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Mac gets a personal and intimate look at Delilah's shoeplay.

She tortured me slowly up and down, smiling warmly into my eyes while nibbling on my inner thighs.

"Oooff." I exhaled as Gina suddenly took me deeply into her throat without warning. Just as suddenly she pulled off with an audible pop and started jerking me slowly with her left hand. Her right hand went to her mouth; she sensuously sucked on her index and middle fingers. Gina smiled deviously. I was momentarily powerless before her. She knew she could do anything with me she desired.

"Hold your legs back," she instructed, "I've always wanted to do this."

"No," I pled despite myself. I knew what Gina wanted to do. She wanted to dig for gold with the fingers she kept wetting.

"Yes," she replied firmly, then proceeded to plunge her scalding mouth back down my full length, stoking me with lips and tongue, reminding me precisely who was in charge here. She pushed each leg back and moved my hands to hold behind my knees. She started rubbing those two moistened fingers on my anus while she monitored the progress of my erection with hollowed cheeks. Gina's eyes never left mine. After she satisfied herself with my acquiescence she replaced her mouth on my cock with her wondrous left hand, spit on her fingers, and applied the saliva liberally to my rosebud.

"Just lay back and enjoy this," Gina assured me, "I want to taste you."

I was enjoying it, and if the mounting intensity of my responses was any indication, I would soon be able to satisfy her aggressive hunger. She certainly seemed to have things under control. She kept my shaft occupied with left hand, but focused her attention on relaxing my sphincter muscles with her fingertips, spitting on the opening, providing more liquid willingness.

"Are you okay?" Gina asked, working one manicured finger two knuckles deep.

"Ungh-huh" I groaned, trying to sound encouraging. Her left hand was magic. Never enough stimulation to get close, always enough to keep me fully erect. Hell, I thought, I may never have been this erect in my life. She nuzzled my balls with her nose and lips while she slipped the second finger into my hole.

"Ouch!" I complained.

"Sorry," Gina responded, then backed off a little with both her fingers, and started jerking me again slowly, as if to say she truly was sorry. She didn't take the second finger out, I noticed, but started a slow rhythm of her fist up and down the base of my cock while fucking my ass lightly with her fingers. She spit again. As her fingers worked their way deeper, she used her thumb to massage my peritoneum. I gulped. I don't know where an eighteen year-old girl learned any of this, I thought, but I was going nuts under her ministrations. It was so good.

"It's good." I managed. Gina's eyes met mine again; she sank her mouth around my cock, and increased her pace every so slightly. I could feel my orgasm building way back deep in my balls, even at her fingertips. She could feel it too, I was certain. Her middle finger had found something inside me. I shuddered. My eyes confirmed her discovery. She picked up the tempo, both with her fingers and with her full lips.

"Soon," I whimpered. My assailant heard me, because she started sucking me more deeply on each stroke, going all the way down each time, and giving the big suck on the way back. She couldn't maintain the earlier pace, but she got me ready to explode with vacuum-like pulls. Gina's nostrils flared as she glanced back up; my eyes thanked hers, then I thrust my head back into the soft pillow and groaned, "Nowwww!"

My orgasm began as a wave in the small of my back.

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