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2024: Alex has a threesome with Gabby and Ghazi.

So I just stood there and faced him straight on with my hands on my hips and said, "Relax John, it's just a naked body. Now can you help me get back in my room? The door knob has come off again."

For some reason I didn't ask him to get me a shirt or anything to cover with. I think I just wanted to play this out a bit and see what would happen and I remembered you had kind of challenged me to be more daring so I figured you may even like it.

The way he was beginning to shake and stammer made me laugh out loud. And then to add to the ridiculousness of the situation, John's buddy Ernest, who picks him up for work, walked in the front door calling out, "John Boy, what the heck was that scream for?"

He steps into the hall and sees me standing there all naked and fine looking and says,"WHooooEee!! This is my lucky day!"

I said, "I guess it is Ernest. Do you happen to have a screw driver on you to get my bedroom door open?"

He says, "Well, yes I do have one in the truck and I will go get it right away." But he just stood there staring at me without moving.

I said, "Are you both paralyzed? What is the big deal? Please go get a screw driver!"

At this point, I can't really explain it, but I was beginning to have a lot of fun being naked in front of these two guys. They are both such cavemen and so harmless and basically nice that I was not worried and I have to admit it was so flattering and ego busting when I was just twenty three to have such a stunning effect on two grown men by just standing there. Ernest was staring at my boobs and especially my nipples.

I noticed his stare and so I shook my boobies side to side and said, "Ernest, these boobies will still be here when you come back in - just go get the screw driver!"

Ernest seemed like he was shot with a stun gun when I shook my boobs, but he finally went to retrieve the tool and John was still just frozen staring at me. He kept staring at my pussy so much I finally looked down at it myself and said, "What is wrong John? You look like you've never seen a pussy before!"

"I ain't never seen a bald one before, I will tell you that?" I guess he was shocked to see my freshly shaved cute little smooth pussy.

Well what do you think then, after staring for five minutes, do you like it like this or do you like them all hairy?"

I stood like a model with my legs slightly crossed and then stepped them apart to let him get a nice look as I ran my finer back and forth flipping my lips for him to see. Then I spanked my pussy and said, "You thank your lucky stars buster that you are getting to see this pussy, because you will never see a pussy this fine again!"

When I spanked my pussy he looked like he was going to cum in his pants. He said, "I LOVE it like that!! You are SO Pretty Catherine and you have the finest pussy I have ever seen - even in pictures! I can't believe it!"

I said, "Well I'm glad you like it." I turned to walk into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice from the fridge. He was staring at my bare bottom the whole time too. It was fun letting him look. I stopped just as I got to the cupboard door to get a glass and bent over to scratch my foot. itched. Anyway ... I bent way over and let him see my fine smooth pussy from behind for a special treat. Then I stood up, went to the fridge and poured the juice in the glass. The cold air coming out of the fridge made my puffy nipple get rock hard and huge!

I was drinking the juice when Ernest comes back in and didn't see me, bumping into me and spilling the juice all over my front.

It covered my boobs, ran down my tummy and dripped off my pussy and legs. It was freezing and I stomped my feet up and down making everything bounce and they sure noticed too. Once I stopped bouncing we were all standing there staring intently at my naked body again. I said, "Why don't you watch where you are going Ernest!"

He said,.

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