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Charlotte's journey.

"It's no wonder the boys wanted to see your big breasts, my dear," Ms. Filmore said. She reached out in a casual way; so casual that Mary did not even think to object when Ms. Filmore's long, graceful fingers captured her nipple and pulled upwards, lifting the heavy globe with it.

Ms. Filmore ducked her head, and inspected the breast intently. She moved the globe around by simply tugging on the long, stiff nipple. Her aristocratic face was only inches away from Mary's firm, silky soft breast, her breath washed over it in soft, warm waves that had Mary squirming in her seat. The feel of the woman's fingers on her stiff nipple, pulling and tugging this way and that, and in between squeezing and pinching her nipple had her breath burning in her throat, and had her sensitive tit mounds throbbing and swelling.

She felt like she was about to jump out of her skin, but did not even stop to think that it had gone beyond a simple look for evidence.

Mary stared down at Ms. Filmore as the woman switched to the other breast, began pulling that one around by its nipple as well. "Your nipples are getting really hard, Mary. Is everything OK?" Ms Filmore asked. She was staring intently at Mary, and the middle-aged wife realized that her boss was still tugging and twisting her right nipple.

"Umm, did you see any bruises?" she asked.

"Mn, no, just a little hicky right here," Ms. Filmore said, and cupped Mary's big breast in her palm, lifted it slightly.

"How do you know that's a hicky?" she asked, looking at the red mark.

"Well, of course it is, dear," Ms. Filmore replied, and then said, "Look here."

Mary stared in shock as the older woman suddenly bent and began sucking softly at Mary's firm, shuddering titflesh. She sucked hard for a moment, and then raised up. There was now another hicky on Mary's breast. "Did the men suck your breasts like that, my dear?" Ms. Filmore asked.

"I . . . that's none of your business," Mary said. She stared down at her boss' hand as Ms. Filmore began squeezing and kneading her large, firm titglobe.

"I just want to get to the bottom of this, Mary," Ms. Filmore said softly. "Did they suck them like this?" she asked, and then was bending down. Mary let out a long breath as she watched Ms. Filmore's full, luscious lips wrap around her distended nipple.

"Ohhnnnn, fuck, I don't think you should do that right now, Ms. Filmore," she said softly. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, and could not resist the urge to arch her back slightly. Her fists were pressed into the couch cushion, and her breath was coming in little gasps as Ms. Filmore's tongue curled around her supersensitive nipple.

She stared down at the woman sucking and licking her shuddering, heaving mound, and just gasped and shifted on the couch as Ms. Filmore's hot, wet mouth slid to her other nipple, leaving her right breast gleaming wetly from her boss' spit.

She felt something fooling with her waist, and realized suddenly that the woman had unfastened her dress the rest of the way. She blinked as Ms. Filmore flipped the dress aside so that the middle aged maid was suddenly naked.

"Perhaps we'd better look for bruises here as well," Ms. Filmore said, sliding to her knees. She pushed Mary's thighs apart - Mary made only a token effort to stop her. She knew the woman was looking directly at her now wet pussy through the thin silk panties.

Mary gasped and twitched as Ms. Filmore's long, cool fingers traced the silky skin on the inside's of Mary's thighs. "Mm, I don't see anything," Ms. Filmore said, and then put her hands under the woman's knees and lifted Mary's legs up. She pushed them back until her knees were at her shoulders, and then said in a no nonsense voice, "Hold them here, my dear, yes, that's the way," she said as Mary reached out and grasped her own legs, holding them up to her shoulders and apart so that her pussy was in plain view for her boss. "This won't take a moment, and then we can discuss what to do."

"Umm, Ms.

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