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When she smiled viciously at him, her face wrinkled slightly.

She then stroke him again with her left hand, while she unbuttoned her blouse with her other hand. She squeezed her tits out of her beige bra. Her breasts were droopy and sagging, but full and rounded around her big dark nipples, surrounded by large aureoles. She cupped the pendulous flesh with both hands, pinching her own nipples and bringing them to her mouth, teasing them with the tip of her tongue. She moved closer to him and sandwiched his cock between her breasts, stroking it harder.

"Do you like them?" she asked, teasingly. "I know how you've been eyeing them since the day we met."

"God, yes," he moaned.

"Are you hard enough to fuck me now?"

Alice and I were breathing heavily. I was utterly aroused, so was Alice, undoubtedly. Seeing our mother sucking cock and using such foul language was beyond our wildest imagination. We watched as Diane stood up and removed her bra and blouse. She then unhooked her skirt and let it drop to her ankles.

She looked at Tom and smiled. She was wearing a pair of purple cotton panties. We could see her pubic hairs all around her underwear, creeping almost up to her belly. We never imagined our mother was so hairy. She slowly pulled the panties down to her ankles, and stood there before Tom in her nakedness. Her figure was quite good for a woman her age. She was skinny and slim, and slightly wrinkled. Her pussy was covered by a dark dense bush.

She stepped out of her shoes and the pile around her ankles, and moved to the bed, where Tom was also removing his clothes. She stood in front of him, allowing him a closer look at her pussy.

"I'm sorry I didn't shave. I couldn't know we would be doing this."

"It's ok, I love your hairy pussy."

"How is your wife's?" she asked, competitively.

"She trims, but I love yours better. Charlotte never allows me to go down on her."

"That condescending bitch. Come, eat me. Eat all you want. Look how wet my pussy is for you."

Diane spread her legs slightly, allowing Tom to bury his face between her legs and eat her. She grabbed his head by the hair and pulled his face harder on her, suffocating him on her wet hairy pussy, till she cummed on his face, moaning loudly.

Our mother then hugged Tom, pressing his face on her breasts, leaning on him, slowly pushing him down on the bed on his back. She grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it roughly on her pussy, pressing it inside her hairy vagina. Her face contorted with a mixture of pain and pleasure as he penetrated her. She started moving her hips, riding him slowly at first, before picking the pace and going faster.

She leaned backwards, holding on to his knees, and spreading herself widely in front of him. We watched as his cock went in and out of our mother's hairy vagina. We could see her protruding dark pussy lips stretch each time his cock went in and her pink swollen clitoris dripping with pre-cum and saliva.

"Do you like my cock inside you?" he asked.

"Oh yes, my old pussy was dying for a cock," she replied between her soft moans. "Does your wife ever fuck you like this?" She began moving her hips frantically, showing him how expertly she could ride him.

"No. No one fucks like you. I knew you were such a horny slut the moment I saw you."

"Do you know what else this horny slut wants?"

"You tell me."

"I wanna you to take me up the ass" Diane replied, biting her lips.

We saw our mother getting up from over him and kneeling on the edge on the bed on all fours. From our position, we could see her face directly. Tom placed himself behind her and stuck a finger in her arse. He then spat on it, and began rubbing his cock over her asshole. In one deep thrust, he sodomised her. We could see our mother's facial expressing twist over the pain. She made an odd coarse sound, moaning like a wounded animal.

After a few deep thrusts, Tom grabbed her by the ass cheeks and began fucking her ass rhythmically.

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