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Second part of my story.

I stumbled back so I wouldn't be trampled by the madness, my heart beating a rapid tattoo in my throat.

As I gripped the doorway of the armory and watched the panic unfold, my mind was racing. I knew next to nothing about warfare, and this kind of battle action wasn't fought with guns or cannons or unmanned drones -- it was the muscle, sweat, and swords of men and women. It was the type of warfare that I had only seen in movies or read about in books. What the hell was I supposed to do when faced with a Raspan armed only with my will to live and a sword?

Making my decision, I gritted my jaw and searched for a spare sword, tucking it into my belt. I had a feeling I was going to need it.


Talon suddenly dropped down from the sky, his wings furling quickly as he landed. Already he had donned a metal chest plate, a roughly hashed metal helmet tucked under his arm. A long sword was strapped to his side next to his dagger, but other than that he had no other weapon apart from his claws.

"You have a sword?" he asked.

I wrapped my hand around the sheath, my heart beating even faster in my throat as I met his gaze. The hilt felt awkward in my palm, the weight at my side unnatural. I felt like I was pretending to be the part of lady knight and I knew I fell short of everyone's expectations, but I wasn't going to hide.

"Good," Talon told me, surveying the blade briefly before sliding it back in its sheath. "Remember to take their tails when you're finished with them, those are your war trophies. A clean cut to the neck or beneath the left front leg will put them down. And don't let them bite you -- your blood will have them swarming to you like flies."

I swallowed hard, surprise and relief and fear flooding through me.

"I've killed one before," I told him, sounding much braver than I felt. "I can do it again." Talon nodded, his jaw tightening as the air began to ring with the low bong of the warning bells, alerting everyone that the enemy was in sight of the walls.

"We need to move," he told me, turning around so we could follow the long stream of Lunar warriors and scouts who were headed towards the southern end of camp.
"Wait." Talon caught my elbow and turned me to him again, his tail snaking around my right ankle and squeezing tight. He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it a few moments later, swallowing whatever words he had been about to say. "You and I are to head the Raspans," he said finally. "We're in the forest."

I nodded in understanding and ran after him in the opposite direction of the crowd. As we passed through the camp, gradually the noise and presence of the Lunar faded. Soon all that could be heard were our footsteps and the distant clanging of the bells. An eerie feeling shot up my spine and my eyes went to the forest automatically.

Rows upon rows of red eyes greeted me, the Elites and their Guard prepared for battle. Silent and ominous, they stood in their half-human, half-Raspan forms, awaiting orders. Hoshkin stepped forward when we approached. Like the others, he wore no armor and bore no weapon. He didn't need to.

"Fuyher's army has split into two groups," he informed us. "One section of the force is coming here, around the back of camp. The main line is heading to the southern wall where the Lunar have control."

I swallowed hard at that news. We were the only ones standing between half of Fuyher's army and camp, where women and children and the old were hiding for safety. We had to make our stand here, and we had to make it count.

"How many?" Talon requested.

"Five hundred."

I eyed Talon quickly. We were outnumbered by two hundred. Our plan of attack had to be effective and our playing field was the forest, making the fighting in forcibly close quarters.

"We need to keep our line," Talon said finally, not showing that he was put off by the dire ratio.

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