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Back to university and more skullduggery.

The two of them had emerged from the restrooms at 9:30am, sweaty and sticky - the room had been slightly too small for their usual titty-fuck, and so Molly had resorted to giving Luke a blow job. Topless, of course - it wasn't cheating if it was topless, she told herself. Or something like that. The lines were starting to get blurry.

After work, Molly was delighted to discover that Luke was up for a second round. (it was actually his third for the day; he'd used his lunch break to get himself off once more, but he saw no reason to inform Molly of that fact. No need to dissuade her of the idea that it was her role to get him off.)

This time, he spent a few minutes sucking on her nipples, getting her so worked up that for the first time, she played with herself as he slid between her breasts, bringing herself to orgasm at the same time as Luke came on her face.

She insisted on giving him another blow job before they left for the weekend.

Saturday came far too quickly, and she knew she couldn't cancel on John again. He'd called her three times throughout the week, and she'd given a different excuse each time. It wasn't fair to him. Besides, it had been two weeks since she'd been fucked, and she knew she couldn't hold out for another week. If she didn't make love to John, she'd finally snap, and give herself to Luke, or one of her work colleagues, or one of the men at the gym, or a stranger on the subway...

- - -

John couldn't believe his eyes when Molly walked through the door. They'd arranged to meet at his favourite restaurant, the same place that they'd had their first date. He could remember watching her enter, years ago; she'd been dressed casually (slightly underdressed for the setting, if he was being honest) and he remembered seeing her smile for the first time.

It was her smile that he'd fallen in love with; on that night so long ago, his first thought had been that she looked drab and uninteresting - but when she'd smiled, it had changed her whole face. It had made the room light up, and suddenly transformed Molly into one of the most beautiful women he'd seen.

The Molly that walked through the door, however...well, John didn't honestly know how to react.

She looked like sex on legs. For the second time, she was underdressed, but not because her clothes were too informal - this time, it was purely because of how much flesh she was showing. John couldn't believe that the same girl who had arrived at their first date in a sweater was wearing a dress that showed more boob than it covered.

And her ass - for Molly and her work colleagues the changes had been gradual. Previously, her work colleagues had never had a reason to pay attention to the size of her assets, and whenever Molly had spent too long staring at herself in the mirror in the last week, she'd quickly become distracted and ended up bringing herself off. As a result, no one had noticed the exact nature of Molly's changes.

But John was seeing it all at once, showcased by the slinky black dress Molly was wearing.

Her ass had more than doubled in size, practically reaching cartoon proportions. It resembled an over-the-top parody of what a fantasy butt would look like, emphasized even further by the way she walked, sticking out so abruptly below the small of her back that you could have used it to rest your drinks.

John couldn't stop staring at its perfect heart-shaped form as she walked from the door of the restaurant to the ma__tre d', who pointed her in his direction. She smiled as she saw him, and her attractiveness somehow doubled.

The rest of her may have changed, but Molly's smile had stayed exactly the same.

She was wearing a simple black tube-dress, leaving her arms and shoulders completely bare and showing ample cleavage - and as she approached their table, John realised that it wasn't just her ass that had grown. Her breasts, already large, seemed to have increased in size as well.

The dress was clearly made for a sli

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