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Arriving at our old building on the corner of Holly Park, we raced each other up the stairs, Erin's boots loud on the wooden treads, her laughter echoing up and down the stairwell. She beat me to the door as she always did, then teased me with a free-ranging grope as I tried to find my keyring among all the other junk in my pockets. At last, distracting her with a deep slow kiss and a hand down the back of her jeans, I rescued my key from where it had been hiding, then sneaked it under her blocking arm and into the brass slot in the door. Turn and click and we tumbled inside together, giggling when we weren't moaning from how good we each tasted to the other.

Sometimes, when we came home after work, we would get a couple of beers and put on music and sit around and talk about whatever we'd done that day. But, other times, we just walked four-legged, sideways and backwards into the bedroom, and fell onto the mattress already half-involved in a quick rough fuck. This was one of those times. Erin had my cock out and hard before I'd even thrown my backpack into the corner; I had her shirt up over her tits and her nipples hard under my palms before we'd even closed the door behind us. And when I managed to kick the door shut, Erin pushed me up against it and melted kneeward to take my erection into her mouth, not to blow it, but to lube it good with saliva before letting me inside her cunt.

When my dick was wet enough, Erin rose up and kissed me long and hard, letting me taste my precome on her tongue. Then she pulled me by my willing member, leading me from the darkness of the foyer to our bare, moonlit bedroom. Everywhere else in our apartment, we cluttered up the walls and shelves with art and books and various odd objects, but there was nothing in our bedroom but a big wide bed in a wrought-iron frame and a stereo on the seat of a ladderback chair. We didn't even have curtains on the windows, not that anyone could have ever spied on us as we played all our favorite games, since we faced out the north side of the building and the windows both looked out across the treetops of Holly Park and lowlands beyond.

Erin let go of me long enough to push her jeans down her hips, then she threw me back onto the unmade bed and grabbed my hardon, guiding it between her thighs. Her jeans fell below her knees and she spread her legs to straddle me, her luscious small tits hanging kissably close to my mouth. I shoved a pillow under my head, then reached around to squeeze Erin's ass-cheeks against my shaft. I slipped deep inside her, my cock reaching up into her body, the tip rubbing slow strokes up and over the ridges of her love-tunnel. "God, fuck," she said, and I moaned in sympathy. She opened to me, then wrapped me in velvet, and invited my finger into her puckering nether-hole with an urgent whisper in my ear, saying, "Yeah, fuck...stick it all the way up my ass." Which I did, with a little help from the generous font of her overflowing pussy.

So we screwed, and it was amazing. We humped until the bedframe screeched a little dance across the wooden floor. We fucked hard enough to make the windowpanes rattle in their warped old frames. We fucked loud enough to wake the neighbors, if we'd had any except for a man and woman who only used the place downstairs for afternoon trysts. We fucked long enough for the moon to turn from silver to sepia and drop down behind the black shapes of the wind-fondled trees in the park. And, at last, Erin bit my shoulder and jerked her clitoris down hard on my shaft, while I lifted my ass off the sweat-soaked bedsheets to drive my cock as deep as it would go.

I felt her vagina twitch, felt her body go rigid then spasm as the first bright wave of euphoria rushed out from her cunt.

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