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My new virgin secratary who remained so.

know what it really involves?'

'Well Boss, as we said Grandma's instructions were very explicit very comprehensive and we did alright last night didn't we?' said Felicia.

'You certainly did but some of my clients are often very demanding and some of their slaves are also quite extreme.' I struggled to find the right words.

'Oh Felicia he is talking about Anal and that sort of stuff you know double penetration and group sessions.' Said Fiona.

I nodded.

'We have not yet tried Anal with a man, but we both have done it with a vibrator so there should not be a problem.' Said Fiona.

'Do you want to try it now?' said Felicia.

Fiona was standing up and the robe was opening. and sliding off her shoulders. I beat a hasty retreat. 'No I did not quite mean that and I don't want to die just yet so give me a day or two before you attack me again.'

Fiona said, 'Are you sure? It's Ok we will be gentle!' and Felicia was also naked. They were between me and the dining room door. One on each side.
Just what had I got myself into?

I was soon to find out!

'No girls, down girls.' I know my voice was pleading, a submissive male confronted by two hungry females.

'Ok Boss just testing.' Laughed Felicia, they both returned to the table but neither put her robe back on! I was not out of the woods yet.

'I mean about other men and women who will use your bodies even violently. Some times passions get raised and sometimes jealousy rears its ugly head and people have sometimes got hurt.'

'If you join me you must accept that you are going to get well and truly fucked as well as strung up, beaten, whipped, buggered, and licked by people you have never met before. Your bodies will be used and used in every imaginable way.'

'Oh goody,' said Fiona, 'I guess we are in then.'

'Well how about I make arrangements for us to go to a real Halloween party after the one you are going to with your parents. Do you know what time that party is expected to finish?'

'Sir, we forgot to tell you that you are invited as well. And its from 10 pm till about 1 am.' Said Fiona. 'Quite a few of the guests still have small children which is why it's a late start.' Said Felicia.

'Ok the party I wanted to go to but not with-out a partner starts at midnight. Where is yours?'

Fiona told me which suburb. 'Oh good only 15 minutes by cab so we wont miss out on all the trick or treats. I will talk to Bea and see if I can bring you in. It's a big gathering and you will see enough to make your hair stand on end, but they are all trusted clients. You can decide if you really want in after the party. I will call her later today, she will still be asleep, she parties most weekends. Now about your costumes I think the Good Fairy needs the handkerchief skirt, you can keep the stockings. The Bad Fairy is a go but you need to find a smaller leotard. I know how to fix them so they wont fall off and yes you will be able to flash a boob if you want to!'

The twins beamed at me. 'Did you have any ideas as to what costume I should wear?' Fiona went out the door and returned with a black robe and a tall conical hat on her head. A stout pole in her hand 'A wizard of course.'

I grinned 'Ok, but I am a little worried about meeting your parents like that.'

'Oh you goose.' said Fiona, 'It was Daddy that found out about your sideline and that was before I began working for you.'

'And it was Mothers idea for us to seduce you together!' said Felicia.

'Can you come with us for tea tomorrow? We usually see them in the afternoon, they play golf in the morning and lunch at the club.'

I agreed. I was to meet the parents of these lovely girls, they were probably younger than me. What sort of people were they?

'Now girls I had better get my skates on I have some of those clients to see with costumes for the party and no I don't need help today its just a final fitting and they will pay me. I should be finished by 5 pm and in bed to catch up on some rest.' Would you like me to give you a lift Sunday afternoon.?'

'Yes please, about 2 pm should be just right.

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