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The couple's mistress appears.

It seemed like redhead was going to say something very unpleasant but suddenly, a fake brilliant smile was posted on her face and Miley on had to look towards the door to see who put it there.

"Dante, I was just about to start. Who is this creature that you have brought to me?" The red head's voice was way too polite. Can you say FAKE?

"Tracey, this is Miley. Miley, this is Tracey, one of the doctors from my pack." Dante looked at Miley the whole time he spoke. "Miley hasn't been feeling well for the past two days. I want you to examine her and tell me the cause if you can."

"There's nothing wrong with me. I probably just need to eat," Miley contradicted.

"Or stop eating, but that is just an observation. You look a bit...big for your size," retorted Tracey.

Dante looked sharply and growled at Tracey. Miley beat him to the punch in her defense. "Jealous that your tits are barely a hand full and the only time your ass looks good is when you bend over and people can't tell that it's relatively flat. I think I'll stick to eating just to make sure I don't slim down to your size."

Dante contained the laugh bubbling up in his chest but he let out a snort from the effort.

"Dante didn't seem to mind. In fact, he couldn't seem to get enough of me."

Her malevolent smiled disappeared when Dante spoke in a low tone void of emotion: "watch who you speak to and what you speak about or else you will find out just how much that I have had more than enough of you and your ways. Get on with your job."

Dante didn't look at Miley, focusing on Tracey's every move with calculating eyes. Miley noticed and stared at the ceiling as she processed what the bitch said. Dante and Tracey were lovers, or used to be lovers and, from what Tracey said, they met up quite a lot. Why should that bother her? She didn't want Dante. Miley was shocked at how Tracey comment had upset her. Strangely, she felt like crying, but she knew she couldn't. She would not give either of them the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

"No, she can't be. NO!" The red heads face was a mix of emotion: horror, hurt, anger, anger, and anger. She turned blazing eyes on Dante. "The only way this could have happened is if you mated with her and she is too young to mate. You have broken pack law. You mated someone who is underage. She isn't even worth the trouble for the consequence that will be handed down on you. What were you thinking? Alphas are not above pack law and that includes you, Dante."

"Calm yourself!" Dante thundered, making Miley jump.

"I am aware of pack law and I can assure you that I have not broken any laws. Watch who you accuse of such things, Tracey. You know that pack law breaking is taken very seriously and great punishments are laid on those who falsely accuse others. Miley was just under a year at being newly turned when we first met. From your diagnosis, we know now that her body had not quite adjusted to a female Were's fertility cycle; thus making her pregnancy very possible and in line with pack law."

Dante was looking furiously at Tracey, and Tracey was looking horrified and spitefully at Miley. Miley didn't notice either of them, staring at the ceiling with her mouth opening and shutting like a fish in water, one word swimming in her head: pregnant.

Pulling herself together, Miley got up off the bed and decided that she wasn't pregnant.

"I'm not pregnant. I just need to eat more, then I'll feel better and this sick feeling will go away. Dante, I think you should take me home. My father will be worrying about me soon." Miley turned and headed for the door, but was turned back by Dante and led back to the bed where

he sat her down. She heard Dante say something, Tracey leave the room, and shut the door behind her.

Dante grabbed a chair and sat in front of Miley, who was seated on the edge of the bed.

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