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Singer helps husband catch cheating wife.

He allowed it and, with his back against the cool glass, Annie leaned in and her sensuous lips brushed lightly against his and she felt him shiver.

"Is that a yes?" she breathed into the kid's mouth before her wet tongue slithered out and slid along his lips, before plunging into his parched mouth.

Scott merely groaned but then primal instinct took control of his brain. One of his hands dropped to her waist and slid around to the top of her butt cheeks, pulling her warm body close, and the other wrapped around the back of her head, pulling her mouth hard against his. Their hot, wet tongues twisted around each other as he massaged the taut muscles of her ass and she ground her moistening crotch against his, feeling his hardness press into her. Teeth gnashed and lips bruised and the couple was breathing through their respective nostrils like thoroughbreds just finished with a derby race.

Annie suddenly pushed away. Her hands went to his chest, slender fingers splayed against his pectoral muscles, and pushed him hard against the window. She tweaked his nipples lightly as her knees bent, taking her to a squatting position before the young man. She pushed his shirt up out of the way and yanked roughly at the drawstring of his bathing suit. The loose knot gave and the nylon covering fell easily around his ankles.

"Yessssss!" she hissed as Scott's thick cock sprang up and bobbed before her gleaming, hungry eyes. She wrapped a hand around the veiny shaft and lightly tugged at it, coercing a moan from deep in the kid's throat. She leaned forward and spit along the length of his shaft to lubricate the job her hand was doing on him and then dipped her head below the impressive shaft.

Scott's knees nearly buckled when he felt her hot breath along the inside of his thighs. Her tongue darted from between her gloss-smeared lips and licked at the smooth flesh. She breathed deep and shuddered at the scent of him -- a familiar mix of sweat and chlorine -- and then buried her face below his crotch. The broad head of his cock felt hot against her forehead as she dove in and it coursed through her silky tresses. Her teeth nipped lightly at his flesh before she turned her head slightly and felt his heavy balls roll across her make-up-free cheek toward her mouth. Her head continued to turn and her lips parted and she sucked his sac between her soft lips and past her gleaming teeth.

Above her, Scott moaned and his hands fell easily to the back of her head, pulling the older woman's face deeper into his crotch. His hips bucked in an even rhythm, his fat shaft fucking her wet, warm fist as she sucked his cum-laden balls. She gently ejected his saliva-soaked balls from her mouth and took a deep breath, inhaling once again before pulling her face away, her fist still cranking away at his slab of boy-meat. Somewhere, the air conditioning clicked on, muting the soft clanking of her bracelets.

"You're . . . fuckin' . . . incredible," he breathed, a sheen of sweat forming along his forehead and atop his upper lip.

She smiled sweetly at him before spitting on his cock again, the pace of her shucking hand increasing. "No," she intoned, her attention returning to the fat shaft fucking her fist. "That was good . . . you're about to get great . . . incredible comes later."

As the last word spilled from her shiny lips, Annie plunged her head toward the young man's cock, her jaw wide, and didn't stop until she felt the bulbous, overheated head sear into the back of her throat. Her gag reflex kicked in momentarily but she quickly stifled it, slamming her soft lips around the base of his cock and dragging them forcefully back up the length of his shaft.

"Holy . . . shit!" Scott nearly screamed, his breath immediately ragged. Annie slipped one hand around to his ass, her manicured nails scratching along his taut flesh, while the other cradled his swelling nut sac, gently rolling his testes through her slender fingers.

Her nails then dug deeply into his ass cheeks and pulled hard.

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