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Grand Duchess Anyia's naked journey of repentance.

I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and I came with her.

"Thanks mike. As brothers go you're not too bad." She giggled as I got off her. We laid together for a fews minutes.

"You should go back to room." I waited for her answer. I looked over at Abby and saw her asleep next to me, I guessed the alcohol had gotten to her. I pulled my bed covers over us, switch the lamp off, cuddled up to Abby and fell asleep.

The next morning I was woken by Abby getting out of bed. She picked up her bathrobe off the floor, she must have dropped it there last night, and put it on.

"Morning babe, leaving so soon?" I asked. Abby looked at me with a little smile.

"I'm not your 'babe', I'm your sister. I think mom and dad are up, I need to get back to my room without being seen." She opened my door a bit, made sure the coast was clear then went.

I stayed in bed a while then got up, put a t-shirt and shorts on then went to get some breakfast. It was a weekend so mom and dad were home. Mom said they were meeting some friends and would probably be out all day. By the time I had breakfast and showered they had gone so I decided to go and see Abby.

I knocked on her door and walked in. Abby was laying on her bed on her front. She was resting on her elbows reading a book. She was still wearing her white robe. She looked up at me and smiled. "Hey sweetie."

"I wanted to talk to you about last night. I really liked it and I hope you don't regret it now you're sober."

"I really liked it too. The first time we had sex it was awkward but I got use to it. Last night I actually enjoyed having sex with you. I always felt like a slut when you paid me." Abby sat up on the edge of her bed. When she moved her robe slipped slightly and one of her breasts was exposed but Abby either didn't notice or didn't care. I sat on the bed next to her and listened as she continued talking.

"You're not the loser nerd I thourght you were, you're actually quite hot. Maybe it's not so wrong if we fool around."

"Like girlfriend and boyfriend?"

"No, not quite, I'm your sister, it could never be like that, but what we do in private is only our bussiness." Abby kissed me on the lips and I kissed her back. "Take your clothes off."

I quickly got undressed and sat on the edge of Abby's bed. Abby got up, slipped off her robe and kneeled in front of me. She push my legs apart. She leaned her head forward and started kissing and licking my soft cock, she put the head between her lips and sucked gently. All the times I had been with Abby she had never given me a blowjob, no girl had. My cock quickly got hard. Abby put a hand around my shaft and stroked me while she sucked on my head. Her lips and tongue were pushing me over the edge and her hand was moving faster and faster over my cock.

I looked down at the gorgous babe sucking me off. Her soft lips wrapped around my cock. I suddenly came and shot a load of spunk into Abby's mouth. She pulled her head back and aimed my cock at her chest. She kept wanking me while I was cumming and shooting spunk over her tits. After I was done Abby licked the spunk off the end of my cock then kissed me. I could taste the spunk in her mouth but still returned the kiss passionately. Abby stood up and looked down at her chest. She put her finger into one of the blobs of spunk on her breast and rubbed around a bit.

"I think I need a shower. Come on." She said and took my hand and lead me into the bathroom.

We knew mom and dad were out so we walked naked, holding hands to the bathroom. In the bathroom there was a large, walk-in shower with glass sides and door. Abby turned the shower on and climbed in. First she washed herself in the shower cleaning away the cum on her tits. Then her hands moved down her body, she stroked her stomach then down to her shaved pussy. Her hand disappeared between her thighs and she started rubbing. She turned her back to me, put her other hand on the shower wall, bending over slightly and pushed her ass out.

I could see her fingers pushing into her pussy between her tanned thighs and her c

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