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The life and adventures of Margaret Stewart.

It was a complete shithole. So we carry on drinking and these four guys come over and start talking to us. One of them latches on to me. He's got the hipster look going on - he's tall and thin, with dark hair in a man-bun and a beard. Basically, I think he's fucking hot and so I start flirting with him. Eventually, he asks me if I have a boyfriend and I tell him yes, but he's a cheating bastard. He doesn't really know what to say to that" she laughs and takes a large gulp of pinot grigio.

"And then what?"

"Once the band comes on, I lose all my friends in the crowd and it's just me and this guy and we're dancing and singing along together. I don't know if it was the wine or the atmosphere or because I haven't been out like that in a long time and I've never felt so... free. But basically, I've got my hands all over the guy, and I decide that I'm going to fuck him. I look him in the eye and I ask if he wants to take me back to his place. But he says he's only in town for the weekend and staying on his mate's sofa. And I can't take him back to my place because Scott's there". Another pause, and a meaningful look.

"So what did you do?"

She finishes her glass of wine. "I grab his hand and I lead him to the toilets. He has a look on his face like he's won the fucking lottery, and I'm getting wet thinking about having him inside me. I march him into the gents, past a couple of confused looking guys wondering what the fuck I'm doing in there, and we go into a cubicle and lock the door. He still looks like he can't believe this is happening and so I decide I'm going to have to stay in control. We're kissing for a bit and then I unzip his jeans and pull them down and then his boxers, and his boner springs out. It's big - I mean not as big as yours, don't worry, but big enough that I can't complain".

"You always know exactly the right thing to say to a guy", you tell her. At this point, your own erect cock feels like it's about to spontaneously combust. "Carry on..."

"He starts mumbling that he doesn't have a condom and maybe he should go to the machine and get one, and I tell him that I'm taken care of and that as long as he's clean he doesn't need to bother. I turn round and bend over against the wall of the cubicle and I give him a look over my shoulder that basically tells him to get on with it. He finally gets the message and he pulls down my jeans and my underwear in one go, and for a second I think about the fact that I'm naked from the waste down in a public place and how wild that is".

Louise stops for a moment and takes a deep breath. "But then before I know it his hands are on my arse and his cock is inside me, filling up my pussy. He fucks me hard and fast and it feels fucking great".

You picture yourself in the guy's place, intoxicated and unable to believe your luck as you pound this beautiful woman from behind.

"I hear him grunting and it's a massive fucking turn on to know that having his cock inside me has that effect on him", Louise goes on. "He keeps leaning in and I can hear his breath getting faster and feel the heat on the back of my neck. I'm encouraging him, moaning, telling him how good it is, telling him to to keep fucking me. It must have only lasted a few minutes. He shouts out 'fuck!' as he comes inside me, and a guy in the next cubicle hears and starts laughing. And that sets me off, and I'm just there, bent over with his cock still in my pussy, giggling and feeling amazing".

"And then what?"

"And then I thanked him for the fuck and I left him there".

She sits there, smiling broadly. You breathe deeply and stand up and beckon to her. "Come here".

She moves across the bed and stands in front of you and you kiss her deeply, running your hands all over her.

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