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Eric makes himself comfortable at their cottage.

And for this girl; my girl; she could have sexual favors from me anytime.

"Now seems to be a good time."

I marked my response with a wicked smile of my own. She was ready, I was ready, and it was about time to raise the curtain and start the show.

Then she pulled my hand out from under her shirt and gently pushed me to the floor. We had both been squeezed into an oversized chair when things had turned serious.

Now she swung her legs up as she slid forward in the chair, and with her hands in her waistband, using her elbows for support and leverage, she began to wiggle out of her colored pants. She raised her feet toward the ceiling and I readied myself for a view of the prize.

But I found myself staring and waiting, as she stopped having only begun to remove the pants. I could see about half of her ass, and her panties were a lavender line that crossed over, and did not completely hide her asshole. But as the fabric became a widening vee, the pants were still covering the beautiful pussy I knew was there.

I looked up at her to see if she was about to sneeze, or for any other reason why she might have froze for a moment.

She just looked back and smiled again. And then with her right hand I saw her draw her index finger slightly across her ass and tap it, as if pointing at something.

I figured then she was just being a tease and drawing this out a bit. So I leaned in and placed a kiss next to her finger tip and felt the softness of her skin on my lips. When I looked up she had an amused expression and then she tapped her finger from her left hand in a similar manner.

I stayed in close and moved my lips across to the other cheek and again placed a kiss. Was she planning to make this agonizingly slow or was she just preparing me to lick her pussy? I wasn't sure the game she was playing.

I looked up again and this time she brought her fingers closer together and tapped them in unison. At this point I figured my poor baby girl had made a mistake. Seems she didn't know exactly where she was pointing, not too surprising from her position, and she had forgotten she hadn't pulled her pants off enough yet. I gave her a loving, yet corrective look as I cleared my throat.

"Baby I would be happy to continue, but you need to pull you pants off a bit more."

I ended with a smile that said 'I'm ready when you are', and I licked my lips in anticipation.

"The pants are fine where they are. They don't need to be moved."

This time she giggled slightly and I began to think she had something in mind.

"Baby I can get my magical tongue under your underwear, but even I can't get it through your pants. Don't keep that pussy waiting."

"Well I do want that magical tongue of yours. But you don't need to worry about my pussy."

And as she said it, her fingers came even closer together until they were almost touching. And then she pulled them back, stretching her asshole, so more of it appeared.

It was a slow and sexy movement, but I found myself staring and confused. It must have taken me a few seconds before I even began to realize what she was suggesting. Surely she didn't think I was going to put my tongue there?

"I think your pussy wants me to do more than lick your panties, but even so you probably need to pull off those pants some more."

I was bluffing. I had a fainting hope I was wrong, but I felt I knew what she wanted now. But I was hoping she wouldn't continue. Hoping she would see I had no clue and no interest in doing anything like that and would just let it go and move on. I sat hoping this wouldn't go any further.

She gave me a look like she wanted to hit me for making a smart ass comment. Then she just brought all her fingers out and her hands made the motion again, pulling her asshole open before me, the thin line of fabric now seeming like a narrow bridge over a large, dark chasm.

"Quit stalling and stick out your tongue."

She was getting upset and it was ever more clear what she wanted me to do.

"Baby I love you but I don't want to do th

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