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Alexander starts to draw her in.

I felt a vibrant sensation run through my body. Closing my eyes, I bit my lip, I placed my hand on yours as you moved it closer to my.

***Car brakes and stops**

The cab came to a stop and I snapped out of it. We both got out and walked up to the spinning doors, made our way to the elevators, I already had our suite key, we stopped to wait for one.

**Elevator door bings***

**Doors open**

We both step in, you leaned against the wall, I went to press the button for our floor, we were the only people inside. Right as the doors closed you reached out grabbed my hand and pulled me against you. My breast pushed up against your body. One of your hands on my ass, the other caressing my soft curly hair. Our faces inches from each other. You held me closer, gently placed your hand on the back of my neck and brought my lips to meet yours. You sensually kissed me, using your soft moist tongue to massage mine, it was hot and deep for a brief few seconds then.

***Elevator door bings***

***Door opens***

I pull away just as the doors open and we walked down the hall to our door. I swiped the key and we walked in. I proceed down the huge hall toward the bar by those balcony doors and stood there trying to compose myself before pouring us drinks and lighting up a joint. You made me feel so good, my body was on a wave of a wonderful sensation I cannot describe, the sexual tension between us was growing rapidly. I walked over and gave you the joint and your drink.

We sat, and talked, got to know more about each other. I blushed every other second from how attractive you are. That face full of hair and your incredibly sexy full lips. As you spoke to me I couldn't get that moment in the elevator out if my head. The more I listened and watched you intrigue me with your words, the more I kept re-imagining it. I craved you deep inside me.

You then got up and motioned me toward the bed. As you grabbed me by my lower back facing me. We walked to the bed together I slowly layed back as you gently layed on me again kissing me deeply, brushing my hair back, feeling you getting hard against me. You then lifted up to pull your shirt over your head and threw it onto the floor. I ran my hands up your chest, caressing your hairy, manly body.

You reached down began to rip my clothes off, exposing my breast that you gently groped with your soft hands, my nipples getting hard under your touch. You slowly pinched them and played with them with your fingers, I can feel myself getting wet. You then got up and began to pull your pants off exposing your hard, amazing looking cock. My mouth watered instantly. I scooted up and sat at the edge of the bed, grabbed your cock and licked the head slowly, in circles then gently sucked on it. My mouth so warm and moist, I sucked on it a little harder all while twirling my tongue around putting it further into my mouth looking up at you. You grabbed my hair moving it out of the way, as I completely devoured your delicious cock. I felt myself getting wetter, as I sucked up and down sensually tasting all of you I moaning quietly as I sucked a little longer.

I stopped for a breath and layed back on the bed, you than playfully pulled my pants off. You placed your hands on my thighs spreading my legs slowly. You got closer to me and used one hand to softly rub my wet, tingling clit. So slippery and warm you ran you finger up and down through my wet pussy, I arched a little gripping the sheets on my sides, moaning quietly in pleasure as you played with me. Slower then faster, in circles, while spreading my lips with your fingers. Then you used your other hand to run your cock on my already throbbing clit.

I moaned your name and begged for your penetration.

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