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Rose gets treated and teased by her master.

I took one of her ample breasts in my hand and lifted it as I massaged it between my fingers. When I moved to the nipple, it had elongated and I rubbed it with my thumb.

My mother reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She said, "My big beautiful boy is going to fill up his little mamma." I was stiff with the excitement of her touch and she generated as much heat with her words as with the hand that slid up the shaft. She cupped me and softly massaged me as she made a cock that couldn't get harder, harder.

An old movie with George C. Scott and his wife Trish was on in the background as we moved to the couch. She reclined with her knees up and opened. I laid my hand on the soft furry patch and stroked over my mother's moist pussy. She smiled and made a small 'mmm' sound. I got on my knees bringing my cock toward her. She reached with both hands as she put her legs down and spread them. She positioned me at pink of her opening.

She was ready and I entered my mother with only a little difficulty. I was swollen and thick for her but she was now very wet. I filled her with my cock and told her of my longing and love for her. She was moaning gently but didn't say one word throughout our lovemaking. She was grasping me with her hands and with her legs and with her pussy. As I watched my cock sliding in and out of my mother's pussy I couldn't believe how my fantasies had transmuted into reality and how good reality felt.

I had had a few girlfriends and was fairly experienced for a nineteen year old. I usually had no trouble waiting for my partner to approach orgasm before coming. This was different. I was having trouble. Each stroke that took me deeper into my mother's channel felt better than the last. I imagined my cock sliding and prodding along the walls of her vagina. There was a harmonious fit as her channel conformed to the large shaft inside it. Being inside her was so much more exciting than anything I'd had with the other girls. I was fighting not to come because I wanted to be good for my mother. I wanted her to want me in her always.

She started moving with abandon and I was glad when I felt her stiffen; I had about three seconds left. She pushed her hips high up into me and arched her back with a long "Ohhh..." She dug her nails into my back and I started to come. The lubricating cum that was filling her pussy felt good on my cock as I pushed even higher into my mother's belly. I came kissing her, moaning into her mouth. I thought I could never love anyone as much.

When we were quieted and wrapped in each other's arms, I felt her body start a gentle tremor. When it became more pronounced I opened my eyes and saw that she was crying. It soon became audible. I stroked her hair and told her I loved her and that we hadn't done anything wrong. When she finally spoke she said, "I know's not's that...I lied."

"What do you mean mom."

"Oh I lied about Bobby...he did touch me this way...I'm so sorry honey...I didn't want you think badly of me...I didn't want you not to want only went on for a month or so...I ended it because I realized I was just confused and wasn't about the kind of love I feel now...don't hate me baby...I love you...I had to tell you the truth; I didn't want this to be between us...say something."

I had frozen up. I was angry and confused. How could I ever trust anything she said or did from now on? Even though I was nineteen and thoughts about sex took up just about my whole day, it wasn't enough. I loved her and wanted her to...I didn't know exactly but I certainly didn't want her to bring Bobby back into my thoughts when I had just gotten rid of him. So I was right about her fucking Bobby. Shit. The last thing I wanted to be was right. Maybe she just should have shut up about him and worked it out herself...but the genie was out of the bottle.

I took my clothes and walked to my room with the sound of my mother's voice calling, "Ricky

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