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His hand moved faster as he watched Cherry slipping first one, then two fingers into her juicy hole.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Fuck your hot little pussy with those fingers" he instructed.

Cherry was happy to oblige, imagining those farmhands watching her, playing with their hard thick shafts as they watched her fuck herself.

"You're a dirty slut with your shaven cunt" he growled "now come over here and suck on my hard cock"

Cherry knelt quickly at his feet and found his shaft pressed quickly between her lips. An experienced cocksucker, she took all of his cock in deep. However, she soon discovered that her skills would not be needed as she felt his hands hold her head tight and began thrusting, fucking her mouth.

Then he snaked one hand down to her aching breasts and began to tease her nipples. Rolling them gently at first, then pulling them and twisting hard. The throbbing this caused only made Cherry suck deeper on his cock. Now both his hands were on her hard nipples, pulling and teasing them hard.

"You like that slut, don't you" he smirked.

Cherry just nodded as his cock thrust again, cramming her mouth full.

He smirked again "so you like it a bit rough do you slut?"

Cherry held his cock and removed it from between her lips and looked up at him.

"Yes I do, I love it. I love being fucked hard and rough, being used like a slut."

At this, he took hold of his cock and said

"Well you better get on your hands and knees then because I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you'll beg me to stop."

Cherry knelt quickly, her pussy now dripping with excitement. She could feel eyes burning into her naked body from the darkness. She began to imagine their hard shafts were about to ride her hard.

Then she was brought back to reality as he spanked both her ass cheeks hard. Cherry opened her mouth to cry out but it was quickly replaced by a loud groan as he grabbed her hips and began thrusting his cock into her. It wasn't huge but it was thick and Cherry could feel her tight pussy stretching to accommodate his width.

He pumped hard into her, she could feel his cum filled balls slapping against her. Every couple of thrusts he would spank her hard but the throbbing in her ass cheeks just made her hornier.

His hands reached round and began twisting her nipples hard, sending shivers down her body to her hot clit.

"Your cunt is so tight whore" he gasped "I can't hold on much longer. I'm gonna fill your hot teen hole with my cum."

Then suddenly Cherry felt his cock pull out, her eager pussy left empty.

"Don't stop" she begged "keep fucking me, I need it hard."

He didn't speak but then she felt his hand parting her glistening cunt lips and his fingers delving deep in her wet slit.

He began spreading her juice around, right back to her asshole. His fingers smearing her hot juice all around her tight puckered opening. Before Cherry knew what was happening she felt the head of his cock nudging at her ass.

Then felt hot pain as he began thrusting inside. She cried out but he just laughed and plunged in further. His rough hands smacked her red cheeks

"Shut up slut, you know you love it. All sluts love being fucked in the ass."

After a short time the pain in her ass began to turn Cherry on more. Her whole body shivering with excitement. She cried out begging him not to stop, to fuck her hard.

But her tight ass was too much for him and he could hold on no longer. With one deep stroke, Cherry felt his cock explode inside her, his hot cum filling her ass.

He pulled out and shot the rest over her ass. Massaging the globs of white sticky cum into her ass, spanking her hard as he did so.

The sensation of his pulsing cock sent Cherry over the edge. She reached between her legs and began rubbing her swollen aching clit fast. As she felt his hot semen on her skin, she thrust two fingers deep in her sopping cunt and after only a few seconds she collapsed on to the ground, writhing around, moaning loudly. Her cunt pulsating around her probing fingers

She lay there on the ground smiling at him, her fingers

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