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I was feel guilty for being so derelict in my duties.

Yes, he'd enjoy this. Everything else was ready. She ticked off the list in her mind as she brushed her hair. Candles, table set cozily for two, his favorite dinner warm in the oven, soft music playing on the stereo. She left her hair long, his preference. A pair of black velvet spiked heels were added to complete the outfit. Again, she examined herself in the mirror. Her fingers teased her nipples, making them stand against the blouse.

He would be home soon, her timing was good. She left the bedroom for the living room to wait. Just a few more minutes and the car would pull into the drive, as it always did at this time. She waited by the front door. She knelt. Yes, he'd like that. He liked to come home to her kneeling. Supple thighs parted slightly, offering a hint of what was offered beneath the skirt. A coy smile teased her lips.

It seemed an eternity that she kneeled there. In reality, it had only been perhaps a few minutes. She heard the car pull into the drive, and resisted the urge to squirm in her excitement. One must always remain composed, after all. She drew her kneel straighter, pushing her thighs a touch further apart. Her hands rested upon them, palms up. Her eyes were, of course, lowered. That coy smile was ever present. A moment later, she heard him on the porch and the jangle of his keys as he opened the door.

"Beautiful" he murmured as he set his briefcase down. His keys were tossed on the table by the door as he loosened his tie. He faced her fully now, drinking her in. He could see the hint of her pussy beneath the skirt. He smiled, knowing that she would have trimmed the downy soft hair for him. His dark eyes lifted, noting the tease of her nipples against the blouse. He smiled. Soft music drifted in from the dinning room, and he could smell dinner in the oven. She had put a lot of effort into his birthday, and for this, she would be rewarded.

"Stand" he whispered. And she did, the skirt fell into place, and she hurriedly smoothed it with her hands. He smiled. All this time, and he still couldn't control that fluster she always showed. He pointed to the living room, and she turned to lead the way. A brief pause only, as if a thought struck her.

"Master...dinner..." she breathed. He shook his head and smiled. Dinner could wait. It wasn't often that she took such care to greet him on her knees. "later" he muttered, following her closely. He could feel his loins stirring as he watched her walk. So delicate, her steps almost feline. Her body swayed deliciously when she moved. The perfume she wore was light and sweet, teasing his senses.

She paused before the sofa, not sure where he intended for her to be. She turned in time to feel the pressure of his hand against her shoulder. It was enough to make her fall against the soft cushions. Yet, even this was graceful. To him, it seemed she floated, landed on a cloud. He smiled, his eyes grew darker with desire as he drank in her form. He met her gaze, his smile deepening. She smiled in return, happy to hold his gaze.

Slowly, oh so slowly, he knelt before her. His hands pushed her thighs apart, fully exposing her pussy to him. He leaned close and inhaled her sweet scent. His eyes lifted to hers again, and he licked his lips.

"So..sweet..." he murmured huskily. She shivered with anticipation. Her lips parted as if to speak, but her voice could not be found. He lowered his head, his warm breath tickled against the velvet softness of her labia. She whimpered faintly. His tongue snaked out, dancing along the soft flesh, teasing. She shivered.

He lapped gently at her swelling clit, enjoying the way she squirmed beneath him. He slid his hands along her thighs, to her back side, and cupped her ass. He delved deeper into her, tasting her fully. His tongue lapped and darted against her clit, against her slit, coaxing her nectars. Her hips lifted as she pressed her body against his face. A soft moan parted her lips.

Her hands slid down, her fingers curled in his hair.

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