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I sped forward, not wanting to freak Shama out. She had also realized what had happened and her face wore an expression of worry. What was notable though - she had not covered her tits.

"He saw me!!" she finally said, slurring a litle. And her tone wasn't one of annoyance, but rather a playful OMG tone.

"Hehe, I guess he did." I said.

There was silence for a while as I put distance between us and the truck.

"You don't...mind?" Shama said uncertainly.

"Mind what?"

"Some stranger just got a look at these. That doesn't anger you?"

"Why would it anger me? It was just for a few moments. And you're coming home with me. It's fun in a kinky way."

Silence for a few more seconds. And then I saw her slide up into a seating position. She was beaming and her cheeks were red.

"You really don't mind this?" she asked.

"I'll show you how much I don't mind." I said and reached up to turn the lights on. The interior of our car was now bathed in a yellow light.

Almost instantly, we got a couple of appreciative honks from cars passing in the other direction on the freeway.

Shama blushed even more, but didn't cover her tits. A couple more honks and then she reached up to turn the lights off. Whoever was passing us must have gotten a nice glimpse of her ample tits sway as she raised her arm.

She slumped down in the seat again and started laughing. I laughed along with her.

"How far are we from home?" she asked.

"About twenty minutes." I said.

She kept giggling. And then I saw her reach over and feel my crotch.

"You're hard!!" she said and laughed.

"As are half the men on this freeway, I'm sure."

We both laughed.

"You really liked this, huh?" she said, sounding a bit more sober.

"I did. It's low risk fun." I said. "It's just half a second glimpses. You have an amazing body. It turns me on to think about guys getting a look at your tits like that."

"Low risk fun." she said, unzipping my pants and playing with my dick. "Strange phrase."

"You know...strangers zooming by. Not like anyone knows you or can track you or take a picture." I said.

"Many people have dashcams now. Especially black people, because of the police brutality." she said, gently jacking off my dick.

"Hmm, I hadn't thought about that." I really hadn't.

"You don't mind the fact that a bunch of dashcams might have this...on record?"

"Like I said, I hadn't thought about dashcam angle. But you clearly have. And you don't seem to mind."

She chuckled and shrugged as she started stroking my dick even faster. After a few moments, she said,

"Does it make me a bad wife if I say it kinda turns me on?"

Oh wow! There it was. The first time she was admitting to her exhibitionist tendencies.

"Not at all. You're the best wife of all time. And as you can see, I'm still very aroused."

"I love you." she said, her grip on my dick now really firm.

"I love you too."

We drove in silence for a few seconds, her giving me a handjob half slumped in her seat, and me doing my best to focus on the road.

"Rest area in two miles." she read a sign.


"Pull in there. It's not like we can walk in the door with you like this and start humping with Cindy there."

That's what made Shama such a perfect wife. Even drunk and horny and in a kinky mood, she remembered the practical things. Cindy was our go-to babysitter, who was happy to stay as late as we wanted. As long as we paid her double after 11 PM.

The rest area was mostly empty. I parked in a secluded spot. Shama raised here head a little and looked around to make sure there was no audience. Or for all I knew, hoping there would be an audience? She unbuckled her seat belt, slid over and lowered her wide open warm mouth onto my dick.

Seeing my formerly restrained and uptight wife acting this way had already turned me on beyond belief. This was the first time she had been a enthusiastic participant in pushing her limits.

Her big tits rubbed against my thighs as her face bobbed up and down on my dick.

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