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An 18-Yr Old Daughter gets a bath from Daddy.

Even though dick started to strain a little, I resisted as best I could.

When that didn't have instant results, she came in closer until her legs were astride me. Then she lifted the front of her plaid skirt right up and putting it over my head, she pinned it there with her hands. This forced me to look close-up at her panties, as they were now right in front my face, in full view. As she slowly gyrated her hips, I tried to force my eyes closed, but they kept opening again automatically. I surrendered eventually and decided to just go with the flow....

...Her panties had a design of little flowers on a white background, just like any schoolgirl might wear. The thinnest white lacy trim marked where they ended, and where her beautiful, smooth, bald pussy began. She waited for torturous long minutes to pass by, the slow swaying of her sweet little panties and the promise of the heaven below - my only view. How I longed to reach out with my tongue to lick her, right there, where they were indented by her slit, but even if I had tried - she had kept me just far enough out of reach to drive me mad. For now at least, all I could do was look, but not touch. I soon started straining on the ropes that bound me, fighting in vain for release...

She laughed, and grabbing my ears - she pushed her cotton covered pussy into my face. "That's it asshole, enjoy getting your face rubbed in the dirt, you no-good son-of-a-bitch!" Her cunt must have been on fire going by the heat that was coming from down there, and the old familiar scent of her juices filled my nostrils. She was getting off on this, and no mistake...

"Lick me, you bast**d!" she demanded, holding the gun to my head. I pretended not be enjoying myself, as my tongue lapped at her wet slit, and she pulled her pantie gusset further aside to give me full access. She ground her pussy down into my face, as I lapped all over her lips and swollen clit, eating her out just like in the old days. After a few minutes, she moaned a deep lustful groan and shuddered violently, cumming hard and fast against my face.

She stood back shakily and wiped a drool of saliva from her chin. "What are you smirking at?" she quizzed. She slapped my face really hard this time, almost knocking me and the chair over.

"You enjoyed that a little too much, now it's payback time!" She cocked the gun at me again. "Well, what were you laughing at asshole?"

"'s the way... the way you came there Michelle, tells me how good your new husband is in bed!" I answered defiantly. More silence, then she went ballistic. "You dirty f**ker! How dare you say something like that about Richard, here's more of a man than you'll ever be! And yes - his nickname is 'Dick' - that's cos he's hung like a horse - not like you - stumpy!"

She was really furious now. "Talking of which, where's this hard-on I ordered you to get... huh?" She checked out my groin again. Furiously, she undid my belt, unzipped me and peeled my pants down as far as she could, exposing my underwear. There was the usual bulge, but nothing protruding.

"Not good enough!" she scorned me, "Perhaps we need more extreme measures..." She slowly left the gun down on a nearby table, and straddled her legs either side of me again. She looked down at me as she retrieved the lollipop, and while she licked, she pondered her next move.... Then, sitting down on me, she started grinding her cotton clad pussy into my groin. "Maybe this will help, god only knows you need it..." she goaded me. Her skirt tickled my belly with her movements, as she dry humped me. The head of my cock started to poke out from beneath my pants.

"Please Mister Prockett, I've got an itch in my panties, I get it every time you're near my desk!" she whispered into my ear, in her best 'little girl' voice.


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