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A sibling road trip heats up in a hotel.

Here I was with my head no more than five feet away from my mother-in-laws cunt staring straight at it and with only a thin veil of bikini fabric wrapped tightly about it. My cock was now firm and I had to shuffle about to get it to a comfortable position. I was now beginning to worry about what would happen if Yvonne came back out, or worse, if I had to get up as my aroused state would be obvious for all to see. I forced myself to shut my eyes and turned my head to face the other way. After a few minutes my problem receded a bit and I heard some more movement from Ellen's position so I turned back towards her. What had happened however was that she had now pulled her knees up and spread her legs so I now had an unfettered view of her crotch from where her buttocks pressed the ground up to the prominent curving mound of her cunt. My cock sprang to attention as I realised that to give that smooth a profile beneath the sheer bikini bottoms she must be either shaven or very lightly haired. I tried but I could not wrest my gaze away from her. I was lying there in shock.

Was she deliberately teasing me...? Or was she just making herself comfortable as she dozed in the sun?

I had now way of knowing. After a couple of minutes trying to soak up the sight and embed it in my memory I realised I it could not go on, so I started to get up to make a rapid journey to the safety of the toilet to recover. However as I was halfway up Ellen lifted her head and looking at me said, "be an angel Kelvin and bring me out a drink, there's Coke in the fridge." I don't know if she saw the prominence in my shorts but I thought I saw a smile playing around her lips as she lowered her head to the grass.

I mumbled my consent and beat a hasty retreat to the house. As I stood behind the locked door of the bathroom I could not stop myself from freeing my rigid cock and beginning to stroke it as I imagined the soft wet cunt and tight wrinkled arsehole that nestled below the thin band of material I had so recently been gazing at. I was just getting into my stroke when I heard movement in the rest of the house and realised this was not the time or the place to be jerking off. As I was willing my stiffness away Yvonne knocked gently on the door and asked if it was OK for her and her dad to nip into town to the shops. I said, "sure" and she said they would be back in an hour or two.

I heard the door shut as I emerged, deflated (literally) from the bathroom and made my way to the kitchen. Through the kitchen window I could see Ellen in the same pose and I tried not to look as I poured some coke into a glass of ice for her. My willpower failed, however, as I stepped out the door, and as I walked towards her I could not stop myself glancing between her spread thighs. In response I again felt the thickening of my member which I tried to conceal by holding the glass in both hands in front of it. Just before I reached her side and after a particularly long glance at her cunt, I look up at her to find her looking straight at me...!

Rather than wilting through embarrassment though, the idea that my mother-in-law knew I had been staring at her cunt, excited me tremendously and my penis jerked up to full size instantly as I arrived at her side.

She was now looking straight up at me past what was unmistakably an erect penis.

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