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Power play between two equals.

Peeking through the gap, his jaw dropped at what he saw.

Kate was sitting on the edge of the large corner bath tub. It was one of those large tubs that could fit about 3 people, and had a kind of seat built into the corner. Kate was resting her feet on that seat, with only her feet and ankles submerged in water. Her legs were lathered up and as Jack watched she raised one foot and rested it on the side of the tub so her leg was arched for her to shave.

During this time Jack had been staring unabashedly at his stepmom's amazing tits. Just too big to fit his hands, with perfect shape and gravity defying pertness. Her nipples were dark pink, and slightly bigger then the ones he'd seen in adult magazines. He could feel that he had gone rock hard and the tip off his cock had just leaked a drop of pre cum.

The movement of Kate's leg drew his eyes down to her pussy, which was now fully on display. Without thinking about it he tucked his thumbs into the waistband of his pyjama bottoms and lowered them below his balls. Taking his dick lightly in one hand he slowly began to roll his foreskin back and force over his cock head.

She had just finished her legs and was now, opening them wider, she began to shave her pussy! Jack started to pick up the pace of his hand, using a tighter grip on his shaft. He couldn't believe how hot this was! But just as Jack could feel he was coming close to exploding he looked up to see Kate looking straight at him with an unreadable expression on her face.

Shocked, he ran back to his bedroom, quickly shut his door as quietly as he could and jumped into bed, pulling the cover up to his chest. He lay there panicking, breathing rapidly for a few heart beats wondering what Kate was going to do. And then he held his breath as he heard her footsteps approaching his room. He looked to the door just as the handle turned and it was pushed open. His cock had gone limp when he was caught staring, but what he saw now instantly brought it back to life.

Kate walked into the room wearing her baby doll and panties. She was still wet from the bath and the baby doll clung to her chest and stomach. Jack could see her nipples through the sheer material and they seemed to harden as she approached the bed.


Kneeling down on both knees beside the bed Kate put on what she thought was a comforting smile.

"Now Jack don't worry. I'm not angry with you about what just happened, in fact it was partly my fault for forgetting to shut the bathroom door."

Jack didn't say a word. He was too busy admiring her cleavage up close.

"I know you're at that age where you start noticing girls and it's understandable to be curious. I just wanted to let you know if you have any questions about sex I'd be happy to answer them. Have you covered sex education in school?"

Jack still didn't say anything. He had of course had sex ed, but Kate seemed to take his silence to mean he hadn't.

"Oh dear. I see your excellent education has been severely lacking in one area." She glance down at his rock hard erection making a tent in his blanket.

"Let's start with the basics shall we?" she said with an impish grin and lowered the blanket, revealing his cock.

She was shocked at first, it was 7.5 inches longs! How did small dick David manage to have a son like that? Reaching out she wrapped a hand around it making Jack gasp involuntarily. It was thick too!

"This is your penis" she said with a smile. And what a penis it is! "It's also known as a cock, dick, prick, fuck pole, man meat, pork sword..."

Her list went on for quite a while but Jack wasn't listening. Every time Kate said a new name for it she gave it the tiniest of squeezes, he didn't know how much more he could take. He could feel his balls begin to tighten up. As though she sensed this, Kate let go and addressed him again.

"When boys see a girl naked their dicks go hard like this so they can have sex.

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