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Twins make a new start.

" I knew her well enough to know she wasn't going to give me any additional information so I didn't even bother asking. She told me the gossip and funny stories from school and continued telling me stories from her time abroad as they were somehow connected, albeit loosely, in her brain. Again, her laugh was infectious and did my heart good.

Following her directions I got off on 75 and the next exit was only a couple miles ahead. She directed me to turn, turn again and pointed to the entrance of a short brick tower about 5 stories tall. I gave her a funny look when I read that it was a hotel. The building was beautiful and we took the curving driveway up toward the building, Stacy smiling as she looked at it. Every window had an iron rail like it was supposed to be a balcony and on each side of every window was a black shutter.

"Drop me off and park the car," she said, gathering her purse. I dropped her off under the overhang at the front entrance and she practically jumped out the car and walked quickly toward the front sliding glass door. I pulled ahead and found a parking spot on the side of the building and had to walk back toward the front. On the lower level, I noticed, there were trellises that had blossoming vines climbing it and it looked pretty nice. The building was illuminated by floodlights buried behind the brick wall of the planters, shining up along the pink brick.

When I approached the front doors, they opened for me and I was suddenly surrounded by marbled tile, iron and brass. Stacy had her back to me, standing at the front desk on the other end of the lobby. I looked up and saw iron railings and balconies all the way up on every side and behind each rail was a French door, presumably opening to a room. The ceiling was frosted glass and pointed and I was expecting an action hero or villain to come crashing through at any moment. Off to my left was a dining area with small tables and two ornate iron chairs at each one. In the corner was a gazebo with a four-piece white drum set resting on the back portion of the raised platform.

As I approached the front desk, I heard Stacy's voice as she talked with the desk attendant.

"Yes, ma'am. That's right. It's all included in your package."

"Great. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you working with me with such short notice."

"No, ma'am. We appreciate you choosing to stay with us tonight. Now, if you will sign here while I make your keys, please." Stacy signed a sheet of paper and as I leaned over to see what it said, she turned her back to me and hunched her shoulders, hiding it from me before turning it over and sliding it across the solid black desktop. The attendant pulled it over the edge and handed her two card keys with a picture of the hotel on the front. "Breakfast is at 9 and checkout is at 11. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yes. Could we please get a late checkout, and we'll need two emergency kits please."

"Absolutely." He began typing into his computer and within a few seconds he looked at us and said, "You're all set." He then went behind a wall and returned with two plastic bags, one black with a gold hotel logo and one gold with a black hotel logo. He handed me the black one and Stacy the gold one.

"Thank you," Stacy said with her charming smile.

"It's my honor. Will there be anything else?"

"I don't think so."

"If you change your mind, don't hesitate to call. Your tray will be up within the hour."

"Okay. Thanks again." Stacy waved and turned to me, tucking her hand in my elbow and smiling as big as I'd ever seen, almost like she couldn't contain it. "Let's go."

I was speechless, but had so many questions. Stacy led me around the corner to the glass elevator that reminded me of the one from Willy Wonka, which would explain the glass ceiling. Once we were inside, Stacy pressed "3" and turned to look out the windows as we glided upward.

"Stacy, how much did this cost?" I asked, a mixture of concern and awe in my heart.

She never even turned from the window.

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