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Big sister gets revenge on little sister.

She mewled in protest, and resumed her sucking.

"She's still alive," Anna said hoarsely.

"Barely," the Detective said. "She tried to kill herself, but she basically can't be hurt by anything, even herself. I had to fish her out of the river, she was unconscious, blind, helpless. You really hurt her."

Anna said nothing.

The man looked down at the woman between his legs, almost tenderly, and began to ejaculate into her mouth. She began to convulse with orgasm, squealing happily, contentedly.

"I've been helping her," the Detective went on, still feeding the Fist from his throbbing cock. "Making some changes to her, changes I should have made in the first place. I've bound her to me more closely, extinguished what rebellion there was in her. She's all mine now. I'm healing her a bit, she can see somewhat. She'll be back to normal soon- well, her new normal. She'll be what I make her be."

He slid his limp penis out of her mouth, reaching down with his hand to turn her face toward his, gently. He gave a twisted imitation of what a smile had been at his slave.

"Thank you, Master," the Fist whispered. "Thank you."

The Detective turned towards Anna again.

"I've also been making some changes to you," he said. "We aren't on earth. We're on a place I call Black World, I'll show you more of it soon. All you need to know for now is, for some reason, nothing here is what you might call solid or real to me. I can change anything here to be anything I want over time. You can see that it changes me, also."

Anna turned and looked out the window. The Hawk had recovered, somewhat. She was kicking weakly, still suspended in front of the Scorpion. Her mouth was moving, she was threatening, pleading, begging for him not to do this.

The Scorpion cracked her sharply in the mouth with his fist, pulling the Hawk towards his jutting and menacing dick. With his metal arms, he cruelly forced the heroine to her knees on the pavement. She shivered in the rain, her outfit in ribbons.

The Scorpion reached down with his hands, and grabbed both sides of the Hawk's head. Anna watched in horror as he forced his cock into her lips, his hips pushing back and forth as he fucked the defeated heroine's mouth.

She could hear him laughing as he debased her.

"What did you do to me?" Anna croaked, looking helplessly out the window.

"I made you stronger than you've ever been. You'll need to be very tough for what we have to do together. But mainly, I opened you up."

She whipped her head back around.


"You have always had the power to drift between dimensions," the Detective went on. "Whenever you fade into the darkness on earth, you travel between worlds. Including this one. You don't know you are doing it, but you float between places. You are a door, you can merge worlds and dimensions together in a way that no one else can."

Anna shook her head.

"I can cut a crude hole in the walls of the world and step though," he went on. "But you can open a hundred doors, a thousand doors, if you want. I helped you to know how to do that. Look behind you."

She turned and looked out the window. The Scorpion had lowered the struggling Hawk onto his cock, his metal coils wrapped around the woman, pulling her arms tight to her body, holding her legs up and open, exposing her slit, wide open and helpless. He was laughing as he pulled her up and down the length of him, telling her how good her broken little cunt felt, how long he'd wanted to fuck her ever since she put him in jail.

"I'm going to throw you away like so much trash," Ann hear Scorpion tell his defeated nemesis, shoving her down on his cock. "Fill you up with my cum and throw you away. You'll never challenge me again, bitch."

The Scorpion put his fists on his hips and closed his eyes, relishing the feeling of using the superheroine, letting her begging and pleas wash over him, her humiliation making his cock that much harder.

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