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She even teased the waiter and her husband by leisurely shifting the baby from one breast to the other while she ordered her own desert then waited until he had left before she settled the depleted breasts back into it's bra cup.

When they finally got home, Jill's guilt about her recklessness enhanced her desire for her husband. She was more than receptive to Jack's overtures. She noticed that he was watching her intently as she stripped out of her church dress to stand before him in just her lacy bra and sheer pantyhose.

Jill was not surprised when Jack grabbed her to push her back on their bed. The precedent of their lovemaking on Friday night allowed her to thoroughly relax as he kissed and nibbled her sex through the semen stained fabric of her pantyhose. When her husband grabbed the waistband, she eagerly lifted her pelvis so that he could pull the garment down over her wide hips and well rounded butt. She waited with eager anticipation as he pulled her pantyhose down her thighs and calves then completely off. When his mouth returned to her semen tainted sex, she grabbed his hair to pull his head close as she savored the wantonness of serving him sloppy seconds again.

After seeing so many incriminating dots in recent months that had belatedly confirmed his suspicions, Jack was acutely aware on a conscious as well as a subconscious level of the nuances of Jill's aroma and flavor. He had no doubt that when, or perhaps if, she texted him the next update from her ovulation tracking app, there would be incriminating dots that coincided with the most recent Thursday night and Friday morning. Would one or both of the incriminating dots be darkly shaded to confirm that his wife had been inseminated by another man? Had her insemination been intentional or the result of her becoming overwhelmed by lust? Had Jill's insemination been involuntary? Had her paramour restrained her as he ignored her pleas to restrain himself by forcibly flooding her womb with his sperm? Jack would not want his wife to be injured, but the idea that her paramour had forcibly inseminated her made her apparent recklessness more forgivable.

Jill savored the sensation of Jack's lips and tongue pleasuring her adulterous sex. The knowledge that lingering traces of her paramour's semen had been seeping from her vagina all morning enhanced the eroticism. It was not long before she climaxed but Jack was determined to prolong her pleasure. When her orgasms finally subsided, she felt him kissing his way up her belly to suck on her breasts through her lacy bra. The sensation of his erection pressing between her thighs revealed his hopes. She was not surprised to feel Jack tentatively position himself between her thighs and his penis nuzzling her sex when he moved higher to kiss her.

Jill giggled as she reached down to fend off Jack's probing penis then glanced at her cell phone on her nightstand to draw his attention to the wheel shaped screen widget for her ovulation tracking app. The app asserted that they shouldn't risk having sex because she was four days into the fertile phase of her cycle. "We shouldn't risk it again," she warned.

"Please," her husband pleaded. "It's Father's Day. I promise that I'll be extra careful."

Jill giggled coquettishly then said, "I'm still breastfeeding, so I guess we could risk it, but only if the idea of my may be becoming pregnant turns you on."

Jack answered his wife by eagerly plunging his penis into her sex. After giving birth repeatedly, she was able to accept his entire, unimpressive length with a single stroke. Given his arousal, it was difficult to restrain himself. The knowledge that his wife had strayed once again provoked a primal desire to reclaim her love by bringing her to climax with his penis. Unfortunately; it was becoming obvious that he would fail once again.

Sensing her husband's struggle and turmoil Jill whispered, "I love you and I know that you love me.. Don't worry about me. Just relax and enjoy yourself."

Jack abandoned his efforts to restrain himself.

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