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Woman shopping finds two for one.

Tim enjoyed the view, as she sucked goo from her fingers.

"You look delicious."

Her smile was broad and chocolate framed. "Deeleeshush."

"You're irresistible," he said, moving close.

Encouraged by his advance, Eve closed the gap between them and looked up with expectant eyes.

"I think I like showing you the world, according to Tim." He wiped chocolate from her cheek and then sucked it off his finger. "Sloppiness becomes you. Let me get the rest." Holding her head between his palms, Tim bent to kiss away the sticky residue, while Eve's body melted against him. When the last bit was gone, his lips covered hers and received a passionate reward.

Touching foreheads, Tim whispered, "I don't think I want any smore of you. I think I want all of you." He removed the wilted flower from her hair.

Seeing its condition, Eve groaned with sadness. Gingerly, she reached out to pet it.

"I know. But another one will be back next spring. The root is still alive." Eve's sentimental reaction touched his heart, and gave him a twinge of compassion he'd only felt for her. "Let's clean up."

Once again, the sink was filled with hot, soapy water and a couple of dishes.

"Eve, it's you're turn to wash." He took her hands and helped get her started. After she was on her way, he stepped behind and massaged her shoulders.

She groaned and stopped working.

"Keep going. This is foreplay."

"Foreplay, yes," she whispered.

Pressing himself against her back, he brushed aside the mane of gold and teased her salty neck with his lips. Lifting the hem of her shirt, his hands snaked beneath and up her belly until they cradled the soft weight of her breasts. His fingertips orbited the nipples, toying with the sensitive launch buttons. Pushing his palms up to her clavicles, the bunched shirt popped over her breasts, and exposed them to his view as he kissed her cheek.

He hugged her tight, and whispered in her ear, "Eve, you are a beautiful woman. You've had the stars. I want to give you the world."

Time slowed. Seconds became minutes. Frequently, Eve would moan and lean back with a loss of self-control.

Whenever she stopped washing, he would stop caressing.

She tried another tactic, and splashed unproductively, in order to keep his delightful hands active.

"You can't trick me, Eve," he said, while his index fingers rested on her points of interest.

Wantonly, she wiggled her chest for friction, and demanded, "!"


She did, but slowed further and seemed reluctant to finish.

"I see what you're up to. You think the foreplay will stop when you're done. Well, in that case," Tim picked up the towel and began to dry a plate, "I'll stop now."

Eve pouted.

"You're almost done. Then more foreplay, yes?"

Her frown disappeared. "Foreplay, yes." The tee shirt stayed bunched high on her chest, as she washed the two remaining fondue forks. When they were dropped into the rack, she pulled the drain plug and pulled the towel from Tim's hand.

"Wait, I'm not finished."

Appearing angry, she wiped her hands and stepped toward Tim.

Mechanically, he stepped back. "What?"

Throwing the towel on the counter, she gripped her tee shirt and yanked it off. Her eyes became slits of aggression.

Tim laughed and ran for his life. The patter of dainty feet followed close behind. He didn't dare look. Once he made it to the porch, directional indecision gave Eve time to catch up. She barreled into his back and almost knocked him onto the smoldering grill. Kisses rained down on his shoulders. His arms were pinned to his sides by her embrace.

"You're a crazy woman!" he declared, dragging her clinging weight down the stairs. "I think we need to cool off."

With Eve trying to take him down like a lioness -- all maw and paws -- reaching the lake was harder than he would've imagined. By the time they stood by the shore, she had his shorts down to mid-thigh and her fist around his cock.

Holding his palm in front of her face, he yelled, "Timeout!"

Reluctantly, she

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