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Mick catches his tail... twice!

He labeled himself bi-curious but never imagined he would act on his curiosity.

So he revisited the first day at the convention. He traveled up to the venue and checked into his hotel. Changed into his Star Trek the next generation uniform and grabbed a cab to the convention center. After hours of queuing, he was finally in the main hall. After getting the lay of the land he set about collecting autographs from the actors from the shows. Around 5pm he had planned to meet Kevin a fellow trekie he chatted to on a Facebook page. They used this opportunity to finally meet in person.

As Ben was looking over some merchandise, he felt a tap on his should. He recognized Kevin straight away. Kevin was wearing a First Contact uniform, with a captain's rank. The two friends hugged and wandered the floor discussing the convention and Star Trek in general. At 6.30 Ben excused himself as he needed to get back to his room to change for the party that night. Kevin said he would go as he was and would see Ben later.

A quick cab ride back to his hotel, Ben stripped and hit the shower. 30 minutes later he was dry and dressed in his Nemesis dress uniform. When all was straight he grabbed his belongings and head to the lobby to order a cab to the hotel the party was hosted out.

There were about 30 people at the party as Ben walked in. He made his way to the bar and ordered a Romulan ale, in truth a pale ale brewed specially for the event with a blue colour. Ben noticed Kevin was across the room chatting to two guys in TOS uniforms. Ben wandered over and joined his friend. Kevin introduced the two fellow fans as Dave and Arron.

After an hour or so the party filled up and started to swing. The Star Trek crooners got up on stage and did some songs. Kevin had started to chat to a cute blonde wearing a Blue TOS mini dress uniform and soon they were dancing the night away. Ben stuck with Dave and Arron, and the drinks flowed freely. At around 10pm Dave excused himself and left to call his wife. Arron got some shots in and there knocked them back. Ben was buzzing from the drink and the atmosphere. He had only known Arron for a couple of hours, but he felt at ease with him. Ben noticed Kevin leaving with his new lady friend, and Arron said he wanted to get some fresh air. Ben decided to join him.

Outside the fresh air hit, Ben, and his legs gave out from under him. Arron reached out and tried to save him but he ended up crashing down on top of Ben. They both burst out laughing. Then suddenly their eyes met. Arron leaned forward and kissed Ben on the lips. Ben panicked but felt himself kissing Arron back. Arron broke the kiss and suggested they took this somewhere private. Ben followed Arron around the back of the building not sure why he was following this man. Somehow his brain had switched to Brenda mode and one of her fantasy was coming true.

Once out of sight Arron pinned Ben to the wall and their lips met again. Arron came up for air and said he had wanted to do that all evening. Ben meekly said he had never been with a guy before. Arron back away to give Ben space. Something had awoken inside Ben and he pulled Arron back to his lips.

Ben figured if he was to ever be with a man this was the moment, the line in the sand. He already knew his next course of action. Breaking the kiss he invited Arron back to his room. Arron accepted.

The journey to Ben's hotel was uneventful, but as soon as Ben closed and locked the door Arron was on him. Arron pulled at Ben's uniform whilst kissing him like a wild man. Ben submitted to Arron, tonight this man would take his virginity. With Ben naked, Arron pushed him face down on the bed. Ben's legs were draped over the edge as Arron stepped between them. Arron lowered his mouth to Ben's virgin rosebud and stuck his tongue in as far as it would go. Ben buck at the assault on his arse and moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes Arron stood and started to undress, Ben propped himself on an elbow and watched the striptease before him.

When Arron was naked he climbed onto the bed next to Be

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