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She wanted to say something to comfort him, to let him know she was not a different person. One book. It was just one book.The fulfillment of a dream. How could he not support her when she had told him about this dream countless times before and felt sure he shared her dream.

"Come with me to see Gabrielle. Show her your manuscript. Isn't it finished yet?"

"No not yet. I'll think about it. I thought I'd get myself a different agent but we'll see. Listen, I'm fine. I'm happy for you, really. Just worried a bit. You're passionate. I don't want to lose you."

Audrey touched his thigh, in a gentle, nonsexual way.

"No, Steve. You'll never lose me. You'll only lose me to death someday. I love you."

* * * *

Back to Beverly Hills. Audrey in her black gown, this time altered a bit to look like a jacket and skirt. The climate had changed dramatically. It was early summer but today the skies were clouded in greyness and a light rain began to fall. Audrey felt she was already late, having agreed to meet Gabrielle West at exactly noon. Didn't that woman eat lunch? She certainly didn't look like one of those skeletal anorexic models that flaunted their bones all across restaurants and lounges in LA. Gabrielle was a sturdy looking woman, with a voice as deep sounding as Kathleen Turner' and with the confidence and sensuality of Sharon Stone. She had of late even taken to having her hair cut androgynously short. Audrey parked her Audi by the dreaded shops of Rodeo Drive again, purely owing to the awful fact there was no parking to be found elsewhere. She prayed she would not run into Michaela once more.

But it was not to be. No sooner had she began to walk toward the office building by way of the stores that she ran into the familiar red-head, again in a chic, expensive dress, a scarf on her neck and carrying various shopping bags.

"Do talk to me for a bit, will you? I think we should," she said.

Audrey sighed.

"You shouldn't say a word to me after my scene at the cafe, Michaela. I'm sure I hurt you and offended you deeply. And because I did not apologize -"

"Listen. I've had my bouts of anger too." Was she serious? She was! There was no anger in her face. She even felt it had been nothing at all. Somewhat relieved but confused, Audrey looked at her and smiled dimly. She scrutinized her face further and did not see the same Michaela she had seen previously.She could not have changed overnight but she seemed as if she was sincere in her words. Perhaps something had triggered it.

"You need not apologize, either," Michaela continued, "I should apologize to you. I know I treated you quite badly in high school. I stole Tony from you and I made you out to be some trashy, hopeless girl who'd go nowhere in life and for that I'm sorry."

"It's quite alright," Audrey said, "and his name was not Tony." They shared a laugh. Michaela's laugh was different, too. Sweeter-sounding.

"He was not Tony? Who was he then?"

"And to think you used to swear you loved him to death. No, his name was Tyler. He was an artist and I just loved that about him. I've never kept in touch with him. think he moved to Boston and went to college there."

"Oh, we were such fools. And still are. Forgive me. I am a bitch like you said. This is why I don't have any real friends like you must have. I have only false friends, fair-weather friends. If I didn't have a trust fund or credit card, they'd never visit me."

So that was it. She was beginning to evaluate her life and her friends. She must have reached the age of thirty since she had last seen her that day at the cafe. Audrey smiled and took her hand.

"You're really not that bad. I'm sure you're friends are not bad either."

"Oh, but they are. You would call them worse things then what you called me. Listen, I've been reading your book -"

She had been reading her book!

"Las Vegas Lover.

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