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Curiosity gets her more than she bargained for,

I lathered up my face and shaved twice to remove any traces of my beard shadow. I also used Emma's face scrub and makeup remover.

As I rinsed off I practiced the voice tips "mmmm's" and "nnnnn's" again. I loved the soft feeling it set my voice at.

I heard the garage door opening as I stepped out of the shower and knew it was Emma coming back.

Emma came upstairs as I was rubbing lilac minty body lotion all over my body while also checking my nails.

Emma was already wearing her workout clothes. She had on a nice combination of stretchy workout leggings, sports bra, t-shirt, and hoodie.

"How do your nails look Jess?" Emma asked.

"My french tips look okay. My toes too." I replied.

"Maybe at the mall later we will get professional manicures at the Saks Spa." Emma added.

"Sounds good. I like having pretty nails. It really finishes my look and makes me feel more feminine." I said with a big smile.

"Hmmm, you've been working on you voice haven't you Jess?" Emma inquired.

"Yup. I read some of those books, picked up some nice tips." I replied.

"See. I knew you needed a little guidance." Emma added.

"Yeah, thanks for those books again Em. And for your support as well." I replied as I went over and gave her a big hug.

Emma laid out a large bag from Dick's Sporting Goods and said "Check out the cute workout outfits I got for ya."

"Yeah, I Hope you didn't have to spend too much." I inquired.

[Laughing] Emma said "Well I used your new Discover Card. You know the one with zero balance."

She continued, "And it's interest free for the first year after the first purchase."

"I guess that's seem fair." I replied

Emma bought me some workout leggings, tank tops and t-shirt, and workout briefs, thongs, and sports bras in black and white. Also in the bag was a zip sweatshirt with a hood and some running shoes in girly colors. .

"Ok, try some of this stuff on. Let's go." Emma enthusiastically said.

I first slipped on the white Under Armour workout thong after tucking away my boys. The thong was tight and stretchy and seemed to keep my bits well hidden. I put on the matching white sports bra and added my silicone enhancers which gave me a B cup look. The bra lifted my chest a little bit to show some cleavage.

Next was a pink Puma tank top and gray Nike capris leggings. Both were stretchy and hugged my body.

Lastly a pair of Brooks women's running shoes in a size 10 along with a multi pack of women's Under Armour no show liner socks in a variety of pretty colors. The workout shoes were a cute combination of colors. Light teal, gray, and black with a pink sole.

I looked in the mirror and saw a workout chick. My ass looked pretty good in the leggings. And my crotch area was smoothed with no hint of my boy parts. I just needed help with my hair and a little makeup to hide any masculinity.

I sat back down at the vanity where Emma pulled my hair back and took out a hair scrunchie thing and tied my hair into a ponytail. The scrunchie had fake hair attached to it and blended in with my hair much like the extensions did last night.

"We need to put some gym makeup on Jess." Emma explained.

Emma applied some sweat proof cosmetics such as a tinted bronzer to my cheekbones, nose, and forehead, cover foundation to my beard shadow areas and under my eyes. Waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner was next. Lastly some pink shimmery lip balm and a little bit of a soapy smelling body mist spray.

"There you go Jess. Perfect." Emma said.

I looked in the mirror again. The subtle makeup and little ponytail worked. I looked like a cute girl I would check out at the gym.

"Put your shoes on and let's go girl. It's almost 2:30. We have a lot to do today." Emma cheered.

I sat down on the floor and put on a pair of light pink Under Armour footie socks and my Brooks running shoes.

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