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Sex after turn 50 is even better.

... quiet, in case you disturb Kayla." Jake sounded conspiratorial.

"Oh shit," came the reply in a hushed and equally conspiratorial tones, "I'm so sorry. I didn't think either of you would be in bed at this time of the evening. Is she OK -- not ill I hope?"

He had come to the corner and although aware of a lighted window, was not at a sufficient angle to identify what was going on.

"No," replied Jake. "She's not ill .... it's just that we .... er .... well, it's just that ...."

Peter noticed the cameras set up on their tripods - lit through the partly open bedroom blinds.

"Oh shit again!" he said with an understanding grin, "Interrupt some filming did I? I hope you'll let me see the results again ....?"

Jake's face was flushed with a combination of randy excitement at what he'd been filming, his shock at suddenly encountering their friend and an ensuing total indecision.

"Well, er ..... I er ....."

"No need to explain Jake; I'll just come back some other time you lucky bastard. But I still wouldn't mind seeing the results" he added.

Jake suddenly came to a decision and holding his breath for a few seconds, he found himself blurting out,

"Why wait for the pictures? Kayla doesn't know you're here yet and you've always wanted to see her in the flesh, so why don't you come over here and look for yourself? Better be bloody quiet though, in case she hears you ....No Talking!"

They went around to the bedroom window and looking in, saw that Kayla had undone the waistband of her jeans and was about to push it down over her hips. Her breasts were in full view, their firmness allowing them to remain tight to her chest despite the angle of her body. Her nipples were harder than they'd ever been and now Peter was also going to be witness to everything she was about to do.

Jake was beside himself with the excitement of the situation. He'd made a decision now and whether he wanted to change his mind or not, it was too late by far, for Peter had now seen how far Kayla had got in her seductive behaviour.

Jake became aware of Peter whispering in his ear. His face turned slightly away, so as not to miss any of what was happening in front of them.

"Oh my godfathers, I know I've seen pictures of Kayla totally naked and they were fucking amazing; but to see her in the flesh? Oh, wow Jake. Will you just look how hard those glorious nipples of hers are! If only you knew how often I've dreamed of seeing her in person without clothes. Is she going to strip completely?"

Jake had pulled himself together enough again to take the shutter cable in his hand and click off another couple of pictures. His other hand had dropped down to his crotch again and although he hadn't taken his cock out this time, he was rubbing at it through his pants. He became aware that Peter was doing the same thing himself, a foot or so away from him.

"Yeah, she's supposed to get properly naked for the camera. I told her to imagine she was being voyeured by somebody out here and I think she's really getting into the fantasy - she's obviously not doing it for me any more, just look how her eyes are glazed at the thought of someone being out here! I think she's going to show us her pussy in a moment and she has no idea you're going to see it!"

He thought hard for a moment but the excitement was just too much to control his thoughts any longer.

"In fact Peter, I think I should tell you .... I er .... well .... I er .... oh fuck it, told her to imagine it was you outside - so in her fantasy, she's actually stripping for you!"

"What?" Peter almost shouted in surprise but managed to contain his expletive in time.

"You mean she got hot at the thought of me seeing her stripping?"

It was too late for any retraction and in any case, Jake was by now so totally immersed in the unbelievably illicit thrill of showing their friend his wife's increasing nakedness that he wanted to share everything he had with Peter.

"She certainly did and what's more, I reckon she's got so hot right now by acting out the fantasy that if you walked in through the front

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