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Hotwife Madison tortures lunch companion. Slut Power.

There are tears running down her face and there's a pleading and vulnerable anguished look across her features. The root of her anxieties is revealed by the rush of her words.

"Please don't tell my folks, they just wouldn't understand... they just wouldn't. My dad thinks that gays should be treated with drugs in institutions, and if they were to discover that their only child is a filthy dyke, I don't know what would happen."

I put my arms around her - I think it was to try and reassure her, but within seconds such thoughts are being overtaken by something more primal. I feel my nipples hardening and before I can withdraw so that she doesn't notice, hers react as well. Her face stops burying itself into my shoulder turns to look at mine, her eyes no longer weeping. No words.

In a second her lips are against mine and her tongue is trying to worm its way between them. I pull her closer and open my lips at the same instant.

Then everything is in a whirl. Steph and I, still without a single word, drop slowly to our knees, our tongues brash and urgently seeking to stimulate each other. Her hands are trying desperately to work my skirt down past my hips.


The voice screams inside my head and my lips withdraw from the kiss. This is my daughters' girlfriend; she bites at my neck, still pushing my skirt down towards my knees and the floor. I have played tennis with her mother for ten years. Over her shoulder, as one of her hands pushes my panties down and the other reaches under my top to my tits and their erect nipples, I can see Matsui and Kira.

Holy fuck! But that's horny. They stand in profile to Steph and I; Kira's arms are around my lover, pulling the two of them closer to each other until there is no gap visible between their two bodies. Matsui is holding both sides of Kira's face as the two of them hungrily kiss. They suddenly break apart and start to undress themselves. Clothing falls in a minor multi-coloured flurry; it is as if they are alone as they merge back into each other's arms. Matsui has one hand behind Kira's neck and as their kissing restarts the other has snaked its way down her back to the bubble of her backside; it flattens as it follows the curve before Matsui dips her middle finger into the cleft between Kira's cheeks. Kira's hands completely cover Matsui's small breasts, her fingers gripping then pushing, digging in and drawing back to pull at the tall hardened nipples.

Steph has found her targets and simultaneously her hands attack my left tit and the sopping morass that she has found in my panties. There is no subtlety to her advances; I feel my breast being squeezed hard enough to make me wince momentarily, she looks up at my face for an instant before continuing, one then two fingers push past my pussy lips and invade my insides. Hard, deep in, to the knuckles, then out, another one is added and three slam back into me.

"Urgh!" I grunt. Back out and the three become four. Oh god! Out again to be joined by her thumb. In the next fraction of a second an alarm warning goes off in my head, it'll be too much, too large, I'll be split in two, I should stop her, but there isn't time before her entire hand slams back up into my cunt, it doesn't even slow down at her knuckles and I look between us as her entire hand disappears into me.

"Argh!" This time a low scream.

But it's not pain; an orgasm races at light speed to overwhelm me and I fall forward to her. She pushes me back but it's too hard and I go beyond upright and fall backwards, my knees slip out from underneath me as I land on my elbows. She grabs my boob and pushes hard and I'm flat on my back legs bent knees in the air. Her hand is still inside me and she forms a fist beyond the entrance to my vulva, the expansion inside me sends another shock orgasm through me. I gasp for my breath, only able to take in small amounts of air between the rushes of my orgasms.

Now her fist doesn't leave the confines of my body and she pushes it towards the tight neck of my womb

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