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Father and son's last moment.

I gasped and wiggled when he found the sensitive flesh of my asshole, just rubbing there, around and around. He removed his finger only to replace it with the butt plug, slowly pushing the plug in and pulling it out, then pushing it in further, then pulling it out. He reaches down between my legs and starts flicking my cunt faster, and faster. I feel the warmth of an orgasm building inside me. Screaming, I let the orgasm flow through me, water gushing out of me. I hear him walking back to his backpack and getting something. He walks back to me, and shoves my wet thong into my mouth. Without warning, I hear a whoosh of air and then feel his hand across my butt cheek. He continues spanking me, alternating speeds making my ass an equal shade of pink.

I hear him groan. He yanks out the plug leaving me feeling empty. He pushes himself into me, pumping fast. I shove my ass into him, wanting more, deeper, harder, god, I couldn't stand it. I was so close, almost there. I scream, my body bucking and arching as I came, completely lost, giving myself over as my body shudders. Moaning, I feel him pounding harder into me. I feel his release, feel him shudder.

After we both catch our breath, he suggests we go back to his place. Nodding my head, we gather up our laundry and leave. When we get to the car he opens the passenger side door and assists me inside. He places a shirt on the seat telling me he doesn't want me to stain it. I blush, because I can feel the wetness between my legs.

He starts up the car and commands me to place my hands above my head. I quickly comply wondering what he has in mind. At the next stop light he reaches over, pulling my shirt up, exposing my breasts and covering my eyes. I shiver as the cool wind washes over my exposed stomach.

I feel his hand slowly making its way down, circling my breast, and slowly caressing it. I shudder as he pulls on my nipple; sigh as I feel him flicking it back and forth. His hand travels down my stomach, down to my skirt. I gasp as I feel him pull my skirt up to my waist.

He tells me to lift up my hips, I whimper as I feel him pull my thong down my legs to rest at my ankles. I try close my legs, but quickly spread them back open when he starts hitting the inside of my thighs. He tells me not to move. I smile when he tells me how beautiful I look, exposed for him and the world. I blush as I hear a horn honking, and men yelling out "Look at that slut!"

I stay as still as I can, feeling the warmth gathering between my legs. I feel the car slow down; hear the blinker as he turns. He stops the car, then tells me to stay put. My heart stops beating when he opens the door and leaves me, still exposed, for the world to see. I wait in silence, straining to hear the sound of his footsteps announcing his return.

My hands start to go numb from keeping them above my head for so long, but I dare not move because he has commanded me to stay put. My breath quickens as I hear gravel crunching, footsteps getting nearer. I listen intently as they get closer, and then come to a stop. I hear the door open, and feel him touch my breast lovingly. I gasp when he starts hitting my breasts, cry out as they start to sting.

He tells me to get out of the car. Stumbling, I rush to comply. He tells me to close my eyes and not to open them. Smiling, I feel him remove my shirt completely and then replace it with a scarf effectively blindfolding me.

He tells me to get down on all fours, and crawl after him. I hesitate, straining to hear if there's anyone else around. He grabs my hair and pushes me to the ground. Whimpering, I feel him whisper in my ear that he was going to punish me because I hesitated too long.

I feel him circle my neck with something. I gasp when I realize it's a collar of some sorts, and then groan as I feel him lightly tugging on it. I feel the warmth gushing down my legs as I realize he's treating me as nothing more than his pet toy.

I stumble slowly behind him, trying my best to keep up, trying to please him, but tears start to well up in my e

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