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"Sounds good to me," I said. Josh nodded consent.

"Now I'm gonna swim since I had to cook for you ungrateful bastards," I laughed.

"Hey, we're guests," said Josh.

I dove into the pool, the water felt cool and refreshing. As I surfaced I saw Kim jump in and start swimming toward me underwater. I watched her swim next to me, suddenly she pushed up from the bottom and launched herself at me.

"Sneak attack," she cried as she pushed on my shoulders and shoved me underwater.

I twisted underwater, grabbed her and pulled her underwater with me. We wrestled for a few seconds then pushed off each other and surfaced.

"Careful," I said.

"What, you scared to wrestle?" she asked.

"Ha, not hardly, but with that bikini it would be unfair. If we wrestled you'd end up naked in no time."

She just waggled her eyebrows, "Promises promises... Fine, give me a piggy back ride."

She waded over behind me and climbed on my back. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her chest pressed into my back. She draped one arm around my neck and cupped my chest.

"Nice," she whispered in my ear as she playfully squeezed my muscles.

By this time my friends had joined us in the pool and we started playing and splashing each other.

"You know, it's kind of distracting with you in the pool," Digi said looking at Kim.

"Why?" she asked.

"You're hot and you're wearing a thong for god's sake. It's hard not to look at you."

"Anybody wearing this bikini is not bothered by you looking and if she says otherwise she's a complete liar," Kim said. As she spoke her hand gripped my bicep, lowering her voice so that only I could hear, "Am I distracting you?"

"You know damn well you are," I said over my shoulder.

"You boys want to be really distracted?" she asked.

"Yes," they cried, I just groaned.

"God, you're killing me," I said.

"Shut up, you know you love it," she said giving my muscles another squeeze. "Everybody close your eyes, no peeking or I'll leave," she threatened.

We all closed our eyes, her arms let go of me but her legs were still wrapped around my waist. I heard a rustling then she was again clinging to me with her chest pressed into my back.

"Ok, you can open them now," she said. One arm clung around my chest, but her free arm was holding her bikini top. She waved it in front of my eyes. "Ta Da!"

She was topless, but we couldn't see anything since her tits were pressed into my back. My friends started cheering and I grinned.

"Guys, she loves to tease," I said.

"Who cares," Josh replied.

I walked around the pool with her as we all started to calm down.

"Want another beer?" I asked.

"Of course," she replied.

Digi waded out and got everyone a fresh round. As he handed them out, Kim told me to take her into deeper water.

"I want to stand but I don't want to put my top back on," she said.

She let go of me and stood up, the water covered her boobs, somewhat protecting her privacy. We all continued to drink and chat. Kim's partial nudity didn't bother her at all. It began to get dark and Kim asked us what we were doing tonight.

"Uhmmm, we were gonna go hit some bars," Josh stammered.

"Oh, can I come?" Kim asked.

"Uhhhh, not really," seeing her disappointed expression I hastily explained. "They kind of wanted to hit some strip clubs so it might be awkward for you."

"I wanna go," she cried.

"You wouldn't mind?" asked Digi.

Throwing her hands up, "Hello, I'm in a damn thong and I've been topless the last hour, do you really think I care about a strip club? I'll have fun, trust me."

"Sounds good to me guys," I said.

They both nodded.

"Cool, you guys go clean up and meet me back here in two hours," I looked at them to confirm.

They both nodded. We all waded toward the steps, each of us glanced at Kim to see if she'd expose herself. As the water level lowered she covered her boobs with one arm.

"Bummer," Digi said.

Laughing, "Be happy with what you got," Kim said.

We all grabbed towels and started to dry off, Digi and Josh bent over and began to dry their legs.

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