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Will he wake up while she touches him?

I loved my bikini because it was a little risqu__ and had an innocence to it with the pink color. Mom's was similar but it was basic boring white. Not surprised and I followed suit, mom's top came off. The two of us were lounging in skimpy bikini bottoms fully exposed to the Anderson's house.

As the sun started to disappear from the sky, mom called out that she was heading in for a shower. Before I knew what I was doing, I called out before she was in the house,

"Shall we save water and shower together?"

Unbelievably bold for me, but it was so easy to say. Mom grinned evilly at me as she toyed with me,

"Last one in has to make dinner."

Not that I minded making dinner, I just wanted to be playful and I rushed into the master bath and had my bikini off and in the shower before mom could beat me.

Time stood still as the two of us enjoyed the cascading warm water. Somewhere in the frozen time, mom got the soap and started to wash me very slowly.

"Staci, when was the first time you learned to play with your pussy?" She asked bluntly.

It wasn't a harsh question, it was actually sensual. Answering was no hesitation.

"I started about a year ago."

"Who taught you?" She said with her voice now getting a little hoarse, and excited.

"Kimba." I answered. "She told me all about this great experience and one night at her house she showed me. It was nothing at first, but when I got home that night, I tickle my kitty to a totally intense experience."

"Ah... You do it often." That was a statement, not a question. "I've seen you a few times, honey. And you are very animated."

My mom shocked me, but the look in her face told me that it was alright. Better than alright, it was really good.

Mom had turned me around to wash the front of me.

"So, you watch...often!?!" I chastised.

"I try to... you look so incredible when you cum that I have to work myself hard to meet that sensual experience you share."

Okay, I was very turned on. And by the looks at mom's breasts, she was extremely turned on. Now it was my turn to ask questions.

"When was your first experience? And with whom?" I queried.

Laughing a little, mom reared back, handed me the soap and answered. "Oh my... I was 14... and well, Laura gave me the experiences of a lifetime."

Gathering her thoughts while I was washing her pert breasts, she continued, "Laura and I were so close that we would sleep over each other's house all the time. I was a heavy sleeper and we shared the same bed. Well, one night I woke up to find my legs spread open, my panties pulled aside and Laura licking my kitty. It was nothing at first, but she seemed to enjoy it and I didn't mind, so I let her eat my pussy as she pleased. Truthfully, I think I was scared silly. A few nights later, she did it again and this time, I felt intense pleasure... I mean my whole body went numb as her tongue parted my kitty lips and licked away. Trying to feign sleep and enjoy the incredible sensation was difficult. But she was oblivious. Well, I loved this new feeling, so I made it super easy for her to do it. I didn't wear panties and I always parted my legs wide for her."

Now my mom was lost in passion as she continued her tale. I was on her back washing with one hand, while my other hand had parted my pussy lips.

"Each time she ate my pussy, I would cum harder and harder. It was so hard to feign the sleep. She must have gone down on me 20-30 times before I screwed up and told her that I really enjoyed it. She disappeared shortly after. I think she was too embarrassed to continue our friendship."

Mom was massaging her breasts freely in front of me as I finished washing her. My hand pulled away from my kitty and washed her ass.

Without any additional questions from me, my glossy-eyed mom continued.

"It wasn't till you were a few years old and your asshole of a dad was trying to fuck anything and everything that I got my real taste of sensual, sexual love from a woman.

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