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Wife becomes lonely fishermen's entertainment.

She sighed outwardly, comforted by the feeling of his arms around her. It also made her hopeful that this new cruel personality he's adopted had disappeared. She couldn't understand what caused the shift.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was soft and filled with tears, "I can't."

She saw the darkening of his emotions and she took a step backwards and out of his grasp. However, the pureblood responded by taking a step forward. The dance repeated until Alice found herself backed up against the wall.

She felt the rigid fabric of the wallpaper against her skin and tears well up her in eyes.

"Okay! Okay!" Alice pleaded, trapped. "I'll surrender tomorrow. Just let me sleep for tonight."

She wouldn't meet his gaze, and stared at the wall behind him. He felt her heartbeat race and her feet begin to shuffle awkwardly back and forth. Adan knew the game she was playing, instantly. She was lying to him.

Adan would have to give it to her, the little nymph was brave. No one else would dare to try such a foolish tactic. His hand clasped both of her wrists in an iron-tight grip and he peeled her small form from off the wall. His eyes pierced through her like daggers as he moved her towards the area bed. His form towering over hers as he pushed her down onto the plush blankets, never dropping her hands.

Alice started shaking. She didn't mean to lie to him; it had just happened. It was a stupid mistake. Even if it did work, it would have only bought her 24 more hours. Maybe in that time he would turn back into the sweet, docile, vampire she had grown to know.

"Adan!" she pleaded, once the grip on her wrists became too tight. The soft blankets encased her form/ She twisted her head to burry her head into the pillows, not wanting to look at the stern face reprimanding her. He pulled her wrists up hard, and pressed them against the cold iron of the bedpost.

"No." His bright intellectual green orbs turned a stormy gray, "You lost the privilege of calling to me by name."

The small girl was frightened at the tone of his voice. It had never been so sharp or cruel before. It was as if he was talking to one of his servants.

With a sharp clink, her small wrists were chained above her head. Alice gasped, shocked by the lack of mobility in her arms. Small delicate wrists were encircled by a thick iron clasp. Where had the chains even come from? She had not noticed them during her month long stay in this room. Alice looked up and found that the metal was intricately hidden in the design of the headboard. The locks had been there all along. She repressed a shudder that threatened to move down her spine. Relentlessly, she tested the strength of her bonds by pulling at her wrists. New born vampires were weaker than older ones, but they still held more strength than the average human. Alice was shocked that the metal didn't even budge.

With his hands now free, Adam took hold of her chin and forced the girl to look him straight in the face. His eyes were dark and filled with animalistic lust. His lips curved into a scowl, exposing his dangerously sharp fangs. Alice whimpered at the sight. It reminded her of the monster she saw on the night she arrived, and not the gentle man who had taken care of her for this time.

"Purebloods are above little submissive vampires like yourself. You must use titles." He spoke to her like he was reprimanding a child, "You refer to them as Ma'am or Sir."

His free hand roamed further south, trailing along the skin exposed below her nightdress. However, his exposition didn't end there and soon his fingertips were traveling underneath the clothing. Alice tried to wiggle free of his grasp, but with her hands locked it was futile. Her cheeks were bright red, flushed with embarrassment. No one had ever touched her like this before. So much of her bare skin exposed to his leering eyes. The blush from her cheeks extended down past her neck.

The thin material of her nightdress slid further up her legs during her struggle.

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