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Older guy rescues two girls from college party.

Naturally, after the previews, the movie started.

She whispered in my ear, "Hey, would you mind if I took off my jacket? I'm hotter than I thought I'd be."

Letting the double entendre slide, I said, "sure."

I was very glad that she did take it off, for underneath was a tight-fitting, white tube-top which showed off some impressive and unexpected cleavage. Based on what I was now seeing, she looked to be on the verge of having D-cup breasts! My pants were beginning to feel a little tight with my growing erection.

The movie was not getting any better, so I decided to watch Adrianna instead. Everything she did was turning me on - crossing her long, sexy legs; sucking the soda from the straw with those wonderful lips...

Her every action made me think of different steamy scenarios - wrapping those delicious legs around my body, planting those luscious lips around my stiff dick...

Having these thoughts was making my erection bigger and bigger. Luckily, I had the popcorn in my lap. It was the only thing saving me from total embarrassment.

I was looking at her taking another sip of the soda, but this time she caught me. I quickly looked back at the screen, trying to make it seem like I was only glancing at her for a second. Then I felt a squeeze on my thigh. I looked back at her and she had the straw in her mouth and a wicked smile on her face. She winked at me and squeezed my thigh again, a little higher this time. The squeezing and the smiling were doing wonders for my growing erection, but her next action sent me over the edge. She was moving her mouth up and down, up and down on the straw. She was giving her straw a blowjob! While moving the phallic straw in and out of her mouth, she was giving me a very seductive and lustful look.

After she finished the soda, she leaned over and whispered into me ear.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked.

All I could manage was a nod.

"Do you mind if I finish your popcorn?" she asked.

Before I was able to answer her, she stuck her tongue into my ear. She swirled it around for a good minute, sending waves of pleasure from my ear, down my spine, and into my now rock-hard dick. She then took the popcorn box from my lap, leaving my crotch and my throbbing erection in plain view.

"Mmmmmmm. I guess you enjoyed that, too," she said, finishing off the popcorn.

She then replaced the box onto my lap, but the bottom of it had been removed. I was surprised that I didn't notice her removing the bottom, but I had a good idea of what the reasoning behind it was, so I didn't complain. She reached down through the box and grabbed the fly of my jeans.

"Is this alright?" she whispered.

"Uh-huh" I managed to reply.

With that, she quickly unzipped my fly, took my dick out from my boxer-briefs and began a wonderful hand job. She knew what she was doing. She even used the butter on the edge of the box as lubricant. It was very stimulating, to say the least. I was in such a euphoric state, I hardly noticed when she removed the box and went down on me. Her lips were better than I could've imagined. So soft and warm and wet, providing just the right amount of suction. Her tongue was equally impressive, swirling around the head of my penis with expertise that only comes with experience.

I was about to come, and I think she knew it, because she released the suction on my erection and sat back in her seat. She whispered into my ear:

"How do you feel about making me come before you do?"

Personally, I am a huge fan of giving a girl an orgasm first before I receive one of my own, so I quickly nodded my head yes.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh; right above her knee. I slowly caressed her upper thigh with the tips of my fingers, slowly working my way up toward her waiting pussy. When my fingers reached their final destination, I was surprised at my discovery. Though she was over-dressed on the outside, she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Do you like that?" she whispered.

"You tell me," I whispered back.

With that, I started to flicker her clit with my m

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