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A mature wife wants to experiment with light bondage.

He got in and punched the appropriate button and standing with his back against the rear of the elevator was once more deep in thought.

Providence he thought is a strange and wonderful thing for it could only be Providence that was controlling events tonight that wanted to warn him and show him things he never even suspected. It must be Providence that bought him to this small hotel maybe one could consider that as pure chance. But was it also pure chance that had his wife decide to come here with her lover on the exact same night and was it pure chance that he got his days mixed up?

And pure chance that the bartender discussed Claire with him, a complete stranger, and again pure chance that he guessed the correct room number where she was staying the night with her lover? And could pure chance also ensure that the receptionist, Sharon, was new and inexperienced or she would have known better than to confirm Claire's room for him?

The odds against such a series of the events happening solely through pure chance were probably incalculable. Providence's hand was in this of that Richard was absolutely positive and it would be Providence that would see how this night would end.

The elevator doors opened at the top floor and he was greeted with two sets of arrows rooms 401 to 410 were to his right Richard turned left and made his way down the hall way. He had no problem with locks he could easily and quietly break into their room as long as the key wasn't in the lock on the other side of the door all he needed was a credit card.

As he approached 420 he took one out of his wallet and as he turned to face the door he noticed the "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging from the door handle he also noticed that Josh had obviously not kicked the door hard enough for it to close and it was still ever so slightly ajar.

'Well now it looks like providence has given me an open invitation and who am I to refuse?' Richard slowly took the gun out from his belt with his right hand and very quietly slipped into the room and closed the door behind him locking it without making a sound.

The scene that greeted him was not unusual under the circumstances Claire had removed her fire engine red cocktail dress and was exposing a very sexy set of black lacy, silk underwear. The bra struggled to push her big breasts out creating what must have been a beautifully sexy view of her cleavage which Josh's naked body was obstructing as they kissed passionately their bodies rubbing against one another dry humping.

Claire was also wearing black silk stockings with the seams running down the back and a small corset that held them up. She was wearing the smallest pair of knickers that he had ever seen her in and a pair of fire engine red patent leather shoes that had matched her dress with her trademark 4" stilettos.

Richard was starting to get aroused by the scene in front of him rarely had he seen his wife look so sexy in a very long time. He could hear what Claire was saying as she kissed Josh with a voice thick with lust and desire.

She was always vocal when she was about to be fucked and she loved to French kiss something she liked to do for as long as possible she had been that way since they were courting though she wasn't so involved in foreplay these days at least not with him and now he knew why or at least he knew part of the reason why.

"Well big boy what is so special that you are going to give me tonight besides your beautiful big, thick cock?" Claire said as Richard watched her hand slide between their bodies and obviously starting to stroke Josh's thick big cock.

"You like my cock don't you Claire? Is it bigger than your husband's puny little worm? Do you suck his cock like you enjoy sucking mine it is probably no problem to take his to the root I bet he

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