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She won't let him have her.

I so wanted to run to her, and thrust my own fingers deep inside her heat, to feel her wetness, to smell her hot musk, salty, sweet and rich with her feminine ecstasy. To taste her sweet, feminine moistness and heat, to feel her silky smooth skin at her mons.

But I was afraid I would terrify her if I did that.....I held back, pleasing myself selfishly instead. I thrust my hand into my jeans, my fingers squeezing my wet, swollen and plump lips together, fantasizing that her fingers on her own cunt, were thrusting into mine instead. That my fingers on my wet, hot pussy, were on hers instead, that her moans were for me, and I stifled my own sighs, though I ached to whisper them into her little ear, and into her mouth as we kissed, and even into her dripping vagina as I licked her to cum after cum. God, what was happening to me?

I heard Virginia say something, and I thought for an instant that she'd noticed me. Then her words became clearer.

"God, Rachel, squeeze my nipples, yeah, that's nice, pinch me, make me hot!" she whispered. I felt a pang in my heart, I don't know why, Virginia wasn't mine to own. But then she followed with, "Oh Linda, uhh, yeah, stroke my pussy while Rachel kisses me. I want you on my cunt, licking me, eating me out, make me crazy with lust, let me cum in your mouth..."

Wow. Virginia was fantasizing that both Rachel, her only girl on girl experience, and I were BOTH fucking her! The thought that I was a part of her sexual fantasy made me cum, my thumb and forefinger squeezing my clit as electrical sparks lit up my lower body. I stifled a moan. It wouldn't do to be caught now.

I re-focused on Virginia's sweet, erotically supple body, reflected in the mirror, knowing now that, in her imagination she was entwined with me and a beautiful young girl, both of us teasing and pleasing her. I began to see my hands, and another girl's hands, in place of Virginia's, as she writhed on the bed.

Her top was completely off now, as she aggressively caressed and squeezed her full breasts, nipples erect and lovely, long and hard, brown in a small island of brown areola, and surrounded by her paler, plump flesh, her breasts so soft and feminine. My mouth watered.

The fingers of her right hand openly stroked and fucked her pussy, and I could imagine the feel of her slick, moist heat on my fingers as they skated over her plump fullness there, and the rich smell of her excitement, my face inches from her liquid slit, as streams of her excitement dripped from her lovely hole, down to her dark and exciting ass hole.

Virginia pushed her panties down off her hips, excitingly pushing them to her knees, but stopping there. She pulled her knees up to her breasts, exposing her pink slit and plump labia, richly engorged with her excitement, and gleaming with the wetness of her fluids. I ached to lick her there, but instead, thrust my own fingers deep inside myself, almost more than I could take, but not caring, only wanting to fuck her and to be fucked by her.

My other hand brutally squeezed my breasts as I came yet again. I feared I would bruise myself in my excitement. Virginia echoed my savagery on herself, fingers thrusting inside, fingers pinching exposed nipples, hips rocking as she came, experiencing the same pleasures I was experiencing.

I looked up at the mirror again. Virginia was now completely naked for me, with the exception of her small panties, now at her ankles and holding her feet together as if tied in bondage, her legs spread wide, hips thrust upwards. Virginia's fingers, and my fingers, and excitingly, Rachel's imaginary fingers, now circling tightly around, on and over Virginia's aroused pussy, the flower of her sex, a lovely pink, bedewed orchid, so plain to see and vulnerable, waiting to be brought to ultimate pleasure by the three of us, and by Virginia alone.

Virginia's mouth was open, her jaw slack, as her consciousness was concentrated on her pink pearl, her whole world and awareness now a tiny organ the size of a pea, but holding a universe of sen

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