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A young nurse helps a restrained patient "heal".


The brunette pointed back toward the house. "Go get the camera. The phones don't take good enough pictures."

Melissa nodded and stood.

Skyler closed the box for the time being and picked up his metal detector. A few passes over the hole didn't register anything, but he poked around a bit anyway, in case there were any nonmetallic items still hiding below. By the time he determined that the spot was clean, the blonde had returned.

He dusted off his hands and said, "Let me spread this out and I'll take some pictures to send back to my dad, too."

Once he'd finished and they'd both taken several pictures, Brenda said, "We've got to post these pictures — now."

"Mmm hmm," Melissa agreed, and laughed.

Skyler finished sending the pictures to his father. "I'm going to get this all put away in the truck and get back to work. A lot of times, there's more than one cache. No putting all your eggs in one basket. Could be more out here."

Once again, Brenda wished him luck as the two women returned to the house.

Before he could get the GPR rolling again, his phone rang, showing a call from home. When he answered, he heard his mother laughing.

"I hope you're happy," she playfully scolded. "Your father just made himself sick again whooping and hollering when he saw those pictures."

"Found a Confederate 12-pounder too."

"Keep it up. Should help your father relax to know you're out there having such good luck. I'm going to go check on him. Love you."

"I'll call later when I pack and rack for the day. Love you too, Mom. Bye."

Skyler ended the call and got back to the tedious work of mapping out the area. Having already hit paydirt, he had high hopes for even more.


A little tired, but still wound up from an exciting day, Skyler stepped into the hotel room and shivered from the blast of cold air hitting him. He'd resisted the urge to dig any more until he'd mapped out the location of the house and the perimeter of the fence around it. The first of three more possible caches turned out to be the remains of a cat buried in a tin box. By the time he finished returning the feline to its resting place, night was creeping up on him, and he'd decided to call it a day.

Flopping down on the bed after a shower, he grabbed his jeans and reached into a pocket for his phone in order to call home.

It wasn't there.

"Son of a..." he muttered, and then growled. He hadn't taken more than a few steps inside the room, so checking there took only a minute or two. Searching the truck took a little longer, and also proved fruitless.

That left only one possibility — back where he was digging.

Skyler rested is head on the steering wheel and groaned. Resigned to the 45 minute drive, he sighed and started the truck to return to the women's house and track down his phone. It would be after midnight by the time he made it there, but leaving the expensive smart phone out in the elements all night just wasn't an option.

The house was dark when he turned into the long gravel drive. Weighing his options, he decided to shut off the truck and sneak up in hopes of not disturbing the two women. The advantage of his meticulous work was that he knew the phone had to be within a certain, relatively small area. He grabbed a flashlight, but didn't immediately turn it on, because the moon provided more than enough light to guide his steps.

Passing by the house, he could see the small pennants fluttering in the breeze, marking his destination. He wished he had another phone, as that would have made it infinitely easier to locate his cell. One phone call would have caused it to light up and ring — making it stick out like a sore thumb in the quiet night.

Upon reaching the back yard, a sound reached his ears — barely audible — but enough to attract his attention. He glanced that way and came to a dead halt with his eyes widening.

Ten feet away, Melissa and Brenda were lying stark naked on a blanket beneath the stars.

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