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...that I exist no more.

The more she looked at the spire the stronger the feeling became that what she was seeing was not what it seemed.

"What is it?" She asked Halu as she rubbed her eyes.

"Its the domain of the Weavers and Him." Halu replied in a tone that suggest that should be all the explanation anyone could need.

"You know," Morgan began with a exasperated sigh. "Whilst I am sure you just love being all enigmatic and cryptic I would much rather you just explained things to me. The last time you refused to explain things to me I..." She trailed off, the memory of what she saw as they left that other place causing her stomach to rise.

"It's the place where those who can get you back to your body live," Halu began, still staring at the far off spire. "It's also the place where the closest thing to a God of this realm lives."

"You have a god?" Morgan asked, somehow more surprised by that than anything else Halu had said.

"I said you make of reality what you wish," Halu explained as it walked over to Morgan, wrapping its arm around her waist. "Well he has the greatest ability to shape it of us all so in a way He is a god."

Morgan was suddenly filled with a sense of dread at the idea of running into a being that was more powerful than either Halu or Tuhota. "And He can send me back?"

"No," Halu replied, "but he keeps the Weavers close by and they can repair the severed link and then we can send you back."

"Ok, that makes sense," Morgan lied, in reality she was so far behind on everything around her that she had given up on the hope of ever catching up. Halu was pulling her close against its body now, the demon's body had become hard as rock and seemed to hum with some inner power.

"I need you to do something for me Morgan." Halu said, its' eyes still locked on the far off spire of rock. "Just close your eyes and when I say take a step forward."

With the memory of the last time Halu had made this kind of request still fresh Morgan decided against asking questions. Instead she closed her eyes, a few moments passed before she heard Halu again.

As Morgan took the step, her body held tight to its side, she could have sworn she felt a rush of air against her face in the second before her foot landed. Halu pulled her forward until she was standing, both her eyes squeezed tight, with her feet planted firmly on the warm stone.

"Ok you can open your eyes," Halu's voice was close to Morgan's ear and when she opened her eyes she was greeted by a sheer wall of rock.

Looking up she saw the huge spire of rock, that had a mere second ago been hundreds of miles away was now a scant few feet in front of her. Spinning around she could make out the spot where they had been standing or at least she thought she could, from here the outer rim of the crater seemed even further away.

"How?..." She stuttered out, her eyes meeting the cold opals in Halus face.

"I already told you how this realm works," Halu replied dismissively, walking towards a doorway that Morgan was sure was a single face of rock a mere moment ago.

Morgan quickly moved to follow, terrified of being left behind in this place. The doorway led to a narrow tunnel that curved gently upward and to the right as they walked.

"When we meet with Him stick close to me and don't speak, no matter what." Halu said over its shoulder as they walked

Morgan didn't have time to reply, the passage suddenly jinking to the right into an opening. Halu marched through it proudly, its eyes fixed ahead as they came in to a huge room. The room was a perfect circle, the walls vanished upward to blackness the room was free from any kind of supports, the only feature was a single huge podium.

The center of the room was dominated by it, a wide circular pyramid of maybe a dozen steps that was topped by a throne, all of which seemed to be made of the same black stone as everything else in this place.

However it wasn't the podium or the thr

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