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Linda and Virginia come together in their journey.

Damn, he looked good. We sat and chatted for a few minutes, and then he gave me the office "tour". We went into several offices, and then finally, to the one he wanted - a medium-sized room with windows along one wall. Cherry desk and padded leather chair. I leaned back against the desk and discussed d__cor with him.

I don't know if he could tell, but I was thinking how much I'd love for him to close the door, hike up my skirt and fuck the hell out of me. I commented on how nice he looked in casual clothes. He showed me the tattoo on his back, and I reached around the front of him to touch his chest, and kissed his warm skin. He sighed deeply and leaned into me. I backed off a little, because I wanted the 'tease' just a little while longer.

We sat down again and talked. He got a phone call, and I decided to cross my legs, using the slit in the skirt up to my thigh to entice him. His eyebrow went up, and I stroked his thigh. While on the phone, he uncrossed my legs and pushed the skirt up my thighs. My heart was thudding out of my chest. I was already dripping wet.

He hung up the phone and asked if I was trying to distract him. I laughed and said that of course, I was. He asked me to hike my skirt up further, and I laced my legs over his, to give him a good view of my pussy. I saw him catch his breath. I opened my blouse to show him I wasn't wearing a bra either. He leaned forward and put his hand inside my blouse, running his thumb over my nipple - it instantly hardened at his touch. My body was screaming for him to fuck me. Still, I played it cool.

"Well, since you've seen mine, it's only fair that I see yours," I told him. "Oh really?" He replied. "Is that how it works? You show me yours and I'll show you mine?" "Only if you want to show me," I said in a way I hoped was casual. He actually blushed, and then said ok. He stood up, came closer to me, unbuckled and opened his pants. When he pulled it out, it was nine inches and hard as a rock. "Oh my!" I laughed and turned my head away. "Is there a problem?" he asked me. "Oh no, I'm just surprised that you're hard," I told him. He smiled at me and said how could he help it, with me displaying myself and looking so sexy. "There's obviously an attraction here," he said. "Yes, there is." I replied - but I could barely get the words out.

"The question is," I told him, "what are you going to do about it?" He smiled at me and just sat back. He wanted ME to do the seducing. I stood up and leaned over him. I kissed his cheeks, his neck, nibbled his earlobe (which he apparently liked very much), and pressed my breasts and cunt against him. He turned his head and thrust his tongue into my mouth.

From there, it was pure heat. He kissed my neck, pressed me against him until I was sure we were melded together, and rubbed that long, hard cock of his against me. He reached down and rubbed my labia gently with his fingertips. It felt like sparks along my skin. He pushed his fingers in between them and began to rub my clit. I was in shock - he touched me exactly as I do when I masturbate - I couldn't believe he did it just right. I kissed him, sucked at his lower lip, and moaned into his mouth as I came all over his hand.

I breathed slowly, and started to rub his cock through his silk boxers.

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