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Oral sex and masturbation in an outdoor hot tub.

Her sister stared at her open-mouthed for a moment and in the silence the older woman all of a sudden panicked and thought she'd ruined everything.

Then the younger girl carefully refilled their glasses, exhaled slowly and looked up.

"If you had any idea how wet that thought is making me right now," she said, "You would have told me years ago."




"So seriously that I'm very tempted to come extremely loudly here in this chair right now."

The tension was now so strong in the air between them that you could cut it with a chopstick (you're welcome.).

"Maybe you should," said the older one in a shaky voice.

"I can't," her sister whispered. "There's too many leftovers on the table."

They both started laughing at what was later agreed to be the best ever excuse to get someone else to clear the dinner table. The moment seemed lost but they were both completely relaxed about it. It wasn't lost. They'd just agreed, without having to say anything, that it was just postponed. What had happened was the most important step of all. They hadn't yet crossed the line but they'd both agreed to.

And an hour later they did. Side by side on the couch. For some reason it seemed more natural to begin there. The softest of soft-core on the television, a thin blanket over the younger girl's lap as she asked if it was ok to take off her knickers. Her sister could barely breathe the word 'yes'. And then watched as a hand slid down and began a rhythm. She watched as the tendons in her little sister's neck began to strain, as her eyes closed and as she abandoned herself to her fingers. She watched her little sister's nipples harden on the curve of her breasts and felt her entire body electrified.

The one woman she'd always wanted to watch, to touch, to press against, to kiss, was masturbating for her and it was a feeling unlike anything she'd ever experienced. Right then she wanted to do everything and have everything done to her. And when the pace began to quicken, she looked at the tip of her sister's tongue against her lips and couldn't hold back and leaned over and kissed her.

When she broke away, the younger woman began to buck and twist and writhe and said 'oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" and came in shuddering waves.

Her big sister put her arms around her and pulled her in close. The younger nestled against her sister's chest and let her breathing slowly recover. When she did, she climbed up the older woman's body and french-kissed her as passionately as she had ever kissed another soul.

Then she whispered in her sister's ear.

"Your turn. Don't think. Go."

The older woman felt another odd surge of shyness about to ruin everything but fought it off and did what she'd always wanted to do in front of this woman. After a minute, her sister told her to raise her arms, and she stopped long enough to have her t-shirt and bra removed.

When she touched herself again, her beautiful younger sister leaned forward and took her right breast in her mouth. And from that moment, the two of them were locked together.

As everyone who's ever tried it knows, sex is a funny thing. It can work brilliantly but it can also be bafflingly bad. It can be bland, it can be silly, it can be full of fantasy and daring or packed out with tacky shallowness. It's a lifetime's pursuit and most of the time, we settle for 'pretty good'. That being better than 'None at all' and a recognition of the human condition.

But during that one summer, those two women got to experience something altogether different. A physical, emotional and intellectual purity. Total freedom, total trust.

That first night, they only made love once again.

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