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The CMO and Admiral in the Holodeck.

A few days later I met Moussa again at the bar. He asked me how it was going and apologized again for the damages to my room. I said it was nothing and we talked a bit. He made sure I was ok with it and asked if they could use my room again sometimes. I said sure. He repeated he was sorry and he would try to avoid next time. I told him it was no problem and to be honest it was a bit of a turn on to have them fuck in my room. He laughed and said good to know.

Their visits became more frequent. I always "forgot" to bring towels so they were always forced to use my shirts as sex rags. With time they became more arrogant and less apologetic. I would find stains almost everywhere. One day as I got back in my room I smelled urine and Moussa told me Fatima had an "accident" and my pillow, part of my bed, part of the carpet and a few shirts got in the way... I also noticed my printer was crushed, literally, to which they replied it was an accident. They could see I was aroused by their behaviour and had stopped the apologies for a more arrogant one.

I truly was aroused and to my surprise I looked forward to the next time they would use my room.

One night, Moussa called me on the phone and told me they needed my room. I told him it was too late at night and I had nowhere to go while they used it. He just said I could maybe stay and enjoy the show. My heart jumped so quickly...

So far I had only imagined them having sex, but watching it live... It was going to be fantastic. I immediately accepted. Got dressed and jumped on my car. They were waiting for me already. He was wearing a tracksuit and running shoes, she was wearing shorts and a top and flip flops. It was quite clear they were not expecting to go out. They got on my car and told me to take them home... Fatima added I was going to see how a real man fucks a real woman and that if I was a good boy I would do more than watching.

As soon as we got home she threw her flip flops away and removed her clothes. She was fit but had a nice D cup; the best part was her bottom though. It was coloured as dark chocolate, perfectly shaped, firm and toned. I would die to eat that. Her pussy was trimmed but still got some hair. I had never seen such a beautiful and sexy woman. She smirked noticing how I was watching her. She raised her size 12 foot and placed it in front of my face. It was thin and long with nicely shaped toes painted red. She pushed her foot on my chest and got me on my back on the floor. Then she stepped over with both feet. She was heavy but I could bear her weight. She looked down and told me "So I won't break your printer again" and laughed. She called Moussa and started kissing him savagely while removing his clothes.

She was like possessed, she stepped on my face as she finished removing Moussa's clothes. She ordered me to lick her feet which I did even if they were a bit sweaty. I was in trance, completely and literally at her feet. When she stepped back on my chest I noticed Moussa's body towering me. He was extremely muscled but what was really impressive was his dick. It was flaccid but about 8 inches long and thick, very thick. His black balls were egg-sized and hanged low below.

Fatima lowered herself on my face and started playing with her clit while she used her other hand to masturbate Moussa. Soon she started dripping juices on my face while I saw his cock growing to what I estimate be 12 inches in length and 10 in girth. It was a monster, with a big mushroom head that started dripping pre-cum as soon as it was hard. The smell of Fatima's pussy was strong and intoxicating, musky, and she soon commanded me to lick her. Meanwhile she took Moussa's BBC in her mouth and started pleasuring him.

I was good with my mouth, I always loved going down on a girl.

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