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We see more of Ren.

Most guys cannot aim, and the come winds up everywhere. I know that it feels better when your cock is safely inside of my mouth, and zero of your load gets lost, but guys like to "mark" their territory, I guess, and so the cum goes everywhere. Some girlfriends I've spoken with when the subject came up have said they thought it was gross and disgusting to do it. I always disagree. I mean really? They're just seeing it as pleasure for him. I don't see it like that at all. For me, it's a pleasure to do it for me. Sure he's getting off, but I'm so super turned on that it's me that receives most of the pleasure. Right when I get him to that point when his cock gets harder and starts pulsing, my pussy is totally gushing with my juices. People say they go out drinking on a Friday night because they've earned it. Well I'm wet and salivating in anticipation of the moment when a cock starts filling my mouth with hot cum. That's my reward that I earned. A mouthful of a guy's sperm going down my throat has that Friday drinking routine beat any old time. If it's so disgusting, why do I crave it so much, and the instant I grab onto his cock, it's all I can think of doing? My taste buds are the same as theirs! No, those chicks are just being selfish. Besides, it takes some skill to make a guy cum from a blowjob. In the past, they would have to stroke themselves to finish, but I've really gotten good at it. Actually, I have to tone it down sometimes! I've learned that the longer I make a guy wait before "letting him" cum, the harder and longer he cums. So I do my thing and then stop, and kiss his belly, or suck his balls, or lick the spot between his balls and asshole. I don't think the guys ever caught on, but all of that was just a distraction to keep them going longer for my sake.

Tom rolled off of Taylor and onto the bed. His cock, hard again, stood straight up waiting to penetrate its next victim. It was shining from Taylor's wetness as I positioned myself over it, and grabbing the base, lowered my pussy onto him. Tom's cock penetrated me to his balls as I squatted down. My pussy was already stretched to his size, and had plenty of lube from myself and Taylor. I gyrated my hips moving his cock in and out of me, so Tom didn't have to move an inch. By that time, Taylor was up and kneeling behind me pressing herself tightly against my back. I could feel the coolness of her damp skin from Tom's cum as hers contacted mine. She had her arms wrapped around my body holding a breast with one palm, and rubbing my clit with her fingers on her other hand. The added stimulation felt incredible, mostly psychologically due to the fact that it was another woman providing it.

I fucked Tom in that position until he stopped my motion, and had me turn around. He said he really loved watching his cock go into me, and seeing it stretch my pussy almost down to my asshole. I spun around quickly replanting his dick inside of me. Now Taylor was facing me and began making out with me again. I arched my back with my hands resting on his chest. Taylor lay down with her face between our legs and started licking his shaft and balls as Tom began to thrust in and out of me. When her face was sufficiently coated with my cream, she got up kneeling in front of me again and French kissed me smearing it all over our faces. She had one hand behind my head weaving her fingers in my hair, pressing us together while the other hand was between my legs rubbing on my clit. Taylor and I kissed each other, meanwhile, Tom had his powerful hands on my waist, bouncing me on him. Taylor pulled away from my lips, and using her tongue, traced her way down to my tits, ending up sucking and biting my darkened, sensitive nipples. I burst out with a loud sigh, moments away from another big O.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me baby, that feels so good!"

"Cum for me baby. You can do it baby, come on!" Taylor urged me on.

Tom was obviously enjoying hearing the two of us, and increased his force as he fucked me.

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