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Sje seduces Stepfather when mom is away.

"It's okay, dad. Come and sit and I'll get you some coffee."

"I'm sorry, honey...I couldn't help myself seeing those girls...and well," dad stumbled.

I tried to lighten things up by lightly punching him in the stomach.

"Well you are a man after all! Those girls are young and pretty, dad. It's good to know you still have some spunk in you," I ribbed him playfully, wondering if he got my sly joke.

I made pop some biscuits and sausage gravy, his favorite, and before long we were simply having a good time like we always did.

"You know, Ann, it hasn't been easy for me after your mother died," dad said, darkening the mood.

"Oh don't start up with that! I'm a big girl daddy. I know how you guys can be. The fact that you're my father doesn't mean that you don't need to jerk off!" I blurted.

"Annie!" dad said in surprise.

"Oh come on dad! Let's not mince words. We are both adults, hell I'm 42 years old dad! It's okay and normal that you need to masturbate, I do it too ya know!"

"You shouldn't be talking about this," dad flushed as he said it.

"Bullshit! Why? Why can't we talk about it? That it's normal for my dad to get horny around teenage girls? That I need to masturbate, just like anyone else, because I can't find a good man?" I cried.

"Annie, please."

Suddenly I felt overwhelmed by emotion and crashed into daddy's arms. I couldn't help but

start crying and climbed on his lap and told him to hold me.

"It's okay baby. I know it's been hard for both of us. Your mother passing away and your divorce with Paul. It's okay, honey." dad comforted me.

He held me for awhile as I had the best cry I'd had in years.

"You're a good man, papa, and I love you so much!" I told him later as he was leaving.

"We don't really need to hold secrets from each other."

The next morning, dad woke me up. I didn't hear him come in, he obviously used his key to get inside my house.

"Wake up sleepy-head! I've been banging on your door, silly!"

I threw on my robe and went to make us some coffee. We enjoyed several cups and had a

pleasant time talking about this and that.

"Dad? No secrets right?" I asked.

"Okay, shoot," he replied.

"Do you do "it" often?" I asked brazenly using a simulated jack off motion.

Dad almost spilled his coffee as he laughed.

" needed".

"You know, sometimes I'd see Ryan doing it. I always thought it was kind of cute." I replied.

"Ho-ho, oh really??"

"Oh, you don't think a mother knows when her son starts to masturbate?" I teased him.

It surprised me but dad really did open up. In a very gentle manner he told me that he and mom had a very healthy sex life and that he never cheated on her. I confessed I had an affair with a much younger man, after I found out that Paul had been cheating on me.

Never before had we ever discussed sex as openly as we were now! I couldn't help but notice a rather large bulge in daddy's trousers as we continued talking about sex! And that was making me very excited!

"Maybe you'd think this weird...but coffee makes me very horny dad. Maybe it's the caffeine?" I whispered to him.

After seeing him aroused, I couldn't stop myself from flashing him my legs a bit in my short robe. Here I was horny as hell after talking about sex and teasing my own father!

He suddenly got up and excused himself and headed for the bathroom. Was my dad going to go in there and jerk off? I found myself listening at the door! I could hear him softly groan and didn't hear him peeing. I was incredibly aroused and lightly knocked on the door.

"Daddy, are you okay?" I asked.

"Just a minute," he exclaimed as I could hear him fumble around.

"Please, open the door dad."

With his face beet red, dad opened up. I could see his erection barely contained in his pants.

"Please, just don't say a word dad." I kissed his cheek and started rubbing his crotch.

"Let me see it, papa-bear," I whispered as I unzipped his pants.

With little resistance, he succumbed.

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