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Wendy gets divorced.

Well 1am finally rolled around and I was like a total wreck. He knocked on the door and I answered it. I think he took one look at what I was wearing and knew something was up.

"Come on in," I said, "Do you want something to drink"

"No I'm fine," he said,

I then proceed to pour myself a drink, Vodka and coke. He kind of just looked at me.

"Well if your having something, I might as well have something as well" I opened up the fridge and handed him a beer.

Well we walked into the living room and made ourselves comfy; Neil put his arm around me. I then pressed play on the remote. "What do we have for our viewing pleasure tonight", he asked?

We have "Captain Blood" and "Casablanca" I said,

"I'm quite impressed" he said" of your choice, I thought we'd be watching something like Ghost or Dirty Dancing," I just gave him a quick punch in the arm and he laughed. He's going to pay for what he said I thought to myself quietly.

Well once the movie started, he put his arm around me and I once again felt safe and secure like I use to when we were going out. He then starts to rub my arm, like the way he uses to. I thought to myself, maybe I should start and quicken things up in a bit because it looks like he wants some action tonight anyway and I want to surprise him, first with me being so spontaneous. I then start to run my hands over top of his chest, I can feel him breathing in and out and I love the feeling of it. I then slowly bring my hands down to his waist where I start to take out his shirt. My hands then find his chest warm and inviting, I think this surprised him a little as I heard a quick gasp for air. I help him remove his shirt and when this is done I start to kiss his chest, moving down his chest very slowly. When I get to his waistband of his jeans, I start to rub my thumbs across his waistline.

I then unbuckle his jeans, I look up and I see astonishment in his eyes, as I've never been so forward. I then unzip his zipper and I place my hand inside his fly and I find his manhood warm. I start to rub him, I then say; I'll be back in a second." I go into the bathroom and grab some cream (body butter) I place it down beside the couch along with glass of juice. I then, whisper in his ear, this is something I've wanted to do for a very long time, I just haven't had the courage to do it. I then remove my shirt and I can feel his hands on my back rubbing it. I then, pull down his boxers and jeans, and I put some cream on my fingers. I start to rub him and I can feel his hands at my back removing my bra, his hands are over my chest now massaging them. Once I have put enough cream on his manhood, I lower my head and I start to lick his penis up and down like a lollipop. I I hear him moan a little and I hear you say. I didn't know you had this in you. I then take you all in my mouth and I start to suck while rolling my tongue around and every so often flicking the tip of your penis with my tongue. I don't remember ever enjoying this so much. I guess I was right when I thought that I would probably enjoy giving oral more to someone I cared about other than a perfect stranger.

I could hear him moan loader as he started to climax, and I felt his penis quiver in my mouth which meant he was about to come. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to swallow, as I'd never done it before but every magazine I read suggests you do as then it shows that you really care for him. I felt his come squirt in my mouth and I swallowed.

When I was done, I look up and see pleasure on your face. I say to you. I'm glad I could please you, as that was the main purpose of this evening. Sure I wanted to full fill one of my fantasies but I wanted to please you in the long run. You turn to me and smile, then kiss me on the lips, which you haven't done in quite a while actually ever since we started just seeing each other casually. I admit, I miss your kisses as well as your touch.

Neil then asked, what is another one of your sexual fantasies that I could help you full fill.

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