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Brotherly love or lust?

a, how do you like yours?"

" Just a little sugar please"

She passes me a cup. I sit and sip listening to her talk about herself, her job and just stuff in general. I notice that the constant movement of her arms and hands while talking has caused the towel to slip down so that her cleavage is now peeking out more and more. She sees me looking and I look down embarrassed at being caught, and notice that my cock is like a lead pipe between my legs. I had not realized that I was hard.

As we finish our tea she stands and walks over to the window, the storm is still exerting its full rage. I watch as she wraps her arms about herself and I move to stand behind her.

" I love thunderstorms, I can feel the power of the lightening and the thunder running through me like an electrical charge." She leans back against me, I know that she must have felt my hardness against her soft butt cheeks. " I am just as afraid as I am fascinated with the fury of nature. I sometimes feel that if I stood long enough I would be drawn up into the storm and become part of it."

She reaches down and draws my arms around her. Seeking comfort or strength I do not know. I can feel her body in my arms, so soft yet with an underlying strength. I feel the tightness of the muscles in her arms, the hard muscles of her upper back as she presses against me. I also feel her pushing back into me, feeling the stiffness of my swollen manhood, her hips gently rocking from side to side.

I turn her in my arms, her head tilts and her lips move up to meet mine. I cover her mouth with mine. Her lips move like they have a life of their own, like the silk softness of fine wine as it is tasted. She slips her tongue into my mouth, feeling the texture of my palate, the shape of my mouth and teeth. She entwines my tongue with hers and pulls it into her mouth sucking on it like it held life-giving nectar.

I return the kiss with the same passion, our tongues dancing a duel for power, each knowing that to win is to lose. Her hands run over my back and neck. Her hands hot where she touches.

"I want you," she whispers as she unbuttons my shirt and strips it away.

She fumbles with my buckle, I pull back a bit undoing it, pull off my belt. She undoes my pants and falling to her knees she pulls them down, followed by my shorts. She looks first at my cock, hard and engorged, then she looks at me, our eyes meet. She smiles a little smile and devours me in a single gulp. Her nose buried in my pubic hair, her tongue darting up, down and round my cock as she holds it firmly in her mouth. She starts to bob her head up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, glistening with her saliva as she goes from tip to base.

I moan softly, a low guttural moan from deep inside. I cannot believe what is happening to me. I feel me slip from her mouth, her hand starts to stroke me as her lips and tongue tickle my ball sack. She keeps moving back and forth, never giving me a chance to relax from her sexual administrations. I am almost to the verge, I cannot handle anymore and she senses that. She suddenly shifts to plying my cock with all her attention, sucking me hard and deep. I feel the tip as it brushes the back of her throat. She squeezes me as she matches each oral stroke with her hand. I cannot stop the swelling of my cock, the churning of my cum as it flows from inside, racing to create a milky white geyser as I erupt covering her breasts and hands with a sticky white sheen.

" Oh my god', I moan, " ohhhhh yes."

She squeezes the final drops from me...flicking her tongue on the tip of my now sensitive cock, causing a mixture of sudden ecstasy and agony.

She reached for the towel she had been wearing, wiping the cum away that was clinging to her, I take the towel and finish the job as I pushed her back on to the floor. I kiss her lips, moving gently to her neck, feeling her pulse with my lips.

She is whispering soft in my ear guiding me to those special places that make her quiver.

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