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An erotica writer reacts to a message from her reader.

I rip the towel from your wide-eyed body, revealing your female charms. Umm, shaved, I like that! And those nipples, just like I like them, large, pink, and hard. I ravish your body with my eyes, holding you at arms length at the elbows, tightly.

Your in shock, you can't believe there is a man in your house, holding you tightly, he's gagged you, and is now leering at your body. I laugh in delight at my frightened prize as I spin you around to the bed, flinging you upon it with a bounce. Me, leaping on top of you to hold you down.

You begin to fight me again as the shock wears off and the realization starts to set in. You squirm beneath me, fighting me, resisting me, failing miserably. You just don't have the strength to fight me and I easily unwrap the second rope and secure your bound hands to the head board.

I spin around on top of you to secure you legs, laying across your belly and legs, I feel the warmth of your pussy through my shirt. I soon enough have both legs secure to the lower posts of the bed, legs spread, luridly exposing your sex.

I climb off the bed, breathing heavily, not from the fight so much as the thrill and sexuality of see you, bound naked before me. Helpless, powerless to resist me, totally at my mercy, you watch as I begin to slowly strip off my clothes. I pull off my shirt, flexing my muscles across my chest. I undo my pants and drop them to the floor, stepping out of them. I quickly lean over, stripping my underwear and stand straight before you.

You eyes look down and widen at the sight of my cock, it is completely hard and throbbing slightly in expectation of the pleasures to come. You cannot take your eyes off my cock as it waves from side to side in front of me when I step to the bed.

You groan as I straddle your hips, my ass in contact with your pussy, feeling the heat emanating from it against my ass. I lean forward and touch your right nipple, taking it between my fingers, pulling it, pinching it lightly, and twisting it. Your eyes close and again, you moan, this time a little more softly, more sensually, as I pull and twist at your nipple.

I take your other nipple in my other hand and repeat the process I was performing on the right one. I am now pulling and twisting harder and harder. You moans are increasing in length and depth. My cock swells with each moan. I feel the heat of your sweet pussy grow under my ass, damn you are HOT.....! You left nipple is so hard and red, it looks like a delicious ruby atop your beautiful tit.

I remove my hands and slowly stroke my swollen dick, watching as you squirm in heat beneath me, taking in the sight of your sensuous body. I lean forward and lick your blood hot left nipple and you jump and the touch of my wet tongue. You hips are now grinding against my ass, you are one HOT SLUT.....! Fuck I love this. Knowing that you have no control now, you have given nearly all of it to me, and will soon give me everything, all you have. But not because you want to, because I am TAKING it from you!!!

I suddenly roll off of you and stand on the floor beside the bed, my cock is now at full mast, standing straight up like some lurid flag pole. I walk to the end of the bed, and stare straight into your wide open, red hot and swollen cunt. It's gleaming with your juices, wet in anticipation of what I might do to it. Open and ready for my manly intents. Dripping juices flowing down to your cute little brown asshole, lubricating it too.

I crawl on the bed, between your legs, I hold my cock in line with your sweet cunt, I press the head up against the opening and you, feeling my prick, thrust your hips forward. You try desperately to impale yourself on my manhood. But I hold your hip with my free hand, preventing you from full entry.....damn, you are such a SLUT. A hot, sweet, gorgeous Slut, ready for any man who is man enough to take you, to fuck you, to do as he wants to your body.

I lean forward, easing my cock inside you, i

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