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A girl's crush on two men has unexpected consequences.

As I moved, the aroma that met my nose was a lightly floral one and it dawned on me that she had already been up and a washcloth with something fresh had passed that way before me.

With the attention that she was giving my erection with her licks, I was determined that I would not louse sight of the opportunity that was presented to me. I licked the upper grove of her leg where her thigh attached back and up to where that groove was lost in the fullness of her cheek. Each time I passed over the center of her womanhood, I knew that the slickness of my salvia was being replaced with a more fluid lubricant and the texture was luxurious.

I again played over the familiar territory, but as I passed over her tightness, I changed the rules and pointed my tongue and began a swirling motion moving toward the center of her tightness.

I had obviously changed the rules of the whole game, for with that action the long slow licking came to an end and with a start I felt an open wetness envelope the head of my manhood. There was still the long slow movement but it was now a bobbing effect. I couldn't tell if it was her lips or tongue, only that with each movement a warm wet loose envelopment moved up and down my shaft.

Mimicking this new turn of events, I opened my mouth wide and tried to make maximum contact with where I knew the keenest of her sensations were centered. I felt the hardness at the top of her cleft press into my tongue near the tip and the broad width of the base of my tongue could feel the openness of her center like the covering of a deep well. I moved my tongue to bring more contact with her hardness and I used the smooth wetness of her shaved lips to seal a vacuum and I sucked. Her lips were pulled into my mouth and I could feel them become engorged until it seemed that she existed within my mouth with my tongue parting those swollen lips and plunging to its depth into her. I knew that her depth was beyond the reach of my tongue, but the effort was with all the strength of a conviction that I could lick the very neck of her womb with my tongue.

The warm envelopment of my manhood had increased until I knew that I was well toward being half way into her mouth. The bobbing continued to be slowed with each movement and as she moved lower I could feel a tightness envelope the head of my member. I realized with excitement that I was feeling the constriction of her throat and wondering how she was able to accommodate such a feat.

From there my mouth never lost contact with her. Sucking and swirling, I was fascinated that each time I allowed her lips to leave the vacuum of my mouth they hung down a little farther and demanded more of the space of my mouth each time I consumed them.

Her hips had long since surrendered to their natural movements and at time I realized that she was using my chin to rub her erection. I could feel her sometimes move lightly and sometimes crushing the tender hardness with a pressure that forced my mouth open and my jaw to drop back. On occasion I had to force my jaw up against her to keep her from dislocating it with the pressure of her hips. I knew when I did that she was being sand papered by my whiskers, but she didn't seem to notice.

Somewhere in the warm wetness surround my erection I realized that her teeth were grazing the very bottom of my shaft and I knew that somehow she had accommodated me fully. I knew I was buried in her throat. I couldn't imagine how she could breathe with her throat so full of me, or how she avoided choking. I presumed that in the fog of her sexual passion that such sensations were lost on her at that moment.

I moved my mouth upward to suck fully on her erect flesh at the parting of her cleft.

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