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Sara cannot stop her compulsion.

"Come on, then, bum me, Grant! Grab my hips and butt-fuck me as hard as ya like!"

I'd almost forgotten I was due to shag him up the backdoor, the head he'd been giving me had felt so fucking cosmic.

I did what he'd said and held onto waist as I pressed my bloated cock head hard against his plump puckered ring.

"Shove it up me," he urged. "Come on, slide it up my arse!"

I grinned, liking how much he enjoyed having his turd-cutter porked, and started easing my thick shaft up into his hot, sticky bowels.

He farted and I laughed, "Aw, ya could've waited, mate! That fuckin' reeks, that does!"

"If you think that's bad," he chuckled, "wait until yer humpin' me for proper!"

I grabbed his shoulders for leverage and slid the last few inches of my knob up his mud-chute. Then I started sliding it in and out, sniffing at the stink we were making doing sex up the bum.

"I can see what ya mean about it being horny," I told him. "It's dirty as fuck, this! It's proper fuckin' raunchy!"

"Do you like it?" he asked, grinning up at me over his shoulder as he bent forwards to take as much of my dick as he could.

"I do... yeah!" I laughed. "It feels like fuckin' a girl's tight fanny but it stinks like bummin' a lad's shitty arse!"

He farted again and I started banging him harder, making long fast strokes in and out of his hairy gape.

"Let me know when yer gettin' close, Grant," he muttered towards the carpet. "It'll feel better for you if I nut off when you do."

Suddenly the door opened and Whitehouse leered into the room. I stopped fucking Harvey and just stood there like a prat, holding onto him with my cock wedged between his buns.

"I fuckin' knew you was gonna let him shag you," he grinned at Harvey. "I could see how much you liked the look of his dong!"

He saw how shocked I looked - how blown-out I felt at getting caught ball-deep up another lad's arse - and laughed. "Don't fuckin' sweat-it, dude! Finish yerself off and then I'll have my turn on him too!"

He undid his belt and zipper and yanked his trousers and undies down to the tops of his thighs. His own thick schlong sprung up, looking a good few inches longer than mine now that it was properly out from his jeans.

Like Harvey, he'd got hard again very quickly. Maybe that's why he'd come back to Harvey's room - maybe after jazzing off over Costa's bum he fancied getting his dick up the real thing for a second coming.

I started fucking Harvey's bum again and Whitehouse came over and stood next to me to take a better look at my cock sliding in and out from the hairy crack.

He bent over so he was really close to Harvey's cheeks and inhaled deeply the smell of our boy-to-boy sex.

"Aw, it fuckin' stinks!" he chuckled, grabbing his cock and wanking himself off as he sniffed Harvey's dumpster getting shafted. "I love the smell of a butt-fuck! There's nothin' as fuckin' horny!"

"I kinda like it too," I smirked. "It's so totally different from shaggin' a girl!"

He grinned back at me, watching me do his mate up the bum, and said, "For a newbie yer a fast learner!"

I kept bumming Harvey, liking that Whitehouse was stood there watching us, and liking that his cock was on full bone as he waited for his turn to take my place once I'd creamed my nut.

He reached behind me and pulled the back of my jeans and pants down, saying, "Let's see yer arse while ya shag him!"

I let him see my bare bum flexing as I thrust back and forth against Harvey's cheeks and he grinned and said, "That is fuckin' well nice, that is!"

Then he surprised me by running his fingers up and down my hairy crack and then raised them to his nose to see how I smell between my cheeks.

"You wasn't lyin' when you said you stink back there!" he leered.

He went in for another feel, really smearing my fudge-stink right across his fingers as he groped around my hot, sticky butt-fur, and then smirked at me broadly as he took a long, deep sniff of it.

"Yer arse is fuckin' well hot, dude!" he said.

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