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Emily finally meets Elly and discovers a soul-sister.

"Ai, ... ai, ... ai! Mas, ... mas, ... mas."

She crushed the other nipple against his cheek, scrubbed it on the rough stubble of his chin, rubbed it all over his face.

"Oh, is so good. Soon, I will come."

Rosa was half in his lap, squeezing her breast so that the nipple was tight and swollen in his mouth. Her whole body was in motion and her breath, just above his forehead, harsh and eager.


With that squeal she froze, her chin to the ceiling. Her other hand clutched the loose fabric of her skirt to her crotch, her hips rocking against it. Finally, after a full minute or more of shaking she breathed a great sigh.

"Se siente tan bien!" You suck me so good.

"So was that what you wanted?" Alex took a deep breath. "Because that was damn fun ..."

"One thing more. No, the next thing I want."

"Some other way I can delight those beauties?"

"Oh, yes. Yes. I need now to feel your cola, right here, l__on." She touched the insides of her breasts."

Alex was confused.

"Wait, I don't know if I understand. This is weird. You either want me to pour Coke on your titties or you want to rub them on my ass. What ... which?"

Rosa laughed a huge belly laugh that had her beautiful bosom bouncing.

"You are a silly man. Cola is not culo. Culo is ass. Cola is not a drink, well, of course, is a drink, but first is your tail, Se__or L__on, your thick, hot tail I can feel so close to my chocha down there. But I don't want it in my pussy right now, I want it sliding between these big tetas, OK?

Alex smiled.

"I don't mind."

"Good. So I think, maybe is better if I lie down, on my back, OK?"

"Suits me."

Rosa slid off him and tumbled onto the bed. Her thick, dark hair spread out around her face on the pillow, her dark eyes half-closed, moist and inviting. Her sweet melons wobbled from side to side as she settled herself. She could have removed her skirt, but was somehow more sexy naked from the waist up, with the bright color mussed across her hips, as she quickly covered her full thighs and the dark triangle between them.

Alex placed one knee on either side of her waist and lowered his balls and cock to rest gently between Rosa's caf__-au-lait mounds. The valley was already slick with her sweat and his spit so he could slide easily. She grabbed her great tits and wrapped them around his dick.

"Now fuck my titties, le__n."

Alex started slowly rubbing the full length of her chest. Rosa lay back and enjoyed it, squeezing her puppies tight against his cock. It was a great sensation, like a thick, voluptuous vagina, and his balls could get into the action, too. But Alex was hungry for that something extra. so he was very grateful when Rosa tilted up her head, opening those wide red lips at the end of each stroke, at first tickling the tip of his knob with her long, twisty tongue. But then she looked up at him with longing in her eyes.

"Mas grande, por favor. Make it bigger ... I want to taste ..."

Alex reached under his balls and gave a quick squeeze. It was amazing to see it stretch longer. So now when he slid forward his knob could slip between those scarlet lips. Her nostrils flared as she mouthed his member.

"Mas ... mas."___Another squeeze and his dick gained another inch and then another. It was thicker, too, and he could tell Rosa was loving all that meat wrapped up in her beauties. Her lips were stretching around the swollen head on each thrust and he couldn't help pushing it as deep as he could, so her lips dripped when he pulled it out and the spittle slid it down into that lovely slick valley. He could feel the tension building in his balls, but he held on, the sensation of riding Rosa's beautiful chest unlike anything he had felt before. He could tell that Rosa was also getting close too because her hips were lifting behind him and a constant moan was coming from her throat.

Alex wanted to give her all he had. A final squeeze and his organ was so massive he could keep it between her tits and yet never leave her mouth. The head was huge and yet she was able wrap those wide red lips around it.

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