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She looked at me, as if to ask if I wanted her to do it right there in the hallway. With my returned glare, she clearly knew that that was my intent, and she did as ordered. While her eyes focused on mine she slipped her hand under her dress and inside of her panties. She removed the cum-covered egg, and handed it to Blackie. She sniffed the egg, making obscene comments about where it had been and where it was going. She quickly reached under her skirt with it in her hand, and just as quickly pulled her hand back out. She looked at me and said, "I'm ready."

I turned the egg back on and turned it up pretty high. Her reaction was instantaneous.

"Ohmygawd!" With that she reached out and grabbed the doorframe to steady herself. "I'm fucking cummmming! OH, Shit!"

Once again, I turned it down to avoid an injury, and suggested we find our own room, as we had completely forgotten about the scene being played out in front of us. The girls agreed readily, and we moved down the hallway to find an open room. We found one with a solid door, but Blackie dragged us further down the hallway to an empty room with a windowed door. Colleen went right along with her, dragging me into the room behind them. The room had a king sized bed and large throw pillows around the walls

Within seconds, Blackie was out of her clothes and lying on the bed. She spread her legs giving us and other voyeurs a delightful view of her sex. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a very small vee pointing the way to her visibly engorged cunt lips. Juices had already slickened her pussy, and had dripped down her thighs. I turned the egg back on at a low level, causing Blackie to moan. She quickly begged for Colleen to give her some oral attention.

Colleen responded by promptly dropping to her knees between Blackie's legs, and lowering her face to center of Blackie's entire being. Moments later I could hear the slurping of Colleen's tongue at her new lover's clit and pussy. I turned the egg up some more, causing Blackie to writhe and moan on the mattress from the combined attention of Colleen's tongue and the vibes form the egg. Blackie slid her hands up across her tummy to her boobs, where she started pinching her own nipples. I released my slacks allowing my hardening manhood the freedom it once again craved.

I glanced over at the window and noticed we had drawn a crowd, with several faces enjoying the pussy licking that Colleen was delivering so well.

Blackie continued moaning, "Oh my gawd. Don't stop." Looking me straight in the eye, she continued, "She really knows how to eat pussy. She's running her tongue up and down my slit, and then plunging it into my pussy." She moaned again. "God, now she's sucking on my clit. Oh, yeah, that's right. Nibble on it with your teeth," she commanded. "Fuck, yes, that's it. Fuck!"

I moved over next to Colleen and raised her dress to expose her panty covered ass for all to see. Her juices had stained the panties and all of her dancing had forced the briefs into her tight crease, providing very little coverage of her delectable derri__re. I was sure that our audience would recognize her level of arousal. I told Colleen to spread her legs as I caressed the globes of her ass. She did as instructed and the tight folds of her panties slipped between her bright purple engorged pussy lips. I slid my hand between her thighs and felt her clench at my touch.

"Don't stop what you're doing. Eat her pussy, Colleen! Make her cum!"

I pressed my finger against her clit pushing her hard into Blackie's pussy. "Oh, god! Fuck!" Blackie screamed as Colleen tongued her to another orgasm.

I glanced over to the window to see if we still had an audience. And we did. Another couple in their 30's was watching in rapt attention. The woman was standing in front of the window with the man standing behind her. He had unbuttoned the woman's blouse and was squeezing her breasts through a lacy bra. They were swaying back in forth in blatant sexual movement as they enjoyed our show.

I ordered

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