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Woman seduces the Lineman for power.

If he was rich enough to buy someone illegally, he was probably rich enough to own his own plane, she reasoned.

"Kneel here," his voice brooked no discussion.

Leah knelt down on the floor, feeling the nubbly carpet beneath her legs. She heard him sit down close to her and felt his outstretched leg touch hers.

"Would you like something to drink, Sir?" the other voice asked.

"Some wine, I think. The red."

The engines started, powering up with a whine and moments later the plane began to taxi.

Carlton Dalby looked down at the young woman kneeling at his feet with pleasure as his aide handed him the glass of red wine. She was exquisite. She should be for what he paid for her. Her natural dark red hair curled down her mid-back. He knew that the blindfold covered startling green eyes. He admired the roundness of her full, pale breasts and the dark, hard nipples. Not too much, not too little. Her tapered waist curved into sleek hips and her naked pussy glistened from the juices she could not control. He used his foot to push her knees wider apart.

"Lesson one, Pet. When you kneel, you will always have your legs open for me. I wish to see all that I own." He sipped the wine, watching a pink flush spread over her skin. He wanted to take off the blindfold and see the confusion and fear in her eyes, but right now, the blindfold kept her dependent on him. Right now, that was the key to controlling her.

He opened the file that came with her sale and looked over the documents. It has all been summarized in the sale catalog, but he wanted the details. The Sanchez brothers were fairly rough with their girls, but they were very complete in what they did. First was the detectives report. The girl had not known that she was stalked for two months prior to her kidnapping. A paralegal, Leah had led a quiet life. A summary of her bank statement showed that she barely made enough to keep her small studio apartment and feed herself. He glanced over the reports of her daily schedule, foods eaten, places visited. He noted she had a sweet tooth that she struggled with. He also noted that the detective had made a point of mentioning that there were no sex toys or erotic books in her flat. Interesting.

He moved next to the background report. This report included photos from her family album of her as a child and teen. She had been a pudgy thing with braces. She had slimmed down at the university. She probably still thought of herself as unattractive, he thought. He frowned as he read the notation about a strict religious upbringing with foster parents. That could be problematic in the long run.

Shuffling the papers he moved to the copied medical reports. The doctors offices would never be the wiser that they had been entered and files copied. The summary page showed that she was healthy and amazingly, in this day and age, still a virgin. Blessings on that religious upbringing, he thought. Of course her virginity had been part of what had cost him so much.

The Sanchez brother's notes on her reaction to captivity were the last. They remarked that she was the quietest of their captives, but had attempted to escape twice. The first time had been during her kidnapping. She had managed to shatter the kneecap of one of the men, blackened the eye of another and was halfway out of the van before they were able to subdue her. The subduing involved her biting one of them badly enough that he needed stitches. Carlton raised an eyebrow and looked down at the trembling girl. Resourceful and feisty. He continued reading.

The second attempt was at the facility. Her quiet, good behavior had made a guard lax and she had grabbed his Billy club knocking him out. Her freedom was short lived due to the security system in place. They had cornered her and tazered her into submission. She was caned in front of the other captives and locked in stocks. They had used extra security on her after that.

Carlton closed the file and took several minutes to study his new purchase again.

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