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My amazing first girl-on-girl experience.

'Perhaps I may stay on, if there was something to stay around for' and a wry smile crossed his lips as his hand reached out towards her.

She stood motionless unable to move as he brushed her cheek with his warm hand, it felt good but it didn't stop there. His hand slowly moved down her neck and she didn't, couldn't move. Down he moved further across her partially exposed collarbone and further again tracing the contour of her left breast. Oh my gosh she thought, stood there on the deck of the ferry being fondled by a man she didn't even know and not stopping him. Part of her didn't want to stop him but more worrying was the part that couldn't stop him, as his hand moved lower from her breast slowly across her tummy. He moved closer still and bowed his head down towards her cheek as his hand pushed at the material of her skirt between her legs and as she felt a rush of fire spreading through her he kissed her lightly on the cheek and whispered into her ear.

'I'm going to say this once to you' his voice was soft and kind 'I want you to go to the bathroom and remove your panties. There is no need to protest as I can see it in your eyes that you want to do as I say.' She didn't move or speak as he continued, was she even breathing she couldn't say she was paralysed by his words. 'Once you have removed them wrap them around your business card, making sure your number and address are on it too. Then return here and hand them to me.'

His words, his voice rang through her head as she stood still for the shortest of moments before she spoke. 'Yes Sir' she said politely, turned and headed for the bathroom.

She slowly walked back from the bathroom a feeling of embarrassment and excitement running though her, and in her hand folded tightly around her business card were her panties. She couldn't believe she had done it, just as he asked with no arguments, it just wasn't her. She was a successful, independent woman but she knew she had to do it. The way he spoke to her, not in any way threatening but sure and authoritative she felt compelled to comply with his words.

She found him standing in a quiet spot near the rear of the ferry looking back towards the city in the distance. She walked up behind him and held out her hand as she spoke, 'Here you are Sir' He turned and smiled as he took the panties from her hand, removed the card and slipped the panties into the inner breast pocket of his jacket. He flipped the card round in his fingers reading it before pocketing it also, 'Thank you Susan, why don't you come stand here by the railings' and he gestured for her to move to where he stood. She did just as he asked and she stared out to the city as he moved behind her and slipped his hands around her waist pulling himself close against her. She stood there sandwiched between him and the railings as she felt his breath on her neck before a number of soft kisses were placed there. 'Are you scared Susan?' He asked. 'No Sir' his voice so calm and enticing. 'Good, there is no need to be scared. I'm not a monster or lunatic of that you can rest assured. I'm just a man who knows what he wants and right now Susan that is you. Is that ok?' More kisses fell on her neck and one of his hands was gently caressing her breasts. 'Yes Sir, that is ok'

With that he pulled her closer, one hand still circling her breast occasionally pulling at her now hard nipples as his other hand moved down and slipped and into the band of her skirt.

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