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Lindsi angers Master of the house.

"Look at her!" Cherise squealed at Jane. "She loves the brown as much as we do!"

When I pulled away I couldn't help turning my face to a nearby mirror, amazed at the sight of my lover's shit smudged over my lips and cheeks and chin. That only urged me on, because now I lowered my face and took the dildo strapped to Cherise between my lips, wolfing away at the thick, brown- on-brown shaft.

"Go for it, white girl! You fuckin' kinky dyke! Suck that dick!" Cherise groaned, pressing my face against the huge rubber tool.

When I'd had my fill, I reached around and unstrapped the dildo, lifting it up to Cherise's face. She fucked Jane with it, now she was gonna get to suck it.

"Here, eat it, bitch!" I snarled, forcing the brown-streaked rubber cock between the gorgeous model's full lips as she sucked away voraciously.

Jane had sat up to stare at me feeding Cherise the dildo, but now I had something else in mind, so I tossed aside the dildo and told Jane to get back down on her knees and stick her ass out for us. Then Cherise and me got behind her.

"Yeah, spread em open!" Cherise hissed, as I reached for Jane's buttocks.

"Let's take a look back in there, shall we?" I said, spreading the cheeks wide apart. We stared into the exposed crack. Jane's asshole looked just like what you'd expect it to look like, like she'd just taken a shit and needed to be wiped clean. Not that I'd ever been this close to an unwiped asshole, staring right into the soiled brown crevice like I was doing now alongside Cherise.

"I want me some more of that now," Cherise said, looking straight into my eyes, smacking her lips.

Then Cherise dug right in with her tongue to lick some shit off Jane's asshole as I looked on in astonishment, my own face only inches from where Cherise was lapping away at Jane's fudge-packed crack.

Finally Cherise pulled her face away as I spread Jane's hole even further, the two of us just staring at the obscene sight of Jane's stretched sphincter, packed with shit.

"Care to dig in for another taste?" Cherise said to me.

"Shit, yeah!" I said as I brought my face between Jane's buns and licked away at the soiled crease.

"My turn now again," Cherise said, pushing my face away, hungry for some more. The bitch was insatiable!

So now as I kept holding Jane wide open down there, Cherise lapped away crazily at Jane's asshole, even curling up her tongue and sliding it inside and up Jane's anal passage, then pulling it out all brown. She was burrowing her tongue in there so insistently that when she pulled away there was shit on her cheeks and on her chin, not just her tongue.

"You look so fuckin' nasty!" I told Cherise, staring at her messy face.

"So do you... so do you..." she hissed, staring at my face as she brought her lips to mine, kissing me passionately, shit-covered lips pressing against each other, tongues darting into each others' hot, open mouths.

No longer feeling a tongue lapping away at her asshole, Jane turned around and joined the two of us, watching us kiss, watching us passionately press together lips stained and smudged with her own shit. Jane was panting with intense excitement as she watched the intimate and depraved spectacle.

"Let me have a taste too," Jane said, turning around now. "After all, that's my chocolate you bitches are lapping up!"

Jane brought her face close to ours as the three of us now kissed one another wildly, Jane greedy to lap up some of her own essence from our lips.

"Turn around, bitch, let's have some more chocolate," Cherise said, as Jane whipped around, eagerly reaching back to hold herself open.

"Let's dig a little deeper, shall we?" Cherise said, as she suddenly slid three fingers deep into Jane's rectum, scooping up some more 'fudge' and pulling it out on her fingertips.

"Here... fresh from the oven," Cherise said, showing off the shit to an amazed Jane, who just about shrieked, grabbing hold of Cherise's hand and drawing it to her own breasts.

"Rub it over my tits!" Jane begged, as Cherise obliged, spreading even more

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