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Hercules visits the girls.

A friend of a friend had told her a story once, about smoking meth during a night of exceptionally heavy drinking, and waking up with no hangover. Sarah thought she might prefer meth addiction as an alternative to this.

And as the ride dragged on, Sarah found her legs getting increasingly sweatier, with each bump of the train hiking her dress up a little more. She could've just pulled it back down, but it would look weird, and there seemed be be a bigger problem to deal with.

A much bigger problem.

Something hard was growing against her butt, and at little below waist level, it was probably a penis.

And she'd thought knights in shining armor were supposed to be chaste.

She resolved to ignore it. The guy could hardly be blamed - they were in an uncomfortably packed train car, and she had been told that her ass was among the best of its kind. Besides, at about twenty-two, with a face the vision of someone eager to do good, her knight just didn't look the creepy type.

But the pressure just kept growing, and it was hard not to notice, and the guy had to notice it too, and she was beginning to wonder about its size, and oh my the guy had just swiveled his hips and now it was pushing in low between her cheeks and things were getting wet he needed to stop moving or this was going to get worse...

A strange "Eep!" sound came from behind her.

Her keychain spinning had turned nervous, and with a bump of the train it clattered to the floor. She could bend over and pick it up, he could adjust... everything... and then they could go back to standing and pretend this had never happened.

Or, the train could crash and I could forget this and everything else. Whatever works.

She tapped on the shoulder of the enormous man in front of her, and he turned to her with jaw slack and eyes half lidded. He may have actually been a zombie. "Excuse me," she said in a very small voice, "could you squeeze to the side for just a second? I need to grab something."

He nodded lethargically, and with much straining, managed to make enough room for her to awkwardly bend over, and she grabbed her keys from the floor. As she was bent, she noticed just how sweaty were her legs, and just how far her dress had ridden up, and decided it was best to get back upright very quickly.

The train made an especially large jolt.


His every muscle was tight. His eyes were wide, and his heart was the referent for some metaphor about drumming.

It wasn't just because of the beautiful girl grinding him with every bump, but also because the full extent of his rushed dressing this morning had just become obvious.

His dick was through his boxers, and as his erection hardened, it became painfully clear that it was pinched in his slacks' zipper. It wasn't that bad at first, but this girl was incredibly hot, and he couldn't help but notice the ripples on her dress from its riding up her legs, and he was becoming so hard that he feared injury from the cold metal.

A few more bumps. If it weren't for the pain, it probably would have felt very good. But the hurt was becoming too much. Mark tried to back away, but there was no room behind him. He managed to twist his hips, dragging the bulge in his pants across her butt, and lodging it accidentally in between her legs.

She was sweating, and her dress was clinging to her close, giving him a detailed outline of her form. And his cock, pointing out now... he could see it indenting the material. It was poking into a very situationally inappropriate place, he knew, and bit his lip sharply when her cheeks clenched around it.

Oh god she knows.

He made an "Eep!" noise, quickly covered his mouth, and decided to address the problem of the cutting pain in his penis which he was certain would draw blood soon.

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