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Jeremy gives it to her doggy style.

"I don't have a bunch of time, I am actually on my way home." He added.

I grinned slightly as he pushed his pants and boxer to his ankles. His cock sprang to mid hardness into the air and slapped his stomach. I giggled.

"You like that, bitch." He said while pointing to his massive cock, half hard he would embarrass most men.

I licked my lips tasting my freshly applied ruby red lipstick.

"Time to get this party started." He said while pulling my bra away from my chest and then he pushed it down allowing my 36c's to fall out. "God you have a nice set of tits." He leaned forward and took my nipple into his mouth and sucked hard on them. They reacted by growing and I reached into his lap to stroke his cock. Quickly his cock hardened.

He then leaned back and pulled my shoulder towards him causing me to lean over his manhood. I got the message and allowed him to push his cock deep into my mouth.

"Hell yeah. Suck me off, bitch. I want you to drink it down." He said while thrusting up into my face and pushing my head down on him. I sucked hard allowing him to abuse me. I was totally focused on just satisfying his need for self satisfaction.

His strong grip on my hair was forceful but I didn't feel scared or threatened. When I was younger I loved the submissive slut side of me. Something I seem to have lost over the years.

A string of obscene lewd comments spilled from him accented by the pull and push on the back of my head.

"Suck my cock, slut, bitch, Dave's slut wife." That last one caused my pussy to moisten. I had a large black cock jabbing at the back of my throat on the love seat in David and I first house we owned since being married. "You like black cock, don't you?"

Cedric pulled my hair allowing my head to get a breath and nod at him while I continued to stroke his massive meat. He shook my head "I can't hear you, bitch!" He growled.

"I like black cock." I obediently answered.

"Good, I like you sucking my cock." He said while pushing my head towards his cock. I took him in and placed my hands on his thighs to allow me to push back enough to breath. But I kept a tight lip lock on him and hallowed my cheeks. He continued pushing his cock deeper with each thrust until he realized that I could take it all except for about three inches. Then he only pushed to that point. He seemed to have gotten quiet and sunk into the couch deeper. He allowed me more freedom to suck him off.

I began to tease him a little bit.

I licked the side of his cock all the way to his big black balls while staring in his eyes. When I took one of his balls in my mouth his head rolled back and a moan escaped his lips.

He stood up with me chasing his cock with my mouth. "Hold on." He said.

He untied his boots while leaning against the wall.

Then my dog barked, shit, she probably had to go to the backyard. As he finished pulling off his second boot and kicking his clothing to the side, I asked, "Should we head to the bedroom?"

He quickly turned and walked towards the bedroom.

"One sec." I opened the adjacent door to the guest bedroom "I have to let the dog out." I said.

"Hurry up, slut." He stated while climbing into my marital bed.

I swiftly opened the kennel dog and she ran to the doggie door and out into the back. I went into my bedroom and closed the door. Cedric was stroking his cock. "I wanna fuck those tits." He loudly said.

I shrugged and giggled a little.

"Lay the fuck down." He growled again.

I laid down of course after removing my bra, long ways across the bed he pushed himself up and flipped a leg over mine and ended on his knees while mounting my chest. I pushed my boobs together while he penetrated the tunnel my tits created. The head of his cock bumped my chin.

"Suck it while I fuck Dave's wife's tits." He said, and I bent my head to allow his cock to penetrate my fully open mouth and I moaned. "You like that when I talk about him, slut?" He said while staring at me.

I blinked.

"Yeah. I am going to cum, bitch, you swallow that shit." He said.


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