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Daddy Daughter and the mom.


Again, Casey and her boyfriend were led away through another door, and down a hall and into a luxurious apartment, complete with big-screen television, a lounge room, bedroom and bathroom.

"Enjoy your evening." Jacqueline smiled, and left.

Justin turned to his girlfriend.

"Are you sure you want to do this? How much did this cost you?" He asked her, his face creasing in worry. Casey smiled reassuringly.

"Babe, don't fret." She told him. "I've wanted to try something different for a long time. It'll be fun, ok? Just promise you'll save your 'special stuff' for me, ok?"

"Promise. I love you Casey."

"Aw...I love you too Justin."

They kissed, but broke apart when they heard the door open. The women they had selected walked in wearing sheer negligees that seemed to pass as the uniform here. The blonde in black, the Asian girl in white. As Casey and Justin were already sitting on the lounge, the girls sat on the opposite side, stunning legs crossed demurely.

"Hi, I'm Alaska," the blonde began, "and this is Sia." She said, indicating her Asian companion.

"I'm Casey, and this is Justin." Casey completed the introductions.

"I'm told you two are partial to pot, so we brought some with us." Sia produced two joints, and lit the first one, inhaling deeply and holding her breath, before turning to Alaska and kissing her deeply, exhaling to fill her lungs with the sweet smoke. Beneath the bathrobe, Casey saw Justin become rigid. Taking the initiative, she moved to the other couch, took the joint and took a drag, sharing it with Sia when she was done. Justin moaned, seeing his girlfriend's glossy lips pressed against Sia's naturally dark lips turned him onto new heights.

Alaska moved beside him, and offered him the second joint. He felt a little guilty about sharing it with her, but watching Casey and Sia swap smoke, their tongues darting into each other's mouths made him forget any misgivings. Obviously his girlfriend wanted him to have fun. He pulled Alaska into his lap and shared the entire joint with her shiny red lips.

Casey meanwhile had finished her joint with Sia, and now the girls were kissing passionately. Sia's hands moved downward and she untied the tie on Casey's bathrobe, slipping the garment from her shoulders. Naked, but for her necklace, Casey shivered as the cold pricked up her pink nipples.

"Mmm..." Sia moaned, urging Casey onto her back on the leather couch, before pressing her own semi-naked form on top of her. Propped up on her elbows, Sia kissed Casey's mouth and neck, gliding her tongue over Casey's collarbones. Casey groaned in her drug-heightened pleasure, as Sia moved downwards, swirling her tongue over Casey's firm breasts before taking a stiff nipple in between her brown lips and biting gently. Casey yelped in pleasure.

Justin, hearing his girlfriend's cry, looked over to see if she was all right.

"Oh, God..." he uttered. He had never imagined that such a sight could turn him on so much. His girlfriend being pleasured by another beautiful woman. He imagined that he could feel real pleasure on his cock. Looking down, he realised it was not imaginary. Whilst he had been distracted, Alaska had moved his bathrobe to the sides, and was gently stroking his impressive length with her slender, red-manicured fingers.

"Mmm...Justin, your cock is so beautiful. May I taste it?" She asked sweetly. Seeing that Sia had discovered Casey's favourite pleasure - sucking one nipple whilst rubbing the other simultaneously, he figured it would be fine.

"Sure you can." He replied.

Alaska slid off the couch, kneeling in her black negligee in front of Justin. She licked her pouty lips, before sliding his stiff length all the way down her throat in one go. Justin gasped. He had known she was a professional but this was an incredible feat. His cock was a thick, eight-inch number and even Casey, experienced as she was, had to work it down gradually.

His moans caused Casey to glance over at her lover. She bristled with jealousy momentarily, until Sia moved up to her mouth again.

"You know,

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