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Daddy takes her virginity.

Her sex muscles massaged the two gold balls within her. Cold chills dotted her skin. Krasa smiled at the sensation. She also knew that keeping her commitment to Carl meant Carl would keep his commitment to her. By the end of the night, he would be hers.

Krasa walked to the kitchen to turn the coffee on before heading for the shower. She felt the first vibrations of the balls within her with every movement. "Mmmm," she moaned. "If the short walk to the kitchen felt like this, what would these balls do if she were on the treadmill?" she wondered. Her curiosity grew. She knew it would be hard to get everything done before Carl arrived, but she was also surprised by the stimulation of these two miracle balls.

Her curious pussy won the argument as she detoured from her way to the shower to the treadmill in the guestroom. "Just a short run," she told herself as a compromise. She stepped onto the machine and pushed the start button. The revolving rubber roadway beneath her bare feet began to move slowly. The golden balls rolled against one another and against the inside of her love box. She bravely took hold of the speed lever on the control panel and gradually pushed it half way up. Her feet moved to an easy jog. The balls jostled within her, working their magic. She took hold of the sidebars on the treadmill as she moaned from the growing pleasure. She looked up, continuing to moan while keeping pace. "Oh gawd," she said out loud. She felt a morning orgasm begin to rise within her. The treadmill was proving what she wondered, and she liked it. She looked back down at the control panel. The speed lever dared her to prove what the balls were capable of. She reached for the lever and pushed up. She felt the revolving rubber road beneath her speed up. The red numbers on the panel recorded her pace at almost seven miles per hour. "Oh Gawd!" she cried out. She was used to the pace of the run, she wasn't used to the erotic massage of the magic balls within her. "Oh fuck," she said out loud. The growing orgasm felt like a rising wave ready to break over her. The balls moved mercilessly within her. "Damn!" she shouted. Everything in her wanted to keep going. She knew an orgasm on the treadmill would probably throw her across the room. Her pussy begged for more. "Yes! Yes!" she said as the balls pounded her inner-walls toward the point of no return. She abruptly reached up and slammed the speed lever down, suddenly stopping the rubber road beneath her. She wrapped her arms around the control panel and hung on. The orgasmic climax screamed to be released. Her ass bucked as she held on to the control panel. Another few steps of her blissful run and she knew she and her cum would be spread across the room.

Krasa held on to the machine, drawing in deep breaths. Her heart rate and pussy worked to relax. "Shit!" she said impressed. "Time to hit the showers."

Krasa attacked the day strategically, checking off her preparations for her progressive party for two. She sped up and down the long aisles at the large grocery store, working to make up lost time. With each step, she felt the balls reasserting themselves within her. She grew addicted to the pleasure. The caged orgasm within her was desperate for release. She kept up her speed to get through the crowded store as quickly as possible. Her face grew more flushed with each long aisle. Her forehead and chest moistened with sweat and her nipples tightened to stand fully erect. She sped down the next aisle. Without notice, she felt the impending orgasm threaten to overtake her. Krasa suddenly stopped in the middle of the aisle. "Oh god, oh god," she said trying to catch her breath and hold the pleasure wave back. Mops and a "clean up on aisle twelve" announcement would be needed for the pool of cum she was ready to release.

"Are you OK dearie?" an older woman asked as she approached in front of her.

Krasa looked up surprised and a little embarrassed.

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