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Whether you get to your hotel by 6:00 or by 7:00 won't make much of a difference."

She thought for a moment and then broke into a smile. "Swell! You've really been so good to me. Thank you! I'm ready to go jump," she screeched gleefully. "It was Heston's fault, not carrying his license, but I can't see why at least one of us shouldn't have fun. At least something good will come of this awful day." She reached up and gave Dave a peck on the cheek. Her scent had him swooning for a moment or two.

He managed to break away from her long enough to rush out back and bring one harness in. He led her through the steps of wearing it. Once she had loosely put her arms and legs through the correct spaces, she looked down to admire herself. "This looks cute! Sort of like a SWAT team uniform."

Dave laughed, "Not quite, but you do look very cute," picking up on the same word she had used. He wanted to say gorgeous or breathtaking. Instead, he offered, "Want me to take a picture? I can email it to you later."

"Oh, would you? That'll be great! I'll show Heston what he missed."

Dave picked up his camera, switched it to 'still' mode and took a few innocent pictures which he showed Chelsea on the digital display. He then insisted on taking a few more pictures (that weren't so innocent and certainly couldn't be shared with his customer). He took profile pictures (getting a lot of sideboob), top pictures (getting a LOT of cleavage and the tops of her breasts), and even pictures of the harness from the bottom (actually capturing her smooth flat stomach under her shirt and the underside of her breasts). She assumed 'friendly' poses in some of them, and he directed her hands and legs in others ("to get more natural pictures," he explained - he was really adjusting her shirt for maximum viewing area).

Dave was really excited now, but couldn't continue this for long. He finally put away his camera and, before Chelsea could ask to see the new pictures, he told her he was going to adjust the harness to make sure it would be safe. "It's a matter of life or death, after all," he said. "If we don't do this correctly, you might slip off mid-flight." As a worried look came upon Chelsea's sweet little face, he calmed her, "Don't worry. I'm really good at this and there's never been any injury on the jump. Just stand still and let me do my work."

"Oh, sure! I trust you. Go ahead and get me ready." Chelsea stood to attention and looked straight into Dave's chest. Something about her submissive demeanor emboldened Dave. To reinforce his authority, he repeated, "Look now, this may feel a little awkward, but remember I'm doing this for your safety. I do this several times every day. Just let me know if the straps feel too tight."

"Okay!" she squealed and Dave got to work.

Dave held her palms and spread out her hands. "This is most likely the position you will freefall in," he said, explaining his actions. Of course, he had already started bullshitting her. Chelsea had already worn the harness properly and all Dave had to do was tug on three straps to adjust them a bit - he didn't need to touch her at all. Dave moved his head closer to her chest to 'inspect' the chest strap (which is supposed to go under the boobs), and then went around her, getting a good look through her armholes until he reached behind.


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