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Teen falls for an angel.

Well I was speechless. Speechless with relief that he didn't have a girlfriend but also for concern that I had almost thrown everything away. The only thing I could do was give him a big hug and kiss as tears streamed down my face.
We decided to leave my car at the office and ride home together. On the ride home he started rubbing my leg, soon he was up my skirt and noticed that I didn't have on any panties. He looked at me really weird. I told him that was why I had come by his office that I was really horny and I wanted to do him on the conference table. Hell, I had to make up something. Well, he did a hard u-turn and we returned to the office, Jiles had left by then, we did it on the conference talk, on his desk and he insisted that we do it on the reception desk. He said I would think of it every time I call. Of course, I do, we ended up drinking the bottle of champagne and sleeping on the pull out in his office. It was great night. Ever since then things have really been on cue."

Kali looked jealous, "on the reception desk? Man, how would I love that, I haven't had any in months. I have about worn out poor Willy. You remember Willy, my little vibrating friend? GOD I am so horny." Kali said louder that she thought.

"Maybe I can help?" asked Tad standing over the girls with the bottle of wine. "with the wine I mean." He said with a big smile hoping to embarrass the girls.

Li reached up and tweaked Mr. Happy "You keep that monster in you pants, buddy." She kidded.

"Well here we are," Tad said. "Hon, you help me with the anchor and then you girls can take a swim while I get the stuff stowed and ready for the night."

"He is so anal about his boat," quipped Li.

With the anchor in place and things all settled. Tad grabbed a cold beer and sat on the bow of the boat watching the girls swim in the glow of the full moon. They splashed and laughed as they ran around the beach like two schoolgirls. Tad shook his head thinking of how lucky he was to have such a beautiful wife and counted his blessings for the good fortune of being able to have a nice house, boat, and all the better things in life. Suddenly he realized he had something else to be thankful for, Kali had let out a big laugh and pulled off her bathing suit top. There she was only 50 or so yards away playing in the water about knee deep with her firm breasts and erect nipples swaying in the moonlight. Then without pause, Li stripped hers off.

After a few minutes the girls sat to rest on the beach. "Li, I hope you realize how lucky you are. You have a hot husband, who is obviously crazy about you, a nice house and boat. You have everything. You better treat him right, I may just decide to make a move on him." Kali joked.

"No you don't," Li responded, "he's mine."

"But, you will share with you best friend wouldn't you?" Kali laughed, "did I mention how horny I was."

"Yes, I think you made that very clear to me and the WORLD!" the girls laugh

"It is just that he is so cute. Not in the muscle bound stud kind of way, but in know he knows how to please a women kind of way." Kali offered. "How I would love to have a man please me. Did I tell you how horny I was?" Kali asked with innocent eyes.

The girls looked at each other and began laughing uncontrollably.

"Hey!" Tad shouted, "you mermaids better swim back over here, you are having too much fun. I don't have the energy to save you both if a bear or mountain lion comes crashing through the trees."

Kali looked at Li, "there aren't bears or mountain lions in Georgia, are there?"

The girls looked at each other, "Hell No! Atleast...I don't think so. No, there aren't, but lets get back, I'm getting cold."

The girls replaced their tops and began their swim to the boat.

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