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Son meets mother at a adult chat room and seduces her.

She sat in the smoky dimness of the bar, sometimes dancing, sometimes being picked up by matronly corn fed lesbians. On the third Saturday Stacey decided to give up, it was too good to be true in any case.

Stacey resolved to leave and never come back. She hopped off her barstool and smack dab into the middle of a pair of 36C's, and looking down, a garter belt with fishnet hose played peek-a-boo with her from underneath a much too short skirt!

"Oh sorry," mumbled Stacey, turning beet red. She felt a pair of hands on her tiny little waist. Looking up, Stacey almost peed her pants!

It was a pair of beautiful eyes, attached to a face that was a bit older than Stacey had counted on, but so kind and made up so well!

RosaLee in the flesh.

RosaLee's hands, which were obscenely kneading Stacey's waistline, were sending shocks of electricity straight to Stacey's pussy.

She actually felt her fishnet hose conduct an unusual wetness down her legs! Oh shit? Was she peeing? Did she get her period? What the hell? RosaLee was a fantastically gorgeous creature. Stacey shuddered.

"What's the rush sweetheart?" RosaLee was liking what she felt, this exotic looking pixie like woman, with ebony hair, blood red lips, large breasts, tiny waist and large hips with a big ass!

RosaLee felt like she was holding a pinup girl from the 50's. She felt her penis shift uncomfortably as it was tucked in and she had been meaning for him to stay there.

"Oh God," RosaLee thought, "Down Boy!" She smiled down at this beautiful creature in her arms, and something made RosaLee pull her even closer.

Stacey felt herself push into RosaLee. She couldn't stop herself. "No hurry," she whispered breathlessly up into RosaLee's ear as she put her arms around her neck, "I've been waiting for you."

"Well, in that case, would you care to dance?" RosaLee thanked all of the Gods and Goddesses of the universe for her luck this evening.

Stacey shook her head. "No, let's go!"

Before Stacey could talk herself out of it and before RosaLee could protest, she pulled RosaLee's hand and dragged her out of Phat Pat's.

Stacey, being hopeful, had already booked a hotel room down the street. She had thought herself crazy for doing so at the time, but she was also a believer in that the third time is a charm and it certainly was tonight.

Stacey wasn't listening to RosaLee now, and shushed all her attempts to start a conversation.

"Shhhh," Stacey said to RosaLee as they got on the elevator at the hotel, "No words."

This sent shivers down RosaLee's spine and she pulled Stacey to her. They were groping and stumbling out of the elevator to the surprise of two elderly gentlemen waiting on the lift.

RosaLee and Stacey looked at each other and giggled, as did the two men! The men turned to watch the couple fumble to their room. Stacey ran ahead and unlocked the door and waved at the gentlemen, blowing them kisses as the elevator doors closed.

RosaLee began kissing Stacey and passion set them panting like dogs in heat. Stacey let out a loud groan and began feeling RosaLee's breasts.

RosaLee looked down and said, "You know I am a..."

"Shhhhh, replied Stacey, "Don't speak!"

RosaLee obeyed and Stacey unbuttoned her top and removed her shirt, exposing her fishnet body suit, sliding out of her miniskirt, but keeping on her high heels, she motioned with her head for RosaLee to sit down on the bed.

RosaLee did so. Stacey knelt before her and took off RosaLee's heels and skirt. She ran her hands up RosaLee's legs along her inner thighs. She pulled off RosaLee's satin panties and out sprung a faultless penis.

"Ohhhh, look at what a big clit you have," Stacey coyly remarked.

As she began sucking on RosaLee's cock, Stacey reached up and began to play with her own breasts, and saw that RosaLee was doing the same, her cock madly at attention now.

While pulling off her body suit, Stacey heard a loud ripping sound.

"Oh good Goddess, so much for the zipless fuck,

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