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One moment changes it all for two siblings.

ing sensual massage, right?'

They both nodded.

'Joanne, I'll do you and Sue will do Mike. Is that how you want it?'

Again they both nodded.

'OK then, you can get undressed and get on the tables while Sue and I wash our hands.'

I stepped into the bathroom and Sue went to the kitchen sink and we washed while they disrobed and lay face down on the tables. Before we began we asked if they had any sore spots or injuries and they assured us they were in good shape and just anxious for a relaxing massage.

The massages began as they normally do. Sue and I watched each other so that our motions were somewhat coordinated. We started at their heads necks and shoulders and worked our way down their backs. Joanne was relaxing in my hands and judging by the sighs and moans from Mike, he was feeling the same way.

When I got to Joanne's hips and ass, I kept my eye on her asshole. When I'm doing a massage and my client is nude and exposed, I've found that I can tell a lot about their state of relaxation by watching their anus. Joanne was very relaxed and comfortable. Her cheeks were lying softly apart. If I see my client's ass tighten up, I try to focus on another area until they relax more. And the most telling sign is when I work on the top of their legs. Joanne responded by allowing her legs to open wider. This of course afforded me a nice view of her pussy as well.

I saw Sue lightly brush her fingers over Mike's asshole. I chose to avoid doing that to Joanne. Sometimes not going there is just as much of a tease. As I mentioned, I could tell that I had her totally relaxed.

We moved down their legs and as I always do, we spent extra time on their feet. I love the science of reflexology and I use my intuition when I'm handling a client's feet. It's amazing what you can discover about a person's health and body through the various parts of their feet. The same is true of studying a person's eye with iridology, but I'm not as well trained in that. And besides, I've found that ninety nine percent of my clients love having their feet massaged. The very few who don't can never completely relax anyway.

So as we finished their feet we did some long gentle strokes on the entire length of their bodies, and then instructed them to roll over. It took a few moments to stir Joanne out of her near sleep. But she finally rolled over and lay on her back. I stroked her cheeks and sinuses to clear them for her and then returned to her feet. Sue did the same for Mike.

We had been massaging these two for almost forty-five minutes when we started working our way up their legs. Both Joanne and Mike relaxed their legs and allowed them to part as we handled their limbs. As I approached her thighs and massaged deeply, she sighed and opened her legs even more. I could see her vaginal lips opening and I even noted a slick coating on her labia. She was getting turned on. I noted her breathing was getting heavier too.

Mean while, Sue was getting a similar reaction from Mike. As her hands approached his groin, his penis shifted and started to grow. He also was making audible sighs and encouraging moans. I watched as Sue fondled his scrotum and rolled his balls gently in her fingers. His cock was growing stiff now and Sue grasped it and began to slowly pump it in her fist. Mike's groans grew louder and Joanne glanced over to see what was happening. When she realized what Sue was doing, she smiled and looked at me. Then she spread her legs apart even wider, inviting my hands to her innermost folds.

I did what I knew she wanted me to do. But I did it slowly, to heighten her pleasure. I gently stroked her labia and then spread the lips apart with my fingers. Her clit was now exposed and I touched it softly. Her body quivered. I continued this teasing for a few minutes while Sue was slowly stroking Mike's impressive tool. Finally I inserted two of my fingers in Joanne's cunt. She spread her legs wide apart, begging me to go deeper.

On the next table, Sue had now taken Mike into her mouth.

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