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Priestesses & farmers join sexual ceremony.

She cried out, "Oh fuck, yes."

Licking her cunt faster I could feel her whole body stiffen as I finger fucked her cunt and bowels. Pulling hard on my hair Jessica let out a shriek, obviously Cumming hard, as I glanced up momentarily asking, "So, I gather you like white boy loving?"

"Oh shut up and fuck me; get that hunk of white meat inside of my pussy, right now," she responded hoarsely and out of breath. First, I pulled the finger out of her ass and tasted her nasty bowels and knew I wanted more of that. Then, I popped the fingers from her cunt and quickly licked them clean as she spread her legs wider.

Without any hesitation I moved up her body and as I admired her smooth soft sexy milk chocolate skin yet again Jessica gave my cock one hell of a hard yank pulling it toward her hungry twat. As I pushed into her womanhood her cunt seemed to swallow my member up; sucking it right in. Then the skillful muscles of her cunt began milking my cock. Powerfully I stroked my tool in and out of her tight quarters.

Each of my thrusts was met with a counter thrust as well as the never ending contractions of her cunt against my probing prick. Her head was rolling from side to side as her fingers dug deeply into my ass. Every muscle in my body was straining and I could hardly breathe as we continued the pummeling. Harder and harder we worked on each other as the sound of skin smacking against skin filled the room as I uttered, "oh God, oh fuck Jessica, I'm going to cum."

"Not yet you bastard; you better bring me along with you, you son of a bitch." Her demand had the effect of exciting me so much that I shot a huge load of spunk deep into her tunnel. To my relief my cock didn't let me down staying stiff as a board and I didn't miss a beat as I slammed in and out of her now sloppy cunt.

I could feel my balls tighten again and spill more spunk into her as Jessica grabbed me extra hard while she let out a guttural growl as she came flooding my cock with her cum. All at once she let go of me and just laid there limply. So, gently I rolled off of her feeling serene about what we had just done and admiring the beauty of this sexy woman.

Just then my lover rolled over to her side showing me her big black ass. Remembering how good my finger had tasted after pulling it out of her rosebud I reached down to play with her rump. Swatting my hand away she scooted to the edge of the bed and bluntly told me, "We had better take you the rest of the way home."

"I guess so," I meekly answered already realizing that Jessica was a strong willed woman and didn't say what she didn't mean. Of course, I was hoping for another chance with this vivacious lover. Reaching into her dresser she pulled out a pair bright purple bikini panties that looked almost as sexy on her as the snow white ones had.

Struggling to my feet I began the process of finding my clothes and putting them on ending up in her living room putting back on my shirt. My eyes were glued on her though watching her slip back on her bra and blouse. Walking over to me she jabbed her tongue down my throat then told me, "You are a great fuck; I'll have to try Vanilla again sometime; you have a wonderfully nasty hunk of cock meat."

"Oh God Jessica, this is the first time I've ever tried chocolate and you are absolutely fucking amazing," I told her as I leaned in to kiss her again. I sucked her full bottom lip into my mouth and slid my tongue over the sensual skin. Finishing the kiss she looked out the window and noticed that it had been snowing again. Turning away before we got all heated up again Jessica handed me my coat and an ice scraper and we headed out to her car together. She opened the door and started the engine to let it warm up.

The two of us worked together cleaning the snow off the windows for nearly twenty minutes.

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