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Jack visits his Sister in Law to fix a plumbing issue.

Roy was still struggling with the effects of the Viagra. He was horny as hell. Linda's beautiful rack, cleavage on full display, wasn't helping either. He was willing to do almost anything to get the stupid cage off to get some relief for his poor aching blue balls.

"Make it quick." Roy said.

"Quick was how you made it." Linda said laughing at her little joke. "First, you were a selfish lover. You owe me at least one good orgasm. Take off your clothes and get down on all fours."

This was the kind of punishment Roy could agree with. The insults he could have done without. He knew he was good in bed, even if she didn't.

"Damn, that thing is small" Linda pointed out as Roy got undressed. "And when did you start shaving down there?" She giggled at his smooth skin.

Embarrassed, Roy rolled his eyes and assumed the position. Linda dropped her panties and sat in the chair in the corner of the room. She lifted her small skirt then motioned for Roy to crawl forward as she pointed down at her bare pussy. Roy crawled right up to it and began licking. Linda pulled her top up to give Roy a good view of her wonderful big tits. She knew this would turn Roy on more, leading to more frustration for him. That turned her on more.

"Your oral skills were always a bit lacking," Linda commented after a few minutes.

"Kiss my ass!" Roy replied between licks.

"Roy, you are in no position to talk to me like that. Although, knowing that I'm getting my pussy licked while you are getting absolutely nothing does turn me on. Ha! You can't even get your dick hard." Linda said as she lifted her foot to Roy's shoulder pushing him backwards. She then got on the floor, on all fours, putting her naked ass in Roy's face. "How about you kiss my ass?"

Roy hesitated but then planted a kiss on Linda's ass check. "Keep going. You have a lot to make up for." Linda said as she pressed her ass into Roy's face. "Might as well lick my asshole while you're there." Linda giggled.

"Hey, I think you're taking this a little too far." Roy protested. He had never licked a girls bottom before.

"Really? So you don't want to see the key then?" Linda said as she looked back over her shoulder at Roy, who's face was deep in her ass crack. "Because If my asshole isn't as clean as a whistle when you stop again, you are leaving here without getting a glimpse of my key."

Roy immediately pushed his face into Linda's ass crack even deeper and began licking for all he had. "Good boy. Now stick that tongue deep in my asshole. Mmm..." As Roy stuck his tongue up Linda's ass, Linda pushed back and started ass fucking Roy's face. Roy noticed Linda slide her hand down to her pussy and start playing with it. As embarrassed as Roy was for being made to lick Linda's asshole, he was also jealous that Linda could pleasure herself with her hand. He would give anything to be able to reach between his legs to jack his dick off. As horny as he was, all he could do is sit there being used by Linda until she had gotten herself off.

When Linda was satisfied she sat back in the chair dressing while Roy stayed on all fours on the floor. She even laid one of her legs across Roy's shoulder as a foot stool. Roy started to object but was enjoying the sight of her pussy too much.

"Now Roy, for you to see the key work the lock, I need you to do just one more thing for me." She smiled.

"Come on Linda wasn't licking your ass enough?" He complained.

"That was to let you know your place, you little ass wipe. This is payback for cheating on me. Stand-up, I'll be right back." She instructed Roy. She then left Roy naked and horny in the dressing room.

When she came back she was holding a small piece of lingerie. It was a sheer, black, laced teddy. She held it up to Roy's chest.

"Hell no! I'm not wearing that." Roy said as he shook his head and backed away.

"Oh, yes you are.

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