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A hot time in the attic.

This man was a sexual deviant. Occasionally prostitutes and strippers were seen leaving the basement after hours. It would seem that old Hank used his company stipend and monthly government check to pay for these sex services. It was also rumored that Hank would have wild parties down in the tombs involving other ex cons and homeless men that he had befriended. The company's secretaries all complained about him to management. Company management viewed him as harmless as "leering at pretty girls" was hardly a crime. The secretaries were not quite as sure about Hank being so harmless. No secretary would dare go down to the tombs to retrieve office supplies without a male escort. This was particularly true as very explicit magazines began being found spread open over printer paper and toner boxes. These magazines contained very graphic images of pretty young women naked, with just sexy heels on, and totally exposed. Some images depicted these women bound, while others showed their pussies being held open and being probed by various insidious observation and dildo devices, while still others showed these women performing various lewd sex acts.........including oral sex, intercourse, and even fantasy sex with demons and vampires. Each week new magazines were found to replace those that were gathered up and destroyed. These magazines were being placed such that the company's secretaries would be the first to see them. There were more complaints to management that this was the "last straw" -- Hank needed to go. However, once again the company management came to Hank's defense saying that there was no proof that he was the one leaving these magazines on top of the office supplies. Besides, other than being a complete sexual deviant and pervert Hank really kept the office building clean. In fact, just last month our office building won the city's "Sparkling Award" as the cleanest office building in the city. Hank was making it difficult for the company management to fire him, indeed.

As this Friday afternoon wore on many in the office left early to extend and start the long weekend. Around 4 pm, while typing up a company memo, my phone rang. It was my new boyfriend informing me that his favorite aunt had slipped and had broken her hip. He had booked a flight to Los Angeles to stay with her for awhile and needed to leave right away. I had mixed reactions about the call. He was such a nice man.......yes, he needed to be with his aunt. His strong sense of family is what I liked about him. However, I was also devastated that our date for this evening was now canceled. What "might have been" had been put on indefinite hold......... As I hung up the phone I wiped a tear from my eye and then suddenly I heard a noise behind me, startling me. I quickly turned around and looked. It was old Hank. I never heard him approach. Sitting, my short skirt revealed most of my slender thighs. I had had no time to prepare for his upcoming leers. I sat trembling as I watched old Hank's eyes roam up and down my long skinny legs, stopping and dwelling at the hem positioning of my miniskirt, before roaming higher to take in the rest of my tiny form. My mouth dropped open in shock as old Hank began to talk to me.

"Ahh.........poor keiko. Your little young boyfriend run off and leave ya? You mean nobody is going to be thoroughly examining that tight little Asian body of yours this weekend? Such a shame!.............. Such a waste!........ You know, keiko...........if you would ever experience a true older man that knows how to explore that tight young pussy of yours..........and use you to satisfy his lust.............well, you would never go back to a younger man again........EVER! know what they say about an older man's cum........................yes, an older man's cum is 'properly aged' a fine wine............. You would love the taste of it!"

I gasped as I listened to what

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