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An unusual town has hypnotic horoscopes.

She tried to concentrate on the positive with the biggest one being that Louise was finally going to be happy if they could get Barb taken care of.


Barb watched them leave the club and pushed away any urge to follow them out. Of everything that had been said to her, Ethan's words had hit her the hardest. How he knew that she was ignoring her gut she didn't know but in the end, she had disregarded him too. The thing that she had wanted most was within reach and after only one night.

She chuckled as she thought about her and Hans together. Louise had to have been desperate in order to say something like that. She had never thought about Hans in that way and it wasn't going to happen, not ever. As she made that resolve, she felt a twinge actually more of a pain in her chest. She frowned and went to place her hand on her chest but the sensation was already gone.

Thorne watched Barb as she watched her family leave. She was wrong about her sisters and if there were any way he could have gotten his hands on either one of them, he would have tossed Barb on her ass. The one that really had intrigued him was the one who had thrown up. He realized that of the three sisters she was by far the strongest and a true empath... one of the strongest that he had ever encountered. However, she was mated and off limits... too bad he thought. He would make do with the one he had.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked lightly touching her back.

"Don't you have to stay?"

"Another perk of my position." Thorne said smiling down at her. "I can delegate."

"Then I'm ready whenever you are." she replied with a coy smile.

"Excellent! Give me a few moments to wrap things up and I'll have Allen bring the car."

He bent down and kissed her cheek, "I'll be back." he said and walked away.


Thorne found Allen in the office.

"Go get the car... the limo and bring it to the front. We can give the bitch a little of what she wants."

Allen smiled and then frowned.

"Why did you agree to let her go if she wishes?" he asked.

"Why not? They must be going out of their fucking minds worried about her and we'll get to fuck her good and proper before she realizes that she's getting more than she bargained for." Thorne replied as he picked up the phone.

"So we're not going to...'

"No, we're not going to mar or kill her. She'll serve as a constant reminder to them that I'm still around but what will make it even sweeter is that she's consenting. They can't go to the council with it."

Allen smiled again, "I like the way you think."

"I'm glad that you approve now go get the car." Thorne replied.

After Allen left, he made a phone call.

"Noel? Thorne here... how are you? Good. Are you behaving? Good, I can't wait to see it and you. Keep being good for mother and I'll see you soon."

Thorne hung up, and blinked back tears. Noel should never have gone with them that night. He was far too young and too sensitive for the violence that had happened and was going to happen. He had tried to convince his father to let him stay behind but he had refused.

"He is a male in this family and it is his duty as such to defend it!"

"Please father, let him stay here with mother. He can protect her from any other hunters who are in the area."

"He comes." his father said and walked away.

Noel had never been the same. Seeing so much violence was contradictory to his naturally kind, artistic nature, it had destroyed him. It was one more thing to hold against the Sinclaires. Thorne squared his shoulders and left the office to meet Barb at the table.


Barb sat at the table and began to feel the niggling of doubt forming but she pushed it away just as Thorne walked up to the table.

"Milady, your chariot awaits." he said holding out his hand.

Barb giggled, took his hand and followed him through the club.

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