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Things took a scary turn in the BDSM world.

His voice had come from several feet in front of me. I took note of the use of the plural. There were at least two men in the room. Someone continued to fondle my breasts as another set of hands slid around my ankles. I felt something snap into place first on one ankle and then the other. I thought it was more decorative leather until I tried to move my feet. They were secured apart with a bar. I was wide open and exposed to at least three men. It was scary. It was also incredibly erotic.

"I think we will be amused to watch you squirm." There was a note of pleasure in his voice. My feet pulled at my bonds as I inadvertently tried to close my legs. He laughed. "Oh, there is no hiding. You're shame is fully evident. We can see that you are wet. Can't we, friends?"

There were murmurs of agreement and with dawning horror I realized that I was on display for an entire audience. "Who would like to play with her first?" I heard several voices and the sounds of movement. Hands started wandering my body. To my horror, I felt myself responding. Fingers probed between my thighs and they slid in easily. I gasped and there was laughter. Someone else was cupping my ass, lifting me towards the hands that were teasing my pussy. I was writhing against my bonds.

Abruptly, all of the hands were removed from me. I was startled by the sudden change. Without warning the clamps were removed from my nipples. I screamed as the blood rushed back. It burned and tears sprang to my eyes behind the blindfold. Palms covered my erect nipples and brushed back and forth over them. The gentle touch was intense on my tortured tits. I cried out in surprise as a hand fell heavily to slap first one tit and then the other. It didn't stop. My breasts were being slapped back and forth, swinging heavily with each blow. Another slap landed. Tears were rolling down my face but the pain was starting to lessen. My skin was starting to tingle and each blow intensified the sensation. Lips took over for the hands and I was shaking.

Someone grabbed the bar keeping my legs spread. Something slid under my belly and I was suspended with my hands over my head and my legs behind me. Fingers slid to play with my clit and I cried out. There was laughter. "She's soaked!" The voice was unfamiliar. Someone caressed my ass and I knew what was coming. That was the only warning I had before blows started to rain on my ass and thighs. Heat was rising off my skin. I couldn't stop from moaning. "She loves it," another strange voice growled.

I felt the bonds around my ankles being unbuckled. Hands lifted my legs and I was being wrapped around someone's hips. I couldn't stay quiet as someone shoved his cock inside me. He was bigger than I was used to and it was just shy of painful. The skin of my breasts and ass was tingling and flaming as he thrust. "Fuck her!" "She loves it. Give it to her!" Male voices were grunting encouragement. I heard flesh slapping and it wasn't only coming from me. I heard female moaning and realized that I wasn't the only one getting fucked. He pistoned harder, faster and then this stranger came inside me.

"Take her down," he ordered. I was lifted up and I felt the pressure on my arms release. I was spilled forward onto a flat surface, my bound hands in front of me. Hands forced me to spread wider and then I felt another cock sliding into me. I moaned in surprise and arousal. He was covering me completely, fucking me hard. I was throwing myself back onto the anonymous cock and grunting with each thrust that penetrated me.

"Someone put that mouth to better use," he said.

The knots binding my wrists were undone.

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