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A body is a body," he looked at Tatiana with a glint of youthfulness filling his eyes, "I'm in; anything for my talented daughter. But we really better get back faster, it's getting cold out here and I don't want to look all shriveled."

Tatiana punched her dad in the arm, "It doesn't need to be impressive!"

Ladislav sat at the top of the main staircase, listening to the house. It didn't creak much for being so old; he was more listening for his family, to hear what they were doing and what they were saying.

On cue he heard his dad and sister walk through the back door. They were a distance away but he could hear Tatiana rambling on about some abstract artistic ideas. His father, Arto asked her to elaborate on how the pose would look. She began to say something he couldn't hear and then heard her say the word nude before their conversation was completely inaudible. Ladislav figured they had gone up the side stairs and were on their way to one of the rooms.

His heartbeat quickened. He thought, "Is Tatiana going to be nude, with dad holding the camera, taking photos she can paint from later? Or is dad posing for Tatiana?"

He had never felt sexually excited by his sister, he could appreciate her beauty, but now he was curious to see her in the nude. If it was his dad posing, that would just be strange. He always found his family to be conservative when it came to sexuality.

Then he thought, "If they're posing in the living room, I can just walk in and act like I didn't know they were posing. But if not, I could climb the terrace and peek in from there."

Deciding to try the simple route first, he crept along the corridor to the upstairs living room. The lights were off.

He rushed to his room, opened the window and stepped out onto the ledge. The sheer danger of being on such a thin ledge, coupled with the excitement of seeing his sister and dad making nude art together had him shaking. He moved lightly along the edge until he reached his sisters room. The lights were on but the room was empty. Next he made it to his parents' room, but only his mother was there, brushing her teeth in the adjoined bathroom, staring at herself hard in her silky gown. He knew they wouldn't be in there, his mother was the main source of puritanical beliefs in their family.

After a couple more windows and a frightening encounter with the corner of the mansion and a gust of wind, he found them sitting in one of the guest rooms, his father looking over at his sister's sketch pad as she put down an idea. The majority of their words were audible, and Ladislav began to shake uncontrollably from the excitement.

Arto stood up, "So you want me to be on the ground sprawled out, but also pushing my right shoulder and left hand against the wall?"

Placing her sketchbook on the floor Tatiana explained, "Just test it out, look at the sketch and try to get it pretty close. I'll move you if I think the pose looks better a bit differently."

"I'll try my best," Arto began removing his shirt and kicking off his shoes, "Once I get in place, I'm going into vegetable mode; you take control. I know how particular an artist likes their poses."

He dropped his shirt on the bed and began unbuckling his pants when Tatiana fidgeted, "I'm not sure if I really need you to be fully nude. I mean, it's just kind of awkward. Maybe you can just be in your boxers."

Arto dropped his pants, "It's really up to you honey. It's your art project and you have some very specific ideas. I'm not self-conscious of my body," being in an unusually goofy and light-hearted mood he began to jokingly pull the waistband of his boxers staring down into them, "Really, not at all," he pulled them down slightly, so that she could see his pubic hair and the beginning of a bulk protruding from it.

Laughing, Tatiana yanked at his boxers from the bottom, "Oh, just get it over with."

The boxers slipped down easily. Tatiana had a difficult time not looking at his swinging member as he turned to look at the space where he would pose.

He first sat on the ground, look

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