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So I went over and grabbed a beer while Tom introduced me to his friends. Tom asked me if I was filled in and was ok with it. I said if it was ok with Kristy then let's see what will happen. I did say that 8 might be too many, but Tom said that some will leave and that Pam will take up the slack. It seemed that they have done this a few times and wanted to get Kristy involved.

So Tom filled me in on his friends, they were all about 5 years younger than me. He told me about Jim (Big Jim) and to watch how my wife would react. I just laughed and how big can he be, Tom just said you will see.

The wives were really getting into the mood by the way they were dancing, hands a tongues were all over everyone's bodies. Soon Eric's hands went down Kristy's shorts, and I could tell she wouldn't be dancing much longer. 3 of the fellows at the bar said their goodbyes; that left 5.

When I looked back, Pam was on her knees, pulling down the shorts of Fran and Joe. Turning back I could my wife was now on the deck while Eric and Mike worked over her cunt. She now had both dicks in hand. She was just about ready to cum when Tom said we ought to go inside.

The girls took the guys and ran inside, leaving Tom, Jim and myself. I asked Jim if he was going to join in he said yes but he likes things to warm up first, he does not mind being second or third. Tom just laughs. Getting inside we found everyone naked with Kristy on her back on the couch being eaten out by 1 guy while sucking the dicks of 2. Pam was on all fours being fucked by Fran as she worked her way to Kristy's tits and started to suck them. Fran didn't last more than 3 minutes before pulling out and cumming all over Pam's ass.

With a hole open, Eric got up from between Kristy's legs and entered Pam for her second dick. Without missing a beat, Pam now crawled between my wife's legs and started to give her first female licking. This must have driven her crazy because within 2 minutes she was shacking from her first orgasm while Mike pumping his jizz down her throat.

Jim got up and took his shirt off saying its Time To Party. Kristy gave a moan as she was getting her first dick from Joe, who was giving her all of his 7 inches which wasn't much bigger than mine was but it was thicker. Kris was getting into it because she was meeting him with every thrust. Jim now walked over to Eric and Pam and started to take down his shorts but Pam stopped him saying that he was Kristy's birthday present. Joe now flipped my wife over on her knees without missing a beat .This made it easy for Jim to walk to her waiting mouth. My wife reached out and gave his shorts a squeeze to which she had a surprised look and when she pulled them down all I heard was Oh My God.

What I now saw was my wife holding the biggest dick in her hand and trying to get it in her mouth. All I could say was what the fuck. Tom just laughed when I asked how big. Pam had measured it at 11inchs long 8inchs around plus he can fuck for an hour before cumming.

As hard as she was trying she could only get about half down her throat and I was wondering how she was going to fuck it. Just than Joe pulled out and shot his load on her belly, which now gave Jim a clear shot to her cunt. I just had to get a closer look at what was going to destroy my wife. I was hotter then hell, so I asked Tom if I could use Pam for a while, he said only if he can do Kris. At this point it doesn't matter so we each went to a wife.

Tom was heading over to my wife's mouth when Jim stopped him saying that Tom should fuck her first so he can finish her off. Kristy was now being fucked by Tom while trying to get Jims dick down her throat. Hi neighbor Pam said as I started to enter her. She stopped me saying not their, Fuck me in my ass. Not getting that offer to often I repositioned a pushed my cock into her ass. Starting slowly she said bang her hard, so with that I pumped away.

Tom was banging away at Kristy who now had half of Jims cock down her throat she went a little

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