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She ends up exactly where she wanted to be – she thinks.

It seemed harmless enough, and with Linda's arm holding her firm, there wasn't a lot she could do to resist. When Linda's roving hand slipped down the front of her pajama pants, though, she visibly blushed.

"Isn't that going too far," she protested, grabbing onto Linda's wrist.

"What, you said I could do what I wanted until I got bored. Why would I stop before I got to the most interesting bits?"

Fingers clasped over Nina's naked pubis, Linda took every advantage to feel the naked shaved skin and press against her cuntal lips. There was no way Nina would tolerate this kind of treatment from anyone else, but she'd known Linda since they were in grade school. She had a competitive streak that, when combined with her physical stature, ensured that she was very used to getting her way.

Nina gritted her teeth in annoyance as Linda forced a stiff finger up inside her, roughly poking about her vagina like an overly eager teenage boy. With a greater degree of skill, Linda then set about strumming her fingers over the soft folds of her cunt. Her clit became the object of Linda's attention, and despite Nina's endurance, her body was beginning to respond of its own accord. The next time Linda pushed a finger into her, it slid fully inside in one go.

"Come on, that's enough," Nina protested, mortified by her body's willingness to respond to Linda's attentions. She made one last attempt to break free of Linda's grip, thrusting herself forward. She ended up face first on the bed, Linda hard above her, holding as tight as ever and at an even greater physical advantage.

"You can't pretend you don't like it," Linda taunted, breathing into her ear. "Look how wet you re getting."

It was true. Not very many minutes passed before Linda was able to slide her fingers across Nina's cunt with well lubricated ease.

"This isn't very fair," Nina moaned into the sheets. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because it's fun, I'm horny as hell and there isn't anyone else here. It's not like anything bad can happen, right?"

This was the bad thing, Nina thought to herself, realizing that she was powerless in this situation. She'd had to deal with a couple over-excited boys in the past, but they usually got the message that no meant no. She really didn't know what to do to dissuade Linda from keeping this up, other than to trust that she would eventually stop.

Holding up Linda's weight became too much, and Nina allowed herself go completely flat on the bed. Linda, without missing a beat, planted a lingering kiss on the back of Nina's neck as she held her in a gentler embrace. Nina's face burned red with embarrassment and humiliation, while her thighs opened wider in response to her growing arousal.

"I bet that feels really good," Linda breathed, fingertips zeroed in on Nina's clitoral hood, feeling the stiff little organ hidden beneath.

It did feel really good, Nina silently admitted, breathing harder now.

"Come on, kiss me," Linda said, pressing her lips to Nina's cheek.

Shifting slightly, Nina turned her head and allowed her friend to kiss her fully. Perhaps it was an admission of defeat. Nina felt all the fight in her drain away as Linda tasted her soft lips.

"You won't tell anyone about this, right?"

"Of course not," Linda said, giving her a smile.

This much Nina knew to be true. Linda had always been a good friend up to now, and had never betrayed any of her secrets. It wasn't as if this was all bad, and Linda was starting to turn her on to such a degree she wasn't sure she wanted it to stop anymore.

"You know what would be really fun," Linda whispered with barely suppressed excitement, "you should let me lick you out."

Nina blushed furiously, but Linda was already pulling down the pajama pants from her hips.

"This isn't right," Nina meekly complained, trying not to look her friend in the eye.

"I've always been curious to try it," Linda said, not overly concerned with Nina's reluctance.

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