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Peter is no typical stud--yet ladies find him irresistible.

The slut is ready to accept you loads. She's going to keep making herself cum, so just step up to her face when you are ready."

First up was my guy Charlie. He dropped to his knees right over my head and dumped his load right into my mouth. I swallowed it all and kept my mouth open as I worked my clit. Some random guys stepped up from my right side and knelt by my head. He had a nice cock and he was ready.

"This is for you, slut."

He first spurt hit my nose and went all over my face, but he got the last few shots in my mouth. As he was squeezing out the last few drops into my mouth, another guy blasted me from my left. He hit my cheek but got most of it into my mouth. I swallowed down two more loads as I came with a big scream.

"Man, she is loving this shit. Where did you find her?"

"Get out of the way, man."

Two guys rushed over, one from each side and just let loose at about the same time. Maybe a drop went in my mouth. The rest was sprayed all over my face, hair and tits.

This was wild.

My orgasm had faded and now I put the vibe inside my pussy, but I was having trouble concentrating on two things at once.

"Does anybody want to fuck me with the vibrator?"

Charlie stepped up and got between my legs and I moved my hand away with the vibe still inside of me. Charlie knew what to do and he worked it in and out while putting pressure on the top wall of my vagina. It felt awesome and now I could use my hands.

Or so I thought. Three guys stepped up and suddenly they were all above me. They started dumping their loads all at once. It was a hot shower of cum blasts. I got hit everywhere.

I'd taken nine loads so far, but too much was on me and not in me. It was hot being covered in jizz, but I was thirsty for cum!

I told Charlie to stop with the vibrator for a second and he pulled it out of me. I then got up on my knees and turned my back to him.

"Charlie, you can put in my ass if you want to."

I was now ready to eat cum. Charlie pushed the vibrating dildo halfway into my ass as a guy stepped up to me. I grabbed his six inches and drained it and quickly swallowed as another guy stepped up. I drained him too. Then another. The third guy was pretty big and he blew a ten spurt load that I could barely handle, but I did. It was by far the biggest load I'd ever swallowed or seen for that matter.

"Who's next?"

"Here you go, slut."

It was Alex. He was ready to blow and he gave me his tool to drink from. I gulped him down and told him how much I loved to swallow his cum.

After he moved away, four new guys came up all beating their cocks. I was there waiting. Ready to pounce as soon as one of the cocks in front of me started to go off. I tried to spur the guys on by talking to Charlie, who was still stuffing my ass withe the big vibrating cock.
"That's it Charlie! Fuck my little ass with that big cock!"

One of the guys stepped up before I even got the word "cock" out of my mouth and he dumped a load right into my open mouth. Before I could swallow, two of the others were both shooting off. They both aimed for my mouth and were pretty accurate. I had some on my cheek and chin, but I also has loads from three different men sloshing around in my mouth. I rolled it all around and then gulped it all down.

I could now feel cum sloshing around in my tummy.

The last of the foursome stepped up and I took his cock in my mouth and swallowed his entire nut as he groaned.

That was seventeen loads of cum I had taken so far by the guy's count. Another guy stepped up and I drank his juice. Then another. They all knew where I wanted their loads now and they were helping me out.

Two more guys stepped up and they wanted me to suck two cocks at once. They were normal sized and after sucking Bob the night before, getting these two in my mouth was not that hard. I sucked and tongued the underside of their two cocks as both blasted me simultaneously.


Cum spilled out both sides of my mouth as my swallowing couldn't keep up with two cocks in blasting off at once.

I tried to scoop up all of the spilled nectar and

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