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An 18-year-old girl is chosen to perform a fertility ritual.


"I dunno, I like your breasts and I want to feel them. Is that OK?"

"No Anna, you can't do that. It's not right."

"So is it right to suck my dad's cock?"

"God! What are you talking about?"

"Is it OK to let your sister lick your pussy?"

"Gosh, I don't know what you are talking about!"

I reached down and lifted her dress, my lips so close to hers while I pushed my hand right between her legs. My guess was right. She was dripping wet.

I kissed her like I have never kissed anyone before, putting my heart and soul into it. She struggled under my undivided attention, squirming. Her movements against my body made it even more arousing for me. I have never tried to dominate anyone and I suddenly realized why some people love it. I understood the power of making another human being submit to you. I pressed hard against her body and kissed her deeply sucking her lips into my mouth. Her resistance was ebbing away by the second and finally she submitted to my onslaught kissing me back and moaning. I squeezed her breast and rubbed her pussy without taking my mouth off hers. I didn't realize that her moans were quite loud.

I moved my mouth to her neck and started to bite her there making her moan some more. She must have started to like this since she cupped and squeezed my breasts. The nipples were by now very hard and long poking through her fingers. I pushed her head down to them and after a moments hesitation she sucked all over my breast. Being the first time for such a womanly attention I was taken aback by her gentle yet forceful sucking. Her tongue left no place unexplored. Her lips engulfed my hard nipple taking as much of the breast as she could into her mouth. I arched my back and held onto her as she sucked and sucked like a baby. Her tongue went round and round my nipple sending electric shocks all over my body. I put my hand under between her legs and rubbed her a little making her suck me harder. I turned her around pushing her nightdress out of the way making her naked. I made her lean against the wall and started to lick her back, moving from shoulder to shoulder. I lifted her arms and licked the side of her breasts right upto her armpit making her scream. I licked her armpit, sucking the skin. It was smooth and shaved and fragrant. She reached back and pushed my panties lower and I helped her take them off. My pussy was dripping wet and I was going crazy. I was deeply into pleasuring her that I didn't notice until a wet tongue started to lick my butt. Strong hands grabbed my hips and the tongue was insistent on exploring my crack. I half turned to find dad, licking me and I almost came. I continued to lick Aunt Karen's back while my dad went lower and lower. I shuddered as his tongue touched my sensitive ass hole, gently probing his way in. His knowing finger went into my pussy and his tongue probed my anus. I was amazed at the ease he slipped his fingers and tongue in.

Hearing me moan, Aunt Karen looked at me and I saw the shock on her face when she noticed what dad was doing to me. I kneeled and started to fondle with his cock. It was hard and I could see the veins on it standing proud. His uncut cock and balls made my mouth water. I fondled his balls that seemed to be rippling with cum. I lifted it and held it against his tummy and started to slowly lick the underside from the bottom to the top. While doing so, I pulled Aunt Karen closer and dad started to kiss her deeply whilst rubbing her massive breasts. I could feel her eyes on me amazed as I licked dad's shaft up and down. I took it all in making dad moan feeling his hardness pulsate inside my mouth. I moved slowly feeling every inch of him right in until I could stuff it no more and then pulled it out slowly feeling every part of it. I also reached between her legs caressing the insides of her thigh making them spread a little. She was reluctant to do so but I pushed them apart.

I took my time moving to her pussy and I could feel the wetness seeping down her thighs.

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