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He gets lucky twice in one night.

I slip into the drivers seat, my skirt riding up my thigh again and I try to smooth it down as I insert the key. My hand meets his descending on my thigh as I tug at it. "Leave it like that I want to see you."

The hand continues and gently explores over to my soaking pussy. "Ohh," he sighs and trails his finger down my wetness. "What a wet little slut you are, your pussy is begging for me already. Drive my slut or I will take you in this car."

I turn the key as he withdraws his hand, wiping it on my face and pushing his fingers in my mouth for cleaning. I pull out and drive out of the carpark building with my head spinning, body tingling all over, nearly overcome with lust. Luckily the hotel is only a few minutes away as I am afraid as I drive that I am soaking my skirt.

I checked in earlier to save time so we walk together to the room. With every step my arousal and my fear grows. This man who I first touched only a few minutes ago is about to claim me as his after so long. We enter the room and I close the door with my heart in my throat. He is breathing a little heavily but his voice is calm although a little thickened by lust.

"This is the last time I am going to ask you this angel. Do you surrender yourself to me to do with as I please, to use you however I see fit and to own you forever?"

"Yes," I breathe looking up into his amazing eyes. "I am yours Master mind body and soul. Use me however it pleases you."

A small smile crosses his stern features as he orders, "Then suck my cock"

He drops his pants and sinks into a chair and I fall to my knees before him and lower my face to meet his huge erection. The head glistens with precum and I grasp the base bringing it to my lips eagerly, tasting him salty and sweet on my tongue as I lick the head clean. I slide it into my mouth, my lips are stretched impossibly wide to the point of pain as he fills my mouth and all my fears drop away as I begin to suck him eagerly. He slides easily down my throat as a result of practicing on my dildo in preparation for this. He is the first man to teach me the pleasure of deepthroating. I slide up and down as his hands rest on my head gently, but it is not long before they are tightening and pressing me urgently onto him. A fresh wave of excitement surges through me as I realise he is ready to give me what I have craved for so long. He groans deeply and his balls tighten as he thrusts all the way into me and jerks as he fills my throat with his cum. I am impaled helplessly as it pours down my throat in spasms. After a while he pulls back a little and the taste finally fills my mouth as I suck in air and moan in pleasure, sucking the remainder out of him. I lick every drop I can off his cock then sink back on my heels smiling up at him with tears still in my eyes from the force of the throat fucking. He smiles back and strokes my hair as he breathes deeply to recover. I rest my head on his thigh feeling a deep sense of comfort and satisfaction.

His cock hardens again before my eyes and he stands and draws me up with him. His hands seize the front of my shirt and with one jerk he rips it open making me gasp as my breasts spring free. He pulls my skirt off and bends his head, eagerly kissing and fondling my breasts. Pinching my nipples, making my legs go weak.

"Take your shoes off and lie on the bed," He orders as he sheds his shirt. "Time to claim the rest of you."

I shudder with desire as I sit on the bed and remove my high heels staring at his magnificent nude body before me. I lay back nervously and he lays beside me softly stroking my breasts and then pinching and twisting the nipples. The delicious pain rolls through me as a hand continues down to my pussy. I spread my legs for him and he shoves two fingers into my clenching wetness. He slides them in and out and I begin to beg, "Oh Master please I need your cock in me, please Master shove that big cock in my pussy now!"

Quickly he rolls on top of me and positions the head at my entrance.

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