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As they went into their room, Lucas opened his window a crack, and popped out the screen. Luckily, they lived on the first floor. He let the door slam behind him. And walked around the building. Making sure no one was looking, he snuck through his window, and replaced the screen. In the hallway, he couldn't believe his luck, the door was cracked again.

The twins were already topless, and Elisa had her mouth on Emily's nipple, sucking and licking it while Emily moaned and ran her fingers through Elisa's hair. Kissing her way down Emily's smooth, flat stomach, Elisa worked Emily's skirt and panties off at the same time.

Lucas could barely breathe. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. This was so much more than he could have hoped for. He freed his throbbing cock and began stroking it, his eyes fixed on Emily's beautiful pussy. She was shaved, and her lips were smooth. It was already glistening with her wetness when Elisa began licking all around it, and then dipped her tongue inside her twin sister.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh god. Please! Lick my clit.".

Elisa obliged, driving her mouth down just above Emily's dripping pussy, who arched her back and grabbed Elisa's hair in her fists.

"Oh fuck, fuck, yes, eat me, Ellie. Suck my clit!" Elisa slid her hand inside her skirt and started fingering herself as she worked Emily's clit. Eagerly, the girls squirmed, any skill or finesse overlooked in the overwhelming urge to feel pleasure.

Lucas braced his hand against the wall as he stroked his cock, his cum surging as his orgasm approached. He realized his error, when Emily looked up at the motion.

"What the fuck! Lucas!" Elisa's head whipped around and she, too saw her brother, frozen outside her door, hard cock in hand, before he bolted into his room, and locked the door.

Breathing heavily, all thoughts of masturbation fleeing from his mind, he couldn't even begin to think what the consequences of this might be. A few minutes later, the soft knock he was dreading came at his door.

"Lucas, we need to talk." He just sat on his bed, not knowing what to do. "It's not like you can hide in there forever. We need to talk about this before mom gets home tonight, so we might as well get it over with."

When he opened the door, Lucas saw that his sisters had changed into shorts and t-shirts. He stared at Elisa's mouth for a moment, seeing that it was still glistening a bit with Emily's pussy juices.

He backed up and sat at the head of his bed, as his sisters took spots at the other end. He looked down at his knees, waiting for them to say something.

"Okay, so, now what?" Elisa asked.

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"Are you going to tell mom?"

"I'm not sure she could handle this. How the hell would I even bring this up? I just, I don't know. You're sisters!"

"We know that!" Emily was beginning to look worried. "Please, just don't tell anyone, we were just seeing what it was like. We're not ready to try anything like that yet with any of the guys we know."

"Wait a second, what the hell, Lucas." Elisa's eyes narrowed. "We heard you leave. What are you even doing here. You're supposed to be gone."

"Yeah, well...I lied. I left and I came back in through my window."


"I was hoping to see...that. Well, not that, but you two kissing, and with no shirts. I saw you yesterday, when I came back for my wallet. But I left after a couple minutes. How, long have you been doing this?"

"How long have you been doing what you were doing?"

"I asked first."

"Okay, well, we first kissed years ago, just to see what it was like and to practice, but we never did anything more until a couple weeks ago. Your turn."

"I've been doing it for years, it's pretty normal for guys."

"How often do you do it?" Emily was leaning forward, her eyes kept dropping to Lucas' crotch.

"Basically every day, sometimes a couple times."

"What do you think about?" Emily was very interested now, and Elisa had arched an eyebrow as she looked at her twin.

"Umm, why are we talking about this?"


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