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Someone had to sleep on the couch for the first time.

As if the timing couldn't have been better, the electricity chose that specific moment to flare to life, causing the bathroom light to tremble and flash brightly while it illuminated the room.

Anna jumped, her eyes flying open in the sudden light, her gaze immediately falling on me as I stood fuming in the door frame. She shrieked, trying to cover up her naked body as her headphones fell in the tub.

"Daddy! Get out!"

I shook my head and crossed my arms, anger rolling off me in waves, along with a twinge of shameful arousal that rushed to my groin as she twisted in the water.

"No. You get out of that bath. Now!"

She gasped, freezing her desperate attempt to hide her nudity with one nipples still peaking through her fingers.


I glared, frustration burning through my veins.

"Don't make me tell you a second time, Anna."

She paled slightly, recognizing the tone in my voice she would hear every time I warned her before a spanking. Nervously she got up, hiding as much of her body from me as she could as she reached for the towel.

"Did I say anything about covering your body, Anna?"

She froze again, her eyes wide as she trembled in the cold, goose bumps washing over her skin.

"No Sir."

I nodded my approval at her answer, turning my body to the side and gesturing to the bedroom, needing to inspect the damage some idiot teenage boy wrought on her skin.

She hesitated for a moment, but inevitably she lowered her head in submission and stepped out of the bath, water dripping from her bruised body onto the floor. I clenched my jaw as my arousal spiked, blood rushing heatedly to my crotch as I drank in her youthful body.

Her bruised breasts jumped slightly as she walked past me, her shoulder touching my chest as she entered the bedroom with her eyes focused on the floor.

Her perky little ass held clear hand shaped bruises, making my anger flare as I noticed the large size of the marks which obviously belonged to those of a mature male, and not to an inexperienced teenager.

I followed her movement with my eyes, twisting my body towards her as she came to a stop in front of the bed.


"Did I give you permission to speak!"

My sudden outburst must have rattled her, her shoulders tensed and her frame shook slightly as I looked over her defiled body.

"Anna, who did this to you?"

I heard her sniff, she was clearly crying as a soft sob shook her.

"I don't know who he was, Sir. I never saw his face."

I suddenly went cold. My anger died, my face relaxing as my eyes widened in realisation.

"Baby girl, did he rape you?"

She lowered her head, releasing a loud sob as she hugged herself, crying loudly now that I realised the truth.

"Oh, my sweet baby girl, no."

I immediately stepped towards her, twisting her around as I held her shaking body close to my chest. Her naked body was pressed hard against my front as she gripped me, her nipples scraping through my shirt as the cold air made them harden.

I tried to calm her as I petted her head and rubbed her back, but my cock had different ideas as it started to harden. I could feel it grow against her upper stomach, with her being so much shorter than I she must have clearly felt it against her skin, burning hot through my pants.

She slowly stopped crying, a soft sniffle escaping her mouth every few seconds. I slowly pushed her away, gripping her shoulders as I tried to restrain myself as I looked over her bruised skin.

"Get on the bed, baby girl, I'll rub some ointment on you to help soothe the bruising."

She nodded turning around and laying on her stomach with her perky ass testing my self control every time I looked at her. Father or not, I could not deny the taboo lust that surged through my veins as I grabbed the ointment from a small first aid kit I kept in my travel bag.

"Hold still, Anna, I don't want to hurt you more, ok?"

She hummed her response, muffling her small sobs in her arms as I squirted a bit of the cream onto my hand.

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