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These "break-ins" are right up Marilyn's "alley".


The cloaked figure led Mila to one of the booths against the wall. As they approached, the two goblins that were seated at the booth got up and departed, the one in front giving a nod to the woman in the black cloak and a thumbs up to Mila as he passed. She recognized him as Urglot, a broker and merchant she was quite familiar with. If this job turned out to be a good one, she'd have to thank him somehow.

"Alright, who are you and what's this all about?" said Mila as she sat down across from the woman in black.

"Well, my name's Kalliya, and I'm in need of a guide and a translator for a trip into the eastern reaches. I'd heard-"

"Wait, what?" interrupted the orc. "Why in the hells would you want to go there? Everyone knows the eastern reaches are a proper shit show these days. Full of gods damned savages."

"That goblin said you'd traveled the region."

"Yeah but not by choice. I barely made it out with my head on my shoulders and I'm a greenskin. The tribes in the east don't like foreigners, especially humans. They'll eat you for lunch." Mila didn't think Urglot would be getting any reward for passing this job her way. He'd be lucky if he escaped a beating.

"That's why I'll be paying well," explained Kalliya. "Very well."

The human dropped a fat pouch onto the table. Mila reached for it and peeked inside to see a heap of precious gems.

The black cloaked woman continued, "You get this now and another bag once we get back."

"Huh. That's a tempting offer, but you'll need more muscle than just me."

"There'll be someone else joining us - he's very handy with a bow and blade. He'll be able to handle himself, and I can throw a spell or two."

Mila considered the situation; two well armed warriors and a mage made the venture seem slightly less suicidal, and the pay was very good.

"Alright. You've answered the where, but not the why."

"There's a tribe of orcs there - the Redtooth Clan I think they call themselves," said Kalliya, "They have an artifact that I'm interested in studying. I'd like to talk to them and see if they'll let me have a look at it. That's why I need a translator."

"I know the Redtooth," said Mila, "They're not as crazy as the rest. This is still a bloody dangerous job, but I'll join you. It's a two week journey to the edge of the reaches and it'll probably be another week to find the Redtooth clan. I'll need a day to get supplies."

"Then we'll meet at daybreak the day after tomorrow at the east gate," the mage said, offering her hand across the table to Mila.

After the mage departed, Mila walked back to the bar where Urglot and Jolene were chatting. The bartender gave Mila a smile and the little goblin asked her whether she'd taken the job offer. Mila smiled back and showed the two of them the hefty sack of gems she had tied to her belt.

"I'm thinking I may have earned a thank-you very much, Urglot," said the goblin, grinning.

"You little runt," said Mila, "I know she already paid you to find someone for this job."

"It's true," replied Urglot ruefully, "but I didn't have to send her your way. I know Gara's upstairs riding some elf cock. I coulda sent this one over to her."

"Bah. You know Gara couldn't handle a trip to the eastern reaches. Still, I guess a little thanks is in order. What do you want?"

The goblin broker said nothing and simply leaned back on his stool to grin lasciviously at Mila's muscled, round ass. Jolene laughed as she saw Urglot's lusty leer.

"Gods damned randy little gobbos, eh Mila? What can you do?" the ogre chuckled as she turned to go check on her other patrons.

Giving a sigh of mock exasperation, Mila leaned forward against the bar and shimmied her black leather pants down until they bunched around her ankles. She and Urglot had shagged before and to be quite honest she was looking forward to getting a quick fuck from the little guy. Like most goblin men, despite his small stature, his equipment was disproportionately large and she knew the goblin broker could use it well.

There was a grinding noise as the goblin dragged his st

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