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Going back to the party of cops.

"Mark my words, young lady. You will respect your mother." she sat down, hauling her daughter down over her lap in one swift motion.

Bree landed on her stomach over her mother's thighs with a grunt. "Shit, Mom! What the fuck!"

Lilian quickly pulled her daughter's skirt up over her ass and yanked her panties down to her knees. "You've misbehaved, young lady, and now you need to be punished!" She brought her open palm down hard on Bree's upturned ass cheek.

"Ow!! Mom!!" Bree struggled to pull away, but Lilian grabbed her by the hair and pulled hard, holding her in place. Tears streamed down the younger girl's face as she got another hard smack from her mother.

As the older woman spanked her soundly, Bree eventually stopped struggling against her, submitting to her punishment. Her ass was bright red, but her mother refused to relent.

As Lilian continued, Bree's pussy started to get wet. The slaps hurt, but they also aroused the young girl in some twisted way. She thought to herself it might have something to do with the fantasies she and her sister had been indulging in...

Eventually, she started to moan with each smack. When Lilian realized what was happening, she was horrified. "Are you moaning?!?" she exclaimed. "Is this... is this turning you..." she slid her hand between Bree's thighs, feeling her sopping pussy. "It IS turning you on! Oh, you filthy little slut!"

Her mother sounded revolted, but she kept her fingers pressed against her daughter's pussy. The contact drove Bree crazy, and she started to rock her hips back against the older woman's touch.

Lilian's cheeks flushed as she watched her daughter wriggle sexily on her lap. Her own cunt began to get hot. She tried to stop herself, but her fingers began to rub gently against Bree's slippery pussy folds.

"Mmmm... Mommy..." Bree groaned.

Lilian felt sick, but her heart was pounding. Her daughter's voice rang in her ears, and her body burned with an uncontrollable, wicked desire. She pumped her fingers harder, rubbing Bree with increasing purpose. She could hear the squelching noises her fingers were creating, and it made her pussy drool.

"Right there, Mommy... Touch me just like that! I'm so close!" Bree groaned.

Lilian pushed her fingers inside Bree's pussy, thrusting them back and forth with increasing force. Her daughter was bouncing on her lap now, her hips slapping back against her invading hand.

"Take... take your punishment, Sweetie. That's a good girl, now." she stammered.

"Oh God... Yes, Mommy! I've been such a bad girl..." Bree groaned. She was surprised when she felt her mother's free hand come crashing down on her ass yet again. The combination of pain and pleasure sent a wicked thrill through her body.

Lilian twisted her fingers in and out of her daughter's eager pussy. Her eyes were staring between the girl's thighs, watching intently as her wet cunt lips stretched and gripped her pumping digits. She bit her lip, stifling a horny groan. 'I can't be doing this.' she thought to herself. 'She's my daughter... my little girl...'

With each pang of guilt she felt, she brought her hand down on her daughter's ass again. The harsh punishment made part of her feel less disgusted with the way she was behaving. 'I'm just disciplining her...' she convinced herself. 'It's not my fault she's a horny little whore...'

Bree was lost in a fog of arousal, writhing desperately on her mother's lap. Her ass jutted out lewdly in her mom's face, and she worked her pussy frantically against the older woman's hand.

"I'm going to cum, Mommy... You're... you're going to make your dirty little girl cum!" she whimpered. Her words sent a horrifying thrill through Lilian's body.

Bree suddenly threw her head back, her hair whipping against her mother's face. She cried out as her body trembled in orgasm. Lilian could feel the girl's juices shoot out over her hand.

"Mmmm... So good... So good, Mommy!" Bree groaned. Her hips continued to gyrate on Lilian's thrusting fingers.

Slowly, Bree eased herself off

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