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Mother Stacy gangbanged by monks.

Janet did not at first know what was going on but after her captor pushed his hand into her blouse, she froze.

"White woman, we are going to show you how black men in this country put women in place. You are going to have a couple of rigid black cocks between your legs and your belly filled with African spunk.

"Oh my god no. Please don't harm me. I'm sorry that I treated you badly. I've got money....I'll pay you not to harm me or my daughter....please."

It was too late. These two Africans were not only angry but also very horny for this white bitch. Janet had a very curvy body and her blond hair made her very sexy.

Janet was wiggling in his grasp as he pulled her from the van. One hand was holding her neck and the other around her chest.

"What about my daughter. What are they doing to her, " Janet screamed out loud.

"The same thing we are going to do to you woman. Fuck your brains out and teach you to not treat blacks in bad ways. Miss Sophie is being taken good care of and probably has been seeded several times by black cocks."

The two black Africans pinned Janet on the blankets and began removing her clothes. She squirmed and cussed at them until a big black hand covered her mouth. Janet's eyes were wide and in fear as she struggled. Her arms were pinned in back of her as the other African disrobed. Then he held her while the other African removed his clothes.

Now, Janet's clothes were completely off and her naked body laying between the two black Africans embrace. She was helpless. She knew there was nothing that she could do to avoid being violated.

Janet gasped at the charcoal black cock waved in her face. It was thick and long. As she was held from behind, the other African grabbed her head and made her open her mouth. He pushed his black cock in. Janet gashed and almost threw up at having a black dick in her mouth. Her head bobbled up and down as the African fed her mouth with his black licorice stick.

Janet had never been humiliated like this in her life. Yet, she was fearful for her life and had the good smarts to begin to cooperate.

"Now that you tasted black meat, white're going to see what it's like to be impaled on it." The African wasted no time in spreading her legs and by now his black cock was really hard. He gripped her thighs and thrust the head in. Janet yelped as he pushed more manhood into her vagina.

"Get off of me you black S.O.B. I don't want your black nigger dick in me. For God's sake, if you are going to rape me then at least put some protection on. I don't want a disease," Janet shouted.

That infuriated the African. "Look white bitch, your are going to get bare black meat so just lay there and enjoy what I have for don't have any choice," he quickly replied.

Her eyes were glued to the black heathen molesting her. He was so black and her white body was in such contrast to him. As the other African held her wrists above her head with one hand, he pulled her head sideways and began to push his hard erection into her mouth. The other African laid his chest on hers while stroking her vagina with hard black cock.

An unexpected orgasm shot through Janet. Then another. What initially was rape became the most sexually inspiring fuck she had ever had. It was as if she was a bronco horse and had bucked out. Janet was becoming "Africanized."

Perhaps it was because of her husband not making love to her in over a year. She had almost given up on sex except for a dildo she had purchased recently. A white dildo yet she had seen the large black dildos but had no attraction to black. They were repugnant to her. Now here she was spread eagle with a charcoal black African invading her thighs.

The African's cock began spewing into her vagina. The bubbles of sweat shined on his muscular black torso as they rolled off and splattered on her chest. Janet was overwhelmed watching this black man fuck her.

Suddenly, he let out a tribal moan and shot all of his wad into her.

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