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A day with Daddydom and his "babygirl".

"What do you think?" Sara said. "Was it worth the walk?"

"Oh yes," I said, but for a moment I was not thinking of the view below but he shape of my aunt's ass in those snug jeans. When I looked up into her face, I turned red again. Her eyes were glistening as if she knew what I was thinking.

Sara took my backpack and opened it and took out a blanket, a bottle of wine and cheese. She spread the blanket on the ground near the edge of the small pool and we sat. From her backpack she took a couple of paperback books, napkins, a small knife and a small box of crackers and two wine glasses wrapped up carefully in a towel.

"I can't stand drinking wine from a paper cup," she said. "I always have to bring glasses."

I had never been much of a wine drinker and I was surprised that it had a top that you could twist off by hand.

She grinned at me. "I'm also not all that much of a gourmet where wine is concerned. I know its sacrilege to the purists but if I like it, it doesn't have to have a cork."

I found the wine was better than I expected and it had a strong kick. After the second glass, even with a hunk of cheese, I felt a little light headed.

"That's good,' Sara said.

She stretched out on the blanket and looked up at the sky. The top she was wearing looked taunt against her large breasts and once again I could see the hard points of her nipples against the fabric. I could see the outline of a red bra so I know she was wearing support underneath the top but it wasn't much support. I took another sip of wine and tried to look at other things but my eyes kept coming back.

"Look up at the sky," Sara said.

"What?" I asked nervously. I thought she had caught me staring but her eyes were looking up.

"Lie beside me and look up at the sky," she said.

I turned over on my back and stretched out beside her. I could feel the warmth of her leg against mine. I could hear the beating of her heart. I closed my eyes and opened them as I looked up at the enormous blue sky. There were only a few clouds. Being so high up I felt almost as if I was in the sky and I knew Sara was feeling the same way.

"So did you finally get lucky in college," Sara said.

The question took me by surprise. Sara knew what my home life had been growing up. My mother was a control freak and she ruled her three children and her husband with an iron fist. She had us in church every Sunday and continually reminded us that sinful children burned in hell. Her religion was punishing, loveless but it left a mark on all of us and a sense of guilt at the slightest indiscretion.

It was Sara who gave me guidance about dealing with girls and Sara who wanted to know all the juicy details of any of my dates. Except there weren't any juicy details. I had grown up incredibly shy and stupid around girls. And college hadn't changed my luck.

My lack of an answer was enough for Sara. "Oh Gawd, you haven't....even in college."

"No," I said.

"I thought for sure the college girls would grab onto you."

"Not so far," I admitted.

I was irritated at her questions and I sat up and poured another glass of the strong red wine. I didn't want to talk about those college experiences. Like Sara, I had thought things might change in college but I was still the same bumbling, awkward guy around the opposite sex.

"I sill have trouble just talking to women," I admitted.

"You've never had any trouble talking to me," Sara said.

I shrugged. "You're different."

"Oh?" Sara questioned. "Why is that? Do you not think of me as a girl?"

"I think you're the sexiest woman I've ever seen."

I'm not sure why I said it. I could blame it on the wine but it was more than that. It was being so close to her all morning, the sweet scent she wore, the push of her nipples against the fabric, the snug fit of her jeans, the way she lay on the blanket with her legs slightly spread and her eyes watching me with a teasing glint.

Her eyes changed when I said it.

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