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My fuck-buddy Kristy, hot sex, and a not-so-clean getaway.

Rachel and her 'lover for the night' went to her room, Rachel pushed him on bed, she kissed him passionately, he pulled her skirt down and groped her ass.

"Wait for me, I'll be back in a minute." Rachel winked at him, squeezed his cock over his pants and rushed to the bathroom.

After cleaning and washing herself for her lover she came back quickly. But he was too drunk to be awake, she shook her sleeping lover, in her desperation she pulled his cock out and stroked it hoping to make it stiff. It got stiffer gradually, Rachel jumped on him and poked the semi stiff cock inside her.

"Ahhh" the lover moaned, as she ground her pussy. He soon lost his stiffness and went back to sleep. Rachel slapped on his face trying to wake him up, but without success, his soft cock soon popped out of her pussy.

Rachel was desperate and disappointed, she went to the kitchen to have some water, hoping it would cool her off. As she lifted her glass of water, the carrots caught her eyes. Suddenly the light bulb lit up in her head . She quickly placed herself on a chair and spread her legs, her pussy was already wet and ready, she pushed the tip of the carrot in her pussy easily. The silky insides of her vagina made room for the edible, pleasuring guest.

She lifted her shirt opening both of her tits to stimulate her erogenous parts, she squeezed her nipple while pushing the carrot further inside her hole. Rachel kept pleasuring herself with the carrotty dildo, with her eyes closed she focused on the pleasure coming out of her crotch.

It soon started drizzling outside, Bill thought of drinking some water before going to bed and entered the kitchen. The light was already lit, he saw Rachel sitting on a chair 'Jilling' herself with the carrot. He stood there watching his mother carrot fucking herself in silence, eventually Rachel opened her eyes and saw her son standing at a distance watching her.

Angrily she hurled the carrot at him, "What The Fuck!" she screamed. Bill caught the carrot, walked towards her and handed it back to her, "Don't you waste my carrots!" he smirked and lifted the already poured glass to drink from.

Rachel was annoyed, she got up and pushed the carrot in his mouth "Eat it if you don't want it to be wasted." she shouted. The gooey stuff smeared his lips. They both quickly realized what had happened. Bill stared at his mother's naked bottom and looked into her loose shirt.

Rachel was horny, she recognized the lust in her son's eyes as he looked at her naked body. The tingle in her crotch made her push herself against her son and kiss him on lips, in his effort to stop her advances his hand landed on her tits, she pushed her tits harder at him and forced his hand to her crotch.

The very body which he had seen many men enjoy over years was now in his hands, he could not resist the urge to have it for himself at least for once, Rachel pushed him against the wall and tongue kissed him, her son slowly reciprocated. She Pulled her top off and got herself completely naked in front of her son, she then pulled his shorts down just enough to let loose the raging bull.

With her arms around his neck she clung on to him kissing her way to his dick, he supported her ass with his palm and lifted her up in his arms. They kissed and ran their hands on each other's bodies lustily. He pushed her against the wall, held her arms and legs spread-eagled and kissed her on neck, then on her chest, then on her nipple.

She moved her hands to the back of his ass and squeezed his soft butt cheeks, pulled his crotch towards her's and ground her groin against his stiffness. Bill cupped Rachel's small tits and kneaded them on her chest while kissing her neck.

"Aaaah." Rachel moaned as her extra sensuous nipples were pinched by her son, "Aaah, umm, put it in! put your cock inside me." she begged.

Inflamed by his mother's sexy groans Bill instinctively bit her lower lip, he kept sucking her wet juicy lips, simultaneously squeezing her nipples with his thumb and middle finger.

Rachel found the tip of Bill's cock and pulled h

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