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Betty is offered the makeover of a lifetime.

"Invent a better vibrator before you invent a new fucking phone!"

"Shelia!" the dude said.

"What!?" Shelia asked. "I've needed to buy a new phone six times this week thanks to fucking Iridium. Six times! Six!"

Felix held up his hands. "Well, I can tell you this! My abilities will not change phones any time soon, Shelia." He flicked one finger, and the polymer chain he had created between his finger and the phone drew taut, dragging the phone back over the edge of the building. He caught it, then tossed it back to Shelia, grinning at her. "And, uh, maybe don't throw phones at superheroes?"

"It's a free country, I can do what I want!" Shelia said. Lady Justice took Felix's arm, the contact sending a delicious tingle through his skin, like he was being touched by a live wire. Except with less electrical burns.

"Lets go on patrol," she said. "I got a few more tricks to show you."

The next rush through the city was just as exhilarating as the first -- doubly so since Lady Justice kept pace with him the whole way, soaring by him as he swung from building to building. As they flew, she shouted, calling out things to look for. "See that traffic? That's normal traffic -- but if you ever see cars bunching up, that means that the auto-driving routines have all gummed up at the same time, usually because a road was just marked as dangerous by the city. Nine times outta ten, that means something super-villainous has happened."

Felix nodded, trying to keep in mind that this was an education.

Not just a chance to watch Lady Justice's beautiful body in motion.

They came to the roof of a skyscraper that was lacking Shelia, and Lady Justice settled down. Felix flipped up, then landed beside her, panting. He had landed a bit closer than he expected, his hip and hers bumping against one another. His breath drew in her scent -- and she had a scent. She had been working out her powers too, and the slight scent of sweat clung to her. Felix had the sudden urge to slowly lick up some of the sweat on her neck. The primary thing keeping him from doing that was, uh. Creepy?

Lady Justice looked at him. She didn't draw back. Very quietly, she said: "So, you picked a good day to get superpowers. Most holidays have some kind of magical potency. But Valentines day?" She shook her head. "The chances of anything serious happening is low. Not many villains want much to do with pink and hearts."

Felix grinned. "Good to know." Slowly, he drew back, then sat down, dangling his legs over the edge of the skyscraper. He looked out at the city. "S-So, that means...can I ask some questions?"

"Sure," Lady Justice said, sitting down next to him. She looked like she was curious to see what his questions were. Felix paused. Well. So far, saying the first thing on his mind had been working out fairly well. Still, it felt kinda dumb. But...he rubbed his knees, then said.

"How do you keep your ID secret?" he asked. "Like...what if I want to go on a date with someone? Got any advice for juggling real life and superhero life?" He paused. "Uh, I just realized, you could totally be married in your normal life, uh, if you are, I'll stop making dumb passes at you and-"

Lady Justice laughed. "Those are your questions? Not how you fight supervillains?"

"Oh, that sounds easy," Felix said, grinning at the redheaded superheroine. "Punch. Dodge. Quip."

"The kid's a natural," Lady Justice said, her voice husky.

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