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Leather, electricity, Hannah tightens the screw...

Amanda loosened her grip on Aaron as she quivered from the pleasure, she felt the burning edge of her orgasm closing in on her. Aaron surprised her and threw her on her back and began thrusting into her furiously, with a loud shriek Amanda came as the fiery torrents of pleasure washed over her.

Aaron roared out in pleasure as he rammed himself into Amanda, her overwhelming tightness clamping over him. Amanda claimed his mouth in a fiery sucking kiss and he shouted in pleasure and erupted inside of her, he moaned out long and deep as he pumped his hot fluid inside of her. They laid together up against the tree their sweaty bodies intimately touching.

"Wow that was so amazing Amanda," said Aaron when he was able to catch his breath.

"Thanks, you were so amazing as well Aaron. Pity we don't have the strength for a second round," breathed out Amanda.

Aaron kissed her and pulled her into a hug "We need to clean this mud off before we go back to camp, it would look really suspicious," said Aaron.

"I know, I hope we can do this again sometime Aaron," said Amanda.

"Me too," said Aaron.

Chapter 2

"Courtney! Its great to see you again," said Amanda after they left the reunion stage.

"Yeah, it's great to see you too. Still a little bummed that I missed out by one vote!" exclaimed Courtney.

"I know, that sucks but at least you still have second place," said Amanda

"So have you talked with Aaron at all?" asked Courtney.

"No, I haven't I want to though," said Amanda.

"Well here's your chance, he's coming now," said Courtney.

"Hey Amanda," said Aaron, he smiled sexily as he approached her.

"Hey Aaron," said Amanda.

"Do you want to go get a drink?" asked Aaron.

"Yeah sure, that would be great." said Amanda, "Bye Courtney, I'll give you a call when I get home,"

"Goodbye Amanda, have fun," said Courtney.


After having drinks at a nearby bar, the sexual tension between them began escalating rapidly.

Amanda placed her hand on Aaron's leg and asked huskily "Do you want to go back to the hotel?"

"Sure," murmured Aaron sexily.

After entering the elevator, Amanda pulled Aaron against the wall and kissed him hard. Thrusting her tongue down his throat and ground her crotch against his, she moaned when she felt him harden against her. Aaron gripped her shoulders and pushed her against the wall, he kissed her hard and passionately, his hands massaging her breasts. They were interrupted by the soft ping of the elevator as it opened on their floor.

"You first," said Aaron as he pushed her out of the elevator leading her towards his room.

Amanda wrapped her arms around his chest as he opened the door to the room, massaging his chest through his shirt. When he got the door opened, then pushed it shut once they were inside.

Amanda unbuttoned his jacket and pushed it off, she then shoved him against the wall and plunged her tongue down his throat. She rubbed his chest through his shirt, making him moan softly as she brushed his hardened nipples. He brought his hands up and grabbed her breasts through the thicker material of her sweater, he massaged them slowly, making her moan while she continued to massage his chest.

They continued to kiss hungrily as they groped and massaged each other bodies, Amanda slipped away from his mouth and dug her teeth into his neck gently and scraped her teeth along his neck. He shuddered at the sensation, his hands dropped away from her body as she began to very slowly unbutton his shirt.

He groaned as Amanda licked and bit at the skin she was slowly beginning to uncover. After she had unbuttoned his shirt, she pulled it out of his pants and pushed it off him. Aaron moaned deeply as she began teasing his hard nipples with her tongue. She trailed her fingers down his chest and traced over his abs before pulling at his belt.

Aaron pulled her hands away and pushed her against the bed, he slowly began pulling up her sweater licking and biting the exposed skin as he slowly raised her sweater over her head.

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