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An older waitress takes him in for the night.

He tensed, made a grunt and unloaded his sweet juice into my waiting mouth. He pumped a good amount of cum into my mouth. I could feel his dick jerk and spasm as stream after stream of his man cream shot into my dicksucking mouth. He left his dick in my mouth telling me to milk his cock dry and to let my bowels go and shit. I sat there sucking his softening cock as my ass blasted out the enema he had given me. The Captain told Nim to give me 5 more enemas and shave the hair off my cock, ass and underarms, then he left the bathroom.

After Nim had finished with the shaving and enemas he made me shower. Then he led me to the Captain who was waiting at the bar drinking whiskey. When Nim and I had gotten to the bar we stopped and stood there waiting for the Captain to speak. He looked at Nim and told him he did a good job cleaning me up. He then asked Nim if he told me how to approach the Captain. Nim told the Captain that he heard the Captain tell me in the bathroom that I was to drop to my knees and ask how I could serve the Master. That's what I thought I said, the Captain replied.

Then they both looked at me still standing there. It took about 2 more seconds till I realized that I was suppose to drop to my knees. I realized and dropped to my knees and said "How can I serve you Master?" That's better slave, don't let that happen again. You will need to be punished for your disobedience however. Stand slave he boomed. The two men seized me and took me to the other side of the room and placed me on a padded sawhorse.

Then they attached my wrists and ankles to some kind of strap. I wasn't exactly bent over, more like my stomach and chest rested on the horse, while my ass was exposed and my head could rest or hang as I chose. Once I was secured, the Captain told Nim to get him the cat, whatever that was. He then told me that what he really loved was to dominate men. He said that beating a woman was OK, but beating a man, making the man know that he was a better man, a master was what turned him on.

He told me that I would come to love him because he was the better, stronger, more virile man and that I would come to love being his slave and that I would love to know that I could be protected because he was such and awesome man. It was all bullshit to me, but he was stronger and had a big dick, the rest of that shit was just that, shit. Then he told me that he had to punish me for my error and to instill in me what a man he was. With that said, he let the whip or cat fall on my vulnerable asscheeks. It whistled as it sailed through the air and stung as it hit my asscheeks.

I screamed out in pain from his beatings, begging him to stop, saying he was the better man and I knew, please stop, please. He told me that I was to thank him after each blow and if I didn't I'd get 20 more for each failure. The next blow landed hard on upturned ass making me wince in pain. Thank you Master I cried out. And again, and again. My ass was on fire as the searing pain encompassed my entire ass. He landed 20 blows on my battered asscheeks before he stopped.

I was sobbing, tears streaming down my face. He lovingly massaged my burning asscheeks as he whispered to me how beautiful my red ass was. He then told me he was going to take my virginity and how in the future I would come to have my ass filled with his manhood. I felt a cool liquid being applied to my bunghole, then I felt the head of his monster rubbing around my exposed hole.

Looks like we have quite the tight hole here he said. Nim loves my big cock, don't ya Nim? Oh yes baby, I'd do anything to have that dick in my ass all day long, Nim said. The Captain spread the goo all around my butthole then he slowly worked the head of his cock into my virgin hole. My ass split open around his boy basher and excruciating pain shot through me, forcing me to scream out loud. Please I can't take it, it's ripping me apart, please stop I begged. He slowly sunk another inch in my abused hole, then held still.

Listen up slave, I was going to go slow since you are che

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