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A neglected executive's wife gets the attention she craves.

After one night out with a regular group of army guys we met though a friend Jordan came home mid-morning tired, stretched, full of cum and happy.

Jordan had once again been fucked all night and had little sleep.

As she climbed into be and asked me to fuck her she said, "hun, someone, well one of the army guys suggested something and I want to know what you think".

After I had quickly cum I asked what it was.

"Well", Jordan said "the guys said I should, you know, charge for being fucked. Like a hooker. Actually work as a hooker coz they reckon I would make a bit of money."

I was a bit surprised and asked her what she thought.

Even though she was tired and a bit hung over she said "It makes sense. We will make some money plus I will have some fun as well. What do you think?"

I wasn't sure but I said "well you're fucking strangers most weekends. It just means you wont go to clubs or bars as much."

"That's fine" she replied. "At least I wont have chicks judging me and I will be able to buy more hot clothes wit the money." Jordan added smiling at me.

Fast forward one week of talking about it and I took Jordan to a brothel on the outskirts of town and chatted to the manageress.

The manageresses first comment was "Wow! I wish my ex-partner was as understanding as you. Not many guys would allow their wives to do this, but we do have a couple of married ladies working for us. Are you sure hun? The manageress asked Jordan. "She would be very popular, especially as a new girl. Can you fuck all night love?"

Jordan smiled and said "Yes without a problem" and then she went on to describe our gangbang lifestyle and how many guys she usually fucks at gangbangs. I then explained how I loved fucking Jordan after shes been used by guys.

"Well we can certainly help with that!" the manageress said with a wink.

Jordan's first night was that Friday. It was getting towards the end of summer but the nights were still pretty warm and lots of people were out on the town.

Jordan put on her favorite short slutty gangbang dress and low cut top and said "wish me luck babe. I'm so nervous". She then drove off into the night.

At 5 am on Saturday morning Jordan came home and woke me up. She throws $100, $50 and $20 notes on the bed and she was excited.

"$2200 babe and all I did was what I usually do on a Friday or Saturday night!" Jordan said with a smile on her face. "I'm loving it. The guys either are scared of me because I'm an''expert' or some get pretty rough with me. Plus they are usually so drunk and either don't cum or come too quick or just give up because its too hard."

"So what happens with security or your protection?" I asked concerned.

"Oh I have a driver." Jordan replies. "If the place looks dodgy he walks up to the door with me. Its payment up front then he goes back to the car."

"That's ok." I said relieved. " So he sits outside and waits?"

"Haha no hun." Jordan said "Hes got other chicks to drive around and pick up. Sometimes its a dedicated driver but if 2-3 girls are required in one area, one driver will do it."

As Jordan isn't shy about doing gangbangs she got the opportunity to get a lot more work than some of the other hookers, especially when the navy was in town! For some reason they like having one girl between 5 or more of them and happy to pay extra. Most girls will only do one-on-one.

After two years of hooking, Jordan said it was taking a toll on her as she wasn't sleeping well and was constantly tired plus she had a couple of incidents where guys got too rough or carried away.

The money was great though and we went on holidays, bought new furniture etc.

So after the experience of being a hooker, we went back to our 'normal' life of swinging and gangbangs.

Jordan was a lot more experimental, daring and subservient after the 'hooking years'. It was great she became more of a sub and enjoyed the gangbangs more as there was no pressure.

Jordan started to have rape fantasies that she wanted to live out so she started to go out a lot more on her own.

Fortunately she went to

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