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First date leads to passion with another man.

Ray, you know damn well what I'm here to talk about, right?"

"Well, yes, I think so. Talk to me."

"Be nice, Ray, Chet is over talking to Jennie about what to expect when you guys arrive for our party Saturday night. Just listen up." She sat down at the kitchen table. Trinka was wearing her flimsy purple swim suit wrap around. However, it looked as though she might not be wearing her swim suit or, for that matter, anything. Okay, so I lust for Trinka and she has a 'to-die-for figure'; so, I was happy to sit across from her. "Jennie is over with Chet right now discussing the particulars of our party and I came over here to do the same with you. We can take our conversation over there in just a few minutes, okay? Never mind, you are going to do exactly as Jennie and I say, understood?" I nodded okay. "Next, you should know that your wife is not wearing any panties and she is flashing her snatch at my Chet right now." Wow, I hadn't seen that coming, but, okay. "By the way, did you know that she just showered and shaved her snatch for our little meeting? Well, now you know. She's a real sex kitten or, maybe, you didn't know that."

"No touching or feeling until later; Ray, but you should see this!" Trinka stood up and untied her wrap around dress. She held it open for me to see she was completely naked. All over tan, nicely shaped tits, a little bit of a tummy and a thin strip of brown fuzz pointing to her freshly shorn pussy. "You like? You can even do more than look Saturday, but right now stand up, I'm going to drop your pants."

I was up like a shot and was experiencing the hardest erection I'd had in years. Trinka took two steps over to me, undid my belt and dropped my shorts to the floor. Next, she deftly pulled my cock out of my briefs and yanked a few times to see what I felt like in her hand. "Nice, I think this whole idea is turned you on Ray, or do you just like what you see?" Trinka grinned at me, she let go of my cock, closed her dress, gave me a head-to-toe passionate kiss, stuck her tongue all the way to my tonsils, pulled away and headed for the door. "Well, come along little boy or lose me forever," she grined and I followed.

All four of us sat on lawn chairs on Trinka's deck.

Pouting to her husband and cupping her own boobs, Trinka began, "Chester, honey, it seems Ray likes my tits and," turning to my wife, "I liberated his dick from his shorts and stroked his 'throbber' just a little." Jen's mouth was open with shock. "Surprised? Don't be, I thought maybe Chet would have already done something to tease you."

Jennie winked and replied, "oh, I sort of teased him until he came over to my chair and kissed me. Ray, he kisses nice. Oh, Trink, did I mention, he did manage to insert a finger or two into my, otherwise, wide open, pussy, don't you know. You did know I forgot my panties at home, didn't you? Well I did." Addressing Chet, "I like this so far and we will be accepting Trinka's invitation for next Saturday."

Trinka continued, "Jennie, you are such a slut. Back to business. We are not going to be the only couples here. You two probably remember Adrien and Dee from down the street? Well, it took Dee about two seconds to accept my invitation last fall to join our little group. She and Adrien have been coming, so to speak, every month for our get togethers. My cousin, Sylvia and her new boyfriend will be joining us for their first encounter. Not sure she told her boyfriend what to expect. We may have a few more, but I am planning on about five couples all together."

"This brings up one of the most important situations: there will be couples having sex in very close proximity at the same time. I have been known to play with more than one man at a time. If that bothers you, maybe this isn't for you. What do you think?"

Without hesitation, Jennie said, "I'm looking forward to it. Like I told you, Trink, I need this. Further, is it okay if I entertain more than one person at a time? Just thinking outside my box, so to speak." Chet and I laughed uneasily.


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