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Stephanie becomes a cuckold as Arizona wins it all.

Sweat was pouring down from my forehead, burning my eyes as I watched Joni look up at me. Smiling, without missing a stroke, she undid a few buttons of her nightshirt and let it open up.

"Hot in here," Joni said as I stared open-mouthed at Joni's breasts, the size of which stunned me, despite having examined the bras that contained them.

Incredibly full, Joni's breasts hung down to her waist, and the dark crimson aureoles on the bell-shaped jugs were over-sized as well, the thick pegs jutted out from their centers.

"Amazing," I said. "I knew you were well developed but - wow!"

"I'm a cow," Joni said with a shake of her head. "A fat cow."

"You're beautiful," I said, and Joni was, because although she was a little chubby, she wasn't fat. "You're even more busty than..."

I stopped before finishing my thought, thinking it wasn't right to bring up her mother at a time like this.

"Wish Eddie wasn't circumcised," Joni said, changing the subject. "I love the way your foreskin moves up and down. Makes it look more interesting. Scarier."

"Wouldn't call it scary," I said. "I'm not very big."

"Thick," Joni replied, spinning her hand as she jerked me off harder. "Thickest one I ever touched. Eddie's is scary too... shouldn't talk about him like this."

"It's okay," I said. "Eddie's well endowed?"

Joni blushed a little and nodded.

"Not thick but scary long," Joni admitted.

"Did it hurt when you two first made love?"

"Yeah," Joni said. "It hurt, but it hurt good. You know what I mean?"

I nodded, my breathing getting fast and louder, and Joni's free hand was now kneading my balls as the slapping sound of her hand moving up and down my cock filled the room.

"Gonna cum Daddy?" Joni said excitedly. "Cum good for me Daddy."

I arched my back off the bed as my orgasm raced through my body, and through my blurry eyes I saw my cock spurting wildly in the air, accompanied my daughter gleeful cackling as she kept milking me until I finally eased back down on the bed.

Joni kept slowly pulling on my deflating member, trying to drain every drop she could out of it, and seemed amused as the head of my cock retreated into the shelter of the shroud.

"Right back," Joni said, and as I watched her go off the the bathroom, returning with a container of wipes, I felt torn.

I had no right to let Joni do what she did. It was wrong on every level, but the fact was that I enjoyed it, and me mentally undressing my daughter as she went out and back into the room thrilled me as well. How I wanted to see that plump bottom without the drab nightshirt hiding it, and wanted to see those breasts totally unwrapped as well.

"I can do that," I said weakly, but Joni insisted, first cleaning the ropes of my semen that were on the back of her hand, and then wiping off my cum covered pubic hair. The touch of a woman's hand on my private parts was something that I missed so much, and she even cleaned the head of my dick after skinning me back.

As Joni cleaned me, my eyes went to her shapely legs, and I couldn't help but notice that her nightshirt had slid up a little higher on her full thighs. Looking upward, I could see the brown triangle that guarded her sex.

"You've got a lot of hair between your legs, don't you?" I said, and when I saw that I had embarrassed my daughter I quickly added, "I like that. Old school, I guess."

"Eddie says that he's going to buy a weed-wacker so he can see what he's doing easier," Joni said, laughing and blushing at the same time. "I offered to shave it but he says he likes it like it is."

"Can I - see it?" I asked.

Joni was biting her lower lip as we looked in each other's eyes, and then she stood up. Her night shirt was open to the waist, with most of her full bosom still exposed, and now she was holding the bottom of the nightshirt and lifting it slowly. Painfully slowly, which made it all the more special for me.

Joni had a little swell of a belly on her, but my eyes were fixed below on the glorious sight of her womanhood, and the rich triangle of brown ha

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