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Her untamed passions spur him on.

She wandered over to the living room where Matt was watching the news. "Hey, you!"

"Hey yourself! Glad you could come. We've been wanting a lazy night in for a while," he said.

They sat comfortably chatting about the news while I finished preparing dinner and setting the table. Once it was finished, I called Matt and Amanda in and we all sat down to eat together. It was so comfortable, the three of us, laughing and talking about school. Matt was in pharmacy school, I had just finished nursing school, and Amanda had just started her freshman year at college studying journalism.

Once we had finished eating, they helped me load up the dishwasher and get the kitchen back in order before we all headed to the living room. I sat down on the couch and Amanda instantly came and sat right next to me, embracing my arm in hers. I loved when she snuggled with me like that and hoped so much that after our conversation, she would want to do that with me much more. Matt sat down in the chair across from the couch where we were and looked at Amanda directly.

"Honey, we want to talk to you," he said softly. Amanda sat up straighter and took my hand in hers. I could sense fear radiating off her, but I'm still not quite sure what she was afraid of.


"It's nothing bad. Quite the opposite, really. Amanda, Scarlett and I really like you. A lot. We both love spending time with you. We think you are intelligent and funny and beautiful. Just a wonderful girl," Matt began. "But Amanda, you need to know that we have feelings for you."

She sat there silently, releasing my hand and leaning a little away from me. "What do you mean, you have feelings for me? Both of you?"

"Yes, sweetie. We both like you very much. I know that you know I'm bisexual and like women just as much as I like men. Amanda, we asked you here tonight to explain to you that we're polyamorous. It means that we both desire to have a relationship with other people outside of this relationship. Specifically, with you. We would be so incredibly happy if you would be a part of what is called a polyfidelitous triad with us, where three people date each other equally and monogamously. I know this is incredibly confusing and we don't even know if you would like being with a woman or not, but..."


"Yes what?" I asked.

"Yes. I want that. So much."

"Seriously? Amanda, you probably need time to think about this. Do you know if you're even bi? Do you understand the parameters of what we're asking of you?"

"You both want to date me and each other. I get that. We would all three be dating each other. And I've never been with another girl but I know that I'm attracted to you so I want to try."

"Simple as that?" Matt asked.

"Simple as that. I like you guys a lot, both of you. I enjoy spending time with you. I am attracted to both of you. I don't see why we can't give it a try."

Out of pure excitement, I couldn't help but take her beautiful face in my hands and gently kiss her full, soft lips. Instead of feeling her jerk back in reaction, she scooted back closer to me and began moving her tongue in my mouth. We sat there kissing passionately for several moments while Matt watched us patiently.

"Wow. That was amazing," Amanda said as she caught her breath. Matt slowly rose from his seat in the chair and came over to sit on the ottoman in front of us. Like me, he took her face in his big hands gently and kissed her passionately. It was incredibly hot to watch my boyfriend kissing this beautiful young woman. Then, once they stopped kissing, Matt put his hands on the backs of both our heads and pulled us into him, all three of our tongues dancing with each other in our very first triple kiss. We had made it a rule never to kiss the women we fucked but with Amanda, it was different. She was potentially going to be our girlfriend.

"Why don't you girls come to the bedroom," Matt said, standing up. Amanda and I both rose, and I gently took her hand in mine.

"Honey, we won't do anything you don't want to.

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