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Therapeutic threesome sex continues for Rob, Eric and Laura.

"Oh? You sound very confident," she says. "But I don't even know yet if you're...physically capable of making a lasting impression." At first, I'm not sure what she means. Then her eyes travel to the bulge in my jeans. "Well? Are you adequately equipped for the task, or should we just stop now?"

I grin, step back, and place both hands behind my head, making it clear that the ball is in her court now. "Why don't you find out?" I ask.

She needs no more encouragement. She slides off the desk and onto her knees. Her big brown eyes look up at me as she undoes the belt buckle and rips it off with force. "Mmmm," she hums with anticipation. "I've wondered what you have under here more than a few times." Her eyes stay fixed on mine as she very slowly undoes the button and lowers the zipper of my jeans. My cock is straining so hard against the fabric that it hurts. She pulls down my jeans and boxers in one slow, smooth motion.
I'm not sure which is more satisfying: my rock hard dick finally being freed from its constraints, or the look on Katy's face. Her eyes widen and her mouth drops a little. For what may be the first time since I walked in, it's not my eyes she's staring at. "Oh. Jackson. I...God. I had no idea." She gently reaches out a hand to grab my pulsing cock. Her hand slowly closes around it, and it feels incredible.

"Still worried about my qualifications?" I ask.

She slowly shakes her head. "Not at all. You know, Jackson, I've always admired your eagerness to come to my office hours and 'go a little deeper into the material,' as you said. And now that I see what you have here..." She slides her hand slowly up and down my shaft. "I think we're going to be able to go plenty deep today." She smiles devilishly at me and brings her parted lips so. fucking. slowly. to kiss the swollen head of my dick. The sound of that kiss is so small, so quiet, but it fills the still room. She flicks out her tongue to taste the bead of precum that's formed there. And then her warm, wet mouth slides slowly over my cock. "Ooooh, God. Katy." Her big, full lips look so good wrapped around my shaft. "DSLs," I had once heard a classmate call them behind her back. It had pissed me off, and I made a mental note that that dude was an asshole. But in this particular moment, I can't disagree. She begins to take me in and out of her mouth, her tongue lapping at the underside. "Oh, wow. Oh, God, that feels good," I say.

"Mmmmph," she moans with her mouth full; it feels so good my knees nearly buckle. "You like that?" She stops to say, then runs the tip of her tongue all the way along my length. "You like having my pretty little mouth on your cock?"

"God, Professor Donahue. I never thought you could be this..."

"Yes? This what?" She asks between licks.

"This dirty," I say. She didn't strike me as prudish, necessarily. People with this many tattoos (from this angle, I can see the eagle on her back for the first time) usually aren't. But there had never been the slightest hint that she had the capacity for this kind of cravenness.

"Mmmmhmmph," she groans as she takes me as deep as she can, almost to the hilt, then comes up with a gasp. "Oh? Am I? Am I being a bad girl?"

"Very." My fingers twist through her brown hair and pull her mouth back onto me.

"Mmmph...I guess I am, aren't I?" She says as she continues to suck it. "I I am...mmhmm...a professor, on her knees in her office...mmmhh...sucking her student's cock." She takes me deep again, swirls her tongue around, and pulls away with a 'pop!' "I guess I'm quite a little whore, aren't I?"

"You really are."

"And what does a boy like you do with little whores, Jackson?" She looks up at me eagerly as she pumps my cock with her hand.

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