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Husband once again shares wife with best friend.

He could barely speak, her mouth felt so good on his dick, but he wanted it deep in her throat. As he moaned another long low moan, he hoarsely whispered, "I'm going to force feed you this cock girl, just relax the back of your throat and take every inch of this cock deep into your throat.

And then he began...gripping her hair tightly and slowly sliding his cock down her throat, when she would begin to gag a little he'd back off and whisper encouragement to her, telling her to relax, that she could do this, and then he'd shove harder into her mouth, until finally all 11 thick black inches were nestled deep in the back of her throat. Her lips clamped down hard on the base and she sucked deep and long. I was amazed at Anna that this huge cock was all the way in her mouth.

When he could tell that she was totally at ease, he loosened his grip on her hair and began steadily pumping his cock in and out of her mouth pulling almost out to the tip and then slamming deep back into her mouth again. Anna was moaning softly into his hardness, her hand reaching between his thighs and squeezing his cum filled sac, knowing that he couldn't last much longer.

As his hot cum shot into her mouth a loud groan filled the room. She could see every muscle in his leg tremble as some of the hot white liquid trickled down her chin. He collapsed back into the chair, his cock still half hard, and she knew that he was still good for one more round as she held his cum in her mouth, not swallowing it yet.

She quickly straddled him one hand cupping his balls and the other wrapped around the base of his cock. His cock, though not fully erect at the moment, was still hard enough to slide into her tight hairy cunt, and as she lowered herself down on his cock, she leaned forward and kissed him, dribbling the cum from her mouth over his lips. His cock immediately hardened again, and he bit the bottom of her ear and whispered, "How does this 11" of hard steel feel in you baby?"

I was completely hard and Greta had started sucking on my mammoth throbbing pole. Her mouth enveloped my massive member as I marveled at the thicket in her armpits and her pubic hair and the long bushy hair growing on her inner thighs. She gobbled my bulbous head and took me till the base of her head as I pumped my cock down her throat.

Anna I saw was filled with his cock totally which was stretching her hot tight bushy cunt wide open. Her muscles clamped around his cock with each thrust, nails digging deep into his shoulders as he pounded her harder, faster and deeper. Peter's hands grabbed at her waist and he shoved her deeper onto his throbbing cock, each thrust making her scream out to him. Trickles of sweat were running down her bushy armpits down to her cleavage and he would lick them from her and then grunt and thrust hard up into that tight hot bushy twat again, until finally they were both spent and their screams and moans as they came together rocked the room with it's intensity.

"Come and kneel between my legs Anna." Peter said. Anna kneeled in front of him. She looked mesmerized. "Peter you fucked me so hard and you are still so big. Your dick is hard as rock. It's soooo hard " Greta who had her mouth on my dick looked amazed at the size of his cock. It was thicker than her wrist and she couldn't close her hand around it. She used both hands to jerk him. " Suck that black meat Anna you white Hungarian whore. Suck it." Anna opened her mouth as wide as she could and Peter put his hands on the back of her head to shove his tool in. Peter could only managed to put about 4 inches in. "I want all of it inside hirsute Anna all of it!" Peter proceeded to push her head further down his cock as Anna tried to adjust to having her face stuffed with so much dick.

Peter stuffed 2 more inches in her mouth as he pushed harder "Look at me you hairy slut while I fuck your face Lift your arms and show him your bushy armpits he loves your hairiness.

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