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A neglected executive's wife gets the attention she craves.

I could see a wet spot where the head of his cock tented his undershorts. He stripped in record time, but not without getting two or three additional strokes to spur him on and assure neatness in folding his clothes, not an easy task when you have a raging erection and someone is beating you on the ass with a flail.

Finally he stood naked, almost at attention. He wanted to cover his cock with his hands but was too well-trained. "Slow and clumsy," I told him. "Look at your wife. She's still dressed and having to play with her pussy through her clothes. Take care of that."

Obviously, it was not his first time as serving her as "handmaiden." He took off her shoes and unzipped the dress, occassionally earning a flick of the flail for lack of speed. By the time she was naked, his ass was nice and pink, and she was wearing a big smile. I leaned down and kissed her long and hard, squeezing her nipples and rolling them in my fingers. By this time, I was as hard as her unfortunate wretch of a husband.

"Do you think I intend to stay dressed all night?" I asked him. "Undress me, too!"

He hurriedly took off my clothes. Knowing she wanted a bit of a show, when my boxer briefs were finally removed and folded, I had him suck my cock. He was really quite good at it, of course, he wanted to suck me more than most of my partners had wanted to. I let him suck me for a while, beating him on the sholders with the flail if he sucked too hard, as I'm uncircumsized and more sensitive than circumsized men. Finally, when it felt a little TOO good, I pulled it out of his mouth with a "plop." I could tell he was reluctant to stop.

I slowly walked over to his wife and offered her a taste. She took me into her mouth gently and sucked me. I looked at him, still kneeling where he'd sucked me, and told him to get between her legs and lick her clit.

Soon, she was forgetting what she was doing, sucking me too hard while he licked her. One hand was on his head, pulling it into her, the other was holding my cock. I pulled it out of her mouth, opting to watch him service her. Obviously, he knew what she wanted, or she was turned on by things, or more likely, both, because she was coming in seconds, pulling him to her with both hands.

After her climax, I pulled her up to me and kissed her on the mouth. I could taste my cock on her breath, even though I had not yet come. I told him to sit in the chair she had just been in and to watch us, without touching his cock. If he touched himself and I saw it, I would beat him savagely with the flail. The head of his cock was glistening, and I reached down, rubbed some of the precum off with my fingers, making him groan. I rubbed them together, feeling them slide over each other, slippery and tacky at the same time. Finally, I pushed them in his face and told him to lick them off, which he readily did.

She was standing watching, playing with her pussy, one finger curling up into it. I returned to her and gently pushed her onto the bed. I had masturbated before our meeting, hoping it would delay my intial orgasm, but I was so hot now I was not sure how long I would last. I climbed onto the bed with her, and drew down to her mouth, kissing her deeply, once again tasting myself on her. One hand stroked her clit, finding her hand already there. What an incredibly hot woman!

After and eternity of kissing, licking her neck and breasts, rubbing her pussy, (really probably five minutes, but SEEMING like an eternity) I pushed my cock into her fully. She moaned appreciatively, and reached behind me to pull me into her with her legs. I fucked her with long slow strokes, but knew it wouldn't last as long as I wanted, so I rolled us over with her lithe body on top of mine.

I looked over at her husband; he was being good and not masturbating, although he looked in pain from his unrelieved erection.

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