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Lucky breaks in her yellow pumps.

I squirmed against her, trying to find a pleasurable resistance.

"Take it, you little slut." She grasped my hair in her hand and pulled roughly. My eyes closed in ecstasy. "My pretty little girl." She groaned out my name, and I could tell she was close to orgasm from watching me writhe beneath her. I whimpered at the friction her hips made against my bare ass.

"Mistress," I moaned out. "Mistress, I'm gonna cum."

"Cum for me, slutty girl," she crooned, yanking my hair toward her. Her pumping became faster and I heard her moan out. "Cum for Mistress, sweetie."

I screamed her name as I released myself for the second time that day. She continued to hump me vigorously.

"You've already been fucked here, haven't you?" she asked suddenly. I tried to answer, but the force of her fucking destroyed my voice. "Haven't you, you little slut?" Again, I choked, but couldn't answer.

She forced her cock as deep as she could and reached around to grab my breasts. I gasped in pain and she squeezed them roughly. "Haven't you, slut?!" She cried out in anger.

"Yes," I gasped out.

"Mama's disappointed in you," she murmured in my ear, thrusting her hips forward sharply. I moaned in pain more than pleasure.

She squeezed my breasts once before letting go. "Oh but I bet I know somewhere my baby hasn't been fucked yet." She used her thumb to trace my anus. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass."

I whimpered in fear. "Mis..." I stopped mid-protest, knowing I would only make it worse for myself. I pulled my lip between my teeth.

"Oh don't worry," she cooed as she pulled out from my cunt. I felt the tip of the cock graze my anus, coated with my fresh juices. "Mistress will punish you, baby. You'll like it."

She thrust the cock forward. My muscles gripped in pain as she entered my ass. I cried out, releasing my trapped lip. Her nails dug into my sides as she pulled back and forth, fucking me vigorously.

The pain faded into pleasure as my muscles loosened for her. I moaned and rolled my hips back, urging her on. She laughed. "See, pet? You want my cock in your ass."

Her humping sped up, her hips slamming into my ass cheeks with every thrust. My pleasured squeals came out in rhythm with her movements and she moaned out my name. I came again, moaning out how much I loved her cock in me. I heard her groan softly, and knew my words had brought her over the edge again.

Her humping didn't ease up until I heard her gasp out my name between ragged pants.

She pulled out of me, and despite my recent orgasm, I felt abandoned from the retreat. I whimpered softly. "Mistress..."

I felt her pull my hair again, yanking my arms away from the table. My muscles ached from holding myself still for so long. Before I could react, she perched herself on the edge of the table, her legs wide open and hanging over the side. The plastic dick was wet from my juices.

My head still in her hands, she pushed my mouth against the cock. "Suck it. Baby, suck mama's cock."

I obediently wrapped my mouth around the dick and bobbed my head up and down on it. I could taste myself on it, and I felt wetness spread to my cunt again. It's tip brush the back of my throat, but she kept pushing my head down farther, her fingernails digging into my scalp. I groaned, but took it all. My entire mind was focused on not gagging.

She moaned. "Ooooh, baby you're good. You've got me all turned on again. Don't stop now." Her other hand dipped below the strap of the cock and she plunged a finger into her own pussy, moaning my name softly. Her hips bucked, fucking my mouth.

I grabbed her thighs for support as I continued to mouth-fuck the cock, her fingers kneading the back of my neck now.

"Oh, honey... ooooh," she shuddered as she came over her fingers. She pulled my head away from the cock, and eased her wet fingers into my mouth. I licked them eagerly, dipping my tongue between their softness.

"Do I taste good, baby?" I gasped out a yes against her fingers as they stroked my lips.

She smiled secretively.

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