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Ryan begins his plan to turn her into a slut.


"Um, well, it's not the pizza place, that's for sure," he tried feebly to joke.

"I'd have brought you a book, but, well you know how all that went," she said.

He couldn't help but crack a smile, and then asked, "Marilyn, is it all...gone?"

"Yes, everything. You've really done it this time," Marilyn said, goading him.

"The bad part, Marilyn, you've got to believe me. I didn't do it." He said. This was the first time his eyes met her, his doe brown, boyish grin trying to shine through, clashing horribly with the orange prison uniform.

"They found gasoline on your clothing," Marilyn said.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, but, I..."

"They found a gas can near where you were found, in the field."

He got quiet.

"Tell me something, Henry, when did you become such a firebug?" Marilyn said.

"Marilyn, I, I never, no..." He said.

"I really should have beaten you that night, you know. You would have liked it, wouldn't you?"

Henry licked his lips, and she watched a slight tinge of a blush creep across his face.

"You're a little subbie boy, aren't you Henry. Boffing your little mistress and then going home to the wife, letting her catch you just so that you could be yelled at. I imagine it was quite the little thrill, wasn't it Henry?"

"Marilyn, no, nothing like that," he tried to correct her.

"I know you've been wanting into my knickers for quite a while now. I imagine it was quite a slam to your ego to know I was licking out little Penny's sweet bush, now wasn't it? Let me tell you something, Henry, she's twice the person you'll ever be."

Henry swallowed, and she knew she had him in her grasp. Now to break him. She removed the match from her skirt and palmed it, showing it to him. His eyes dilated, and she saw the face of his fear and watched his breathing quicken.

"Tell me something Henry, I do need to know..." She said.

Between the fear, and the submissive state she had put him in, Henry would have sang like Diana Ross if he thought that it would help his standing with her.

"Who were you boffing all these years?"

"Ann," he said. "We started going out in high school. I never stopped loving her."

Marilyn turned it over in her mind.

"Her daughter," Marilyn said, "is yours. You helped her buy the bar. She was happy when Teresa kicked you out."

His eyes dilated, affixed on the match, and she could see the fever in them.

"Yes. I helped her build the business, and kept Lisa in enough money to go to college."

"But Theresa got jealous, didn't she? Torched the whole place. I bet she hoped to catch you in there."

"She couldn't have," Henry said. "She was at the coast. She had the travel trailer, she was gone, Marilyn. She said that I had to choose between Ann and her, and if I was back at the house when she got back, I could never see Ann again."

Marilyn nodded.

"I don't even know if she's back, I don't care. All I wanted was to go home," He said. "I made my choice, Marilyn, my wife was willing to take me back."

The corner of Marilyn's mouth rose only slightly in a smile.

"You really are a son-of-a-bitch, aren't you Henry?"

"Yes," he gasped. "I am. I know it Marilyn, you don't need to tell me."

"What will you do when you get out?"

"I don't think I will," Henry said. "I think they are going to prove me guilty, and Marilyn, I deserve it. I deserve to go to jail."

"Spineless man," Marilyn spat. She waved the match in her hand slowly. "You have no balls, you know that Henry? Men like you make women like me lesbians. You will be free whether you like it or not, and when you do, Henry, you will be forced to deal with both of the families you have made and broken. Do you understand me?"

His eyes affixed to the match, between it and the cold calculating tone of her voice caused him to sweat almost uncontrollably.

"Yes, Marilyn." He said.

She administered the coupe' de grace.

"Yes, what?" She hissed.

He looked at her with the small sense of hope in his eyes. "Yes ma'am."

"That's better, little man.

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