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Your Wife will need all the support you can give her during that time. Many Daddies find that there is not much left for themselves." She stood and slipped a small tube into her pocket. She reached across my chest and began feeling the base of my skull and around my neck and throat with deft fingers. It felt soothing and yet electrifying all at once!

"The health of Daddy can be a key factor in the success of the whole family," she continued, placing the buds of her stethoscope into her ears. She smiled down at me reassuringly. She began to place the stethoscope on my chest in various places, as she tapped on my sternum with her small knuckle.

"Take a deep breath in through your nose and then out through your mouth," she murmured. I inhaled deeply, and my mind filled with her mild scent of strawberries.

"Again," she said softly, changing the placement of the stethoscope on my chest, "keep going,"

I felt myself calming with the ritual breathing and her soothing voice combined with her light scent in my nostrils.

"Now Mommy," she said across me to my Wife, "you remember how important hormones have been to you and Baby for the past several months?" I turned my head to see my Wife nodding agreement.

"In the first few months of pregnancy hormones made you feel sick. Later they helped you give birth, and right now your whole system is awash in hormones that are preparing your breasts to give milk, and to heal your body." Her deft fingers were placing the stethoscope along my abdomen now, and her tapping had moved to my hip bones on either side. Her pressing hands felt good, and in a calm haze I felt more stirring below!

"Well Mommy, Daddy has hormones too. Some of them are for the same things as yours, like bonding with Baby. Others are for helping Daddies to protect their families by fighting and hunting," I jumped a little when I felt the cold stethoscope through the thin coverings of my thigh as the young nurse rubbed my belly just above my pubic bone!

"In modern times fighting and hunting aren't really necessary," she went on. A small corner of my mind wanted to object to this, since I had served my country, and like to hunt, but I quickly lost that thought as the stethoscope moved again!

"A build up of those hormones can distract modern Daddies. They can cause a range of effects from sullenness to outright aggression!" My Wife arched an eyebrow at me and smirked. The nurse slung her stethoscope and turned to address me directly, "Sir, when was the last time you ejaculated?"

"Well, I, err-" I stammered at the personal question. She turned to my Wife.

"Mommy, do you know? When was the last time your Husband ejaculated?"

"Well," my Wife was tallying in her mind, "We haven't been able to have intercourse since week 28, and I was full term, so 12 or 13 weeks I guess?"

The nurse looked shocked!

"And you didn't find other ways to help him?"

"Honestly, I guess I forgot all about it!" my Wife looked embarrassed.

"That is way too long for a Daddy to go!" the nurse exclaimed, "We'll need you to express your excess hormones before we can discharge you from the hospital!" She reached under the table and started to put on a new pair of gloves. I looked at my Wife, my face a study of confusion and horror! She shrugged her shoulders again and waited to see what would happen.

The nurse pressed the buds of her stethoscope to her ears once more and placed the end on my chest above my heart. She paused, listening intently.

"Let me know if you feel any discomfort," she said sounding very professional, right before she laid her free hand on my hardened penis through my pants. I jumped!

"Honey?" my eyes searched my Wife's.

"Sir, please try to stay still!" said the Nurse, checking her watch as she gently squeezed my aching bulge.

"Well," my Wife answered my unasked question, "I guess it is a medical procedure, so..."

I collapsed back as the nurse began to undo the drawstrings on my borrowed scrubs.

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