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A trainload of Soviet girls perform their 'Patriotic Duty'.


"It had to come sometime" I noted.

"He'll hurt you... bad!" Monica pleaded. "He still hurts me after all these years, and you he'll tear you up. Besides, your first time should be with someone special."

"I guess it will be" I said and moved out the bedroom door with Monica on my heels, trying to change my mind every step of the way.

"One thing though, Monica" I told her as strongly as I could. "No drugs! I want to be able to remember this. Do you understand what I am saying, Monica? Pretend you drugged me, and I'll act the part. About time to find out if I can act after all this anyway, huh?"

"Nancy..." Monica whined as I began to turn away.

"You tell him you talked me into it. Seven o'clock, and no drugs! You owe me that much" I told her as I turned again to go.

"One more thing" I said, and as I reached the door I spun around and slapped her in the face as hard as I could, while I finally broke down myself.
"I loved you!" I told Monica, who hadn't so much flinched after I hit her, and simply stood there crying.

"I love you Nancy" was what I heard Monica croak as I ran down the path, but I didn't answer, stop or even hesitate. No turning back for me now. Not now, not ever.

4. Getting something I'll never forget.

I arrived promptly ar seven o'clock that evening, and was greeted by the Professor himself, who greeted me with a warm hug. I thought I could feel that log between his legs press into me as he squeezed me tight. So unlike him to show me affection in this way, but yet I suppose that with what we were going to be doing later, what's a little familiarity?

He brought me into the bar himself and I started to get nervous, wondering where Monica was. Luckily Monica appeared momentarily and played bartender. She looked a little rough around the edges, but made me a regular vodka and tonic under my careful watch.

The Professor apologized profusely about the previous encounter and assured me that nothing like that would happen again. I told him that I hoped it wouldn't because I didn't like that one bit.

"No no no dear" the Professor assured me. "That was simply horrible, and we felt very bad about that, didn't we Monica?"

Monica nodded that she agreed although her eyes never left her glass,

"In fact, tonight is going to be very special" he informed me. "Nothing like that other night my dear Nancy. Quite the contrary, I think this will be something that you'll never forget."

"That's good" I told him.

Monica made me another drink and took me down to the other room, or should I say "the studio". I looked around for the cameras and tried to figure out where the camera angles would put them in the room. Monica shaved my pussy with a trembling hand, and for the first time the Professor watched in the room while she did.

After she finished, I ran my hand over the silky smooth mound and complimented her on a nice job. It was then that Monica went over to the table and grabbed a water bottle and handed it to me. I gave her a dirty look as I took it from her, preparing to "accidently" drop it.

"Drink up" Monica said while doing a little nod with her eyes.

I took a little sip and sniffed around the bottle. Hey, their water didn't taste so bad after all! I tipped the bottle up high and drained almost half the bottle while the Professor, apparently satisfied, called Monica and together they left the room.

Leaving me on the bed, center stage so to speak. I was nervous, but in a way I was looking forward to this. Maybe this is what what meant to be for me all along. How bad could this be?

The lighting changed a little bit, making it darker in the back and brighter down her near the bed. I heard noises and saw Monica coming down toward me. She was holding that collar and cuffs that I had worn months ago. She put the collar around me and cuffed my wrists to it while whispering.

"Please Nancy... just go. Please?" she cried.

I got up and staggered around the room, almost crashing into the wall before Monica caught me.

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