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Her boyfriend hates her flirting ways.

Standing at well over six feet, he was one of the most gorgeous men I had ever encountered. In a small way he reminded me of my Army Recruiter, the man who induced me into joining the United States Army and then spent one whole day eating my pussy as it had never been eaten.

This man had removed his shirt and his hard body perspired in the hot sun. He looked at me with the most intense green eyes. From the look of his slab of shoulder, well defined pecks and leathery tan he spent a good deal of time in the outdoors.

"Sorry but I couldn't help myself," he said through teeth the color of snow on an Alpine peak.

"Um, yeah," I said stupidly.

"I just couldn't take it anymore. I have been watching you since you came out of the house. You almost caught me when you looked around but I managed to duck down behind the fence before you saw me. When you started playing with yourself, I started playing with myself." he said.

I noticed his unzipped jeans. Through the crack made by the opened teeth of the zipper I saw the helmet of his hard cock trying to work its way from the opening in his pants.

"When you fell asleep I couldn't help but wonder if your pussy tasted as good as it looked. When you nodded off I managed to get over your fence without waking you," he said.

I was sitting naked on the beach chaise with a naked stranger standing over top of me. Thirty seconds earlier his mouth was dining on my pussy. Talk about bizarre. Truly bizarre.

"Who are you?" I asked. I tried to pull some of the pelican towel around my nakedness but didn't accomplish much.
"I work for your neighbors, the O'Briens. I'm a gardener slash landscape architect. He removed a white business card from left pocket on his ass. I usually do their yard on Tuesdays, but if you are going to be doing this on Wednesdays, I am going to change my routine," he said with a thousand watt smile just as captivating as Burt Lancaster's.

I felt my stomach flutter as he handed me his business card. It showed garden implements, his home and work numbers and his name: Joseph Prueuer.

"I am sorry I scared you, but I am glad I got a chance to eat you though. You taste fantastic and if I may say so your body is fantastic. You aren't going to yell rape or call the cops are you?" he asked.

His cock had made definite progress in escaping from the confines of his pants.

"My name is Joe," he said.

"I'm Samantha," I said.

Despite this bizarre situation, I was getting excited. How often I had fantasized about just this sort of thing: Being fucked in the outdoors by a tall, dark stranger with a monster of a cock.

I began to rationalize. My husband and I had not fucked in months. My lover was locked for the next three months inside a submerged submarine somewhere in the western Pacific.

While these thoughts bounced around inside my mind Joe, the gardener slash landscape architect started running his hand across my inner thigh.

"Would you like me to finish what I started?" Joe asked. A grin stretched from one ear to the other. "I hate to leave a job unfinished."

I laughed nervously and nodded.

"Just lay back and I will take care of everything," Joe said.

He undraped the towel I still clutched across my breasts.

There, that's better. You should stay naked as much as possible. Relax and let me do the driving. Enjoy yourself. I was in Troop 116 of the Boy Scouts and I got a merit badge for eating pussy." He spread my legs, dropped to his knees and flicked his tongue into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the treat of his tongue. He zeroed in on my clit, pasting its surface with the long muscle in his mouth. It seemed more snake then tongue. He managed to sweep across portions of my pussy never visited by such pleasure. Efficiently and effortlessly he made me cum.

He stood up, untied his black work boots, removed them hastily, unbuckled his jeans, stepped out of them and then removed his pale blue boxer briefs.

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