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Brie get's double dicked by guess who

"Think how good that feels ... think about everything else that feels good to you ... and do it to her. Everything you love having a man do to you ... do it to her, I promise it'll be good."

Sherry bent her head and slowly, deliberately, ran the tip of her tongue over my nipples. Back and forth. You cupped my breasts in your hands and pushed them up and together, squeezing lightly, shoving the nipples close so her tongue could reach them with one smooth swipe, and she licked again, more firmly, laving her tongue in a circle between the two. She sucked one nipple into her warm wet mouth, her lips suctioning me, and I could hear your moan over my own as she sucked me deep into her mouth. She moved to the other side, and I was squirming now, my pussy wet and starting to ache. Then you bent your head and took one breast into your mouth as Sherry sucked the other, and I wanted to shriek as hot stabbing pleasure seared through me. My eyes had closed, and I opened them again when you joined Sherry ... both your mouths, both your tongues, flicking madly at my stiff, tight, throbbing nipple. I saw your tongue touching hers, I felt your hot breath mingled with hers as your tongues joined and moved as if they were one warm slippery, super-sized slithery muscle ... and my pussy throbbed so deep inside me that I squeezed my thighs together, unable to reach down with my fingers to touch where I wanted to touch. You saw me squirm ... and you knew.

"You want your pussy licked, don't you baby," you whispered, almost breathless. "Let Sherry lick your pussy. I want to see her tongue there ..." and you slid two fingers into me, gently, but pressing them firmly in, sure of yourself, knowing just where to touch, on that sweet spot that makes me squirm. "Come on, Sherry," you said. "Right here ... see how sweet and wet she gets here? If you put your tongue right here you can taste it ... you're gonna love it ..." Sherry hesitated just a moment, then she shot a swift glance at me and slid down till she was poised between my spread thighs. You moved to get a closer look. I could feel your warm breath on my clit ... and Sherry's, right at my opening.

She hesitated again, and you put one hand on the back of her neck and pressed down. Not hard; just firm, gentle pressure, encouraging her, and she extended her tongue and licked so delicately at my opening that I barely felt the contact from her tongue. Light as it was, I whimpered out loud, looking down to see her brown curls between my thighs and your head bent close beside her, your breath rapid now, and your tongue licked my pussy where I had shaved it. I felt a coiling tension inside, and I was desperate to ease it, and I thrust my hips up, closer to her tentative tongue so it slid right inside. Sherry gasped, and drew back, and then I felt a shudder go through her ... and she dived back between my legs and thrust her tongue deep in, deep, I felt her straining to go further in, and she wiggled it like mad, hungry now. You were whispering to her: "Oh, yes, Sherry, that's it, tongue that sweet little cunt, slurp it all up, taste it, taste how sweet and hot she is ..." and she did, moaning, and then slid her tongue in and out, tongue fucking me, tongue fucking my dripping juicy little pussy like a pro. You moved back, but when my pussy muscles clenched in hot spiraling waves you put your fingertips over my clit and flipped them back and forth, fast, light, so good, and I came right into her open, greedy mouth.

She raised her head, startled, excited, her face slick with juices.

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