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Black Forest ends with Hungarian Goulash.

I have to buy special clothes when I am working?"

"No, I will provide all the clothes you will need. Sometimes I will cut or rip the clothes you have on and I wouldn't want them to be yours."

"So, if I agree to all of this, I will earn $1500.00 for each time you use me. You will provide travel, lodging and food while I am working. You will provide the clothes I need."

"Yes, to all of this. I have a private jet to take us wherever we need to go. I have access to hotels all over the world and have a person at my disposal to fit you with all the clothes you will need."

"OK, when would I start should I agree?"

"I would like to be in the air within the hour if you agree to accompany me."

I thought for a moment and said, "Well, guess I should go pack something to take with me."

"I take that as a yes you accept the job. You won't need anything as I will provide everything for you. The only thing we need now is a passport. You do have one, don't you?"

"Yes, I would have to go get it."

"Is it at your apartment?"

"Yes, it is. I can go get it and get right back so we can leave."

"No, we will go by your place on the way to the airport. That will save us some time. Now, have you accepted this job and do you now work for me."

"Yes, I accept the job and do work for you now."

"Very good. I have some paper work for you to sign and then we can get moving. Oh, and I need you to take all your clothes off."

"Why do I need to get naked now? I thought that came when we went to do the scenes."

"Yes, it does, but I need to get your measurements for the clothes and I want to see what you look like naked. If your body isn't appealing, the scenes won't be that good. Besides, I thought it would be nice to have some fun before we leave."

So, I stood and took my clothes off. I never had a problem being naked in front of others, but it was usually men that saw me this way. And Dana said we would have some fun. I wondered what that meant.

Once I was naked, 2 more people came into her living room. Another woman and a man. Dana said, "These are my clothes makers. They will measure all of you before we get to play. Just don't mind where they put their hands or fingers. I need to know all about you, so let them do their jobs."

I nodded as the 2 approached me and began. The measured everything. They wrote down many numbers. Measurements, height, how long between my feet and pussy, space between my breast, how round my ass was, length of my slit, distance between my pussy and butthole. They had their hands all over my naked body and I was getting turned on.

The man turned to Dana and said, "OK, she is ready Princess. All measured and quite wet. We will have her wardrobe ready when you leave."

Dana said, "Thank you John and Betty. I am sure she will look great in all the clothes."

They both left and I watched as Dana got naked with me. She was beautiful. Very fit and well proportioned. I wasn't sure what else she had in mind, but found out for quickly.

She came to me, hugged me and lowered me to the floor. Then she got on top of me and kissed me right on the mouth. I couldn't resist and returned the kiss. It wasn't long and she was touching me all over and had worked down to my breast and soon to my pussy. She started eating me and I was in heaven. I had never had my pussy licked like she was doing it now. God, it felt so good.

Dana continue her assault on my pussy and then she stuck her finger in my ass. That is when I lost it and started cumming on her face. She kept licking and sucking on my pussy and clit and I continued to cum for her. It felt so good. I don't think I have ever cum so hard before. I was so hot and she wasn't stopping.

She made me cum 3 times before she let me up. I rolled over and almost went to sleep. I was so relaxed. But Dana had other ideas. She whispered in my ear, saying "Now it is your turn to make the Princess happy. And remember, it won't be the last time you do this and not just with me either."

I got down between her legs and started licking her naked pussy.

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