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Grandfather and teacher find a completely new diversion.

"How's that?"

"Beautiful." I told her, gazing into the mirror where her fingers were now resting on her widely opened pussy.

She began to play again, her two fingers copying the circular movement that I was using on the tip of my clit. It did look good. Looking down I could see the top of her hand and her fingers moving, but when I looked across into the mirror I could see just what those fingers were doing. I'd loved to have been a little closer to see in more detail, but then I wouldn't also have been able to see my own fingers at work on my own clit, and it was seeing us both at the same time that made it so exciting. I knew just the sensations that Hayley was feeling, because that's what I felt as well.

I think I could have gone on like that all day, just rubbing softly at the tip of my clit, with Hayley beside me doing just the same, and both of us making the occasional little pleasure sounds in our throats. But I could feel my enjoyment getting stronger as I became gradually more aroused.

"I am going to be able to cum again." I whispered, confirming my prediction..

"So am I, but not yet."

We sprawled on the bed side by side, half sitting and half lying with our backs against the headboard, my arm draped around her, her head against my shoulder and her free arm down between us, her hand absently stroking my hip. It was a lovely comfortable position from which to watch each other, and we just quietly and lazily played with ourselves, letting our excitement return little by little.

I looked where Hayley's fingers were working, seeing her stroke her clit for a few seconds and then slide her hand along the length of her shaven pussy, the two longest fingers inside her outer lips, so that her slit was pushed open by her descending fingers and I could see that both were shining slick and wet from her juices.

I looked quickly from hers to mine, to see if Hayley could tell that my pussy was also swollen and wet. I looked as sexy as she did and I could even see my clit standing proud and hard as my fingertips roamed over it. Now I let my fingers work their way along my cleft until they reached my vagina and hovered uncertainly at the entrance.

"Go on, do it." Her tight little voice whispered urgently.

She was watching me intently, waiting for me to push a finger up inside me so that she could see me fingering myself. I did it, letting my two fingers sink into my passage and groaning contentedly as I watched them disappear inside me, hoping that Hayley would follow my lead this time so that I could watch her as well.

"Now you." I prompted her.

She let out a sexy little sigh and slid her middle fingers down until they found her entrance and slipped easily inside.

"Like that?" She asked.

I looked at her pussy as her fingers began to slide in and out of her vagina, pushing in as deeply as she could reach.

"Yes, just like that. As far up as you can."

I was doing exactly the same, pulling my fingers out until only the very tip remained inside me and then pushing them steadily back in, not fast, but slowly and forcefully, until I couldn't go in any deeper. My eyes were drawn from one pussy to the other as we played, watching what we were doing. It looked fantastically erotic and I could hear sexy wet sounds coming from both of us as we unhurriedly finger-fucked our own pussies.

I glanced up at Hayley's face, wondering if she was watching us play, but she was gazing at my face, watching to see where I was looking. I smiled across at her reflection, wanting her to know how much I was enjoying seeing her.

"I think I might grow my pubes back." She announced suddenly. "You look so damn sexy with a natural bush."

"No, don't!" I exclaimed. "Yours looks so nice I was thinking of shaving mine."

"Why?" She asked, surprised.

I took my hand away to let her see me more clearly.

"Because I look like a rabbit hole in a briar patch and you look so fucking cute, so sexy and smooth."

Hayley giggled at my description and then, looking intently into m

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