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Hector services the lawn and much more.

" I audibly shudder as my dress passes over my hips and falls to the ground. Greg removes my strapless bra, and I stand there, mesmerized, with my hands at my sides. I'm only wearing my black lacy panties and black high heels. Despite the warm summer air, I feel a chill run through my exposed skin, and my already hard nipples throbbed with the sexual tension.

Both stood there, wordlessly. The only movement was Greg's hands tracing my bare breasts with his fingers. It all seemed like a rush, yet the moment stayed still for what seemed hours. I slowly raise my hands to cover Greg's, and push them into me, wordlessly asking him to squeeze my breasts.

As he played with me, Terri came around us and slid behind her husband. She reaches around him and slowly unbuttons his shirt. She tantalizingly peers around her man, and we make eye contact. As she undoes the last button, she smiles and pulls back his arms, removing his shirt entirely. I take in the sight of his muscular, lean chest. I trace his pecs, then down over his abs. He has a chiseled body. I look down lower, and with a surprised gasp, I see an impressive bulge on his slacks.

Terri slides back around, standing to the side of us. She grins and runs her hand over her husband's dick. He closes his eyes and lets out a breath. She turns her attention towards me and, with a sudden look of concern, says

"Hey ... are you okay with this?" I look at her, a million thoughts running through my mind. Things were happening so fast, I didn't have time to process anything. All I could say was, "Yes."

Terri smiles. She turns to Greg and gives him a passionate kiss. She leans back with him in his arms and says, "Greg, honey, I'm going to take our guest up to our bedroom. Can you take care of things down here?"

Greg, who had been staring at my naked body, broke his gaze for just a moment. "Yes, baby. I'll be there soon."

She takes me by the hand. "Amy, come with me."

Wordlessly, I follow her into the house, leaving my dress and bra behind. Everything seemed so surreal as she led me back up the stairs. As we enter her bedroom, she turns her back towards me and points to the zipper on the back of her dress. I slowly slide it down, exposing the strap for a sultry red bra. As I got lower, I could catch a glimpse of matching panties. Terri helps herself fully out of her dress and turns around to face me. It hadn't occurred to me until now that Terri was into me.

My impression was that she simply wanted to see her husband with another woman. I see the same spark of uncertainty cross her eyes that her husband had only minutes ago.

"Amy, have you ever been with a woman?"

___"No," I responded. "I haven't." She twirls her red hair between her fingers, and as she looks me up and down, she asks, "Do you think I'm attractive?" I watch her as she takes her bra off and lets it fall to the ground. I take in her beauty - she is a perfect specimen of a woman.

Her breasts, much fuller than mine, fill her chest completely, and her stomach is flat and toned. I find myself tracing her stomach, just as I was Greg's. She grabs my arm and pulls it around her back, bringing us closer. My heart is racing; I've never thought of another woman this way. And, to be honest, I don't know how I feel.

As we fully embrace, I find myself trembling with anticipation as her chin rests on my head. She is much taller than me, and the feeling of her breasts pressing on me invoked feelings that I have never felt before. She steps back, and taking my face into her hands, she leans forward and begins to passionately kiss me.

It feels so different, yet familiar. The tenderness of her lips was unlike any other kiss, yet it seemed that she knows exactly what I want. Maybe it's a womanly intuition. I begin to feel my knees quiver beneath me as a drip from my pussy begins to run down the inside of my leg. I let out a soft moan.

"Lay down, babe.

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