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Two married women coworkers go to a company dinner.

You lean your face down towards mine and kiss me softly. My heart starts to race as I turn to face you and gladly return the soft, yet passionate kiss. After a few moments, you pull away. I open my mouth to speak but have a hard time trying to find the words. You smile at me and taking my hand, you lead me inside the bedroom.

After closing the door, you stand in front of me and start to kiss me again. Your hands start to roam around my body, gently, as I press my body against yours, returning the kiss. I pull away and look deep into your eyes, as the words I could not find before suddenly come to me. "I love you."

You smile again and I melt, as you start to take my clothes off... your hands gently caressing every inch of my skin. We gradually fall to the bed, and with you on top, you start to kiss me and slowly start to grind your mound into mine, allowing me to feel your manhood. I slide my hands under your shirt and gently rub your back, as we kiss. You start to move your way down my body, kissing me with little soft kisses, from my neck down to my shoulders... and my breasts. You linger on my breasts, moving to my right nipple, as you start to lick and nibble, while rolling my left nipple between your fingers. I shudder slightly, as you continue your trek down south, gently running your tongue along my skin, mixed in with soft kisses. As you come to my pussy, you can see it glistening with my wetness. You blow gently across it, causing me to shiver, and you kiss my upper inner thigh, teasing me.

You nuzzle your face in my pussy, giving my clit soft kisses. You move your hand toward my hole and trace my lips gently with your finger before slipping it inside of me. I gasp softly as you slowly start to pump your finger in and out of me, just before you slide another finger inside me and take my swollen clit into your hot mouth. The sensation is almost to great and I feel like I may explode with pleasure. You pull your fingers out of my swollen pussy and slowly run your tongue along the entire length of my slit, from clit to hole, taking your time as you move between my lips. Your tongue teases my hole before it slides in and you begin French kissing my pussy, sending your tongue deep within. I arch my back, grinding myself into your face.

Your hand moves to my clit and starts to rub it. I gasp loudly, moaning, and I start to tense up. Knowing I am nearing my climax, you start to rub my clit faster, with just enough pressure to make it feel absolutely earth shattering, as you continue to hungrily lick at my hole. I start to lose control and my hips start bucking. You grab hold of my hips, in attempt to stay locked to my pussy, and slide your tongue as deep as it can go, wanting to taste all of me... all of my sweet juices.

A few short moments later, you crawl up beside me and give me a passionate kiss, allowing me to taste myself on your mouth, as I come down from an amazing high. You pull away, your face still so close to mine, and you ask me how I liked our first encounter. All I can do is just smile at you.

I gently push you off of me and I sit up next to you. I lean over and kiss you softly, taking my lips away from yours only to left your shirt over your head. I look at you, and run my forefinger slowly up and down your chest. I get to the hem of your jeans and I slide my finger just barely underneath, tickling you. I giggle softly and look up to see you smiling at me, your fingers playing with my curly locks. I return the smile and move my hands to the zipper of your jeans and slowly pull it down. You look down at what I'm doing, then back up at me and smile to yourself. You help me take your jeans off and I see you in just your boxers. I stare for a moment....

The only thought in my head is how incredibly lucky I feel to be with not only an amazingly kind and sweet man.

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