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Photo shoot takes an unexpected turn.


He went on to invite me out for a meal later, saying he knew of a 'charming little place, excellent food' not far away. Exuding old-world charm Stewart took my hand to raise it to his lips when I thanked him and said I'd be ready in an hour.

"I look forward to the evening then." Stewart said, lingering to glance at the room again.

"Bit pokey singles, aren't they. I always book a double for added comfort," he told me.

There seemed some sort of magnetism between us and I think we both knew then, I certainly did, that on returning from the meal it was to his room we'd both be heading!

To add a little more personal detail, Stewart was a married man in his late forties, while I was thirty two.

Returning exactly on the hour, Stewart walked me to his car and opened the door for me to climb in. (He did the same thing when we left the restaurant for the drive back later, very much old-world gentlemanly courtesy.)

I'd wanted to pay my share of the bill but Stewart wouldn't hear of it.

"Nonsense you're my guest. It's a pleasure to have the company of a beautiful lady such as yourself."

Back at the Travelodge he quickly nipped round the car to hold the door open for me to alight, eyes unashamedly on my legs while I did so. An arm around my waist, Stewart steered me gently towards his room.

"I assume you're in no hurry to return to your pokey little room. Or am I being presumptuous?"

"No, maybe not till morning." I answered quietly.

Emboldened Stewart ran his hand down my thigh, pausing at a suspender.

"You're a sexy lady," he breathed before removing his hand to unlock the door.

Inside Stewart undressed me, very, very slowly, clearly savouring every second. His politeness continued with him treating my clothes with care and laying them neatly on a chair. Stewart was even slower removing my stockings, his hands caressing my legs with loving care.

Then I was gently picked up and laid on his bed. He kissed me, tongue burrowing gently into my mouth. Next Stewart kissed, licked and caressed every little bit of me, and I mean every little bit because after he'd done my front Stewart eased me over and started on my back. When the guys hands gently parted my buttocks and I felt his tongue probing the crevice between them I was almost hysterical with excitement. Sensing it Stewart continuing licking my anus but also eased his fingers between my thighs, quickly locating my clitoris. Now I was in heaven my squeals echoing around the room. The combined effect of Stewart's tongue licking and probing my anus while his fingers stimulated my clitoris resulted in one of the noisiest and most violent orgasm I'd ever experienced! The beaming Stewart began undressing looking very pleased with himself.

"Your turn," he said, stretching out beside me.

Taking my cue from Stewart I began licking and stroking his body very slowly. I kissed him and then moved my mouth down to his nipples. I worked on each nipple in turn, slowly licking and then sucking them until Stewart was purring like a cat. After another kiss I licked down his body and felt Stewart tense when my tongue approached his genitals. Bypassing the guys cock I kissed and then licked his hairless balls. His lack of pubic hair is something I'd rarely encountered and finding it a very pleasant experience took his balls into my mouth. Groaning, Stewart's fingers found my cunt as I continued licking and sucking his balls.

Eventually I turned my attention to Stewarts cock, licking the rock hard shaft and glans for quite a while before sucking it into my mouth.

It wasn't long before he could take no more and rolling me onto my back Stewart moved on top. I flung my arms around the guy as his penis drove deep inside me.

He fucked me with controlled thrusts, prolonging the pleasure by easing off from time to time. Clearly a very experienced lover Stewart took me to the heights, his mouth moving from my lips to my nipples as he fucked me steadily.

When he came Stewart gave a strange sort of cry before collapsing on to

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