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Will he wake up while she touches him?

If they could only see us!

Their leisurely movements had an oddly calming effect on us. After a while, the golfers were gone, leaving just Anne and I then sitting back-to-back in silence, except for the chirping of a few sparrows on the treetop above us, waiting for our luck to change.

I kept checking my watch. It was 8:00 pm when the sky began to turn dark. We wanted to go and get our clothes back in a hurry but did not dare risking it just yet, remembering that the men with the canoe had yet returned. So we waited. Then it was at 8:45 pm when I heard a loud gurgling sound from Anne's stomach and I giggled.

"I'm so hungry." Anne sighed.

"Me too."

The men with the canoe hadn't returned. By then we sussed that they must have landed at Shek O Beach or some other places.

"Anne, may be we should make a move now?"

"Let's do it."

We pushed our way out of the bushes, ignoring the sting as branches lashed across our sunburnt skin. Cautiously, we ventured to the top of the path and found both directions of Shek O Road deserted.

"What do you think, Anne?"

"Well, we can't wait here all day. Shall we give it a try?"

As quietly but quickly as we could, we ran to the phone booths. With a sigh of relief, we found no one in sight though the place was illuminated like daylight by powerful street lamps. We checked the phone booths for coins. No luck this time!

We hid in a shadow to check our surrounding. There were more cars in the huge car park now, though the mini-van loaded with sex maniacs that spotted us earlier wasn't there. People must be returning to the village from town. The tin huts were all closed. In contrast to the car park, the long stretch of Shek O Beach lay in darkness below us. However, at a far distance to our left just off the beach were people barbecuing. It was a blessing that they were far away and there was little chance the delicious smell of their grilled meats attacking our senses. However, just thinking about food made my stomach rumble.

We turned to check the long stretch of Shek O Road behind us. The headlights of a car just turned at the roundabout at the other end and were heading down towards us. There was no panic this time.

"I need to use the loo, Anne." I said.

"Me too."

"Perhaps we could find something we could use, a forgotten towel or something."

We headed down some steps to the toilet to relieve ourselves. No, we could find nothing to shield our nakedness. There were just some discarded polythene bags lying around but they were mostly transparent anyway!

When we were done, we stood by the toilet entrance to take in the serene night scene of one of Hong Kong's most beautiful beaches. I strained my eyes across the long stretch of sand and was relieved to find the beach was indeed deserted.

"I wonder what it's like skinny-dipping here!"

"Coco, you can't be serious!"

"Why not. You can see that it's still too early to streak up that mile of Shek O Road to get our clothes back."

"You really want to do this, don't you?"

I nodded.

"Then let's do it together." She flashed me a grin and grabbed my hand.

Kicking off our sandals, we sprinted down the powdery sand then slipped quietly into the warm sea. For a while, we practised our backstroke. I wondered if those people barbecuing could see us. At this distance, they probably wouldn't realise that we were swimming in just our birthday suit.

I wanted to scream for it felt so exhilarating swimming in the nude at a public beach. Just imagine, during weekends the place would be jam-packed with both locals and tourists. I recalled we had a school picnic here a couple of years back. Ivy and the others would freak out if they learnt that Anne and I went skinny-dipping at Shek O Beach! But of course, they would never know. This would remain a secret between Anne and I, the brave ones.

I guessed it was 20 minutes later when we finally felt a bit of chill and walked out of the water.

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