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"Are you kidding me? Gavin?" her expression was incredulous, and she snorted with laughter. "Wow, it's nice to know you think that lowly of me."

Dylan gave a tsk of irritation, clearly dissatisfied at his disability to figure out the identity of her mystery man.

She sighed wearily at the sight of his sullen expression. "Okay, okay," she admitted, defeated. He sat up in earnest, anticipating the reveal of a scandal.
"I have been shagging someone -" his eyes lit up like lightbulbs, but she held up a finger to stop him from speaking "-but, it's purely physical. And no, he's not from work," she rolled her eyes dramatically. "Whatever gave you that asinine idea, completely baffles me."

Dylan leaned back in his chair, clearly satisfied by the extraction of her confession.
"Well," he said smugly, "if he's not from work, then where did you meet this guy?"

"Bookstore," she lied smoothly. "Apparently, we both enjoy reading Safran Foer."

He scoffed at her answer. "Look at you, dating some hipster from the bookstore," he said mockingly. "Does he wear skinny jeans and thick black glasses he doesn't need?"

Her thoughts immediately flashed to Aidan and his immaculate Savile Row suits and Cartier cufflinks. Oh, the irony.
"I'm not dating him," she argued, sounding irritated. "Purely sex and nothing else," she whispered, not wanting her colleagues to hear her. "And he's not a hipster."

"Fair enough," Dylan said with an air of finality. "Do I get to meet him?"

"No," her eyes flashed with anger. "He's not a boyfriend," she hissed.

He held up his hands defensively. "Okay, okay...just asking. No need to get all pissy, now."

Gwyneth ignored him and turned her attention back to her work.

She turned around sharply to see Aidan dressed in all black, holding a thick stack of files.

"A word, please? My office." He beckoned for her to join him. They walked together in silence towards his office, with Gwyneth wondering about why he would want to see her - until he opened the doors to his office and she saw a well-dressed black man sitting in one of the chairs. Aidan strode in confidently and placed the stack of files on his desk.

"Gwyneth, this is Julian Lynch, head of the legal division at Ceres Laboratories, and Julian, this is Gwyneth Kenner, an associate who's been with us for two years now."

Gwyneth shook his hand and began to realize who the man was. Julian Lynch, the son of Edward Lynch himself. But why wasn't he working with the firm?

Aidan seemed to read her mind. "Julian has been working with Ceres ever since he made the Bar. Always been passionate about the natural sciences, this one," he said warmly, and Julian smiled back companionably. "Please, sit."

As the three settled into their respective seats, Gwyneth was still bewildered as to why she was here. Was Aidan pulling strings so that she could work with him? Would she be working with him? Her head was swimming with questions.

"Ms. Kenner worked on the SeaNorth case two years back, to much success," Aidan was saying, and everything clicked into place. "She came highly recommended by Marty Hamilton, who assured me that she was invaluable when it comes to environmental law," explained Aidan as Julian nodded in acknowledgement. Gwyneth felt a slight glow of pride at the mention of Marty Hamilton - he had been her mentor when she first started at the firm, a gentle and kind leader who had taken her under his wing and nurtured her into who she was today.

"Gwyneth," Aidan addressed her directly now, his voice firm and unwavering, "the firm will be representing Ceres in an upcoming legal settlement, and I was wondering if you would be interested in joining the team."
"Of course," she enthused, excited at the opportunity. "What will the case be about?"
The two men paused momentarily to exchange glances.

Julian answered her question.

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