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Wife gets angry when they walk in on the babysitter.

"You look lovely tonight," Frank said. He closed the door.

"Let's keep the door open," Jen said with a laugh. "We can't be seen alone together."

"Do you really care what others think?"

"Frank, Mike is here," Jen said.

"He knows," Frank said pointing out the obvious.

"Of course he knows," Jen said. "But if people are whispering he'll be uncomfortable."

"He probably likes that," Frank said with a grin. "This looks delicious," he said running his hand over Jen's stomach and feeling the belly ring.

"You can see it?" Jen asked.

"If you look closely," Frank said, his eyes on Jen's stomach. The diamond of the belly ring dented her dress slightly.

"You like that?" Jen said giving him a smile.

"Yes I do," Frank said, excitement on his face. Jen realized Frank was turned on knowing she wore the belly ring under her dress. It was like when Mike saw the bump of a garter belt; it drove him crazy knowing she wore stockings under her dress.

"Thanks for dressing for me," Frank said touching her bare leg.

"I didn't dress for you," Jen said with a laugh.

"You know I prefer bare legs," Frank pointed out.

"Mike told me not to wear stockings," Jen said.

"So your husband wants you to dress for me," Frank said. "That doesn't surprise me."

Jen gave Frank a look, as if processing his words. "We've got to get to the fund raiser," she said.

"Wait," Frank said, putting his hand on Jen's stomach again (this time to stop her from walking out the room). "We need to talk. The three of us. Tonight."

Jen looked at Frank again. "I'll ask Mike."

Later, Jen pulled Mike aside and whispered "Frank wants to meet. He wants to talk about something."


"I don't know," Jen said. "Honey, can I asked you something? When you told me not to wear stockings. Is it because you want to tease Frank? Or because you think I should dress how Frank wants?"

Mike thought about it a moment. "Does it matter?"

"It matters to me," Jen said.


"Just tell me," Jen said with a laugh.

Mike thought about it. "I guess, I want you to get him hot. But it turns me on you're dressing the way Frank wants."

"But, you love when I wear stockings," Jen said, wanting to explore Mike's thinking. "So if I'm dressing for Frank, I'm not dressing for you."

"Yeah but ..."

"I think that's hot," Jen said, excitement on her face. "Frank's making you do things. He's got you telling me to dress for him and not you."

"You think that's hot?" Mike asked.

"A dominate man making us do things," Jen said nodding her head. She looked excited, the beginnings of a cum face.

"Why do you want another man controlling me?" Mike asked.

"I want him to control both of us," Jen said.

Mike nodded, not really understanding why this turned Jen on so much. She had sub fantasies. Why did that include him? But she probably didn't fully understand his desires. At least her fantasies included him and not just her well hung lovers.

Seeing the frown on her husband's face, she squeezed his arm and said "It's just a game honey." They were silent for a few moments, as if studying each other. Then Jen said "So should we meet with Frank tonight?"

"Yeah, let's meet him," Mike said. "At our place."

"Mike, baby, if we meet him at home you know what will happen," Jen said.

"Yeah, I want it to happen," Mike said, squeezing Jen's hand and giving her a kiss that looked more innocent (because of the people around them) than it really was.

After the fundraiser, Mike and Jen rushed home. They checked on Anna at their loft apartment. Their baby was sound asleep. Mike got Maggie (their babysitter) a taxi home. Frank arrived a few minutes later.

Mike pour drinks, a Highland Park scotch for himself and an AsomBroso tequila for Frank. "What do you want?" Mike asked Jen. There were alone in the kitchen.

After a moment's hesitation, Jen said "I'll have a little scotch baby."

"Jen, you don't have to drink scotch just because I'm drinking scotch," Mike said. "If you want tequila just say that."

"I actually don't want anything," Jen said trying to be dipl

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