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You prepare for a heavenly night out.

I think it makes me look good. But I should change in case anyone were to recognize me."

"Indeed it does look good," thought Jamie. She nodded. "I think I am dressed ok for dinner. Let's go!" She was wearing a little red sundress with white flowers and little yellow stamens. She had a white handbag and white flats to match. The shoulder length auburn wig blew slightly in the wind. It was a rather convincing wig and Jamie had chosen it because it was her natural color.

"I just bought a new truck. Wanna take mine?" asked Matthew. He had been anxious to show it off to someone. It was a black F150 with a gray interior and a cd changer. He offered Jamie his arm with a grin. She swooned as she grasped it, hoping that what she felt was shared by her new companion. "Look, would you mind if we went somewhere out of the way? I don't want to look at anyone from basic. Eight weeks was plenty."

Jamie knew there was more to it. He did not want anyone in the military to call him out. She nodded. "I understand." She was getting suspicious though. By this time, she was sure that Matthew was gay.

They climbed into his truck "I am going to check into a room, you don't mind riding along do you?" Matthew asked.

"Not at all. As I recall I was supposed to be doing this too." Jaime replied.

"You know, it is funny. We all thought you just wanted out." began Matthew. "I never thought... you know. Look, you asked how I knew it was you. I know that must have been a surprise to you. Not many people would recognize you. I...well... I have a confession. I knew who you were so easily because I liked you. I have been interested in you since I first saw you. But you know how it is in the Army. I couldn't just come on to you. But seeing you tonight, well, I like the new you."

Jamie had no idea what to say. She sat there trying to sort out her emotions as the truck came to a stop in front of an out of the way hotel. It was nicer than most of the others in the area while being out of the way. It was the perfect place for Matthew to spend the week. "Let me run in and see if there are any rooms available."

After a few minutes, Matthew returned. "Ok, I got a room. Do you want to come in with me while I change?"

"Sure, I mean if you think it will be ok."

"Jamie it will be fine. None of the others will be out here. And there is only a small chance anyone would recognize you anyway."

Matthew had gotten a room on the first floor. He opened the door and clicked on the light, throwing his suitcase and duffel bag on the floor. He started to open the suitcase when Jamie stopped him. "Maybe dinner can wait," she cooed. Jamie looked into Matthew's eyes to see his reaction. Matthew stood up slowly. He placed one hand around Jamie's small waist and the other under her chin. He slowly lifted her chin, looked into her eyes and kissed her. She felt as though she were being swept away. Matthew felt himself getting hard almost immediately. It had been three months since he had sex. He move his hand around to the back of her neck as the kiss got more heated. Both felt the tension rising. Their bodies were responding to each other, and need took over.

Jamie suddenly broke the kiss, getting to her knees. She wasted no time unzipping Matthew's slacks. She smiled as she freed his elongated member from his boxers. He was a full seven inches with a wide girth. Her tongue traced circles around his circumcised head, teasing him. Matthew moaned in frustration. Her heart started to race as she heard the pleading tone of his moan. She quickly slipped her lips over his cock, bobbing back and forth as though she were an expert. She could feel the head of his throbbing member hitting the back of her throat. Matthew placed his hands on her head, exaggerating her movements.

Suddenly Matthew pulled Jamie back. "I will cum if you don't stop now. It has been awhile." Jamie nodded and stood up, but not before pausing to admire his glistening penis.

"I want you," she whispered.

Matthew led her to the bed, undressing as he went.

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