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The wetter she got, the slipperier they both became and her scent and taste became more intense. Neither of them could have been happier.

With his tongue still tickling inside of Shannon, Bill used his lips to caress and massage her lips. More and more attention was being paid to her swollen clitoris as well. It was a steadily increasing pace that was driving Shannon right to orgasm. Shannon removed all doubt as to how she wanted this to end.

"Make me come Bill!" she pleaded. "I want to come on your face. Oh, yes. Like that. You make me feel so good! Keep going. Faster. Make me come!" she moaned.

Bill withdrew his tongue and now concentrated more on the outside of her pussy. He drew her slicked lips between his own, teasing and nibbling them. His tongue danced around her clit, bringing her ever closer to orgasm. One wetted finger slipped into Shannon. She let out a gasp a second entered her. Bill stroked her dripping insides while his mouth worked wonders on her lips and clit.

"I'm close Bill," Shannon said breathlessly. "Don't stop. Oh please don't stop! I'm coming."

Bill quickened the pace to throw Shannon over the edge of orgasm. His fingers fucked her firmly but not roughly. His mouth now enveloped her clitoris and he massaged her with both tongue and wet lips.

Over the edge she fell. She moaned and spoke few words as her orgasm racked her petite frame. Bill felt a hard clenching around his fingers from deep within her body followed by countless lesser twitches and spasms. His fingers and then his mouth quickly became even wetter as her cum seeped from her pussy. Without losing his attention to her clit, Bill lapped at all she had to give, savoring every aspect of her taste and luscious texture.

Shannon's orgasm was subsiding but was not yet over when Bill suddenly left her. His fingers and mouth were now gone from her pussy. She opened her eyes to see Bill change his position. She reached for him almost in panic. How could he abandon her at most critical moment! He moved further up her body. She looked down to see his erect cock poised at her opening. An obscene strand of precum dangled and swung from the engorged tip.
In one swift motion he was deep within her. Shannon let out a deep gasp. Finally! This is what was needed to end the monstrous orgasm. It could now run its course with that perfect filling sensation that only a cock can provide. With Bill now in a steady thrusting pace a smaller second orgasm swept over Shannon. This time her internal spasms and secretions were enjoyed by Bill's thrusting cock. They both enjoyed the wet sounds of sex.

Bill kept moving in and out of Shannon as that last aftershock orgasm subsided. Her mind started to clear, her breathing started to be more regular. She looked up at Bill and just swooned contently. Her cum was everywhere on his face. A droplet hung from his nose and swayed in rhythm to his measured thrusting.

"I must say Bill, you do like your honey. There's quite a bit of it still on your face."

"I can think of nothing more enjoyable," Bill replied and ran his tongue over his lips to punctuate the remark.

"Would you mind sharing? I would like a kiss." Shannon asked.

Without waiting for an answer, Shannon took Bill's face in her hands and drew him down. She kissed him firmly, her lips easily sliding on the cum that covered his. Her tongue extended and licked the juices from his face but not before Bill's tongue joined hers so they could share what remained. All the while Bill kept up the thrusting that was serving both their needs.

"I enjoyed that very much," Bill remarked.

"Which part?" Shannon asked still trying to catch her breath. "A lot just went on."

"All of it of course. You taste and smell just wonderful. I could never get enough of you but I especially enjoyed that last part."

"Oh so you like the idea of me tasting my own honey."

"I must admit I do," Bill confessed.

"Does it get you all hot just thinking about me licking

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