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Sarah's journey into submission.

After getting the items all set the owner leaves us. You're sitting on the sofa sipping your champagne when I ask if you're ready for me. You respond simply with Yes!

I start by teasing you showing my shoes and thigh highs on my right leg, bending it around the screen. Running a hand down to my knee and back up to hold the screen. I then come around halfway facing you. Using the screen like a stripper pole sliding down to straddle it.

Again you growl and shift your hardening cock. I ask you if you like my selection. Again one word Yes!

You can see on my face I'm turned on. Raking your eyes over my body and heating me up with your stare. I'm starting to throb between my legs.

You beckon me closer with your hand. I step right between your strong thighs. I'm looking shy because I know you love this look.

You run you fingers up the side of my legs to my waste then slide behind me over my firm ass. Gripping firmly causing me to step a little further into you. I slightly moan.

You move your hands up my ribs to right under my heavy breasts. This outfit allows you easy access to my nipples and you are aching to tug on the chain I've included without you knowing. Inching up slowly to my large nipples you pinch them hard and I twitch at the sensation this causes between my legs.

I'm dripping and you inch forward to smell and get a taste. I put my hands behind you head and scratch your scalp as you tug again. I lightly moan fuck.

You release the chain in you left hand and slide it down to the thong. You don't go for the waste, you go right for the thin material covering my clit. Running your thumb over and over causing me to shudder.

You slide your index finger over my slit since I'm now standing with my legs parted. You don't insert your finger into me put hook it around the material a pull down. This causes a rip sigh you want them off of me.

I moan oops we'll have to pay for those. You tell me baby I've bought everything in this room already. I'm stunned silent for a moment.

You tell me to turn around to really look at what's here. I see one thing I've been dying to try. We've talked about it before so you knew I'd love it.

I walk over to the wall where you had the owner hang the cuffs. I peak over my shoulder at you for approval. You nod and I attach the cuffs to me wrists.

Moving from the couch you remove your tie and cover my eyes with it. I hear you start to press some buttons and my arms rise above my head.

I couldn't get out even if I try. I'm so turned on my pussy juices are running down my legs. You run your left hand up the inside of my thigh to my slit. I toss my head back and push my ass toward you. You laugh and move behind me.

Sliding 2 fingers into my pussy as your right hand comes down hard on my ass. I jump not expecting that causing you to dig your fingers further up my dripping pussy. You tell me to relax.

You move your right hand around to my clit and press hard as you pull your left hand out slightly. Adding 2 more fingers to my pussy you pull in and rim my ass with your thumb. I cum so hard from this.

You don't let me catch my breath and move your left hand to my ass using my juices as lube. You push 2 fingers in and keep playing with my clit. I cum again immediately.

You wrap your left arm around my chest to hold me from falling as you release my wrist. You're kissing my shoulder whispering hot fucking hot that was. You carry me to the couch and place me on my back.

I'm spent so I don't notice you parting my legs to eat my pussy. I grab your hair to push you away so I can have a moment but you just keep going and I cum again on your face.

You tell me to catch my breath as you walk to the door. The owner appeared with a DVD. I ask what that is for. You say we've been caught and I blush.

You're a naughty man I say, you planned that. Can you blame me? No baby it was amazing.

You go to sit but I stop you. I grab the button on your jeans and rip it open and pull down your zipper. I have your cock out and in my hand so fast you just moan.

I start lick

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