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Black dominatrix discovers Black hubby's secret.

It was a beautiful experience and although I knew there were many things I wanted to do with time, I was going to do just that ...take my time. I pulled back and looked at her to make sure she was okay, she smiled, acknowledging that the answer was yes. I approached again in the same manner and then inserted my tongue slightly at first and then more deeply. Shri was VERY receptive as if she had been waiting and wanting this. She was all sub, with a tendency to come into me receptively and I knew in time I wouldn't be surprised if she was little aggressive.

We stood there touching and caressing for at least fifteen minutes. I broke off stepping back slightly and tugged her sweater and pants at the hem, she understood and started to disrobe right where she stood; which I liked a lot. She stood there again waiting for approval and awaiting her next instructions. I stepped back a little to take her in, this very petite, shy, soon to be sexy woman. She knew I liked what I was looking at and she breathed a sigh of contentment. I took her hand and brought it to the hem my shirt and the top of my pants she understood right away and went to work undressing me.

As she did I removed her soft, hair scrunchy or whatever it's called to let her hair flow down her back which was an awesome sight. She barely adjusted as I did this and demonstrated she would stay focused on the task at hand and wasn't hesitant or nervous to be doing anything I asked or commanded.

She folded our clothes and put them beside the closet on a little shelf and came right back to her position in close proximity to me. EXCELLENT!! I massaged her arms and face and we kissed again which was becoming more and more natural. I then applied a little pressure to her shoulders with both hands and again, quick as a whistle Shri knew what to do and lowered herself to her knees in front of me.

I ran my hands through her hair and waited it out to see if she would take the initiative. She just looked up at me and without words we both understood. She was kissing all over my cock and I knew she had little if any experience in this department. I waited it out to see what she would do next. In time she took my hard meat and guided it slowly into her ever opening and beautiful mouth. I grabbed the back of her head to show her how I wanted her to take me, she caught on real fast. Then I guided her hands to my balls to show her how I liked to be massaged. She wasn't able to take all of me yet and there was some gag reflex going on. I knew in time she would become a grade A cocksucker, I also liked her soft moaning and UMMPH sounds when I fucked her face.

I started to admire, how quickly this sexy woman was learning and wanting to please me very, very much. My wish was her command, she was my genie. She looked up to ensure I was enjoying myself and seeking approval as to if she was doing it right. Again no words needed. As she was about to look forward again I pushed the top of her head to get her attention as she looked up at me while still doing a great job I licked my tongue around the outside of my mouth to give her an idea of what to do...which she did a little and then I had the idea to take her left hand and put one of her fingers in my mouth to demonstrate what I wanted, she bobbed her head immediately and started doing just that...AWESOME.

After about 10 minutes, I pulled her up by her hair as I wanted to establish a few things.

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