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Stephanie's sexy (and naughty) adventures continue!

Matt shook Wade's arm and told him to snap out of it.

"Dude honestly we have to have her over tonight" said Wade.

"That is definitely a plane otherwise we will just end up watching TV the whole night again," said Matt.

"Let's go over and invite her," said Wade.

"k," said Matt

"Hi their Emma remember us from school," said Wade.

"Of course Twins. How you guys been?" said Emma.

"We have been good thanks," said Wade," we were wondering if you wanna come have a few drinks and maybe a barbecue tonight at our place."

"Sure where do you guys live?"

"Number 5 Shelly Strand Rd. It's just outside the city. You can come over any time."

"K cool will be their around 7pm."

"OK cool see you then. Also bring your costume we have an awesome pool"

Later that night...

Wade and Matt were just wearing their baggies and just some plain t-shirts. Emma was wearing a blue bikini with a denim mini skirt and a white tank top but she had lost the tank top early in the night. It must have been one of the hottest days this year and they had just finished eating supper when Matt suggested they go for a swim.

The pool took Emma's breath away. It was situated in the middle of a huge stretch of green grass that just seemed to hit the beach and turn into the sand. The pool must have been around 30 meters long and 14 meters wide. The water was a dark blue but was illuminated from the bottom by lights.

"What's up with the huge pool," gasped Emma.

"Dad and Mom gave it to us for our 14th birthday," said Matt ", we are really good swimmers, not to blow our own horn." As he walked inside

"Also I think mom and dad were sick of carting us to the gym to practice every afternoon," said Wade.

"By the ways where are your parents?"

"They went to the Maldives for 3 weeks to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary," Said Matt as he brought out another round of drinks.

They all dived in and swam around just talking about random stuff for 20 minutes but then they all started to feel the buzz from the drinks they were having. Emma went under the water and came back up and Matt was suddenly standing in front of her. His arms were encircling her and ended up holding her bottom and pulling her towards him and until her breasts were squished up against his hard muscular chest. Suddenly she felt very vulnerable by herself in a empty house with 2 strong guys.

"What are you doing Matt," said Emma.

"Just thought I would give you a kiss" whispered Matt in her ear and he gave her a peck on the mouth and then let her go.

She was wondering if she should carry on with this and let it end up with what she thought would happen or just put a stop to it now and leave. I haven't had sex in ages yet I have only really met these guys now. Then again they are extremely hot. Eventually she gave in to the temptation and decided to carry on with this.

She swam over to Wade and starts to kiss him passionately. Next minute she starts to feel fingers tickling her back and realise it must be Matt.

Matt undid her bikini top and lifted it over her head and reached around and started to gently squeeze her tits.

Wade could feel his cock start to rise and decided to take a breather for a bit.

As Wade broke the kiss with Emma she turned around and started to kiss Matt. Wade slipped under the water and grabbed hold of her bikini bottom and slowly took it off of her.

Emma decided it was time to see their cocks now that they had felt her tits and that she was completely naked. She broke the kiss and pushed the twins against the wall and told them to take their costumes off and their Speedo's underneath. As they took their costume she gasped at the bulges she saw through the water and then when they took off their Speedo's she knew she might have bitten off too much to chew. They were both the same size and that size was pretty big. Their cocks must have been around 8 inches long and were thick. Indeed they were very special. Hot studs with brains and with big dicks.

Matt and Wade were used to this.

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