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Even for sorceress, wand up ass causes duress.

Instinctively Deb opened her mouth wide to take several gulps of air and I timed it just right to force the ball gag into her mouth, much to her surprise and before she even considered screaming. The hard part had been carried out successfully; I could now relax a little.

Placing some cushions behind Deb to make her more comfortable I sat at the desk and fired up Ray's computer.

As I linked into the internet I explained to Deb the way Ray had failed to honour his agreement to pay the agreed sum of the final account and that I couldn't afford to wait any longer or take him to court to recover the money. I also explained that my plan was to frighten Ray into paying the money when he came home tonight and found his wife tied up in the lounge.

Deb, understandably, looked horrified at what was happening to her because of her husband's business dealings.

I logged onto and then clicked the link for 'Busty Escorts". After about 20 minutes I had found the information I needed and printed it off on Ray's colour printer.

Deb had been watching me intently the whole time, still bewildered at what had happened and possibly trying to understand why I was taking such a big risk by taking this course of action.

"Let's move into the lounge so you can sit more comfortably," I informed Deb as I stood up from behind the desk and moved towards her.

"Remember I am not here to hurt you, I just want my money so I can continue to pay my staff and run my business. So I am going to help you to your feet and then we will shuffle you through to the lounge. Okay?"

Deb nodded slowly and tried to say "Yes" through the ball gag.

Placing my feet either side of her knees I bent over and slid my hands under her armpits, brushing lightly against side of her covered breasts as I started to take her weight to lift up to her feet.

By the time I had pulled Deb to her feet I could feel early stirrings in my pants as my senses started to light up to the warmth & aroma of the lovely woman I now balanced in my arms. Once she was leaning against the wall I bent down to ease the restraint strap so we could shuffle down the hall together and into the lounge. Surprisingly I enjoyed the pleasure of man handling her around the house, part knowing that she could not stop me doing anything I wanted to do. But Ray was my target, not Deb; she was just caught in between for now.

They had a tastefully decorated large lounge with large rustic timber framed lounge suite set around a large rectangular wooden coffee table that matched the settee and chairs. I gently lowered Deb down onto the settee before fetching a couple more Velcro restraint straps from my bag to secure her legs & arms to the bare timber frame of the settee.

Once Deb was secure I was then able to have a tour of the house and prepare the downstairs bathroom in case anyone needed to use it before Ray had coughed up the money he owed me. I removed all sharp objects & any sprays that could be used as weapons against me and put them in a safe place. After that I roamed around looking at the level of luxury my money was currently funding. It was a big place including an indoor lap pool and hot tub that looked to be a fairly recent edition to the house. That pissed me off and made me more determined I was going to recover all of my money from Ray when he got home. The master bedroom was very nice with a huge king size bed and a plasma screen and entertainment system overlooking the bed - all the mod cons! Keeping an eye on the time I wandered around the rest of the lovely house before heading back into the lounge to check that Deb was ok.

I sat in the lounge watching a DVD until five o'clock when I knew Ray would be leaving his office for the 10 minute drive. I must admit seeing Deb sitting there all tied up & gagged made me feel horny, she looked absolutely stunning; Ray was one lucky man.

At five o'clock I grabbed some more items out of my duffle bag and moved into the hall to stand behind the front door waiting for Ray to come hom

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