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The family vacation in New Orleans.

I hadn't said anything and so continued

"Is that what you wanted to say?" she asked. I began to form the words "no" with my mouth when she interrupted

"I love him so dearly and I don't know what I would do if we have to part even more suddenly."

"Yes that's all," I started "but what do you mean by 'even more suddenly'?"

"Oh I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you and you're my bestest friend," she got teary eyed "I'm migrating."

"Wtf Angie?" I practically screamed "you tell me this now!" I was at the top of my lungs. She was leaving after all the plans we made to attend the same school and follow through with our similar dreams. She was going to go far away, away from me and Christine and Sandy and ....Nicholas. Yes Nicholas, that means they'd have to break up, which ultimately takes Mr. Guilt off my shoulders. I can just forget the whole thing happened

"When are you leaving?" I said when I recovered

"Tomorrow," she said quietly, in a tone so low it was depressing

"I see," I tried to smile "well I hope you enjoy your new life, don't forget me and I'll try to email you every day."

She burst out into tears and I was on the verge of holding my own in. that meant that Saturday at the beach was our last time spent together, she relished in it with her boyfriend but then again who wouldn't, she probably really loved him.

"I'll miss you the most," she ended as she tried to get a hold of herself and hung up the phone.

That night I couldn't recall how long it had been since I cried like that. When I thought about it, it probably was the time my cousin died, after all we we're living together. he taught me everything I knew- how to ride a bike, roller blade, climb trees, play basketball, the works; that's probably why I stayed so fit all these years, almost getting a 4pack. Putting the thought aside I dried my tears and said to myself

"Everything happens for a reason, no use crying over spilt milk,"

Days went by

I can't believe because of what happened I'm spending my summer moping around. People would think I'm a lesbian or something crying over a girl. You'd think she broke my heart the way I was behaving; interrupting my thoughts I heard my cell phone ring

"Who's calling me from an unknown number?" I asked myself, thinking back on what I just said I remembered there's a song that goes like that.

"Hello, Good morning," I answered

"Is this Raquel?" I heard a male voice on the other line

"Yes it is," I said doubt fully, as soon as that was said he began crying in abundance

"Excuse me are you okay?" he then became sniffing and hiccupping. I thought it weird, I've never seen a guy cry before except my uncle when his son died but that was about it and that surely didn't count in this case

"I miss Angie," he bawled, it was then I recognized the voice. It was Nicholas

"What do you want Nick?" my voice changed from concerned to demanding. I didn't want this person calling me not after what he did to me and Angie.

"Can I come see you, I need a shoulder to cry on?" he asked.

"Not on your life plus you don't know where I live," I was furious "if you find my house I'll consider it," I teased. As if that loser would ever find my house.

"Don't underestimate me little lady," his tone changed "I got your number didn't I? There's something called a phone book." He ended as he hung up the phone. I heard dial tone and I couldn't help but think he might just have his way. I began walking around the house, how could I not have noticed I'm the only one here. My brother moved out last week, my sister is spending a two week vacation in Florida, my Dad went to work and won't be back till late and my mom is on some business trip in some far away country. I was home alone, just like the movie- only thing it wasn't Christmas and I'm not being chased by burglars.

Ignoring the fact that he might actually be successful in locating my house, I went around doing what I usually do when I panic- clean.

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