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Playing in the park can be fun.

Visiting their favorite sex store hardly qualified and by the dressed down looks of her S.O. on their couch, he felt the same.

As it was a Friday early evening, Bart and Terri waited at the bank of elevators for one to eventually reach them near the top. The elevators were built with certain express cars that brought passengers a single specific floor and a bank of secondary elevators that could take them to their chosen floor. This was by far the most efficient method developed to date but still time ached by despite the convenience of car-ports as Terry and Bart waited. There stood a couple who loved each other to the point of idolatry, who were gently and closely leaning against each other but none the less separated by an abyss. Bart and Terri knew this not to be a bad thing in itself or a reason to end their cohabitation but they could not help but feel what was disappearing between them. Together they had argued everything they believed in, their likes and dislikes made known, and told each other all the good (and bad) stories in their lives that they had not made together as a couple.

Upon leaving the apartment building, they walked hand in hand to Terri's vehicle parked several blocks away. The most expedient way to get there however involved passing through the closest thing to a slum near their middle class ritzy apartment. Because of the Social Democrats, this block of hospitals went from patient services to nationally funded human research hospitals and so a number of bums who had slipped through the cracks of the socialists' platform volunteered and created huge waiting lines. One such line had, as near as Bart could figure, an optometrist checking lenses and eye sight.

"Probably some new eye surgery. I wish them luck," he said quietly as he straightened his glasses with his free hand. Centuries already since they developed a successful corrective surgery and they still had not found a commercially safe one. With each new method, the time it took for blindness to occur in an eighth of the people who had it performed got longer and longer. Unfortunately this continuously longer period made collecting usable data a decades long process. The latest surgery seemed promising and was at fractions of one percent overall for surgery induced blindness in the last fifteen years but that did not mean the eye doctors could simply sit on their hands and wait fifty more years for the results.

Friday night traffic was horrendous. Despite that they were leaving Edmonton instead of entering from places like Billings, Winnipeg, or Anchorage, it took them an hour to even reach the St. Lawrence. After that it was no time at all until they got to Vermont and landed their car just outside North American Underground. It was a small shop of right angles and it always struck Terri that such a small structure, capable to hold many architectural intricacies for a low price unlike her apartment building, should resemble a shoe box. They exited the car and Terri did not consider the shape of the store any further as Bart wrapped his arm around her waist and smiled. She did not return the same smile but instead gave a hungry one of her own. Soon it was going to be play time.

Terri and Bart walked into the store together. Neither one of them had ever been comfortable going to a sex shop by themselves so they made an effort to show they were a couple shopping for each other. They realized this was silly because aside from a man or two, there was nothing but couples shopping hand in hand and discussing products with a slight whisper.

In the center of the store stood the check out and its three sitting clerks eyeing customers at the more expensive merchandise.

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