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A prelude to a reunion.

He inhaled deeply over her fingers.

"Well", he said. "If that isn't smoked salmon I don't know what else it could be."

"You can't possibly smell salmon, Mr James. I just showered," said Grizelda, then stopped in horror and hoped she hadn't given herself away.

He stood and looked at her for a while, and then spoke. "You and I both know that you took the salmon. For that you will be punished. You are also lying to me; for that your punishment will be increased unless you confess at once."

Grizelda tried to think rapidly. No one had seen her, she was certain. All they could have was suspicion. If she confirmed that by a confession they could sack her on the spot, and she would have no reference. "I don't know what they think they can do to punish me," she thought, "but at least if I keep quiet I'll still have a job." So she decided to stand firm.

"I'm sorry Mr James, but I really don't know anything about it."

"Very well, we shall take the matter up with Master. Get dressed."

Grizelda's breasts swayed forward as she bent down to step into her panties; the butler watched with no apparent interest. As soon as she was fully dressed he marched her briskly to the master's bedroom. "Nanny stole your smoked salmon, Sir George," he said. "For that she must be spanked of course. She also refuses to admit doing it so a taste of the whip will be in order. Does this meet with your approval, sir?"

"Of course it does. Get on with it."

Mr James sat on a chair facing the bed and told Grizelda to lie across his knees. As she settled she noticed the master sitting up in bed, and he appeared to have shed twenty years. She felt the butler's hands ease her dress up to her waist and sighed with relief as his hard hand made contact with her tight white panties. First because it was not as hard as she had expected, and secondly because she was not to take the punishment on her bare skin.

After about a dozen slaps the butler paused to ease himself into a more comfortable position. Putting his thumb into the waistband of Grizelda's panties, he said "I think these should come down, don't you sir?"

Sir George was not the master of himself that his butler was. There was a catch in his voice as he said "It is essential that they must come down. Naughty girls must always be spanked on their bare bottom."

In one swift movement they were halfway down her thighs. In spite of their covering her cheeks were bright pink from the blows Grizelda had already taken. Now the punishment would begin in earnest. The first blow knocked the wind out of her.

She was amazed at how hard and heavy Mr James's hand had now become; he had never looked strong. By the fifth blow she was squirming and snivelling, her legs kicking wildly and her hand trying to shield her bottom. The sixth blow made her cry out. "Stop that noise," said Sir George.

Mr James's thumb was again in the waistband of her panties, pulling them down past her knees, then unceremoniously off. She could imagine Sir George leaning forward to get a better view of her shame as Mr James stuffed her panties into her mouth, forcing the material roughly past her teeth so she was close to choking. She felt very sick. He took a firm grip of her arm to keep it out of the way and hold her in position. Grizelda lost count of the blows after that, but they seemed never-ending. Her legs kicked wildly, crudely exposing her secret parts to Sir George, the puckered pink rim and the surrounding dark skin of her anus, the split fig of her cunt.

At last the blows stopped, Mr James stood up and sent her sprawling to the floor. Frantically she scrabbled to clear her mouth and take several deep breaths. Her head was whirling and she could feel her face covered in snot and tears. She could not control her shaking.

"That was for stealing," said Mr James. "Now we come to the lying. Stand up and take your clothes off."

Grizelda couldn't move.

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