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When misreading a situation never felt better.

After she had relaxed I reached for a vibrator, put it to the lips of her pussy and slowly slid it inside - it was clear from the tensing of her body that she wasn't expecting this. I slid it in as far as it would go, then turned it on a little. Her body seemed to respond immediately, and her breath immediately came in short gasps. Over the next few minutes I slowly turned the vibrator up bit by bit as her body bucked in pleasure. As soon as I touched her clitoris with my finger her body exploded in yet another orgasm, shaking, mewing in pleasure through the gag.

Again I let her relax for a few minutes, then withdrew the vibrator which I had turned off when her orgasm was happening. The vibrator was sopping wet from the juice of her pussy, so I put it to her asshole and again slid it gently inside. Katie was clearly not expecting this either and struggled hard to keep it out, but in seconds it was resting inside her, and she had stopped struggling. I suspected from her response that she had probably never experienced anal penetration of any kind.

Again I turned it on softly, and she jumped as I did. However it was clear within a few seconds that the vibrator was having a good effect, so I turned it up slowly, and as I did her body squirmed in pleasure. Again I put my tongue to her pussy, caressing her clitoris, tasting her wonderful wetness. Again in seconds her body was writhing, screaming into the gag with pleasure. In seconds her body was tensing in orgasm, perhaps the strongest orgasm of them all. Her body shook as the pleasure took over her. It seemed like ages until she calmed down, and I removed the vibrator.

This had been a really hot half hour, I was stiff as a rod by now. I quickly undid Katie's ankles and let her lie flat on the bed. I knelt on her and pointed my cock to her mouth. I removed her gag and at the same moment thrust my cock into her mouth. She was clearly ready and began to suck and run her tongue all over my cock. I thrust in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth hard, then in seconds cried out as I pumped my cum deep into her throat. Katie swallowed hard as I seemed to cum and cum and cum into her mouth.

At last I began to soften, and took my cock from her mouth and sat down on the bed beside her. "Katie, you were wonderful".

Katie replied sharply. "What do you mean, Katie?". It wasn't Katie's voice.

I turned on the light. Quickly. It wasn't Katie - I had assumed it was all along, but it wasn't.

Lying on the bed was Julie.

Had I just raped her?

I stumbled all out what I could. "Sorry - I thought you were Katie." It seemed so inadequate.

Suddenly Julie smiled. "Bill, at first I thought you were raping me, but then I knew I wanted it. So badly. It was so good, I've never known anything like it."

"But how come you are here?"

We chatted and pieced it together - Katie had met Julie after she had left me, and they had chatted in the corridor. Katie had told Julie that I had picked up Katie's purse by mistake, and she needed it, and could Julie go with her to find it in my room without disturbing me. When they had got to the room, Julie had come in first, Katie had just disappeared! The more we pieced it together the more we knew it was trick. The minx - Katie - perhaps one drink too many. She had tricked her friend, colleague, into taking what she could have had. The more we thought about it, the odd things she had said - we knew that Katie had pulled a trick. Had set us both up. I hadn't thought she would do that or would even think of it, or obviously go beyond what was acceptable.

Julie and I talked a bit more, made love again more conventionally, then agreed that tomorrow afternoon would be a time for Katie to be sorted out, taught her lesson. We agreed we would say nothing, not even hint, at what had happened.

The following morning the three of us arrived separately for breakfast.

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