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It's a proud day when a poly family expands.

She was a slave to Him. His very presence was enough to send her pulse racing, set her blood afire, and when He looked into her eyes, there was nothing she would not do, or let be done to her, in order to please Him. She discovered something about herself .She wanted very much to please Him, in whatever manner He so chose.

When she saw Him outside of her dreams, she was not sure whether she was awake or not, the trembling that shook her to her very core was difficult to explain to those around her. It was a shock, to see her dream lover in the flesh. To be the only one to see Him standing there, as plain as the nose on her face, was, shocking, to say the least.

Then He smiled at her, and looked into her eyes. She felt herself slipping away from the world around her , and into a place where there were no others but the two of them. The chamber at the palace, the same one she had occupied since she was a little girl, was no more to her than a distant afterthought, all that mattered to her was Him. She turned and did the only thing she could think of.

She ran. She ran away from Him. Ran from the emotion He stirred in her. Ran from the overwhelming need that welled up inside of her.

Then, she could run no more.

The dead end she had forgotten about blocked her path, and she inwardly cursed herself for a fool, albeit a breathless fool. Running in heels was no easy feat, and as she frantically tried to remember where the latch to that hidden passage was, catching her breath was a challenge. Time slowed to a crawl. In front of her was an empty wall, behind her, was Him. All around her was the sound of her own name flying on the night breeze. A footfall reached her ears and her breath came faster and faster. Her ability to think, to reason, was quickly becoming a thing of the past. "Sheyenne"

By all the gods that had forsaken her. He was right behind her. "Sheyenne, I have waited over long for you to come to me this night,so I have come to you."

She felt His breath on the back of her neck, and her legs almost gave out from the pleasure that overtook her, the pleasure at the realization He was real, not just a figment of her imagination, her Demon lover.

"Sheyenne, I should not have to come get you. You know your place, where you belong."

His hand at the nape of her neck caused the breathless whimpering that she so despised to issue from her mouth. The helpless cries of pleasure she found at His very touch, enough to almost send her over the edge.

"No, no ,no, no.You cannot be real. How can You be real. It's, it is impossible. Isn't it?"

Confusion set in, she remembered all the nights of pleasure, of pain at His hands. His mouth, the things she did to Him, let Him do to her, the feel of Him as he plunged in and out of her.

There was not an orifice on her body He had not claimed as His and then, to see Him here. In her very home. With her eyes wide, open. Her mind decided to go blissfully blank and wait for her to wake up. This just had to be a dream. Why else could no one see Him?

"My pet, have you learned nothing in our time together? Do you think that I, Saris ,could not so choose whom was worthy to see me?"

Saris! How could she? Then, how could she not?

For generations, the legend of the God of Warrior Demons had been told. How He had slain His twin brother for blasemphy against the Most High God Bali-liel, in the War for Heaven. The brother who started a war amongst the gods, and Bali-liel, in all His gratitude, granted Saris a most prized godhood.

To forever, guard the Most High, to be forever at His Blessed side. Saris swore to all that until He found His one true love, the one worthy in all this world to be by HIS side for eternity. The Most High would have to wait. What is an eon to a god but the blink of an eye?

"My pet, My precious one, it is time.

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