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He has his daughter for the first time.

Her fingers were just grazing the ridge of his erection in his pants, but he was afraid to look down. He knew she couldn't miss the sight of his cock.

Ethan was driving cautiously through traffic, barely able to contain the runaway power of the car and his own lust. Her hand gradually moved over his thigh and found his cock. Her fingers lightly danced over the hard, thick ridge, inspecting its size and shape. She began to lovingly massaged his penis through the jeans to the point where he thought he was going to blow up in them, but, just short of a climax, she pulled her hand away and cut off his orgasm.

"That's the house," she said, pointing to the blue, ranch style house between two other houses, surrounded by old trees. "Pull all the way up into the driveway."

Ethan slowly drove the car up the driveway beside the house and they were covered by the long, leafy branches of an ancient elm tree. Carrie reached over and shut the car off.

"My mom's home," she said, as she undid the button of his jeans and lowered the zipper. "But she won't be able to see us here." She liberated his huge erection from his jeans and placed it across her cheek in a gesture of adoration, never looking away from his face. Ethan could only stare down at her, entranced by her beauty.

"Pam told me your penis was large," she whispered, her warm breath caressing the shaft of his cock. "But I never would have guessed." She opened her lips just wide enough to let the round head of his penis in, and in one fluid motion, guided it into her warm, moist mouth and held it there, licking the head, allowing him to feel her heat. Slowly, she withdrew the cock until she only held the tip between her lips, and allowed the cool air to touch the wet shaft. Ethan gently brushed her beautiful, long, golden hair.

"You're incredibly beautiful," Ethan whispered.

Carrie sat up. "And you are a wonderful man." She opened the front of her dress and slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders. Her nipples were exquisitely erect and smelled of a sweet, exotic lotion. Ethan's reached up to touch them and his fingers glided over them, increasing her excitement and making her back arch. She moaned quietly with her eyes closed and leaned over and swallowed his cock again. The entire length of his cock filled her mouth and throat. For her, this was an act of love.

"Oh my God," Ethan groaned. At last, he erupted in her mouth, astonished at the velocity and the quantity he spewed forth. He was concerned that it would overwhelm her, but, with each spasm, she swallowed and filled her belly with all the come she could get without spilling a drop. Finally, she pulled it out and, with the back of her hand, she wiped up the small amount of semen on the corner of her mouth.

Ethan leaned forward and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of his come on her tongue. She took his hand and slipped it up under her dress and into her panties. He could feel the beads of her juices on her pubic hairs.

"Press in slowly, but not too deep," she whispered.

His fingers gently parted the slick lips of her labia and cautiously entered her channel. She was unusually tight, he thought. He pushed his finger further until he encountered something unfamiliar, and realized with pleasant surprise that it was her hymen.

"I've given you the virginity of my mouth," she whispered breathily in his ear, licking his lobe. "This will be your next gift."

He tilted her head and kissed her deeply.

"Goodbye," she said. She opened the car and jumped out. She waved to him with a smile, and Ethan watched her hair bounce and the cheeks of her ass shake under her dress. He fired up the car and drove back home.

When he returned home, Pam found him in his room again and came in to sit beside him on his bed.

"Well?" Pam said, squirming anxiously.

"Well what?" Ethan said, and put down his magazine.

"Did you fuck her?" Pam asked.

"You set me up, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did, and you should be thanking me.

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