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Lisa gets an audition.

Grinning malevolently at her, he sat in the seat directly next to hers and ignored her unwelcoming glare.

"So Allison, how are you doing?" His casual question caused her hazel eyes to burn with outrage.

"That's not what we're hear to talk about you asshole," her voice was barely above a whisper, not that there was anyone around to hear anyway, "I want that tape, and any copies you've made, and I want you to delete all the pictures off of your computer. I have five thousand dollars in my purse, I'll give it to you now and we'll go and take care of that immediately."

Todd leaned back in his chair, adopting a thoughtful expression; if looks could kill he'd be on the ground ice cold, Allison was not amused by his play-acting at all. Finally, in as casual a tone he could muster, "Well Allison. That's a great offer, but I'm not really interested in the money you see... and while I'd certainly like you back in my house," his wink told her exactly how he'd like to see her in his house, "We don't need to go there right now. But I'm sure we can come to an agreement on how you can get the tape and the five copies I've made." He grinned at her expression as his words revealed how many copies he'd made.

"And the pictures?" oh yes, she was definitely looking more nervous now.

"Already gone! No worries there, why do I need pictures when I have such lovely videos to watch?" the feeling of power over this snobbish, but definitely gorgeous even in her current outfit, co-ed was definitely intoxicating. Todd could feel himself taking on more and more of a persona of an arrogant, dominating bastard, the kind of person he'd always admired in movies. He definitely had it all together.

"What do you want." her voice was more of a hiss than a whisper, and the amount of blatant dislike in her eyes almost amounted to hatred.

He grinned at her, "I just want to take you on a date Allison! One date for each video... so that's six dates in all! That's not so bad is it?" The angry glare in her eyes gave way to confusion and suspicion as she tried to find the hidden meanings in his words.

"Dates? That's it?" Her voice was laden with sarcasm.

"Yes Allison... but there'd be some rules on these dates," he reached one hand out and began stroking her hair, ignoring her wince back away from him. Once he had his hand in her hair she stopped trying to pull back. "For one, I'd be completely in charge. Where we go, what we do... how it ends... what you wear..." trailing his fingers down her neck he reached her breasts and frowned at the thickness of the clothe between his hand and her flesh, "For instance, this would definitely not do." He lifted her shirt up, she moved as if to resist and then stiffly let her hands drop to her sides, turning her face away as he pulled her breasts from her bra, letting them rest on top of it. Pulling at her nipples, smiling as she tried to hide the arousal in her face, "You do whatever I say when we're on the date. At the end of each one... you get a tape. Six dates, that's it."

Biting her lip, "No overnighters."

He nodded, that was reasonable, "No overnighters, unless you decide to stay over of course." her glare told him that that was very unlikely, "And if you uh... repeat your performance from last time I won't be taking you home until you wake up of course, and if that's after I've fallen asleep, well you'll just have to wait until morning." she nodded stiffly, and then gasped as he began twisting her nipples. Placing his whole hands over her breasts, he began squeezing and kneading the globes, making her squirm in the seat.

"Fine," she nodded stiffly, "Deal." Starting to get up and reach her hands to push his away, he pinched her nipples tightly, making her whimper and then stop to stare at him.

"Time to seal the deal Allison." Grinning, he released her nipples and unzipped his pants, lacing his fingers behind his head he nodded at the opening, "And uh, stay as you are."

Her hands drifted away from the hem of her shirt and she glared at him.

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