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A young teacher gets a lesson.

The leader of the team was now on his own fast boil to anger. Mathew looked directly at him.

"You should know better. My client deserves compensation for saving the studio's leading ladies life, yet all she got was a withdrawal of her medical expenses because she refused to be a sideshow in your client's headlong rush to break box office records for the second film. Regardless of the fact they planned to hang her out to dry in the process."

Mathew made a show of looking at his watch.

"You now have three minutes."

Again Mathew cast a sideways glance at Frankie, who again shook her head. Mathew got real angry and started to organize his files ready to leave.

"Why the fuck am I wasting my time? We both know what's going to happen, so it does make a mockery of the amount of hours you folks have been camped out at the reception desk wanting to talk to me. The show goes out live folks and I don't plan to miss any of it, so if you will excuse me."

The leader of the team changed tactics and pulled a sheet of paper from a folder.

"This is a signed statement from Caroline Atkins stating that she was in a sexual affair with Ms. O'Connell."

Mathew didn't even look at it, just shrugged his shoulders.

"So what, did their affair scare the neighbors, did it include cats, dogs, children or unicorns? Their affair was carried out in a locked apartment, between two consenting adults and the fact that you're now willing to throw your own leading lady under the same bus you're tying to toss my client under. Makes me wonder just what you really want."

Another file slide across the table stopping in front of Mathew just as Frankie's own hand came to rest on his leg as he heard the man proclaim that it was a file on Ms. O'Connell's sexual activities since she has arrived in Hollywood. Mathew turned his attention to Frankie, this was something he wasn't meant to do.

They had pre-arranged signals, Jack was adamant that Frankie may be part of his team but she was to remain as invisible as possible. Frankie pulled her note pad to her and scribbled on it, Mathew read it as she wrote it. He didn't challenge Frankie on what she had written, he knew of her gift and the faith Red and Jack placed in it.

The room went silent as Mathew stood and walked to the door, ushering in the notary officer. They shook hands and he introduced him as Mr. Jenson, a court appointed notary, to all in the room. He even pulled out a chair out for him at the end of the table. Mathew then walked back to his own seat and pulled out two sheets of paper from a folder and walked back to once again stand to one side of Mr. Jenson.

"This document consents to Ms. O'Connell getting a one time payment of twenty five million dollars plus reimbursement of all medical expenses incurred during her treatment, since the withdrawal on the insistence of the studio of her medical insurance. It also includes a total confidentiality agreement stating that Ms. O'Connell will never be spoken to again by the studio, never acknowledged and never to be contacted again in any way shape or form."

Mathew then looked directly at the brunette sitting across from Mr. Jenson.

"It also states that if the confidentiality agreement is broken in any way, we will make an attachment of thirty percent of the second films profits from the day it screens until the day it dies."

He then slid the sheet across to the brunette and told her to sign it. The whole room went crazy. The so-called leader of the studio delegation ordered the brunette to say nothing and for Mathew to step away from his assistant. Both the brunette and Mathew seemed to be having their own staring competition until the brunette started to smile. She even held out her hand towards Mathew who then placed a pen in her hand and she signed.

Once signed, she stood and told her people to leave, Mathew did the same and all but the notarizing officer sat with the documents in front of him already placing his own signature on it.

"Miss McManus, I would like you to stay behind please."

Frankie nodded and stood to one side as Mr.

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