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Sally was a bit of a bitch.

" With that, I unleashed a torrent of sperm that quickly filled her womb. Knowing that her cousin had just inseminated her drove Regina over the cliff, and she rode out a leg-shaking orgasm with my cock still inside her.

Exhausted and limp, she fell forward onto her pillow, pulling my cock out of her now well-fucked pussy. I watched as a river of my semen flowed from her pink hole onto her sheets. Regina flipped back onto her back, while I went to the bathroom to retrieve a washcloth to help clean her up. Regina took the washcloth, and proceeded to push my cum out of her pussy. "We need to get that pill in the morning, because I think this is enough cum to make triplets!"

Fully exhausted from the night's exploits, we fell asleep naked in each other's arms. We woke at around 10:00 that morning, with my morning wood poking Regina just above her belly button. Regina woke, and noticing my erection exclaimed "Does this thing ever go down?" while stroking it with her hand. "I'll get it down" she said, climbing on top of me, and guiding my cock into her pussy. She was wet, and slippery, as not all of my cum had leaked out of her from our earlier escapades. She road me until we both orgasmed, and I filled her with a fresh load of cum.

With that we showered, dressed and headed out to the nearest pharmacy. Two days later, I was on the road, driving halfway across the country to begin my classes at Iowa State.

It took fourteen hours, but I finally arrived at Kristen's two bedroom apartment a few miles from campus. I hadn't even closed my driver's door when I heard Kristen bouncing down the stairs exclaiming "You made it, that's damn near record time!" in her thick Midwestern drawl. I shut the door and turned, and was immediately in her embrace.

I got my things, and stumbled up the stairs to the apartment. I was a strange combination of tired from driving and wired from the countless energy drinks I consumed while on my crusade to the heartland. Kristen showed me around the apartment, where my room was, etc. and I was off to bed.

I lay in bed, exhausted, but the caffeine wouldn't let me sleep. It was nice to not be moving, but at the same time I was too jittery to catch any Zzzzs. My thoughts turned to Kristen, who looked quite intoxicating in her outfit of cutoff jean shorts, and a grey tank top, with no bra. Her tight C cups were very perky, and her nipples had been hard, poking out through the thin fabric of her shirt. My mind then turned to her scent, a mixture of perfume and Marlboro lights. Not usually a good scent, but it was undeniably sexy on her. I found my hand wrapped around my solid shaft, rubbing out a good load thinking about Kristen in the next room, and I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke, showered and ventured out into the living room, anxious to look at my new surroundings. Kristen was already up and dressed, and I decided we should head out the the local Waffle House for breakfast, and then drive around town and campus, where I would be starting summer semester classes in the coming weeks.

After we ate and toured around town, we headed back to the apartment. I sat on the couch, and Kristen sat down right next to me. She put her arm around me and laid her head on my shoulder saying "I'm so glad you decided to stay with me while you're in school, it's been awfully lonely since I moved out on my own."

We stayed cuddled for a few hours on the couch watching TV, and at some time Kristen had fallen asleep on me. The combination of having her close, and the seductive smell of her hair had stirred a little something in my pants. I shifted my body slightly to conceal my hardening erection, but this only served to wake Kristen from her nap.

Kristen lifted her head, and her eyes must have fallen directly on the bulge in my pants, because she giggled and said "That better have happened because you dosed off too!" I blushed and lied, saying I must have fallen asleep.

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