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A mutually reluctant romance. (3)

A few hours later I was stood at the bus shelter, my eyes flickering over the timetable. It was going to be a weird night, that's for sure. He already told me he'd find out just how deeply his kinks ran so I knew that tonight was going to be night I would never forget. The next big step. I hadn't dressed up but I hadn't exactly dressed down either; I was wearing a pair of stylishly ripped sheer black tights, black buckle shorts, a grey crop-jumper and a black leather jacket. The outfit was completed with a pair of black Doc Martens. I put part of my hair into a bun, letting loose curly tendrils fall from it which framed my face nicely. My makeup was dark grey eye shadow which descended into black smokiness at the top of my eyelids. My waterline was rimmed with kohl and a few sweeps of mascara completed the look. I left the rest of my face blank and just focused on the eyes. I crossed my arms and leant against the bus shelter, shivering slightly. The evening was surprisingly cold even though it was the middle of summer.

I stared towards the top of the road, willing the bus to hurry. I took my phone out my pocket and switched the screen on. 2 minutes. I shivered again, rubbing my hands on my arms. Why is it so damn cold? A few minutes later the bus arrived and I dashed on, sitting down before it set off.

I leant my feet against the seat in front of me and plugged my MP3 in, listening to my current favourite song: Can't Feel My Face. I nodded along to it, watching the sky as it slowly descended from a pinky-blue to a midnight sapphire. I leant my face against the cool glass, smiling as I anticipated tonight. The sky shifted from a midnight blue to a black as nightfall set over the sheltered bus. I strained my eyes to figure out where I actually was. It was a suburban area; we'd definitely left the rough ends now. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto... I imagined Lyle's face leaning over me, kissing those full lips, running my hands through his thick hair. I desperately wanted to know what he had planned for tonight. It was a group thing - it wasn't as though it was an intimate affair. But, he did say I'd 'find out' his kinks. Maybe we'd stay in his room. Would he tie me to the bed? What if someone walked in- who else was even going?

"This is your stop love!" The bus driver called out. I snapped out my daydream and lifted my head up. The bus slowed to a halt and I stepped down quickly, grasping the poles as I stumbled to the front.

The bus driver squinted at me. "This is Banklands petal. There's a stop further ahead but this one's much closer to where you were describing. That alright?" He smiled at me.

I nodded my head and thanked him then hopped off the bus. The cold air had truly set in now. I turned left and walked towards his house, my nerves and excitement gnawing at each other in the pit of my stomach. I took a right and walked briskly up the street which was dimly lit with streetlamps. I sincerely hoped I'd gone the right way. I scanned my surroundings and took another right turn, heading into a cul-de-sac. He said he lived in a place like this. I grinned and jogged up to the doorstep, ringing the bell politely. I glanced around and felt uneasy - it was so empty. I pressed it again, wrapping my arms around my waist. Suddenly I heard a burst of raucous laughing and he came to the door, twisting the key the wrong way at first. He swung it open and wrapped his arms around me, greeting me warmly. I hugged him tightly, inhaling his fresh smell.

"I'm glad you came. It would've been boring without you." He smiled. I stepped into the house and glanced around, admiring the elegance of the room.

"You've got a really nice house!" I exclaimed, untying my laces and placing the shoes in the corner.

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