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Chance meeting in particular circumstances leads to love.

She had left a letter from them in our office somewhere.

I was really happy that we had that dinner, it felt like old times. When it was over, and Jennifer prepared to leave, I felt conflicted again. We all said goodbye to her as she left, and the kids all gave me a huge hug when she was gone. Damn, will it ever get any easier?


Jennifer helps plan a wedding

Today was going to be the first day of the rest of my life. I woke up feeling positive. To help kick off my new attitude, I was going to help my daughter plan her wedding. I was going to pick her up after school every weekday so we could plan, and we were going to spend every weekend going shopping, or at least browsing.

Aside from work, and helping my daughter, I still had counseling to go to. Even if our joint sessions hadn't worked very well, I thought I should continue seeing Rose. Perhaps she could help me figure out my weaknesses, so I could work on becoming a stronger person. I would still be in Matt's life, even if not married, and I wanted him to see that I wasn't giving up. He might find it in his heart to forgive me, yet.

Sidney and I spent the next several nights discussing the big items first. We would go over the smaller details as they came up. First up, was to pick a date and place for the wedding and reception. She said they wanted it to be outside, expecting the weather to cooperate. We could always have tents or pavilions set up in case it started raining. She said they hadn't decided on an exact date, so we pulled out a calendar.

We looked to the month of June, and looked at all the dates available. She decided that June 11th sounded right. It was a week after their graduation, and she said they didn't need to wait any longer than that. She later told me that it fell between Memorial Day and Father's day. She didn't want to share her day with any other important day!

I said that day would be perfect. June would hopefully be better weather, and not as hot as a July or August wedding. It was also near my anniversary date, which was June 14th. We went on to talk about the place to hold it. Choosing the place took two whole days of reviewing and discussing. On the end of the second night with her, she decided that she wanted it to be at the lake. She had spent a lot of her childhood there, and had such fond memories of the place. It didn't hurt that it was also a beautiful location, with a lot of natural wonder and color nearby.

At the end of the first week of planning we had the guest list started. We had the date and place picked out, and had looked up a few caterers for food service. That weekend I took her out to a pizza place for dinner, and sat down with her fianc__. We had met a few times when she brought him over, but never for more than a few minutes at a time.

It was nice, and it gave Matt time to be alone with the boys for the evening, as well. I wanted more than anything to spend it as a family, but would settle for being closer with my daughter. She really was back to her old self, and had forgiven me. I was so thankful that I had raised such a great kid.

We would start up the planning again that following Tuesday, as Monday I had another appointment with Rose. I still wanted to work out how I could have cheated on my husband in the first place. I know I had rationalized it in my head, but there had to be SOME reason for it to have happened so quickly.

When I went in that Monday, she was friendly as always, but started asking me some pretty tough questions. This session was tougher than any other I had been to with her.

"Jennifer, the last few sessions we have tried to explore the build-up to your actions. I want to start working on some other facets of your life and personality. I think it could really help you feel some sort of accomplishment, as you have expressed a deep desire to understand yourself better."

"Ok, Rose.

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