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Rick meets a friend of Sharon.

I had to accept.

Aunty Mary told me "Go upstairs and have a proper bath Maureen and then to your old bedroom, I will put your clean clothes out."

After my lovely bath I reached my old bedroom I felt so relieved. It was so warm and comfortable exactly like the old days. It was like heaven after the painful times of the last 2 years. I felt so happy for the first time in ages. There was a lovely cuddly teddy bear on the pillow.

Then I had a shock. Whilst I had been in the bath Aunt Mary had set my clothes out on the bed.

It was my old school uniform. I wanted to cry but realized that I had let everyone down so badly that it would get me nowhere.

I could see it was just not the uniform. It was my shoes, socks and even my old blue school knickers. I slowly put my new clothes on and made my way back down to the lounge I felt like a 24 year old schoolgirl.

I knew things were completely different from the old days and politely knocked on the lounge door. I heard Uncle John bellow "You can come in."

I pushed the door open and they looked at me in absolute silence. I had a short black skirt and blue blouse and striped tie on. I knew my clothes were too small and I was bulging out everywhere.

My skirt and blouse was straining to keep me all in. I just hoped it was acceptable as I stood in front of my Aunt and Uncle.

Aunt Mary looked at her husband "What do you think Dear?"

He nodded "It will do for now, but we will have to shorten her skirt for some of our parties. The men will insist on it."

My Aunt nodded "I was thinking that, and probably tighten her blouse and a smaller brassiere. Should lift her up a bit. My friends will like her like that, especially Mrs Williams."

I saw my Uncle nod. Then he asked "What about her underwear?"

Mary was ready "Her old school panties. The blue cotton ones."

"Do they still fit?"

Mary laughed" Yes, just about. Even when she was young she had a big bottom, just like my sister."

John chuckled "Helen had a big bum. I liked playing with her bum."

Aunt Mary laughed.

I was amazed that my Aunt was talking about my mother in this way. My mother was such a refined lady and respected by everyone.

She simply asked him "Do you want to see her panties?"

He smiled "Yes, let's have a look at this big bum of hers."

My Aunt laughed again and told me "Pull your skirt up Maureen and turn around and drop your drawers and show Uncle John your bottom."

I almost objected but thought about the alternative of being without money or a home and being destitute. I shut my mouth and turned around and pulled my knickers down.

I heard him laugh "Her ass has got bigger. Look at the split between her buttocks."

My Aunt giggled "She always had a big ass when she was in school. It's like her mothers now."

I could hardly believe that this was my Aunt Mary and my Uncle John talking about me and referring to my mothers bottom. I was holding my panties around my knees as I had to listen to them.

They had always looked after me so well and been genuinely kind. This was so different.

My Aunt spoke to him "John are you going to spank her like her mother. You always liked it."

He chuckled "Just as you did her wimpy father." They both laughed. They were talking about my mother and my father.

Aunt Mary told me "Maureen, bring the cane on the settee to your Uncle."

My eyes opened wide in fright as I saw the cane lying there, It was difficult with my panties around my knees but I shuffled over to it and then shuffled to my Uncle full of trepidation.

As I handed him the cane, my panties dropped around my ankles. My Aunt started to laugh as I desperately bent over and tried to drag them back up.

Uncle John snapped "Leave them, Maureen, and stay bent over."

I felt so stupid when he started to strike my buttocks. My main humiliation was because he wasn't hurting me.

He was just stroking my bum and sometimes sliding the shiny cane between my thighs across my secret place.

It wasn't unpleasant but it was embarrassing.

My Uncle was just enjoying himself messing around with me.

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