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Sexy new neighbor rolls in.

Entranced, I watched the gold chain around her waist bounce and shake as Lori ground into Jessica. A trail of sticky cum juices ran down Jessica's shapely leg.

I pulled my cock out of Jessica's mouth and slapped her on the nose with it. She giggled and stuck out her tongue at me. It was cute and I laughed.

Lori was still nuzzling my nut sack. Her attention felt great, but I knew she had been patient for too long. I locked eyes with her and leaned down to whisper in Lori's ear. "She tastes so sweet. You have been thinking about it all evening, all week -- what it feels like to lick her, to smell her, to feel her juices run down your chin. Do it. I know you want to and she wants it even more. Get on your knees and eat Jessica's pussy.... "

Jessica winked at me and with gratitude sped up her sucking. Her head was now bobbing back and forth at a feverish rate. I placed my hand on top of Lori's head and pushed. She got the message. It was pussy eating time for Lori.

She slid off of Jessica's lap and kneeled on the cold library floor. Her eyes were wild with desire. Lori wanted this deeply. Her passion went from smolder to sizzle. She placed her hands on Jessica's knees and pried them apart. Of course, Jessica wasn't unwilling. Still feasting on my cock, Jessica reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart. Everything was set for Lori's anxious tongue.

Jessica's pussy was beautiful, wide-open and on display. Shaved free of hair, the thick, pink pussy lips glistened wetly with the honey of her arousal. For a long second, Lori just stared, stunned at the beauty before her. Jessica managed to moan around my cock, "Oh Lori, please. I want to feel your tongue inside of me."

With those words, Lori lowered buried her face in Jessica's crotch. Although Lori's brunette hair blocked my vision, I knew exactly what she was doing. I could hear the fierce lapping of Lori's tongue. This was followed by humming and sucking sounds, probably on Jessica's lovely, little clit. The wet and lewd slurps were positively musical. Jessica writhed and gasped in delight. Her breath became quicker and erratic. Jessica's hips bounced up and down in a quick jerky pattern.

My cock fell from Jessica's mouth as she let out a low wail, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss!!!!" It had taken very little time for her to cum. She looked so beautiful; her face was a mask of bliss. Her legs closed tightly around Lori's head as she rode out the orgasm. Jessica grabbed Lori by the hair and pushed her hard into that sweet, teen pussy. Grinding, bucking, humping -- Jessica was wild. Lori took it, though and then gave out more. She rode out the crashing waves of Jessica's orgasm, and sent her cresting into another. One, two, three -- I lost track of the moans. They came from an endless of core of want and desire, a pleasure center to which Lori was the key.

I needed to feel what Jessica was feeling. I had been hard for so long. My throbbing cock had grown uncomfortable. In the sanctuary of Jessica's mouth it had been getting the attention it needed, but now it was lonely dangling in the open air. I needed warmth; I needed a hole.

I moved behind Lori, and pulled her up to her knees. She was now in a doggie position. The soft, fleshy curve of her ass was staring at me invitingly. So was the smiley face tattoo on her butt cheek. I kneeled behind her and rubbed my hand along the tribal tattoo at the small of her back. Lori's dusky brown skin was flawlessly smooth. I stared blankly; I could take in her gorgeous figure forever.

Lori raised her head and toward me. Lori's face glistened with Jessica's cum. What a messy eater! Her smile was wicked and aggressive. It was more of a sneer than anything else. With a surprising harshness to her voice Lori demanded, "Professor, what makes you think you deserve this pussy?"

I was stunned.

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