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Kayley's new friend Sarah helps her rediscover her true self.

Close beside us will be Tim, his cock and asshole close to my face so that I can lick his hole, or watch as he fills himself with a big dildo. His hole is perfectly puckered, and erotically beautiful when it swallows a cock or a fuck toy. He cums in my mouth and then his lover kisses me hungrily while we climax. Tim likes to lick my cum from my belly and share it with his lover. I like to lick Gary's cum from Tim's mouth or his asshole. When I do, they both kiss me hungrily and greedily.

When I get home late after an evening of fucking with Gary and Tim, I put a soft blanket on the floor in front of the full length mirror. I spread my legs open so that I can admire my own fuckhole. Sometimes as I lube up, dollop of cum will appear.

I take my favorite dildo and lube it up, then I enjoy the sight and the feel of my asshole opening up and I slide all ten inches inside myself. If there is cum inside me, it smears the dark flesh of the fuck toy. I fuck myself until I am completely and utterly drained of all sexual energy.

Roland fucks me when I need him. We talk on the phone. I tell him how I need to feel him inside me, to feel the power of his love muscle.

He comes to me. I leave my door unlocked and I wait for him in my bed, the lights low, the mirrors well positioned.

He enters my room. I am in repose on the bed, naked and always hard. He undresses. Shoes, shirt, pants. He stands before me in his briefs, his cock erect and stretching the fabric. He is tall and very dark. His cock is almost huge with a bulbous purple head wrapped in foreskin.

He teases me, slowly slipping out of his briefs until he is naked and boldly, hungrily erect.

I lick my lips in anticipation. He mounts the bed and straddles me, his raging manhood close to me. I caress it with my fingertips as I gaze up at him. I tell him how I am going to suck him and lick him until he explodes in my mouth. I describe for him how I desire the power of his orgasm in my mouth, and how the thought of him thrusting inside me will fill me with pleasure.

I anoint him with some lube and then pull his foreskin fully back, exposing the full majesty of his cockhead.

I pump him slowly and lovingly with my fist, occasionally taking him in my mouth to caress him with lips and tongue. We take our time. In due time, I feel his muscles tensing, and we both focus on his cock as I work it more aggressively.

He begins to spurt! His first is always a thick, rope of gossamer nectar. I love to watch it erupt from his love tool, then I quickly take him in my mouth so that I can feel the hot, salty jism erupt in my mouth. I swallow some and some spills from the corners of my mouth and I smear it all over my face with his cock. He cries out with pleasure as he cums.

We pause, breathless, gazing at each other. He kisses me deeply, sharing the hot spunk that he has given me. Our mouth often remain locked together as he pulls my legs up around his shoulders. Our tongues interlocked, he pours lube into my hand and I slick up his manhood one more time. My hole is already well prepared. I grasp him and guide him to my fuck hole. He presses his love tool into me and pauses with the head just inside my sphincter. I place my hands on each side of his face and whisper "yes" and he plunges into me and my body quivers with pleasure and pain as my hole stretches to take his girth, but the pain is gone in a second. We are fucking. We are one flesh.

He fucks me like a man. He pulls almost all the way out, pauses, and then drives back into me. Sometimes he thrusts hard, sometimes he thrusts with agonizing slowness.

I am ready to cum. I was ready to cum almost the moment he entered me, but I struggle to hold back. I want the pleasure to stay. I want the intensity of his massive member inside my love hole to go on all night. I want to cum when he cums. I want the satisfaction of using my body to bring him to orgasm not once, but twice.

I feel the change in his tempo, the expression on his face that tells me he has reached the point where his body is once again eage

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