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His night continues with Brianna and Hannah.

There was a stray thought, Integra stomped on it.

"Undress me." Dully she walked over and unbuttoned Integra's shirt. A distant warmth briefly flashed and was gone. Integra refused to acknowledge it. She was not weak. She would never submit. She was in control. Seras's quick fingers opened up Integra's vest and shirt. Seras pushed off her clothes in a fluid motion. A soft thud and they hit the ground. The sharp click of her pants and they were undone. Integra stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Her bra was last. The quiet that followed consumed all. Seras gazed the dark bronze woman in front of her. There was no praise, no demeaning stares. She just waited. "Please me."

Seras's hands glided across Integra's arms. Feather touches that did things to Integra she suppressed. The vampire's fingers played on Integra's skin and slowly looped her way to her master's master chest. She gazed intently at Integra. Looking for anything that Integra liked. As her hands breathed past the taller woman's nipples she twitched. Seras leaned forward and took Integra's nipple in her mouth and gently sucked on it.

The feeling distracted Integra. A sigh escaped her lips. So different than Alucard. Seras's hands moved against Integra's legs. It was so distracting. So different than Alucard. Thoughts sang out like a hypnotic rain. Caring foreplay was a completely alien experience. The air melted around her skin. Seras's touches and caresses were warm and delicious. Integra pushed back, but this pleasure was soft and yielding. It wouldn't move back like the kind Alucard summoned. The feelings wrapped around her arms and feet.

Seras's hands traced patterns in lazy circles. Her lips moved downward. Her hands went higher. Whispers across Integra's skin. Kisses on her taunt stomach. Integra jerked. A teasing caress on the sides of Integra's breasts. The room tilted. Shortness of breath. It was different, so different. Not judging, not forceful, understanding and sentimental. Seras's caresses were vanishing. An insistence Integra could not name. A shiver passed through her and she did not know why.

Somehow, sometime her panties had been removed. Thinking was hard. She lost track of time. She felt those touches drift further down. She felt hot. Seras was so cool, Integra stiffened. Lower, lower. Shock. Integra tossed her head back as Seras's tongue licked at her. A moan escaped her lips. Her body tensed. The melting air climbed her body and encased all her legs. The sybaritic feelings Seras caused vibrated throughout her. Seras nudged a part of her. It was like a finger rubbing on a wine glass. Seras's tongue darted farther in. The glass reached higher to Integra's abdomen. The young vampire's fingers continued to stroke and please Integra. The woman felt a building inside.

The room shook. That noise, that pleasure filled her mind. The world twisted. She looked at the ceiling, held in the air. She felt one of Seras's arms support her. The vampire continued with love-making. Tension everywhere in her. Seras kept on, Integra's pleasure imperative in her mind. Integra's muscles contracted and relaxed as Seras's tongue caressed her. Slowly, wonderfully, Integra could no longer feel anything but ecstasy. The wine-glass sound became her being. Her whole body melted into glass.

Seras seemed to know this and her efforts went faster. Breath went, thought vanished, nothing meant anything but the pressure all through her. The glass vibrated in time with Seras's ministrations. Integra could not move or she would break. Seras continued, neither hurried or slowed. She wanted Integra to be happy. Integra's vision went, only the beautiful noise existed.

Then she shattered. Pleasure, endless and hers went on forever.

When she woke up she was cradled in Seras's arms.

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