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Heather & Tina become friends while Keith is away.

"Good girl" Frank said as he pointed the tip of his dick against Rachel's soaked pussy. "First, come and get it" he instructed as she immediately started to back her vagina onto his penis, savoring the first inches that spread her open. Rachel had the tightest pussy he's ever felt and while she wasn't usually a soaker, her pussy was drenched this evening.

Penetrated, she immediately moaned and leaned her head forward to get closer to her prize; her tongue flicked Liz's clit a couple of times as Frank was already all the way inside her, moving her body with each movement of his own. Grabbing her by the waist, he held her back once more to announce "I think Liz would very much appreciate if you showed her how much you want her pussy. You may not be worthy of licking her there yet and you should start by licking her asshole. Work your way up."

Liz's pussy was wide open due to the sheer excitement she felt and while she wanted to see Rachel lick her up and down, she grabbed her legs behind the knees and lifted her ass slightly from the bed, giving Rachel direct access to her most intimate area.

What started as a "vanilla" threesome had turned into a display of obedience that Liz wanted to explore much further. Apart from light plays with lovers, she had never had a sub before. Even if Rachel was her friend, she was also the most beautiful woman she knew. The possibility of taking advantage of her and explore her own dominatrix side was too tempting to leave unchecked.

Licking assholes was not something that Rachel had done often. Drunkenly and seldomly is the most accurate description, yet the humiliation of being ordered to do so only served to excite her more. She was being used as she always desired, a pleasure slut that took gratification from being told what to do.

"Yes Master", Rachel heaved between moans.

Driven by her own excitement, she slapped her tongue all over Liz's smallest hole and started lapping away like a bitch from a water bowl.

After a minute of her saliva coating Liz's crack, she heard Frank ask: "How is our slut doing, Liz?" and while Liz was enjoying every second of it, she knew she had to establish herself as the dominant to establish her role in front of Rachel. She stated "I want her to lick inside my ass not around it".

Rachel couldn't believe her friend was pushing the envelope - it was one thing to be humiliated if everything was orchestrated by Frank but it was something else altogether with Liz. And yet, she only grew more excited at the demand, enjoying the leadership that Liz had taken and clear directions she was given.

Frank smiled, pulled out from inside of Rachel and slapped her pussy from below causing her shoulder to arch back and her body to shudder. "It seems your Mistress is not pleased with you, slut" he said while pinching the hood of her clit and pulling on it.

"Are you going to do a better job or should I just fuck her myself for the rest of the evening?"

In the back of her mind, she registered that Liz had just been called Mistress and despite a tint of jealousy, she surprised herself by cooing at the mere mention of it. The combination of her needing to obey one more person and the forceful grab on her clitoris almost sent her over the edge but Frank knew exactly how close she was to orgasm and let go of her clit.

She panted "This slut is going to do better Master. This slut is sorry." The humiliation of having to apologize for not licking her ass well enough was not lost on her and yet she glanced at Liz's face while making her tongue in a pointy end and laying it on her asshole.

"That's it, slut, push your tongue further and break through that little ring", Liz was starting to get comfortable with the position and playing with it, understanding that the more depravation she could bring on to her friend, the more excited both of them would get.

"Yef, miftref" Rachel surprised herself by saying it out loud while Both Frank and Liz knew she just called her childhood friend "Mistress" as she was pressing her

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