.

"My, oh my, I've seem to have picked out the right man to be my pet tonight," she softly said as she walked up to me. I let her have the lead in things, I didn't want to reveal myself yet.

I felt her hands covering my pecks, traveling down over my taut stomach. One hand grabbed my cock, her other hand sneaked lower and cupped my balls. I felt my dick twitch at her gentle touch. I couldn't help myself and dug my hands in the hair at the back of her head and gently pushed her down. Lost in her own lust, she went down on her knees, her eyes now fixed at my throbbing manhood that proudly stood up in front of her.

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